Why Is Social Shopping More Popular Marketing Essay

The term “ Social Commerce ” was foremost officially used when Mary Ruddy, laminitis of Meristic, Inc. spoke publically through a podcast. It shot to fame merely after Yahoo managers used the term to depict its shopping comrade web site in 15 November, 2005. The original construct of societal commercialism was to authorise consumers to seek advice and recommendations from fellow users when buying online. This is the dimension of recommendations and referrals. However, societal commercialism today has developed and exceeded the original usage of the term. We will further explicate the different dimensions of how societal commercialism has developed in our study.

For the intent of this study, we will specify societal commercialism as a subset of electronic commercialism that involves utilizing societal media, on-line media that supports societal interaction and user parts, to help in the on-line purchasing and merchandising of merchandises and services ( Marsden, 2009 ) . We will be utilizing the term “ societal shopping ” with “ societal commercialism ” interchangeably throughout the study, every bit much as we understand the footings are specifying the same issue but from the position of the retail merchants and consumers.

Our squad will concentrate on the differentiations between traditional online shopping and societal shopping. We will be showing our place on why societal shopping is acquiring progressively popular and what precisely makes the two different. We will besides be showing our primary research, a canvass we did to understand local sentiments, every bit good as our secondary research to foreground planetary market tendencies. Finally, the study will show our return on the future developments of Social Shopping.

Group shopping refers to the usage of a societal medium to earn a big figure of consumers to do purchases together and thereby harvesting bulk price reductions. Merchants besides stand to derive as they are able to do more minutess. It is no surprise that this characteristic of societal shopping has become progressively popular. This can be seen through Groupon, a company trusting on such a concern theoretical account, has been named the fastest turning company of all time ( Steiner, 2010 ) .

Recommendations and referrals rely on utilizing the societal medium to seek sentiments or adept advice from fellow consumers sing a merchandise. Such a tendency has developed because people do non swear corporate advertisement. Particularly in today ‘s environment where there are infinite personal advertizements whenever one uses the cyberspace. Hence, people turn to their friends or aliens online for aid and the best manner would be to acquire on the societal web to air the message and portion it. Social shopping Merchants today have added the ability to portion, remark and reappraisal merchandises on their web sites. One such merchandiser to believe of would be Amazon.

Shoping communities bring together people of similar involvement together. They by and large make usage of forums to pull these like minded people to discourse merchandise monetary values, specifications and even to do group orders together to minimise the operating expenses. Such communities can be found in web sites like MummySG and Volkswagen and Audi proprietors group in Singapore.

3. Why is societal shopping more popular than traditional online shopping

Social shopping has evolved based on the merchandisers ‘ apprehensions of consumer ‘s demands and behaviours. Previously, on-line shopping was done in a boring manner. Consumers went straight to the retail merchant ‘s web site or via the hunt engine and shoping through different sellers. The outgrowth of societal shopping allowed consumers to salvage the problem of traveling from site to site runing for merchandises. Furthermore, when a consumer is making on-line shopping, he will be given to research on a merchandise and desire to seek for sentiment and look into if there are other options ( Bazaarvoice ) . On the other manus, societal shopping is more enlightening because tools or characteristics such as merchandise reappraisals, merchandise comparings, pricing information, and creative activity of wish list can be found on the same site. At the same clip, it serves to earn the attending of the possible purchaser. This would hold been less effectual relying on on-line shopping entirely. The characteristics mentioned are made possible due to rapid engineering promotion and societal graph have become easy available as a consequence of an addition in the figure of people holding societal networking histories on web sites like facebook and myspace. Being equipped with societal networking tools besides allow consumer to interchange thoughts and sentiments with the other shoppers ; statistics has shown that friends or other consumers with the same gustatory sensation would hold the biggest influence on the consumer ‘s buying determination. As mentioned earlier in the study, there are several dimensions of societal shopping and each societal shopping site handles it otherwise from its rival. ( Please refer to Appendix A for a sum-up of subdivision 3 )

3.1 Advantages of Social Shopping

Through societal shopping, consumer will be able to buy the merchandises at a competitory monetary value as consumers are able to travel to assorted sites to seek for better trades. In add-on to that, equals could besides assist to inform shoppers on where to acquire the best trade via the societal shopping tools and it besides facilitate the placement of less-common merchandises that may be hard to happen based on single research. The debut of societal medium allows consumer ‘s assurance to bit by bit increase when shopping online due to the easy entree of research stuff. Harmonizing to Social Commerce Statistics ( 2010 ) , consumer feel more secured doing a purchase determination when they did their ain research. Last, consumers are besides able to portion camaraderie shopping experience with other equals who have similar gustatory sensation.

