Women Saviors Of The World Economy History Essay

This research paper makes an effort to take forward both secondary and primary beginnings of informations to place if professional adult females all over the universe in general and of UAE in peculiar are equipped with qualities to do supreme determination to play an effectual function in decreasing the impact of the planetary fiscal crisis. After all with the informations collected, it proved that adult females through their accomplishments and capablenesss could lend in extinguishing the effects of such issue.


In today ‘s universe adult females are every bit active as they have of all time been in the work force. They are no longer expected to be a docile gender. Across civilizations and over clip places of adult females have changed. We as adult females have reached a phase in development that was impossible 30 old ages ago. Women presents are more seeable than they have of all time been in history. They work in mills, offices, authoritiess, and thrust coachs, taxis and aeroplanes. Therefore, adult females are able to make the same occupation as work forces whether in sky or land. However, as you largely see, people do non believe in adult females capablenesss, even those of the same sex particularly when it comes to economic sciences. Women Greater economical freedom is a immense measure frontward for many adult females due to hostile actions to their aspirations and positions. Such equality is distant, work forces are still on top. Today the universe is confronting a immense crisis financially which started to demo its effects in the center of 2007 and into 2010. “ Around the universe stock markets have fallen, big fiscal establishments have collapsed or been bought out, and authoritiess in even the wealthiest states have had to come up with deliverance bundles to bail out their fiscal systems ” ( Shah, 2009 ) . The job could hold been avoided, if others ‘ point of views and concerns were considered. Womans are non put into history as economic agents. They are underserved by concerns and at worst ignored although the largest turning economic forces in the universe are adult females harmonizing to German ( 2004 ) . Here we come to this inquiry, would adult females be able to salvage us from the planetary fiscal crisis that we are populating in presently, cognizing that adult females have efficient capablenesss and accomplishments in many Fieldss and have proved it throughout history? If yes, how such techniques would deliver us from such catastrophe? Our trueness as members from the same gender, we believe in that adult females will alter the manner the job is traveling if adult females ‘s function in the economic system every bit good as in political relations were expanded. This position enables us to research and subsequently turn out to both sexes that adult females are able to diminish if non pulverize the planetary fiscal crisis and its effects particularly in the Gulf Co-operation Council countriesA and specifically in the United Arab Emirates. The how inquiry in our research will be answered in deepness as we will name the accomplishments and techniques adult females use in work outing issues. We will besides look into adult females ‘s history and see how state of affairss were when they played a portion in them. The will oppugn subsequently will be addressed after we review plenty the attacks that adult females refer to when they face a job. The construction of this subject is inspired by the raising engagement of adult females in the work force in the UAE. The end of our undertaking is to excite your believing about adult females and to heighten the economical review of the place of adult females in the society. We hope our work will assist you see what adult females are capable of behind the ways they are shaped in, in assorted civilizations and societies.

Literature Review

It all started in the center of 2007 in the US. Their insolvent banking systems were the sub-prime mortgage market and the reversal of the lodging roar triggered a fiscal crisis impacting the whole universe. Harmonizing to Shah “ the subprime crisis came about in big portion because of fiscal instruments such as securitization where Bankss would pool their assorted loans into marketable assets, therefore off-loading hazardous loans onto others ” ( 2009 ) . It was so contagious that it started in Wall Street and so was spread to others rapidly inside and outside the state. With surging net incomes, all wanted in. The job was tremendous ; Bankss even with big capital militias ran out, so they had to turn to authoritiess for fiscal deliverance. Such catastrophe resulted in the prostration of big fiscal establishments, downswings in stock markets, the agony of the lodging market, addition in unemployment and a important diminution in economic activity in many countries around the world.A ( Dick, 2009 )

