Wearable technology and company strategy


Wearable computer science is trades with designing, sketching, edifice, or using smaller than usual figure borne computational and haptic appliances. Wearable computing machines could be attached under or over the apparels or could besides be self apparels. Dissimilar to a portable computing machine or a palmtop, wearable computing machine is ever turned on and associates with a real-life undertaking.

Wearable computing machines are peculiarly advantageous for applications that require more head boggling computational backup than merely hardware programmed logistics.

Logitech International is a Swiss worldwide provider of Personal computers and tablets peripherals. It’s headquarter is in Switzerland. The company besides has a HQ in California, America. The organisation creates and markets points like peripheral points for Pcs, including consoles, receiving systems and webcams. Logitech to boot makes earpieces, remote sound appliances and sound units for MP3 participants and cell phones.

The organisation has concern scenes all around Europe and Asia. Logitech ‘s gross revenues and advertisement exercisings are sorted out into three geographic locations: Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.

Part 1 Value Creation

There are a figure of wearable calculating applications and can be divided by merchandise as explained in the figure below:

Google Glass

This device goes under Eye-Wear and is a wearable computing machine, created by Google with a mission of fixing a mass-market omnipresent machine. Google Glass shows informations in a kind of Smartphone-like custodies free design that can talk with the Internet through normal dialect voice bids.

A touchpad is located on the border of the Google Glass, allowing clients to command the equipment by swiping through a time-line like interface shown on the show. Skiding backward shows current occurrences, for illustration, clime, and skiding forward shows past occasions, for illustration, telephone calls, exposure and so on.

Some of the applications of Google Glass are:


Although the warehouse decision makers and trucking organisations have instruments to test stock degrees and placement, Google Glass nevertheless offer more powerful, minimized and less noticeable attacks to garner uninterrupted information.

Cab industry

GPS mechanisms have turned into a important device for the film editing border cab driver. The equipment could set the waies straight before the driver alongside booking informations and traffic activities. The equipment could warn drivers about the chance of assaults or larcenies in the countries they are traveling through. In utmost scenarios, Google Glass could even assist system accountants speak with drivers in insecure fortunes without travelers being mindful of the treatments.

Trades people

Constructions sites have a few common feature, particularly refering conceive ofing how designs are traveling to work in echt life. Having appliances like Google Glass could hold helped those NBN builders frustrated by awful mapping information in the undertaking ‘s early phases.

For shopkeeper, Google Glass could assist them with measuring appraisal occupation disbursals and care plants, for illustration, detecting out of use pipes or neglecting parts.

Architects and Engineers

In civil technology, wearable computing machines may help architecture designs or substructure. Fly-through machine re-enactments of new constructions are standard constructing constellation devices today. With expanded actuality designers, clients and stakeholders can visualize what anything from a new route or kitchen expansion is traveling to look like and the impacts on the neighbors.

Government offices

Emergency disposals, medical intervention and constabulary services are zones where mechanisms like Google Glass will show importance. Having a versatile caput up informations of during life scaring fortunes will stop up being a key setup for early respondents.

Nike Fuel Band

The Nike Fuel Band is a motion tracker that is fasten on the carpus and is to be utilized with an Apple iphone or ipad. The Fuel Band permits its wearers to track their physical motion and step the ingestion of their Calories. The information from the wristband is coordinated into the Nike+ online group and phone app, allowing wearers to put their fittingness aims, screen their motion and contrast themselves with others members of the group.


The Fuel Band accompanies entree to the Nike+ web group that is setup through the Nike+ Connect Software. The Nike+ web group permits point proprietors to do a profile online where they can showcase their peculiar item, for illustration, what figure of aims have been met, the day-to-day stairss and so forth. After logging into the Nike+ site, clients are given a graphical representation of their every twenty-four hours motion, intimacy to hitting their aim, positive reaction and proposals for extra exercisings.

Pebble ticker

It is a smart ticker created by Pebble Technology and introduced in 2013. The device is compatible with iphones and Android devices. When attached to the phone, it has the capacity to acquire a quiver to texts, calls and other from on-line networking sites.

Some of the applications are as follows:

Check athleticss tonss

For athleticss fiends, the ESPN Pebble application, users can acquire an update about unrecorded tonss associating to a figure of athleticss.

