True Love Waits

Group Suggestions for Introduction to True Love Waits® by Chris White This plan is for teaching students the biblical standards for sexual purity based on the book, Introduction to True Love Waits (ISBN 0-6331-9532-4) by Jimmy Hester. The four-session study can be taught in Sunday School, at a weeknight Bible study, on a retreat, or in a Christian club at school. An adult or student leader can guide these sessions. The books are available in packs of five for $9. 95. To order copies of the book call 1-800-458-2772, visit www. lifeway. om, or write Customer Service, One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, TN 37234-0113. For more information on True Love Waits, visit www. truelovewaits. com. Copyright © 2004 LifeWay Press® Nashville, Tennessee All Scripture quotations are taken from the Holman Christian Standard Bible® Copyright © 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 by Holman Bible Publishers. Used by permission. SESSION 1 they wait for time to expire. The Time Keeper will simply say “stop” when time expires. The student who has the cup when the Time Keeper says “stop” will draw a new word and continue the game.

The student may be a member of the first or the second team; play does not necessarily alternate from one team to the other. If the first player’s team has not guessed the correct word when time expires, he must stop giving clues immediately. Members of the opposing team are given a few seconds to guess. If they guess correctly, the Score Keeper awards their team a point. If they do not guess correctly, the first player reads the word on his slip of paper and neither team earns a point. In any case, the first player passes the paper cup to the player to his left. That player draws a clue and play continues.

When there are no words left in the cup, the game is over. The Score Keeper tallies the points and announces the winning team. List of Words: Commitment Self-respect Date Love Discipline Purity STD Standard Temptation Kiss Pledge Accountability Modesty Plague Abstinence After the game, ask students: What do these words have in common? (All of them have something to do with human sexuality. ) Where do you think most teenagers get information about sex? (Possibly parents, friends, school, or television) How reliable is the information students receive? Have you ever heard the term sexual purity?

How would you define sexual purity? TEACHING PLAN Materials: • Small slips of paper • Paper cup • Watch with a second hand or an egg timer • Copies of Introduction to True Love Waits • Bibles • Pens or pencils • Large sheet of paper or a chalkboard 1. Opener: Word Seize (15 min. ) Write each of the words from the list in the next column on small slips of paper. Fold each slip and put them into a paper cup. Direct students to sit in a circle and to count off to form two teams. No person should be sitting directly next to a team member unless there is an odd number of people.

Designate one student as the Time Keeper and another as Score Keeper. These two students should not be assigned to a team. Play begins by the first player drawing a slip of paper from the cup and reading it silently. The player will give verbal clues to his teammates, leading them to guess the word on the slip of paper. The player can not use a form of the word, sound effect, hand movement, or body motion while giving clues. The player will have one minute to get someone on his or her team to guess the word. Players shouldn’t be able to see the timer or get clues about how much time remains.

If the first player’s teammates guess the correct word, the Score Keeper awards a point to the team, and the player immediately passes the cup clockwise from player to player until time expires. Players must pass the cup; they may not hold onto it while 2. Introduction to True Love Waits (10 min. ) Give each student a copy of the book. Ask a volunteer to read the question at the top of page 8 and the answer that follows. Encourage students to stop and mark the answers on that page when you get to that activity. Discuss this section of the book by asking: 2

How would you describe sexual purity in your own words? How easy will it be to be people of sexual purity? What makes sexual purity difficult today? Ask another volunteer to read the question on page 9 and the answer on pages 9-11. Discuss thoughts or questions students have about this section. T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F 3. Right O’ Passage (15 min. ) Write the following Scripture references and meanings on a large sheet of paper or a chalkboard. Create teams of three. Each team will need a Bible and at least one pen. Tell teams to match the Scripture verses with the meaning of the verse.