Despite the favoritism that adult females suffered throughout the centuries, the clip has proven that they are competent of accomplishing many undertakings in a successful way.The concern universe of today is transforming at a surprising velocity. Economic and political alterations appear to be go oning universally as states switch from bid economic systems to demand economic systems, bossy authoritiess make a move in the way of democratic system, and new civil establishments are built by monarchies. These major transmutations have created a batch of chances for adult females who have a desire to turn out themselves professionally and constructively assist in bettering the wellness of planetary economic system than the past. It is hence now common to turn up adult females in every profession and at every degree all over the universe postulating their male co-workers. Before we start discoursing what accomplishments and potencies adult females have, we would wish to advert that a research had verified that companies which are largely operated by adult females, are the most exultant in footings of fiscal public presentation ( Tahmincioglu, 2004 ) . Examples of the luck companies that have adult females as CEOs or presidents are eBay Technologies, Western Union, Avon Products, Yahoo Inc, Kraft Foods and PepsiCo ( Wolfe, 2009 ) . From wellness attention, to nutrient, to retail, to engineering, these adult females confirm what it takes to take some of the words biggest companies. For this to go on there must be particular characteristics that adult females have that are extremely suited for the success of the companies.

This paragraph examines the superior qualities and capablenesss of adult females that frequently go thankless although they can positively impact the planetary economic system and lessen the brunt of the planetary fiscal crisis. The success of any organisation is determined by the type and quality of leading that is exhibited by the directors. Leadership is a process by which an person controls and influences others to accomplish a end and leads the organisation in such a manner that makes it more incorporate and reasoned ( Dictionary, n.d ) . In depicting the traits of effectual directors ‘ adult females were non found conservative, stiff, nor commanding type or bureaucratic, bid commanding and technically orientated manner of directors harmonizing to Rosenthal ( 1998 ) . Female directors are by and large known for maintaining the lines of communicating unfastened between different sections to extinguish any possible barriers that hinder the procedure of communicating. Female attack to direction is wholly different from their male co-workers ; they value communicating more than work forces. The female employees successfully engage employees in planning, do certain employees know the coveted consequence, do certain employees are familiar with their duties, give feedback to the employees on their strengths and failings, make employees cognizant of dockets and committednesss and guarantee that employees know that advancement would be observed ( Koplin, 1996 ) .

Womans are successful in the work force, and could be called better directors than work forces is a rubric of an article that was published in The New York Times.The article interviewed Carol Smith, which is the senior frailty president and main trade name officer for the Elle Group, the media company. In her interview, she mentioned that the most of import facet of leading accomplishments under which everyone benefits if the company does good is to win the employees ‘ side and to replace the traditional “ us ” and “ them ” outlook with a “ we ” attack alternatively of being bossy around them. Womans expect unfastened and straightforward communicating both between different sections and between different beds of the hierarchy and when reached at the place of executives, take the duty to take from the forepart and show a fantastic blend of leading accomplishments and direction to acquire the most out of their subsidiaries. This proves that adult females through their carnival and logic intervention are considered successful directors ( No Doubts: Womans Are Better Managers, 2009 ) . Therefore, with no communicating spread by the directors, employees are expected to do smarter determinations and take more ownership of their work which, in bend, produces healthier economic system. In fact adult females societal ability is verified by the survey that was conducted by the two psychologists, Maccoby, E & A ; Jacklin, C which indicates that misss have greater verbal ability and are more societal and suggestible than male childs ( Jacobsen, 2007 ) .

Chaganti and Parasuraman, in 1996 conducted a survey to analyze gender differences in aims, public presentation, direction patterns and schemes in concerns. Three public presentation standards selected by the research workers were gross revenues of old twelvemonth, employment growing in three old ages and mean return on assets in last three old ages. The survey signified that female employees were far more discerning about the quality issues than male employees, and held opposing positions on direction patterns like operation planning, formalisation, employment of work force, and on issues related to the planning of organisational resources ( Krueger, 2008 ) .

A survey was done in Australia where information was collected from both male and female executives. The survey consequences ‘ revealed that adult females had higher engagement than work forces in the countries that involved strategic thrust, hazard pickings, people accomplishments, aesthetics, selflessness and modernisation. All these accomplishments and much more prove once more the adult females are capable of accomplishing high places if they were given the opportunity. Furthermore, such engagement by adult females would decidedly assist in our point of position to extinguish the current fiscal crisis. To speak more about adult females ‘s capablenesss, Ms O’mara believes that adult females are considered more confident, competitory, and airy and have a stronger presence than work forces in the work force. Assurance, competition, and vision are really of import accomplishments in any individual who is willing to travel for a important place in the company, therefore most adult females harmonizing to Ms O’mara have such capablenesss. Therefore, if all female executives and employees united and worked together, they would be able to accomplish a noticeable success in the economic system which would be able to run on the long tally ( Southam, 2010 ) . Although the article did non specifically speak about adult females and their function in the economic system, yet you could deduce that through such strong capablities, we can turn out to the universe and to the superficial stereotypes that adult females are capable of keeping strong power and repute in the work force. If such techniques and capablities were used today in the most effiecent manner, particularly with the hit of the economic crisis worldwide, it could be estimated that adult females would play a strong function in eliminating some of its monolithic consequences on the work force and the economic system.

