Understanding The Principles of Marketing Analysis

This is a aureate chance that we are able to make and establish a new merchandise from the being lines available in our company. We are glad that we able to accomplish an betterment for the intent of edifice strong merchandise lines to confront the competition in front. Along the manner, we will transport out research and study sing the new merchandise to be launched in order to obtain the information in the procedure of developing this merchandise. Sing the creative activity of new merchandise, the chief aims are to guarantee a strong foundation of line extension of company and to derive competitory advantages in the market against the challengers. Discussion has been made and has come up with a determination ; where we are traveling t make a drink with an expressed and implied image of sporty, healthy and energy boosting. From at that place, we have created “ Isotonic Coke ” — the new merchandise line to be launched. Through this new merchandise, we are aimed to organize a new image of Coca-Cola drink in the mark market, which is clean and we are targeted at the adolescents and childs who are vernal and energetic. Basically, we are traveling to use the selling strategies-4Ps and transport out competitory analysis with respect to our proposed merchandise. This is important as we are traveling into the merchandise development, at which we are altering the spirit from normal Coke to isotonic Coke. Apparently, 4Ps refer as the Product, Price, Place and Promotion in the merchandise development and these have important consequence in regard of establishing new merchandise. Besides, competitory analysis in this instance would mention as the analysis of chance and menace internally and externally of the merchandise.

The Coca-Cola is the universe ‘s largest drink company with largest maker, distributer and seller of non-alcoholic drink dressed ores and besides one of the largest corporations in the United States. Coca-Cola was discovered by druggist John Stith Pemberton in 188 The Coca-Cola Company offers about 400 trade names in over 200 states, besides its name interest drink. In 1892, Asa Candler was bought The Coca-Cola expression and trade name. The Coca-Cola Company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Presently the president and CEO of Coca-Cola is Muhtar Kent.

The chief merchandise of Coca-Cola Company is Coca-Cola, but they besides produced merchandise such as other spirits carbonated soft drinks, H2O and other non-alcoholic drinks. This includes other assortments of Coca-Cola such as: Diet Coke, Vanilla Coke, and Lemon Coke, Diet coke with calcium hydroxide and so on. Coca-Cola was the first to develop a diet soft drink, by utilizing the saccharin as a sugar replacement. Diet Coke Introduced in 1963, the merchandise is still sold until today, nevertheless the gross revenues have dwindled since the debut of Diet Coke.

In 1916, bottlers worried that the straight-sided bottle for Coca-Cola was easy confused with impersonators. A group stand foring the Company and bottlers asked glass makers to offer thoughts for a typical bottle. A design from the Root Glass Company of Terre Haute, Indiana won enthusiastic blessing in 1915 and was introduced in 1916. The contour bottle became one of the few bundles of all time granted hallmark position by the U.S. Patent Office. Today, it ‘s one of the most accepted icons in the universe – even in the dark! And now in 21st century, the Coca-Cola bottling system grew up with roots profoundly planted in local communities. This heritage serves the Company good today as people seek trade names that honor local individuality and the peculiarity of local markets. As was true a century ago, strong locally based relationships between Coca-Cola bottlers, clients and communities are the foundation on which the full concern grows.

Presently, the Coca-Cola Company has grown into a more sustainable and community-connected endeavor and in this twenty-first century, consumers will progressively demand that concerns play a positive function in society. In a nut shell, the Coca-Cola Company has successfully stepped up as a leader in countries that are relevant to the concern and vital to its sustained growing.