Send texts from your ticker

Major nomadic phone webs give email-to-text disposals, which convey short messages to the cell as texts. The Email to SMS application exploits this, allowing clients do a twosome of prewritten messages, for illustration, “ Good Morning! ” or “ Geting late” that could be sent specifically from the ticker.

Get waies

Applications like Pebble GPS is able to voyage via a cell’s GPS. However, besides maps, the application can help in waies turn by bend excessively.

Part 2 Managerial planning and ends

PEST Analysis:



These elements are identified with what the legislative assembly intercedes in the pecuniary ambiance. Particularly, political variables incorporate revenue enhancement governments, ecological jurisprudence, trade barriers and political soundness.

These variables incorporate economic development, involvement rates and so forth. These variables have important effects on how organisations work and settle on critical determinations. Case in point, involvement rates influence a company ‘s disbursal of capital and later to what degree an organisation develops and extends. Exchange rates influence exports and imports.



These constituents incorporate the societal characteristics and incorporate development in public, demographic set up, business demeanor and attending on wellness and well-being. Fluctuations in societal elements act upon the involvement for an organisation ‘s points and disposals.

These constituents incorporate mechanical point of views, for illustration, R & A ; D motion, mechanisation, technology drifts and so forth. Besides, technological displacements can act upon disbursals, quality, and lead to promotion.

  • As Logitech is a Swiss based company and it has head one-fourth in US, the company’s new merchandise may be launched in these two states. However, the Far East market particularly China is another avenue where the merchandise can make good. China is Technology intensive and consumers spend a batch of money on electronics. In add-on to that, the authorities has announced a decrease of import revenue enhancement for international company, which means Logitech, can hold inducement in revenue enhancement rates.
  • Due to the recent recession, the Logitech’s gross revenues were decreased. Most companies are still retrieving ; nevertheless this may assist the growing of bomber sector ( strategic groups ) that offers value for money ( H. Adrian & A ; R. Alison, 2008 ) . Although wearable technological merchandises are expensive, their perceived value is high which may increase the gross for the company.
  • It is clear from recent developments that the wearable technological market is differentiated. Worldwide wearable engineerings gross revenues totalled 285.1 million units in the 2nd one-fourth of 2013 ; a 6.2 % lessening from the 2nd one-fourth of 2012, harmonizing to Gartner, Inc.
  • Customers demand better engineering and besides easier to utilize, hence the company is confronting strong competition from its challengers like Google, Nike and Samsung in wearable engineering merchandises. The company needs to be equipped with latest invention in order to hold a market portion in this new market. The company on the other manus making good in the electronics market with their latest designs and merchandises.

Part 3 Innovation Management

Divers entities are fall ining together to acquire new invention, point or doing economic systems of graduated table. Notwithstanding, rapprochement of two organisations is non a definite scientific discipline as society is the overpowering obstructor in fruitful mix to acquire the coveted output. A civilization is an illustration of imparted cardinal premises that the squad took in as it determined its issues that has worked good plenty to be viewed as sensible and is exchanged on to new members as the right attack to comprehend, believe, and experience in association with those issues.

There are assorted managerial significances of organizing Logitech staff with the new high tech organisation. The impacts of this combination on worker morale could be critical if the rearrangement of the concern is non handled expeditiously. Throughout the integrating attempt, there are no less than two groups of workers included, often coming from associations with unambiguously typical civilizations and manners. Learning a new civilization could be proving, nevertheless is peculiarly so when workers are confronted with questionable affair about what ‘s the hereafter may keep and whose occupation is in danger.


Change is regularly troublesome for workers, peculiarly in the event that they were non specifically included in determinations that affect their employments. Throughout the integrating procedure, alteration could be peculiarly ambitious and can motivate anxiousness which can hold a negative consequence on morale if non taken attention of viably. Communication is important throughout these times. To the extent imaginable associations ought to endeavor to leave as much informations about what is traveling on and, in peculiar, how the patterned advances will act upon distinguishable workers, as they potentially can.

Fear of Job Loss

The point when two or more associations come together, civilization clang is ineluctable. Seldom do two associations have the same civilization. As these squads get to cognize one another there will decidedly be clash and discerned or true bad lucks on both sides. Workers may fear losing their occupations or losing chances that they antecedently had. This anxiousness can adversely impact productiveness and may even convey about workers go forthing the organisation to look for employments someplace else. It is important for associations and their decision makers and HR staff to separate this and to give chances to workers to acquire to cognize one another, to honestly address concerns, and to collaborate around the creative activity of another civilization that will intermix the best of both planets.