These capablenesss that were mentioned earlier were proven throughout history. History is filled with adult females who have made important achievements. Their part changed the class of universe history. One of such figures of the yesteryear is Pocahontas. At her epoch in seventeenth century, she played functions that were about reserved for work forces. She demonstrated important negotiating accomplishments that she used to develop trade and accomplish captive releases for both the English and the Indians. Harmonizing to Salem imperativeness Pocahontas “ preserved the settlement from decease, dearth and arrant confusion ” ( 2000 ) .

Maria Theresa is another adult female who proved to be the greatest swayer of Austria during the eighteenth century. Thankss to her attention, she saved the ramshackle imperium that she inherited from her male parent. This adult female was behind the creative activity of modern Austria which we see today. Maria centralized the imperial authorities and restored the state ‘s fiscal unity ( MNDP, 2010 ) .

Juanita Kreps was the fourth adult female to function in an American presidential cabinet and the 1st to go Secretary of Commerce under Carter disposal. As a secretary of commercialism, she supervised 80,000 employees in add-on to a budget of 2.3 $ billion. Under her leading, she increased the authorities ‘s duologue with concern. Since she became a cabinet member, the Economic Development Administration had allocated 2 $ billion to pass on public plants undertakings. Furthermore, she expanded the US international exports, specifically to China. Like many adult females, she was dedicated to stand out the function of adult females in the American society particularly in the economic system back so. To make that, Kreps encouraged adult females to go enterprisers through the constitution of the President ‘s Interagency Task Force on Women Business Owners. This adult female was besides involved in several other activities, such as advancing adult females and minorities and encouraging environmental patterns ( Salem Press, 2000 ) .

Although many believe that all of the powerful figures in history have been work forces, there are many adult females that have risen above these cultural outlooks and wielded enormous power. They influenced history as queen consorts, economic experts ‘ first ladies, politicians and headed states. All in all, history proves to us that adult females have made a difference in the universe non merely in the late 20th or 21 century but besides during the old ages. As adult females have solved more complicated issues in the yesteryear, it seems that work outing the planetary fiscal crisis today is an easy undertaking to make. But merely if the barriers disappeared.

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid one time said “ Arab adult females are half our community. Sometimes better than work forces. Possibly in the yesteryear we lagged behind, but today she is turning to better highs in our society and is able to accomplish ends within our communities. She will merely turn. ” ( Women in the UAE, 1999, Para 14 ) . As Emirati adult females we are interested to concentrate on our society in specific and predict whether females particularly locals will assist salvage our economic system from the conditions that we are populating in now in footings of the planetary fiscal crisis. Womans of the United Arab Emirates in the yesteryear were discriminated at the workplace and in educational institutes in favour of male appliers. There was a glass ceiling or grade beyond which a little figure of adult females advanced. And there was besides a deficiency of concern schemes to achieve equal employment chance patterns as was mentioned by Nelson ( 2004 ) . Today, with the go oning promotion of the society of the UAE and the vivacious transmutation procedure that has been traveling over the past four decennaries, the strategic vision of the authorities for adult females has changed drastically and is now based on offering them with the needed tools to achieve professional differentiation ( Moghadam, V. & A ; Sadiqi, F, 2006 ) . This attack of the authorities aspires to beef up and use function of adult females in public service along with the private sector and to do certain that all professional paths encourage their engagement if they choose to prosecute them. We believe that the UAE, in kernel, appreciates its countrywide jussive mood for the female sector to play their function in the development procedure of the state and besides to better the fiscal wellness of the planetary economic system.