The first team to correctly identify these passages wins. Passage 1. 1 Corinthians 15:33 2. 1 Timothy 4:12 3. Matthew 7:12 Meaning a. Whatever! b. R. E. S. P. E. C. T. others c. Your friends will make or break you d. Honor God with your bod! e. Temptation is avoidable f. Be an example T/F 4. Remaining abstinent helps you have a clear conscience before God. 5. You can do anything in a dating relationship except sexual intercourse and still be sexually pure. 6. Remaining sexually pure is God’s plan for your life. 7. Everyone is having sex. 8. It is impossible for teenagers to remain pure in the 21st century. . If you never have sex but you look at pornography, you have remained sexually pure. 10. If you have already had sex, you can never be sexually pure; you might as well give up. Answers: 1, F; 2, T; 3, T; 4, T; 5, F; 6, T; 7, F; 8, F; 9, F; 10, F Discuss these statements. Give students a pencil and slips of paper. Say: You may have a question you do not feel comfortable asking out loud. Lead them to write those questions on a piece of paper and place them in a location you determine. Explain that you will discuss the questions later. 4. 1 Corinthians 10:13 5. Back to the Book (10 min. ) 5. Corinthians 6:19-20 If time allows, read through the questions and answers on pages 11-16 in the book. Discuss the ideas included on those pages as volunteers read through them. If you do not have time to look at these pages in the session, suggest that students look over those questions before your next session and bring any questions they have back to the group. Close your time with prayer, asking God to help each of you to stand strong against sexual temptations. 6. Philippians 4:8 Answers: 1, c; 2, f; 3, b; 4, e; 5, d; 6, a After teams have finished, ask: What do all of these passages have in common? Each deals with living a pure life. ) Why would these passages be important when studying sexual purity? (They tell you how to live it. ) Are there any additional passages you know of that are related to our topic today? 4. True or False Statements (10 min. ) Read each of the following statements and ask students to determine which are true and which are false. If time allows, ask students to move to one side of the room if they believe the statement is true and the other side if they believe it is false. Encourage students to tell reasons for their answers. T/F T/F T/F 1. There is no problem with having sex with someone you plan to marry. . Kissing can lead to further sexual activity. 3. The movies, magazines, Web sites, and books you consume can directly affect your sexual purity. 3 SESSION 2 Play another round using a smaller trash can for the goal. For the second round, allow teams to choose a different goalie. Also, change the order of play. If time allows, use a bucket for an even smaller goal and play a third round. Keep track of how many points each team’s goalie allows. Award a prize to the team with the goalie who allows the least points. If you have less than nine players, give each player a turn at goalie.

All other players use brooms to get as many tennis balls in the goal as they can in one minute. Keep track of the total points each goalie allows and award a prize to the goalie with the least points. At the conclusion of the game, ask students the following questions: How much of a challenge was it to get the tennis balls into the trash can? Which goal was harder to hit, the larger one or the smaller one? (Students will probably say that the smaller one was harder to hit. ) If the boundaries for the goal were as big as the entire wall, how difficult would it be for the goalie to protect the goal? It would be much more difficult. ) Tell students: The broader the boundary, the harder a goal is to protect. Think of your heart as the goal. The idea is to guard your heart so that it is most useful to God. The boundaries will include many things, but one thing that sets the boundary for your heart is the sexual standards you have. If you are committed to living a sexually pure life, it is easier to protect your heart for God’s use. If you want to be clear about sexual standards, the best place to find them is in God’s Word. TEACHING PLAN Materials: Brooms (4 or 5) • Tennis balls (9 or more) • Large trash can • Small trash can • Bucket • Small prizes • Copies of Word Search • Copies of Introduction to True Love Waits • Poster boards (2) • Markers 1. Opener: Make a Goal (15 min. ) This game is a version of floor hockey. It can be played with rulers and Ping-Pong® balls instead of brooms and tennis balls if your room is small. Divide the group into three teams and instruct each team to select a goalie. Place a large trash can at one end of the room for the goal. The goalie from Team 1 protects the goal first. Every member of Team 2 stands at the other end of the room with a broom.

At your signal, Team 2 has one minute to get as many tennis balls in the goal as they can, using only their brooms. Award a point for each ball they get into the goal. When time expires, the goalie from Team 2 protects the goal; Team 3 has one minute to score as many points as they can. Finally, the goalie from Team 3 will protect the goal while Team 1 gets one minute to score as many points as they can. 2. Word Search (5 min. ) Give a copy of the Word Search on page 6 to each student. Give them three minutes to circle as many of the words as they can find. Then ask: How many of you found all the words?