The merchandisers would do utilize the societal featured tools such as evaluations, reappraisals and informations collected from past shopping experiences, shopping carts to mine informations and to understand what the consumer demands. From such information, they are able to foretell right which are the popular merchandises and related points, entice these consumers with time-based price reductions and thereby increase their gross revenues gross ( Rhodes, 2009 ) . Through the web, the merchandisers benefit from the increased exposure to their merchandises. They besides find that holding societal shopping characteristics on their web sites allow them to function clients of different demands better.

3.2 Disadvantages of Social Shopping

In a physical shop, consumers are able to inspect the merchandise physically to guarantee its quality. However through pure drama sites, consumers are unable to make so until the point arrives at their terminal. There is ever the possibility that the merchandise does non get as depicted on the web site. Following, waiting for the merchandise to get can be long and frustrating. It could even travel losing sometimes could. Besides, transportation charges differ greatly. Some sites are free merely when the sum purchased monetary value goes beyond a certain stipulated sum. Consumers are really concerned about the possibility of online frauds and its recognition security. Though consumers enjoy great trades online by look intoing researching on different sites ; some consumer might happen it excessively annoying to look into and verify each and every recommendation.

From a retail merchant ‘s point of position, many consumers still prefer to choose the points physically ; the online shopping experience is unable to displace traditional gross revenues channels which include the physical shops. There are now excessively many web sites that sell similar merchandises therefore ; it is hard for a merchandiser to separate from the remainder and negative feedback received from the consumer could take to the loss of future clients, exacerbated by the societal web.

4. Market tendencies and analysis

4.1 User Demographics: Who are the people utilizing societal shopping?

To measure the impact of societal shopping, we must foremost take in history the user demographics of societal shopping. We have analysed the information from several beginnings and research documents on societal shopping, and discerned the undermentioned characteristics of the users of societal shopping in general.

4.1.1 Age

We analysed at JP Morgan ‘s “ Nothing but Net 2011 ” study, Groupon Works ‘ demographic informations every bit good as Quantcast ‘s estimated user informations for Kaboodle. From the informations, we can reason that societal shopping ‘s primary age group for users are by and large in the scope 18 – 34. From the statistics, this age group holds the largest per centum of users of societal shopping, particularly Groupon, where 68 % of their users are in this age group ( Groupon Works, 2011.Appendix B.1 ) . Therefore, we can see that the users of societal shopping tend to be immature. This can be due to the fact that young persons are normally more tech-savvy, and more used to the societal facet of societal shopping. This is likely to go on in the hereafter as young persons are likely to go on to hold more frequent entree to the Internet. This peculiar tendency is besides apparent in Groupon users ‘ demographic displacement, where harmonizing to Compete in January 2010, the largest group of users was really in the age group 35 – 44 at 30.5 % ( Compete, 2010. Appendix B.2 ) , compared to 18 % in 2011, harmonizing to Groupon Works, where young persons became the largest group of users alternatively. A instance in point is the United States, where eMarketer estimates that by the terminal of 2011, 96 % of all US young persons will aged 12-17 will utilize the cyberspace at least monthly, up from 95 % in 2010 and projected to increase to 97 % in the hereafter ( eMarketer, 2011. Appendix B.3 ) . There is besides a tendency of US young persons passing more online, harmonizing to the Pew Internet & A ; American Life Project, where 48 % of young person bought online in 2009 compared to 31 % in 2000 ( eMarketer, 2010. Appendix B.4 ) . Hence, we can see that young persons will go on to be the major users of societal shopping in the hereafter.

4.1.2 Income

From the information we analyzed, we conclude that the users of societal shopping tend to be flush. From JP Morgan ‘s “ Nothing but Net 2011 ” , we can see that the largest group of users fall into the income bracket of $ 100,000. This is besides seen in Groupon Works, where users in the income brackets $ 70,000 – $ 99,000 and $ 100,000 and supra do up about half of the users, and Kaboodle, where the income brackets $ 60,000 – $ 100,000 and $ 100,000 and supra do up more than half the users ( Appendix B.1 ) . This is likely due to the fact that the wealthier users are more likely to hold entree to recognition cards, which are the chief signifiers of payment for societal shopping by and large, every bit good as have more income which they can pass on shopping online. Harmonizing to eMarketer ‘s study on young person online disbursement, more young persons would hold bought points online if they had more spending money and entree to recognition cards ( eMarketer, 2010 ) , therefore we can see that income is an enabling factor in societal shopping.