A study on Millennium Development Goals was conducted by the UNDP ( The United Nations Development Program ) in 2007. The study acknowledged the optimistic consequences of the target-oriented policies of the authorities of UAE in legion countries, including schemes to authorise adult females ( UNDP, 2007 ) . It was peculiarly recognized that the authorities statute laws in the United Arab Emirates do non demo favouritism on the footing of gender sing instruction, calling chances or the quality of other services offered. The study farther identified that educational indexs of the state prove that accomplishments of adult females in the sector of instruction have achieved the targeted degrees, and in certain instances, even exceeded that of work forces, the ground being the strong aspiration among adult females to go economically autonomous, competent and professionally successful.

The engagement of professional adult females to the economic system of the state has significantly increased from around 11.6 % in the twelvemonth 1995 to more than 22 % per centum in 2005 ( UNDP, 2007 ) . In both the largest and wealthiest members of the UAE Abu Dhabi and Dubai there has been a batch of significant advancement made in supplying occupations to adult females as their portion was comparatively low 25 old ages ago. The adult females ‘s portion of the labour force stood at 15.6 per cent in Abu Dhabi and 12.5 per cent in Dubai at the terminal of 2008 ( UAE interact, 2010 ) . Harmonizing to the UAE Government, Emirati adult females are a turning part of the national work force ( n.d ) . UAE adult females, presents, comprise about 25.1 % of the entire labour market of UAE in diverse Fieldss like jurisprudence, health care, commercialism, technology, computing machine engineering, scientific discipline, media, oil industry, university professors, and the sections of authorities ( Nelson, 2004 ) . In the last few old ages, the female employees of UAE have taken many stairss to go more forceful, aggressive and competitory. High degree of instruction and preparation has played a important function in smoothing their qualities ( Young, 2004 ) . As Raja Al Gurg said:

“ The kineticss of females working in Fieldss which are conventionally considered male district are now seeing a displacement. Womans are now running more concerns in a broader scope of Fieldss than of all time before – a strong contrast to the scenario a few old ages ago when adult females were chiefly found in educational and medical patterns ” ( Golden, 2007, Para 7 ) .

The past subdivision aimed to turn out adult females ‘s ability to assist work out the planetary fiscal crisis mystifier. We meant to verify that our gender members in any portion of the universe particularly in the UAE are great campaigners for winning the instance. The lone thing that is losing is their opportunity to take part. We tried to show our thesis, by showing many facts and surveies, get downing from giving illustrations of the capablenesss that most adult females directors and executives have to supplying illustrations of the most influential adult females of the past and to the surveies and studies that we found. We besides spotted the visible radiation on adult females in the UAE and how their state of affairs changed compared to old old ages, where they are know are capable of holding high places in the society. Womans are one of the motivation forces of the planetary fiscal system of the twenty-first century. They are considered as a promising economic force that merely can non be overlooked by the policymakers. All those facts supported our point so as to professional adult females around the universe in general, and adult females of UAE in peculiar, have all the qualities to play a constructive function in bettering the fiscal stableness of their states and can play a positive function in cut downing the planetary fiscal crisis faced by the full universe economic systems at nowadays.


This survey is a mix of both qualitative and quantitative research. Interviews and questionnaire are the two information tools that are used during the class of this research. The ground for utilizing both types of researches is to garner the maximal sum of informations without holding any cogency or dependability issues.