The point when representatives are disquieted about their ain peculiar employment security they are more inclined to acquire intense with others and this aggressiveness can convey about clang here and at that place even ferociousness. Throughout the integrating, it is indispensable for decision makers and HR experts to be cautiousness to indicants of negative competition and to vouch that workers are, no uncertainty kept educated about effects on their functions and their chances with the organisation. While competition is good, competition is bad when it makes strain and negative clang in the association.

Part 4 Strategic Leadership

Organizations that have prospered in the twenty-first century are those that have figured out how to respond to turbulence by supervising alteration viably. A part of the proposed plans to impact cultural and organizational alterations are:

Create civilization a cardinal portion of the alteration direction work flow.

Regularly the cardinal alteration disposal undertaking throughout integrating is supplying “ communications. ” This focal point may cut down the importance of alteration direction, when communicating gets describing the picks of others, tardily, as opposed to driving echt determinations. Assuming that civilization is distinguished as a existent challenge that the alteration disposal group is answerable for, so this group accepts a cardinal portion in achieving integrating aims.

Recognize who has the corporate civilization and have them study to senior direction.

Choose the proprietors in both entities to the integrating to see representation of all positions. These “ holders ” on a regular basis will be senior Human Resources or Organizational Development professionals. This is similarly a proper errand for outside support, given the quality of outer penetrations of cognition in distinguishing civilization. For its portion importance, civilization must be on the treatments of often planned high degree meetings.

Implement a decision-making process that is non held back by cultural issues.

Decision devising manner is often deeply imbued in an organisation ‘s civilization. However, few things have a more astonishing consequence on integrating consequences than the capacity to settle on speedy picks. Customer and employee trueness can disintegrate quickly if an organisation is discerned as unable to make determinations. Leaderships of organizing organisations end up pushed into a circumstance where they need to settle on determinations quickly. While changing determination devising manners may halter this, the differences around determination devising manners are on a regular basis less important than the differentiation around these manners and the determination devising manner needed for a successful integrating. This is a critical affair.

The leaders of the integrating venture must turn to this with the backup of the civilization group by:

•Identifying decision-making for every scope of the integrating.

•Understanding the determination doing manner of each one organisation both sing what the manner is and the premises, techniques, and structures that aid that manner. Use this as a premiss for back uping determination shapers in traveling past their guesss to a point where they can move adequately.

•Communicating outlooks to those leaders, including the due day of the months when determinations are needed. The demand for velocity could be utilized to restrain alterations in how determinations are made. Particular methods could be utilized to assist this, for illustration, authorising 80/20 determination doing alternatively of complete confidence before a determination is made.

Construct the worker trade name with an purpose towards how it will be understood by workers.

Assuming that retaining the workers is an aim of integrating, so an attempt must be made to procure their staunchness, in the same manner that clients ‘ fidelity must be strengthened. The point when one organisation is incorporating with another, so the emphasis ought to be on doing the organisation ‘s trade name engaging, in relation to chances and wagess to get workers. It is indispensable to detect a common point that wo n’t be so fresh as to look foreign to all workers. It should neither make one entity as dominant nor fail to place that workers from unifying companies have different outlooks.


Wearable computing machines have a mammoth consequence on diverse Fieldss of scientific disciplines and humanistic disciplines. They likewise have immense potency for use in wellness and fittingness, pilotage, long scope interpersonal communicating, trade, and media. The wearable computing machine gives a unequivocal in web access- wide-awake operation with complete versatility and plentiful processing power. Right off module can interface with informations models without irrupting on their work. With the comfort of voice propulsion and head-mounted or touchscreen show options, they can run into their constantly widening duties, underpinned by prompt entree to online manuals, lists, parts records, drawings, supplier informations, work constructions and that ‘s merely the tip of the iceberg. Whether on location, in travel or at place, clothings could authorise clients to maintain up correspondence with organisation machines through immediate association or Internet. The setup delivers an full new thought in nomadic computer science, offering a unequivocal Personal computer portability. Much like conventional manus held and palmtop Personal computers, wearable ‘s can reassign and download information and scheduling from different models to Personal computers.


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