4.1.3 Gender

Female consumers are more likely to be users of societal shopping site. We can see this from the user informations from Groupon and Kaboodle, where 77 % of users in Groupon and 59 % of users in Kaboodle are female ( Quantcast.com, 2011.Appendix B.1 ) . This is likely to go on in the close hereafter due to several grounds. First, harmonizing to comScore ‘s white paper, “ Womans on the Web 2010 ” , adult females spend more clip socialising on-line worldwide at 33 % of their clip online compared to work forces at 27 % ( comScore, 2010.Appendix B.5 ) . Womans have besides embraced societal networking to a greater extent than work forces, from 11.8 % in November 2008 to 16.3 % in April 2010, compared to work forces, who merely improved from 10.3 % to 11.7 % in the same period. Thus, adult females are more inclined to encompass the societal facet of societal shopping, utilizing the societal media every bit good as the tools provided to garner sentiments on their purchases. Group purchasing sites such as Groupon and Living societal have their growing driven mostly by female users, as the bulk of users are female. Second, at least in the US, adult females shop more on-line compared to work forces, accounting for 61.1 % of on-line purchases. They are besides more likely to utilize alternate signifiers of online shopping, with no specific penchants, compared to work forces who are more likely to utilize pure drama online retail merchants ( comScore, 2010.Appendix B.5 ) . Therefore, we can see that a tendency of turning societal networking for adult females, combined with their leaning to pass online, has drove them to go the chief users of societal shopping online.

4.2 Trends driving the growing of societal shopping

In the undermentioned subdivision we will look at the tendency in the altering consumer ‘s behaviour that has led to the increased acceptance of societal shopping. Social shopping has been around since 2007, but has merely started to take off in 2010. We have identified certain tendencies that can explicate the sudden growing of societal shopping.

4.2.1 Research

Harmonizing to Power Reviews ‘ 2010 Social Shopping survey consequences ( Power Reviews, 2010.Appendix B.6 ) , 50 % of users find researching the merchandise they want a factor in their purchase determination at least half of the clip, a figure which has remained reasonably changeless from 2007 to 2010. However, the per centum of users reading more client reappraisal for the merchandises has really increased from 2007 to 2010, with 39 % of users reading 8 or more reappraisals before being confident of purchasing in 2010 compared to merely 22 % in 2007. They are besides passing more clip reading the reappraisals before make up one’s minding, with 33 % of users passing more than 30 proceedingss reading reappraisals in 2010 compared to 18 % in 2007, about duplicating the per centum. In the same study, the survey besides shows that 55 % of users rank the sentiments of their friends and people of similar involvements as the biggest influences on their purchase determination, in front of experts ‘ sentiments. Therefore, we can see that non merely are consumers progressively making more research and seeking more sentiments on their merchandise before purchasing, they besides want it from their friends and likeminded people instead than the experts. This tendency in the consumers ‘ behaviour has allowed societal shopping sites to boom, as their societal networking tools on the site exactly allows the consumers to fulfill their demand for reappraisals and sentiments from those in their societal circle.

4.2.2 Social networking

The increasing figure of people, particularly young persons, take parting in societal networking has led to societal shopping sites integrating tools associating to societal networking sites, most notably Facebook. Harmonizing to eMarketer, Facebook is projected to turn 13.4 % in 2011 in the US, making an estimated 57 % of cyberspace users, compared to 39 % in 2009 ( eMarketer, 2010.Appendix B.7 ) . Twitter, while holding less dramatic growing, is besides projected to better to 11 % of big cyberspace users in 2011 in the US, compared to 7.5 % in 2009 ( eMarketer, 2010.Appendix B.7 ) . Facebook, being one of the fastest turning societal web, is one of the top subscribers to the tendency in consumers seeking sentiments online. As consumers become more comfy with the thought of societal networking, they besides begin to seek such societal interactions in other facets such as on-line shopping. Furthermore, societal networking sites tend to hold higher incursion rates for young persons ( Pew Internet Project, 2010. Appendix B.8 ) which we have identified above as one of the major age group of societal shopping users.