As we were interested in cognizing the qualities of adult females which makes them good determination shapers and suited for work outing planetary fiscal crisis, we chose to carry on interviews with Mr.Abdulrahman Al Saleh, the manager general of Dubai ‘s Department of Finance and with Ms. Salama Al Abbar, the laminitis and CEO of Symphony Style, and the proprietor of MaramiA Boutique. The interviews were conducted on intent, because we wanted to hear people ‘s sentiments in individual. In add-on, we intentionally decided to hold an interview with both a adult male and a adult female to cognize their different mentalities sing the subject. The first participant, which was Mr.Abdulrahman Al Saleh was picked through a friend ‘s aid, as he is related to her. Although he is related to her, it was hard to hold an interview with him, because he is a busy adult male, and we had an assignment and it got cancelled, nevertheless, we were able to run into him the 2nd clip. Ms.Salama Al Abbar was besides picked through a friend ; nevertheless we had an interview with her through electronic mail, because she was busy as she is late working on the launch of her new shop, Symphony Style in the Dubai Mall. The same inquiries were asked to both Mr.Abdulrahman, and Ms.Salama, and it was within the boundary lines of our subject. The interview consisted of 5 inquiries. The inquiries were related to adult females ‘s underestimate when it comes to their accomplishments and capablenesss. It besides mentions that if adult females ‘s accomplishments and qualities would assist in avoiding the fiscal crisis which is our research subject. Although the same inquiries were asked to different genders, we found that they somehow shared similar replies, and that was unexpected. For case, when we asked them if adult females could salvage the planetary fiscal crisis, both replied, that the crisis is non a affair of gender, because it is a natural tendency in the concern rhythm that happens every 20 to 30 old ages. Despite, holding the same replies, there were inquiries where they had different positions, and one of them is when they were asked to portion any remark or advice before stoping the interview. Mr. Abdulrahman replied by stating that he believes that it would be better if our subject was more focussed on work forces and adult females complementing each other for the benefit of the society. However, Ms.Salama ‘s advice is that adult females should force through any boundaries by agencies of treatment and should non let any meaningless words to restrict them. We think that both interviews helped us in beef uping and back uping our research. We got to cognize through our interviews that adult females after all the underestimate and stereotype have strong capablenesss, in which could take to strong places in the society. Indeed, Mr.Abdulrahman Al Saleh states that adult females are capable after all of being directors. Furthermore, Ms.Salama Al Abbar insists that adult females should non be put down by any remarks that disgrace them and their capablenesss and capacity. We could deduce that these interviews had helped us in general in calculating how people, specifically working people, as the two of them are in the concern sector, view adult females ‘s capablenesss and accomplishments in the work force in our society, the Emirati.

Do adult females hold the capablenesss to pull off and do effectual determinations in the concern universe? Can adult females play an effectual function in work outing the planetary fiscal crisis? Are they capable of making the same occupations as work forces? The study that we did rotated around these inquiries. Through the inquirer we wanted to cognize different positions from both sexes sing adult females abilities comparing to work forces. We chose that peculiar method so we can obtain a figure of assorted positions. Surveies are easy to make and to roll up informations from. Since we are pupils we do n’t hold the clip to carry on several interviews of a big group to acquire sentiments. Therefore, the inquirer did the occupation as it was administered online which gave us considerable flexibleness to the analysis. Around 50 participants answered the study. However, we aimed for more responses. We expected a larger figure of people to reply given that it was posted in major societal networking web sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The people who answered the study were indiscriminately picked. Few were friends and household. One interesting fact about the responses was that about all of them were answered by adult females. 11 of 52 merely were work forces answers. This shows that adult females were more interested in the issue than work forces. The findings were statistically analyzed. Since computing machines have made the procedure of analysing informations immensely easier than it was, it was reasonable for us to take this path. The study participants were asked 5 inquiries. One of the inquiries was that if they believed that adult females are able to make the same occupations as work forces? Most participants agreed, some said no and others believed in some instances such as occupations that does non necessitate physical strength. Another inquiry was about their sentiment on whether adult females accomplishments and qualities in work, concern and instruction are better than work forces. 44.2 % answered yes, 32.7 % answered no and the staying 23.1 % answered non all the clip. The participants were besides asked about whom of the genders do they swear more to put their money? A batch did non believe that gender is a job when it comes to investing. However, many favored work forces than adult females to put their money. Finally, they were asked if they think that adult females must be included in work outing the planetary economic meltdown. And whom of the genders do they foretell will be able to work out the planetary fiscal crisis? About all believed that adult females should be included in work outing the planetary fiscal crisis. Furthermore, many predicted that a corporation of both genders will work out the issue. We expected the replies to be about the same. Still, we expected more male part.