Propose Product

As mentioned before, the proposed merchandise of our company is the “ Isotonic Coke ” ; where we are accommodating merchandise development scheme. In other words, we choose to present new merchandise into markets that we have had established the place of the Coke in order to build strong merchandise line and to aim on wider market. Obviously, the old spirit of the original coke is considered obviously, alternatively, now we are modifying the bing normal coke with new spirit which is “ Isotonic Coke ” , every bit good as the packaging and design of this new merchandise. With this transmutation of merchandise, we are aimed at establishing “ Isotonic Coke ” with new spirits and packaging that can wholly pull consumers ‘ attending and conveying a fresh and fantastic feeling to them every bit good. In footings of packaging, we are traveling to transform the old design to a new sporty design to suit the athletics people. In add-on, we are traveling to administer and sell in different market. The Isotonic Coke will be chiefly targeted on, particularly to those sport people and other class consumers every bit good. This clip we wholly change the gustatory sensation from normal coke to isosmotic coke. Our chief aim in developing this new merchandise is to help the athletics people to hike athleticss public presentation and endurance, and to play a function for those engaged in physical activities for speedy rehydration. Therefore, we have changed the ingredients of “ Isotonic Coke ” to sodium, K, Ca, Mg, chloride, phosphate and H2O. These are electrolytes which are fundamentally electrical senders in our organic structure. We can compare them to electrically-charged atoms, or ions, in flashlight batteries. It is recommended to replace the loss of these electrolytes by providing the organic structure with fluid and electrolytes so that rehydration takes topographic point rapidly with this ingredient, it will assist feature people to hike athleticss public presentation and endurance.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Coca-Cola Company is to review the universe that is touched by their company. The other extra missions of Coca-Cola Company are “ To animate minutes of optimism and felicity ” and “ Create value and do a difference ” . The missions of the Coco-Cola Company are to function as the criterion against which they weigh actions and determinations.

Vision Statement

In order to accomplish the sustainable growing, the Coca-Cola Company has established a vision with clear ends which is:

-People: Bing a great topographic point to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

-Portfolio: Delivery to the universe a portfolio of drinks trade names that anticipate and satisfy peoples ; desires and demands

– Spouses: Fostering a winning web of spouses and constructing common trueness.

-Planet: Bing a responsible planetary citizen that makes a difference

-Profit: Maximizing return to stockholders while being aware of our overall m duties.

-Productivity: be a extremely effectual. Learn and fast moving organisation

Market analysis

Market Cleavage

The division of a market into different homogenous groups of consumers is known as market cleavage. It is besides a selling technique that targets a group of clients with specific characteristic. Market cleavage includes geographic cleavage, demographic cleavage, psychographic cleavage and behavioural cleavage.

For our new merchandises, Isotonic Coke, we are utilizing psychographic cleavage. Psychographic cleavage groups clients harmonizing to their life style. Activities, involvements and sentiment ( AIO ) studies are one tool for mensurating life style. Some psychographic variables include activities, involvement, sentiments, attitudes and values. Actually our Isotonic Coke chief benefit is usage to increase our organic structure wet and antipyretic after athleticss. Our mark client is concentrating everyone who likes athleticss. Nowadays, everyone like athleticss no admiration immature or old people such as, hoops, jogging, swimming, gym and so on because athleticss can stay a good wellness and maintain tantrum. During the athleticss, we will loss much more H2O and sugar of our organic structure through perspiration, take a breathing and firing fat. There is non plenty that we drink the mineral H2O merely after athleticss. So that, we produce Isotonic Coke that can add our H2O and sugar which V had been loss during the athleticss.

Besides that, we are utilizing behavioural cleavage for Isotonic Coke. Behavioral cleavage is based on existent client behaviour towards merchandise. Some behavioural variables include benefits sought, usage rate, trade name trueness, user position such as possible, first clip, regular, etc, preparedness to purchase and occasions such as vacations and events that stimulate purchases. Our Cola Company is a celebrated company in soft drink industry due to our company has a good image and high popularity. Now we produce Isotonic Coke to allow our client know that we are besides support athleticss through we let client cognize Isotonic Coke will convey benefits to the users since they drink it and we besides sponsor to some athleticss competition and events to derive our client trueness. We belief that client preparedness to purchase Isotonic Coke since they know it ‘s benefits and based on our celebrated good will.

Market Targeting

The chief mark for this selling program will be all the occupants in Malaysia. Everyone is mark and holding the opportunity to hold a nice attempt on this merchandise. We are more emphasizing on those people who like to feature, no affair they are immature and old adult male and adult females. It would be just to everyone and so they can hold our new merchandise benefits by imbibing our Isotonic Coke.

Therefore, there is no age favoritism. There is no age favoritism among those people who like to feature, either they are younger or older. It is because it will do the market line narrow if we excessively focus in the age of the consumer.

Market Position

Isotonic Coke is the latest drink for people to increase their organic structure H2O after athleticss. In this status we are puting our merchandise at a certain point or location within a market in the head of prospective purchasers. Besides that, our new merchandise monetary value would non be puting so high due to it is a healthy drink that everyone has the authorization to bask it.