4.3 Market Tendencies

Social shopping has seen a rush in popularity in recent old ages, most notably due to the great success enjoyed by Groupon, which has led to many Groupon-clones emerging in many states, accordingly increasing the involvement in societal shopping in general. Harmonizing to Experian Hitwise, societal shopping ‘s portion of the market has been turning greatly since 2010 ( Experian Hitwise, 2011. Appendix B.9 ) . With the alterations in consumer behaviour and displacements in user demographics, it is no surprise that societal shopping has been able to turn so quickly by capitalising on these alterations. There has besides been some emerging tendencies in the societal shopping scene which we will research.

4.3.1 Group purchasing day-to-day trades sites

Group purchasing societal shopping sites having day-to-day trades have become one of the fastest turning sections in the societal shopping scene, with illustrations being Groupon and LivingSocial. The cardinal characteristics of these sites are a specials trade that comes with brawny price reductions, but requires a fit figure of purchasers before the trade go valid. The trades are frequently localized to the part of the user, and the sites besides offer inducements for the users to distribute the intelligence of the trade to their friends such as urging three friends to purchase a trade and acquire their ain free, every bit good as practical currencies that can unlock other wagess which are earned through recommendations and reappraisals. Harmonizing to research house BIA/Kelsey, US daily cover sites grosss are projected to hit $ 3.9 billion in 2015, up from $ 0.87 billion in 2010 ( BIA/Kelsey, 2011.Appendix B.10 ) . The possible growing of the sector has attracted even Google, which launched its ain day-to-day trade site after neglecting to get Groupon, and Facebook, which is offering a similar service limited to some provinces in the US ( New York Times, 2011 ) .

4.3.2 Location based societal shopping

One of the approaching tendencies in societal shopping has been the integrating of location based services and societal shopping. Location cheques in societal media, such as Foursquare, Facebook Places, every bit good as societal shopping app Shopkick, have seen growing in use in recent months ( ReadWriteWeb, 2011 ) . Shopkick, for illustration, grew from 280,000 users in November 2010 to an estimated 1 million users in March 2011 ( Business Insider, 2011 ) . Location based societal shopping fundamentally allows the user to unite the benefits of location based services with those of societal networking. Users can track the merchandise they like, upload exposure of it, acquire feedback from their friends about the merchandise while updating their Chirrup, Facebook or Foursquare position.

4.3.3 Increasing acceptance of societal shopping characteristics

The consequence of societal shopping ‘s rise to prominence and unbelievable growing has led to many pure drama online retail merchants to take to either integrate societal shopping tools into their web site, or enter into partnerships with bing societal shopping sites. For illustration, Amazon bought both Living Social and Woot, popular societal shopping sites, in order to maintain up with the tendency of societal shopping ( Cnet News, 2010 ) . Even bricks and howitzers retail merchants with on-line channels are adding such tools, or are contemplating the add-on. Levi ‘s launched the Levi ‘s Friends shop, which allows the user to see how many users “ liked ” a peculiar merchandise, and besides allows the user to see which of their friends besides “ liked ” the merchandise ( Digital Buzz, 2010 ) . More than half of the respondents in a study by Gigya of on-line retail merchants and publishing houses had either implemented such societal characteristics or were be aftering to implement it in the close hereafter ( Gigya, 2010.Appendix B.11 ) . One of the grounds underlying this tendency could be that retail merchants are seeking to prosecute their clients more in order to hike their gross revenues. Since consumers are non merely demanding more reappraisals, but besides feedback from their societal circle, the retail merchants are really forced to incorporate societal shopping tools into their shopping experience or hazard acquiring left buttocks. Second, the word of oral cavity component, which is really of import in societal shopping, serves to distribute the intelligence of a merchandise in a faster and more dependable mode as compared to traditional advertisement. This allows the retail merchants to make a larger group of consumers. Third, the group purchasing phenomenon allows retail merchants to efficaciously make a demand driven supply concatenation, by making the demand foremost through the particular offer trades, so merely providing the merchandise after the trade has been finalized. This helps the retail merchants to cut down costs of storage and productions.

5. Survey findings

To happen out about the behaviors and receptiveness towards societal shopping in Singapore, we conducted an online canvass for our primary research. The sample size was 50 and it was conducted online through random choice of campaigners invited via electronic mail.