Findingss and Recommendations

We learned and discovered a figure of things by carry oning this research. From the chief findings that we learnt throughout composing this research is that although adult females are been known as the “ emotional ” gender, this “ emotion ” could back up them in a positive manner. Women ‘s emotion could be supportive for illustration in the workplace, because if she was located as a director and she had employees and made sure to be in a good relationship with them, and assist them all the clip, they would return this favor by back uping her and completing their work on clip. Therefore, these adult females directors will hold employees that obey them, and when they unite together, they would be able to hold a successful company on a long tally. Women being effectual leaders could do them lend to the planetary fiscal crisis if they were given the opportunity to play a function in it. The 2nd determination is that the adult females in the U.A.E have much more chances as leaders or executives than they did twosome of old ages ago, and this proves that the universe is altering and the society is get downing to swear adult females and their capablenesss more and more every twenty-four hours. An illustration to back up our 2nd determination is Ms.Salama Al Abbar, the laminitis and CEO of Symphony Style, and the laminitis of Marami Boutique, which was one of the two participants that we had an interview with. Ms.Salama stood in forepart all the challenges that any adult females can confront in our society, and she was able to establish her ain dress shops. This point proves that Emirati adult females could besides be truly supportive in the planetary crisis issue if they were a portion of it. The 3rd determination could be that the stereotype of adult females being underestimated in certain countries is still at that place, although the universe has developed and the mentalities had changed, we believe that this bias is due to the inherent aptitudes of some people that they think adult females were born to hold less capablenesss or accomplishments than work forces. We discovered this determination, when we had an interview with Mr. Abdulrahman Al Saleh, where he ever said that work forces and adult females should complement each other, alternatively of holding him praise the adult female entirely. Furthermore, what was more shocking is that we found some answers by female participants in the study we conducted, believed that adult females can non manage some kinds of occupations such as the 1s necessitating physical work. This made us believe that no affair what adult females did, there is still an obstruction found even if it was a little one, which makes both genders deny that “ adult females ” could sometimes be better than work forces. The 4th or we could state the last determination that grabbed our attending through carry oning this research was that about everyone in the study except for 1 participant believed that adult females should be involved in the planetary crisis. This shows that adult females should be given more consideration to be take parting in such issues, and we believe it would be even better if both work forces and adult females shared their accomplishments and capablenesss, if so the crisis would be eliminated decidedly and the universe would go a better topographic point.

These findings has someway answered our inquiry which is: would adult females be able to salvage us from the planetary fiscal crisis that we are populating in presently, cognizing that adult females have efficient capablenesss and accomplishments in many Fieldss and have proved it throughout history? This was proven through the combination of the facts in the literature reappraisal and between the types of methodological analysis that we conducted. The facts in the literature reappraisal proved to us that the adult females capablenesss are truly adequate and more than plenty to work out the planetary crisis, where they are great leaders with strong direction and communicating accomplishments when it comes to workplace. The methodological analysis subdivision has besides supported our research inquiry. For case, in the interview that we conducted with Mr.Abdulrahman Al Saleh, he agreed that adult females could be portion of the crisis by back uping work forces, and he besides mentioned that adult females are more deliverable, when it comes to work. Furthermore, in the other interview with Ms.Salama Al Abbar, she mentioned that adult females should stand in the face of stereotypes and turn out to the universe that she could be every bit equal as the adult male in footings of ability to larn accomplishments and use them. Although these interviews did non hold that adult females entirely could salvage the crisis, but they were able to indirectly state us that adult females would be a successful portion of it if they contributed in it. The study that we had was besides a strong and a dependable beginning that helped us in replying our research inquiry, and specifically the inquiry in the study that said if adult females should be portion of the crisis, and as we mentioned earlier most participants had agreed that adult females should hold been a portion of it.A

After what we researched and found, we would urge that in order to profit from the true potency of professional adult females in covering with fiscal crisis, awareness plans should be initiated to promote adult females to demo their full competency and accomplishments in the work force. We besides recommend that all adult females, no affair how large or little is their aspiration in life, they should lodge to it, and ne’er doubt themselves, because at the clip, they start doubting themselves, they start to hold less assurance in themselves, and in this manner, they will non accomplish their ends. We believe that the error could be from the adult female herself, where she makes herself believe that she is less capable than a adult male. However, if she trusts herself, she will acquire what she wants and possibly more than what she expects. To do this more realistic, I think that classes about assurance and self-pride for adult females should be taught, and if adult females attended it more frequently, this could assist in work outing her jobs. We believe that they are many adult females out at that place, who have surprising accomplishments, but need the adequate assurance to use it, so such categories and other similar plans could take in holding many successful adult females in the universe.