Since we are holding stronger trade name name than the other companies, so we hope that the client can ever put us in the first topographic point, and ever concern about our merchandise. It is because we put all the attempt in every individual merchandise to fulfill our client. So that, we hope every client is basking our merchandise during they drink Isotonic Coke after athleticss with to the full satisfaction. It is because client is our owner and fans for our merchandise and trade name.

SWOT ( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats ) Analysis

Strengths ( S )

Strong trade name name

Coca-cola Company occurs about over a century. It is well-known, celebrated world-wide and has subdivisions at around 200 states. Everyone knows Coca-Cola Company being in their ain state due to everyone had drink the drinks which produce by Coca-Cola Company.


The Coca-Cola Company has a extremely recognized hallmark in all around the universe. The contract the Coca-Cola Company had with its bottles allows them to keep a local attack when it conducts the concern on a planetary graduated table. But, the Coca-Cola Company do non has the straight-out ownership of its bottling web. The bottlers, who hold territorially sole contracts with the Coca-Cola Company owned and ran by independent people who are authorized to sell the merchandises of the company. It is the largest individual Coca-Cola Company bottler In North America and Western Europe which is call Coca-Cola Enterprises.

Legal licence

The Coca-Cola Company has its legal right of first publication licence to bring forth and sell its merchandise to forestall other companies utilizing their trade name name to bring forth other merchandises.


The Coca-Cola image is displayed on the bottlers, T-shirt, chapeaus, collectable memorabilia, and sponsorship mark board. The highly recognizable stigmatization is easier to allow all people to retrieve and cognize its being.

Failings ( W )

The important failing of Coca-Cola is the nutrition contain in each merchandise. The society is really concern about wellness now, and hence this has affected the penchant of drinks of the society. Even physicians besides discourage people to devour soft drink as a high sum of P in soft drink will do human organic structure to loss Ca, which will do osteoporosis. In add-on, Soft drink ingestion in kids poses a important hazard factor for impaired calcification of turning castanetss.

Of the 57 kids who had low blood Ca degrees, thirty-eight ( 66.7 per centum ) drank more than four bottles ( 12 to 16 ounces per bottle ) of soft drinks per hebdomad, but merely 48 ( 28 per centum ) of the 171 kids with normal serum Ca degrees consumed as much soft drink. These consequences more than back up the contention that soft drink ingestion leads to take down Ca degrees in kids. This state of affairs that finally leads to hapless bone mineralization, which explains the greater hazard of broken castanetss in kids who consume soft drinks. ”

Soft drinks are the individual greatest beginning of caffeine in kids ‘s diets ; a 12 ounce can of Cola contain about 45 mgs but the sums in more powerful soft drinks can transcend 100 mgs – a degree nearing that found in java. ”

The relationship between soft drink ingestion and organic structure weight is so strong that research workers calculate that for each extra sodium carbonate consumed, the hazard of fleshiness additions 1.6 times. “ Adolescents who consume soft drinks display a hazard of bone breaks three to four-fold higher than those who do non. “ Sugar and acid in soft drinks so easy fade out tooth enamel. ”

Opportunities ( O )

The launching of the new Isotonic Coke is to fulfill the client demands and wants. Since presents, the consumer tastes become more sophisticated and more clients prefer isosmotic drinks, which give Coco-Cola more possible client. Therefore, the new merchandise Isotonic Coke may pull more clients to purchase it. The new merchandise, Isotonic Coke has a broad and possible market for Coca-Cola Company to advance it because Coca-Cola is really celebrated all among the universe. It would be extremely demand from consumers due to consumers be given to originative merchandises today. It besides will hold broad market in Eastern and Western state particularly for those who like to exert. Isotonic Coke can assist them to reenforce their energy after devouring a batch of energy. Besides that, investor from all over the state who has invested in the company causes sufficient capital for Coca-Cola Company to spread out and advance their merchandises. This will assist Isotonic Coke to be promoted and acquiring well-known in all over the universe really shortly.

Menaces ( T )


There are big rivals in isosmotic drinks compete with Coca-cola company such as 100PLUS, H2O and others. Isotonic coke can be substituted by other trade name of isosmotic drink that made by its rivals. Each rival will develop the selling schemes to extinguish other company that produce the isosmotic drink. So that, Coca-Cola Company possibly will confront the job of losing market portion. The menace of replacements, presents for the isosmotic drink market is large ; consumers have much pick of that. From clip to clip, consumers will alter their gustatory sensations on isosmotic drink ; consumers will non needfully purchase our isosmotic coke. Some of the consumer ‘s maybe will seek the new gustatory sensation that produces by the new rivals.