What do these words have to do with experiencing sexual purity in your life? Are there any other words that come to mind when we talk about how you can experience sexual purity in your life? 3. Introduction to True Love Waits (10 min. ) Direct students to page 18 in Introduction to True Love Waits. Ask volunteers to read the answers to the questions on pages 18-20. (How can I fight temptation? How do I guard my body, emotions, and mind? Is sex a bad thing? ) Allow students to raise questions or express thoughts as they listen to the answers. 4 4. The Ultimate Date (10 min. )

Divide the group into a guys team and a girls team. (If you only have one gender in your group, just form two teams. ) Give each team a piece of poster board and a marker. Explain: Your goal is to design the ultimate date, that person whom you would love to date. Encourage teams to blend artistic design with written description. Encourage them to draw what the ultimate date looks like and write about his or her personality and characteristics. Give each team seven minutes to design the ultimate date. After each team has completed their design, ask teams to show and describe their poster.

Lead students to think more seriously about the ideal date by suggesting the following situations. You may want to allow students to discuss each situation, or you may want to ask them to think about whether or not these issues would change their opinion of their ideal date. Pretend you date this ultimate person. One day while discussing life, this person reveals that he/she is sexually active. Does this affect your relationship with this ultimate date? If so, how? As the conversation continues, he/she expresses a desire to have sex with you. What is your response? How does that change your opinion of him/her?

Finally, he/she explains that there is something you should know. He/she reveals a hidden secret. He/she tells you he/she has a sexually transmitted disease called herpes. How do you respond to this? How does this change your opinion of him/her? This is your ultimate date. Are you more or less attracted to this person than before? What caused your attraction to change? Let’s switch scenarios. You are dating your ultimate date. During a discussion one day, you find out this person has made a commitment to sexual purity. After talking further, you reveal to him/her that you are sexually active.

What, if anything, has changed? Explain: Christ has designed you to be more than an ultimate date; He intends for you to be someone’s ultimate mate. Keeping yourself pure for that special person is a difficult calling, but no one should risk God’s best in life for momentary pleasures that have a lifelong impact. 5. Back to the Book (10 min. ) Ask volunteers to read the answers to the questions on pages 20-22 in Introduction to True Love Waits. (What are the dangers of having sex before marriage? What if things just happen? Where do I draw the line? ) Lead students to discuss the issues raised in the book on those pages.

Ask students to look through the rest of the questions on pages 23-26. Give them time to read the answers to any questions that seem important to them. Encourage them to read these sections after the session. 6. Discussion (10 min. ) Explain that you are going to read a list of questions. Ask students to think about how they would respond to each question. Tell them that if there is a question they want to stop and discuss to raise a hand. Take as much time as you have available to discuss the questions your group wants to discuss. Questions: 1. How does a teenager learn to flee sexual immorality? 2.

What is the best possible way to avoid falling into sexual temptation? 3. What help does God offer us when we feel tempted sexually? 4. Have you set sexual purity limits in your life? If so, what are they? If you haven’t, would you be willing to? Do you believe your limits are strict or relaxed? 5. What effects does sexual activity have on your future? Close your group with prayer, asking God to help each student in your group make practical decisions to guard their hearts for God’s use. 5 Word Search Find words that address sexual standards hidden below. Circle the words as you find them. The words can go in any direction.

Words to use in word search: Temptation Kissing Progressive HIV Flirt Boundary Body Thought Petting Emotion Mind Pure Victory G N I S S I K N N Y T P N O N G L Q L B T M R T D I W J R R D T X O I V E T X K R W G Y G C L I M A Z M D N M R D V F C M T M T I B E A X W X T R P H T M S S D M M K O C M T O S T D N I M N R D E P I U X P U R E X Y P T V Z X G X O H I V N M E B Q X W H B O D Y P W Z Y K E M O T I O N M 6 SESSION 3 6. Do you have any regrets about making this commitment to sexual purity? 7. There have been reports of community-wide support for these decisions. Have you sensed any support from townspeople? . What has been the biggest surprise from making such a decision? 9. Would you recommend this commitment to other students? Suggest that she conclude with a closing comment when the interview is over. Enlist three other students to be interviewed. Explain to them that they will portray students who have made a commitment not to have sex until they are married. You might want to give them the list of questions the reporter will ask so that they can think about their answers. You may also choose to enlist a camera person and/or a producer. You can use props and costumes or make it simple.