The single analysis of samples indicated to us that over 60 % of the respondents were female with over 80 % of them gaining more than $ 40,000 yearly. Most of them who participated in on-line shopping were aged between 20 all the manner to 60 and near to 100 % of them cited that they would seek sentiment from friends, household and even aliens, alternatively of advertizements before purchasing and all of them preferred shopping with web sites that provided societal shopping capablenesss. These consequences suited the secondary research explained above.

For the male samples, all respondents were between 0-19 with incomes less than $ 20,000. It can be hypothesized that they are all pupils who have low or no income. However, it is interesting to observe that 30 % of them preferred to shop online entirely and trusted advertizements although they still seek sentiment before doing a determination.

For the information responses to each inquiry polled, delight mention to Appendix C.


Groupon, a group shopping site, and Kaboodle, a shopping community, are 2 major societal shopping sites that are really popular among on-line consumers.

6.1 Groupon

Groupon is a group shopping site that features the power of corporate purchasing. It allows for people to group together to portion about the price reductions and trades featured on the website day-to-day. These trades will merely be activated when a minimal figure of it is being sold.

Groupon ensures the viability of these price reduction vouchers and therefore consumers can frequently anticipate deep price reductions which are one of the grounds why Groupon is one of the most popular group shopping sites online.

Even though Groupon is popular, it is non the first web site to have price reduction vouchers or points. An illustration of a price reduction site is Woot. Woot was set up back in 2004 but did non bask the current success of Groupon. What sets group purchasing sites like Groupon apart from these similar traditional e-commerce sites are the elements of societal interaction.

Woot features new discounted points mundane on its web site merely like Groupon but it was nevertheless unable to derive a big consumer base. Woot is similar to Groupon because it besides features a trade a twenty-four hours, However, Woot does non integrate any group purchasing elements. Groupon is able to make out to so many people because through its theoretical account of group purchasing, it encourages consumers to advance and portion these price reductions with their friends. Because the price reductions or trades will non be activated unless a minimal figure of the trade is sold, consumers who are interested in the trade will be spurred on to urge these trades to their friends. Groupon goes farther to do it convenient for consumers to portion this information with their friends by incorporating the usage of societal networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to let consumers to post and urge these trades on their profiles. Discussions on the quality of these price reductions can even be done on the stations. Incentives of 10 Groupon dollars are even given to consumers who portion about Groupon or the trade with their friends. With these characteristics in topographic point, Groupon is able to advance non merely the trades on its web site, but besides promote its trade name to a large group of consumers utilizing the propogation of information through its consumers and societal shopping sites.

6.2 Kaboodle

Kaboodle is a Shopping Community that features the power of suggestion. It allows for people of the same involvement to garner together to compare monetary values of shopping points that they are interested in.

Kaboodle, being a shopping community has changed the manner people shop on-line. Previously, e-commerce involved consumers sing on-line stores separately and holding to screen through all the points to happen the points of their involvement. Lesser known but interesting on-line stores were overlooked because they were unable to leach the hunt engines. An illustration would be the many on-line blogshops selling dresss and accoutrements. Online consumers besides found it hard to judge whether a merchandise is Kaboodle is able to undertake all the above issues by leting users who have the same involvement to organize groups together. Alternatively of holding to seek through web sites and pages for the points that they are interested in, consumers can now see merchandises from friends of the same involvement group and obtain sentiments and reappraisals on those merchandises. Discussion forums can besides be set up for people to happen more information about where to acquire certain merchandises.

Kaboodle besides allows for on-line consumers to see different shops and maintain a list of the points that they like. This comes in the signifier of a Kaboodle button which can capture the image, monetary value and basic description of the selected point on any shopping web site. The merchandise will so look on the user ‘s shopping list and let for people to ‘like ‘ or notice about the merchandise.

Other than leting for the treatment and reviewing of merchandises on-line, Kaboodle has besides integrated certain elements from the societal networking sites. Facebook ‘s ‘like ‘ and ‘share ‘ button and the chirrup button is available on every page to let for users to post these merchandises on their Facebook wall.

7. restrictions

Social shopping sites have brought convenience and improved the experience of online shopping. However there are still restrictions that the societal shopping sites are presently seeking to better on.

An illustration would be the concern that some shopping communities may hold the job of non holding quality reappraisals from referees that users trust. Some referees might hold been given inducements to give positive reappraisals on a certain merchandise and do non give honest sentiments about the merchandises. These sites can seek to better the credibleness of these reappraisals by presenting a superior system. A superior system has been employed in many online forums. Each referee is given a rank based on their experience at the site, the figure of reappraisals they give, and the credibleness of their reappraisals. Certain inducements will so be available when a referee reaches a certain rank. These will non merely promote referees to give honest and accurate reappraisals on merchandises ; the figure of reappraisals will besides increase.