External Analysis

Competitive Environment

Since the Coca-Cola Company is the largest company in the industry, Coca-Cola Company have many rivals compete with them, such as 100PLUS, H2O, and others. They are ever viing with each other in term of monetary value. Coca-Cola Company should ever supply the good services to their consumers and sell their merchandise at the sensible monetary value. Besides that, it might give our clients a great attempt with the sensible monetary value due to the bargaining power of our consumers. The deal power of provider is supplier more prefer to gain more net income instead than small net income, so they will seek to alter their drinks sold by replacing their drink order among the rival ‘s drinks.

Economic environment

Economic environment is considered as an external factor towards the development of the company. In this state of affairs, consists of the forces that influence the consumer buying power. This is important as the overall wellness of the economic system will straight act upon how much consumers spend and what they purchase. In footings of prosperity, this indicates a better public presentation on the economic. This will so do an addition of buying power of consumers and so are willing to pass more for premium goods. Consumers will increase the ingestion of “ Isotonic Coke ” and will drive the demand to lift every bit good. As a consequence, it will hike the overall gross revenues of “ Isotonic Coke ” and we will therefore construct strong trade name name and popularity towards this new merchandise. In fact, this status is ideal to the development of line extension as we can hit the mark easier. While, with regard of recession, consumers will be given to switch their purchasing behavior to stress more basic, functional merchandises. In other word, they will restrict their disbursement on “ Isotonic Coke ” every bit good. As a consequence, we are traveling to concern more on supplying better client services and increasing promotional spendings to excite demand. In the recovery phase, economic system starts to emerge from recession. This shows that the buying power of being consumers increases. However, consumers at this phase are cautiousness on their disbursement. This has caused them to retrain their willingness in buying premium goods. In this state of affairs, this indicates a slow growing in the sale of “ Isotonic Coke ” . But, as the recovery strengthens, consumers will go more indulgent in purchasing more convenient goods and higher priced goods and services.


Topographic point

The distribution channel that is used is the manufactures-sponsored jobber franchise system under the contractual perpendicular selling system. The independent houses at different degrees of production and distribution of Isotonic Coke can fall in together to obtain more gross revenues impact. Topographic point refers to country or situating our merchandise to sell and how an organisation will administer the merchandise or service they are offering to the user. The Coca-Cola Company sells the Isotonic Coke through canning and bottling to retail mercantile establishments, convenient shops, eating houses, gasoline Stationss, and newsdealers. Some clients are familiar with certain retail merchants ; they will look for what they need in the store. By making public-service corporation and dealing efficiencies, channel members will be able to heighten the Coca-Cola Company ‘s ability to make clients. For illustration, by holding an out-of-door event such as concert, we can sell our Isotonic Coke to the audience before they go in for the concert. They sure will experience thirsty for the few hours. At the same clip, our merchandise will go an impulse merchandise during the concert. It can assist to increase the gross revenues by catching more clients. The type of distribution that will be used is the intensive distribution. The Coca-Cola Company will stock the Isotonic Coke in every bit many mercantile establishments as possible. However, we are be aftering to hold 50,000 bottles and 100,000 tins of Isotonic Coke will be distributes at every mercantile establishments, convenient shops, eating houses, gasoline Stationss, and newsdealers. The type of transit that will be used to transport the Isotonic Coke is the trucks as they are more extremely flexible in their routing and clip agendas. They are besides efficient for short draw. This will be able to successfully transport the stocks to the retail merchants and warehouses in a short period of clip.