Set up the scenario by announcing a “breaking news story. ” Explain that this story is not about some act of heroism or some dramatic thriller with a twisted ending. This story is a major headline: several teenagers have made a commitment not to have sex until they get married. Direct the news reporter to interview the three students. This could be done with all three in a group, or the reporter could interview them one at a time in different situations. (For example, a teenage guy is working on his car, a girl is at cheerleading practice, another student is shooting hoops with some friends. Option: Enlist the volunteers to do the interview ahead of time at a “remote location. ” Encourage them to have fun with the story, but to get across the point that a decision to save sex for marriage can be revolutionary. Show the mock interview on a TV/VCR instead of doing it live. TEACHING PLAN Materials: • Video camera and blank tape (Optional) • Tripod (Optional) • Microphone (Optional) • Costume for reporter (Optional) • TV/VCR (Optional) • Copies of Introduction to True Love Waits • Magazines • Poster board • Scissors • Glue sticks • Poster – True Love Waits pledge • Paper and pencils 1.

Opener: Breaking News (15 min. ) Enlist a student to portray a TV news reporter conducting an interview. Give her the following list of questions to review. 1. What is your name and age? 2. Why did you make a commitment to remain sexually pure? 3. What impact has this commitment to remain sexually pure made on you personally? 4. What, if any, impact has this made with people you want to date or the people you like? 5. Have you endured any hardship for making such a commitment? If so, what? 2. Introduction to True Love Waits (10 min. ) Make sure all students have a copy of Introduction to True Love Waits.

Ask one or more volunteers to read the answer to the question on page 28, “What is True Love Waits? ” Lead students to discuss the “Worth a Thought” question on page 29. 3. Collage (10 min. ) Divide the group into three or four teams. Give each team several magazines, a glue stick, poster board, 7 and scissors. Instruct them to create a collage from words or pictures that would communicate the idea of a “sexual purity commitment. ” Allow seven minutes for students to complete this assignment. Lead students to discuss why they chose particular words and/or pictures to communicate the idea of a “sexual purity commitment. telling him to stop when she got uncomfortable. After dating for a year, he asked her to marry him. On Johnny’s wedding night, he didn’t have to worry about diseases he had picked up through other relationships. He didn’t have to worry about children he had created. He and his new wife could totally offer themselves to each other. Ask students to consider what their futures may be like … especially related to sex. Say: Assume that you make a commitment to sexual purity today, regardless of what you have done before. Create a life map of how the next 10 years might unfold for you.

No one can really know what will happen, but you can make wise decisions about how you will respond in difficult circumstances. Allow them a few minutes to work, then ask if any students would like to share a part of their life map. Invite students who want to make this commitment today to sign the True Love Waits pledge on page 48 of Introduction to True Love Waits. Tell them that they may prefer to think about that decision this week. Call on several volunteers to pray asking God to guide the group to be committed to Him in all areas of their lives, particularly related to sex. . Back to the Book (10 min. ) Before the session, write the True Love Waits pledge (p. 48) on poster board. Display the poster as you read the commitment to students. Explain that this is a pledge that hundreds of thousands of teenagers around the world have taken. Tell your students you want them to look a little deeper at what it means. Assign each of the questions and answers on pages 30-34 to one student or a small group of students. Ask them to read the answers to their questions and then be ready to share them with the whole group.

Give them a few minutes to read and discuss their section of the book, then lead a discussion about each aspect of the pledge. 5. Life Map (15 min. ) Give each student a piece of paper and a pencil. Demonstrate how to make a life map. Draw a crooked line to illustrate that life has high points and low points. Use the following example to mark the points on the map. As you go through the example, write key words to indicate the events that happen in the guy’s life. Example: As a 12-year-old seventh-grader, Johnny made a pledge to sexual purity. He was 13 years old when a girl asked him to have sex with her.