Another job of societal shopping would be the issue of privateness. Consumers may be incognizant that their informations might be harvested as they shop and reveal their involvements and shopping behaviour. Besides, personal information like electronic mail reference and exposure may be accessible to the other Internet users. Companies may track the behaviour of on-line consumers and send Spam mails to them. Personal information that the consumers did non voluntarily unwrap to the populace, like recognition card information, might be leaked to the Internet every bit good. An illustration would be Blippy, which is a shopping community. In 2010, they suffered a privateness defect and reportedly leaked out recognition card information of their on-line consumers to the Internet. These societal shopping sites have to invariably better on their security in order to forestall hacking and unauthorised informations harvest home. Consumers besides have a portion to play in being cognizant of these privateness concerns and do non voluntarily unwrap personal information that they are non willing to portion with the Internet.

8. Evaluation

Social shopping is a recent phenomenon that has brought about salient alterations non merely to e-commerce but besides to traditional retailing.

Social shopping has besides led to alterations in the concern theoretical accounts of a batch of companies to accommodate the online shopping experience. It changes the traditional supply concatenation theoretical account of concern to a demand-based theoretical account where goods are assembled or ordered after a consumer places his orders.

It has besides changed the tendency of the retail scene where size and stigmatization of a company or store is of extreme importance in pulling clients. Due to societal shopping, smaller companies which are less known are given a opportunity to publicize merchandises through word of oral cavity and societal networking sites. An illustration would be immense vesture lines like Zara and Topshop. These stores have been franchised internationally and bask a immense client base. However, in the recent old ages, on-line e-commerce stores with active advertisement from the shopping communities and within the societal networking sites, have gain a significant client base. An illustration would be www.asos.com which is an on-line retail merchant merchandising dresss that has gotten a significant international client base that can be compared to these vesture lines. They have no retail shop available in any state and concentrate on on-line retailing. They have an norm of 13 million alone visitants every month and boast 3 million active shoppers from 160 different states. They have set up web logs to let people to discourse about the different vestures and have a Facebook page to update their followings on the newest tendencies ad allow friends to discourse.

Social shopping has besides allowed merchandisers to construct trade name awareness more efficaciously and at a lower cost as compared to traditional advertisement. Rather than trusting on inactive advertisement like posting advertizements on web sites and newspapers and hope that people will see and snap on the advert, shopping sites like Groupon take on a more effectual manner of active advertisement by directing electronic mail and presentments to users every clip there is a new trade. This manner, push advertisement is left to the societal web. Retailers can go forth the advertisement to people who want the merchandise to force it to more people. This can even take to viral advertisement where the advertizements of the merchandise can distribute fast by word of oral cavity among friends or enhanced by the web effects of the Internet particularly through the societal networking sites.

Besides, societal shopping besides taps on the trust that people have among friends and involvement groups to give them the best advice on merchandises and services. They have allowed for coincident online shopping and interaction between people. Recommendations from friends would likely be more efficient than advertizements on web sites in bring forthing visibleness for a peculiar online store.

Social shopping has besides allowed for the connexion of brick and howitzer shops to the online shopping shops. It brings the consumer experience of shopping with friends at brick and howitzer shops to the online shopping scene so that people can now hold the ‘full shopping experience ‘ complete with advice and reappraisal from people.

Although societal shopping is still immature, it displays a batch of possible. Looking at how it has taken the e-commerce universe by storm. However, there are still restrictions of societal shopping that can still be improved on to guarantee its continuity.

9. Future development and anticipations

Right now, web sites are seeking to incorporate societal networking elements into their shops. However, the tendency is traveling to alter shortly with societal networking sites incorporating shopping elements into their concern theoretical accounts. In a manner, in future, consumers will purchase where they connect alternatively of connect where they buy.

Social shopping can besides look into the integrating of Location-based Shopping ( LBS ) where real-time shopping is integrated into societal shopping. For illustration, when a client walks into a shop, a push text message can be sent to the user ‘s nomadic phone to allow them cognize of the price reductions in that store. Besides, group purchasing elements can be added such that a trade will merely be activated if a certain figure of clients are in the store.

10. Mentions and Appendix