Pricing Scheme

The pricing scheme that will be used is the competitory pricing scheme. Many organisations rely to a great extent on monetary value as a competitory arm, even more implement competitory pricing schemes. The Coca-Cola Company tries to cut down the accent on monetary value competition by fiting other house ‘s monetary values such as 100PLUS, H20 and others. In fact, in industries with comparatively homogeneous merchandises – Isotonic drinks, Coca-Cola Company ever match with 100PLUS, H20 and others company monetary value decreases to keep market portion and stay competitory. Coca-Cola Company uses the price-matching schemes to guarantee consumers that they will crush other rivals ‘ monetary values. Coca-Cola Company may vie with 100PLUS, H20 and others company with isosmotic drink all the clip. Equally shortly as one shop lowers the monetary value of the isosmotic drink, the remainder will follow suit. Besides that, another pricing method that will be used is the psychological pricing. In uneven pricing, Coca-Cola Company will put the monetary values at uneven figure merely under unit of ammunition Numberss. Coca-Cola Company will put a monetary value at RM0.95 for 350ml per can, RM1.95 for 750ml and RM2.95 for 1.5L per bottle of Isotonic Coke. They believe that a monetary value of RM0.95, RM1.95 and RM2.95 entreaties more strongly to consumers than RM1, RM2 and RM3. Customers will hold a perceptual experience that the monetary value of the Isotonic Coke at RM0.95, RM1.95 and RM2.95 will be a cheaper and more sensible option compared to the monetary value RM1, RM2 and RM3. When clients view the monetary value of RM0.95, RM1.95 and RM2.95, clients will automatically believe that the monetary value of Isotonic Coke is cheaper than RM2 and RM3. Although it is understood that it was merely RM 0.05 cheaper than the monetary value set as in the RM2 and RM3. Customers will believe of an sum such as RM0.95, RM1.95 and RM2.95 as a price reduction monetary value. Therefore, we decide to sell this Isotonic Coke at the monetary value of RM0.95 with 350ml per can, RM1.95 with 750ml and RM2.95 with 1.5L per bottle.


“ Isotonic Coke ” is a freshly designed drink that comes in isosmotic gustatory sensation which is targeted chiefly for athletics people. This “ Isotonic Coke ” helps to hike athleticss public presentation and endurance and it besides plays a function for those occupied physical activities for speedy rehydration. Apparently, the “ Isotonic Coke ” will be created in clean design bundles, which can to the full suit the sporty manner and besides the energetic subject. These have made up the particular and trade name new manner for company to establish it.

Sing the overall features of “ Isotonic Coke ” , it will merely available in 350ml per can, 750ml and besides 1.5l per bottle. Besides, coke with isosmotic spirits can be found in chiefly the convenience stores available so that every consumer can buy it easy. Obviously, these new ingredients have made up a trade name new coke towards the market. Therefore, the new gustatory sensation of coke will be produced with a freshly design. This may pull the attending of consumers and this can move as a mean to advance a new line of Coke. Furthermore, Coca-Cola Company is the most popular drink trade name that known by bulk compared to other drinks companies such as 100PLUS. Since our company is establishing “ Isotonic Coke ” , we expect that this new transform will pull consumers to buy this new merchandise. Apart from the strong trade name name, there are loyal consumers that ever place our merchandise prior to other merchandises and maintain purchase our company merchandise. We are be aftering to hold this trade name new spirit and packaging can pull consumer ‘s attending and conveying a trade name new sight to them.


Promotion plays a major function among four of the constituents of marketing mix. Promotion is the map of ratting, persuading, and act uponing a consumer ‘s purchase determination. The aims of publicity for “ Isotonic Coke ” is to advance new developed merchandise to the possible clients, to increase the demand and to assist the company differentiates a merchandise from its rivals by concentrating on its characteristics or benefits. First of wholly, “ Isotonic Coke ” will concentrate on media publicizing. One of the ways to develop a media advertisement scheme is to choose an appropriate media to transport the message brought by “ Isotonic Coke ” to its audience. Such as, Astro. The chief mark for media advertisement is via broadcast medium is web telecasting. The benefit of telecasting advertisement is that message of “ Isotonic Coke ” is now considered mass coverage. It can make local and national markets. Print media besides one of the successful media advertizements. “ Isotonic Coke ” can do advertizement in newspapers and magazines. It has flexibleness because advertisement can change from one location to the following. At the same clip, readers can command their exposure to the advertizement, where they can mention back to the advertisement intelligence repeat. Advertisement through magazines makes “ Isotonic Coke ” able to be selective in making precise mark markets and the quality of merchandise can do the image more attractive to the readers. In add-on, we can advance our merchandise Isotonic Coke through Internet. The advantage of Internet advertisement would decidedly be the well known networking sites. The most popular networking sites such as Facebook, hunt engine Google, and yokel! would be the first precedence. This is because the networking sites are widely surfed through by people all twenty-four hours long. So, if we promote through Internet advertisement, it will decidedly increase the consumers ‘ consciousness towards “ Isotonic Coke ” merchandise. In order to acquire our proposed merchandise to be promoted through these good known networking sites, the company needs to pay in order to acquire infinite for the advertizement. When the consumer chinks to those advertizements that we made, they will straight reassign through the advertizement hyperlink to our proposed merchandise ‘s website to cognize more about our merchandise. Other than advertizement, the other hottest tendency in publicity is sponsorships. Commercial sponsorships of an activity or event apply personal merchandising, advertisement and gross revenues publicity in order to accomplishing specific promotional ends. We can utilize the Coca-Cola trade name name to patronize events or in sort of resources such as Isotonic Coke to an event for illustration FiFa World Cup and Olympics in exchange for a direct association with the event or activity. Besides sponsor athleticss event, we can patronize through contribution. We can donate to the victims by utilizing Cola trade name name. Besides advancing the proposed merchandise, the Isotonic Coke through cyberspace adverts and sponsorships, the Coca-Cola Company besides plan to transport our route shows to the major shopping promenade such as 1 Utama, Sungei Wang, and particularly the cardinal part of Kuala Lumpur to derive its publicity to the possible clients. During the route shows, there will be mini competitions and concerts launched for the take parting people. With the proposed merchandise construct, “ Isotonic Coke ” , there will be collection keepsakes given out for the participants who have involved in this peculiar event. Through this out-of-door event, the Coca- Cola can increase its overall gross revenues of the proposed merchandise, which is the Isotonic Coke. With any purchase of the proposed merchandise, the Isotonic Coke during those route shows, each client is entitled to lucky draw and acquire a opportunity to win an Air ticket caput to South Africa for the FiFa World Cup 2010. These are the attacks where we can transport out in footings of publicity of “ Isotonic Coke ” . Furthermore, we can bring forth one 1000 limited edition key ironss to the first one 1000 consumers who consume for the Isotonic Coke. At the same clip, for those who lucky plenty to acquire the limited edition key ironss when they consumed this merchandise, are entitled to acquire five per centum of price reduction on the following purchase. The Coca-Cola Company has foreseen profitable gross through this event.


From the feedback of this merchandise we found that nowadays immature coevals are more sport impact cells. They involved in many sort of athleticss. Besides this, we besides discover that non merely sport individual would buy our isosmotic drink but besides others because they feel that the gustatory sensation of our merchandise is nice. Other than nice, they besides feel that our merchandise can be easy found in any of the hypermarket and besides shops nearby. On the other side, consumer besides feel that the monetary value of our merchandise is standard monetary value and available in diff packaging and volume which gave them more picks.

Besides all the good feedback that we get, we do besides acquire some bad feedback. Some of the consumer said that our packaging mentality is non attractive plenty and non particular plenty to pull them. They besides said that we had less pick in the spirit.


After the findings of the merchandise we got back some bad feedback so we had to better our merchandise in order to fulfill all the clients. We should better the packaging of our merchandise to be a better such as making a athletics packaging and besides put in some of the athletics inquiry into the packaging which helps to better the apprehension of a athletics.

Besides the packaging, we besides should increase the spirit of the drink by supplying few more spirits. We will supply the spirits that will outdo lucifer with the isosmotic drinks.


Nowadays, many people are concerned with wellness issue. Coco-Cola Company has fulfilled its selling end for new merchandise which is concerned with its clients ‘ wellness. Therefore, this new merchandise, Isotonic Coke can run into the demands and wants of client. Isotonic Coke provides assortment of vitamins which help in reinforce clients ‘ energy. The specially hired dieticians have worked on their best to come up some new merchandises to fulfill the purchasers. After a long period of study, the dietician eventually invented the new merchandise which is Isotonic Coke. Therefore, Isotonic Coke is really suited for all the people. There are many ways have been taken to advance the Isotonic Coke. One of the most important ways is by publicizing through the media. There are three types of media used by Coca-Cola Company to advance this merchandise which are print media, broadcast media and intelligence media. Coca-Cola Company is confident that the merchandise, Isotonic Coke will acquire a really high demand when it is released. In malice of the economic fluctuation, they believe that purchasers are still lament in purchasing the merchandise as Isotonic Coke is multi map yet low-cost merchandise. Isotonic Coke will hold a good chance because it fulfills the demands and wants of the purchasers. It will convey much net income to Coca-Cola Company.

In decision, the selling section of the Coca-Cola company are really positive and confident that our proposed merchandise, the Isotonic Coke will creates a greater market portion every bit good as consumer preferred our pick of all times.