The temptation to have sex had never been so real and overwhelming. Johnny struggled, but remembered the pledge he had made to God. Instead of giving in to the temptation, he told her no and explained his commitment to God. On the night of his 16th birthday, Johnny and his girlfriend were in a situation they should have avoided. They were making out in Johnny’s new car that his parents had given him for his birthday. The physical relationship was going farther than either of them intended. Johnny knew where his feelings were taking him. He stopped that night and prayed about the relationship for several days.

He didn’t see how he could keep his commitment to God and keep dating his girlfriend. He explained his feelings to her and was amazed when she told him she felt exactly the same way. They decided to quit seeing each other. In college, Johnny met a Christian girl and fell deeply in love. He never wanted to be without her. He often wanted to push their physical relationship farther, but they had both agreed to save sex for marriage. She had no problem 8 SESSION 4 comfortable with that. If possible, lead the discussion to help students to clear up misunderstandings or myths about sexual issues. . Back to the Book (10 min. ) Ask volunteers to read the answers to the two questions on pages 39-40. Invite students to discuss the “Worth a Thought” question at the top of page 41. Allow them to discuss any questions or concerns they have. Guide students to see how a commitment can help them to stand against sexual pressure, and how their stance for sexual purity can encourage other students. 4. Creative Dating (10 min. ) Ask students to form at least three groups. Groups of two or three will work great. Distribute a piece of poster board and a marker to each group.

Give each group six minutes to construct a creative group date (that is, a date that includes three or more people). This date should be different than a double date. Ask each group to describe their group date. Lead students to vote on the date that sounds the most fun. Tell students that they can vote for any date except the one their group planned. Give the team that wins the vote a small prize. Say: One reason a lot of Christian teens “group date” is to avoid the temptations that are related to exclusively dating one person. Lead the group to discuss the idea by asking: 1.

How would this kind of dating help you avoid temptations that come with exclusive dating? 2. Would you go on a creative group date? Why or why not? 3. Does this sound like a fun time? TEACHING PLAN Materials: • Copies of Introduction to True Love Waits • Poster board • Markers • Small prizes • Paper • Colored chalk and colored pencils 1. Introduction to True Love Waits (5 min. ) As students arrive, ask them to look at the quotation from the Sexsmarts survey on page 38 of their books. After a few minutes, lead students to discuss the “Worth Discussing” question on that page. 2. Guest Speaker (15min. Before the session, invite a guest speaker who can speak with authority to the benefits of remaining sexually pure in life. You might invite a school nurse, a marriage or family counselor, a doctor or nurse, a youth minister or pastor from your church, or a teacher. Another option would be to invite a Christian parent or a college student who can share a personal story about either making the choice to save sex for marriage, or the consequences of not making that choice. Ask this person to cover the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social benefits of remaining sexually pure.

This might include a brief discussion of sexually transmitted diseases. Allow students an opportunity to ask questions if the guest speaker is 4. Is it realistic to think students are going to plan creative group dates? 5. How does group dating help you to learn about opposite-sex relationships? 6. How could you “group date” without some people feeling left out? Explain: Group dating is a great way to get to know and understand those of the opposite sex. You can avoid the stress of a date with one other person and still enjoy each other’s company. 9 5. Final Look at the Book (10 min. Ask a volunteer to read the answer to the question on page 41. (How do I keep my commitment? ) Lead students to discuss their thoughts about how to stay true to a True Love Waits commitment. Point out the questions on pages 42-45 and suggest they read those answers later. Ask students to look at the True Love Waits commitment on page 48. Give them time to silently pray about whether or not they are ready to promise to God that they will wait until marriage to have sex. Say: You should not sign the commitment until you have settled the issue in your heart.

But if you are ready to make that commitment, you can sign the pledge right now. You might want to ask all of the students, whether they have signed the commitment or not, to tear that page out of their book and give it to you so that you will know of their commitment and can pray for them. If you do this, find a way to get the commitment back to the student so that they have a record of their commitment. Give students a chance to explain their work and its significance. Ask if anyone would like to showcase their work. If some students volunteer, consider displaying their work in a visible place in the church.

Close the group in prayer asking God to solidify the commitments that students have made and to help students who are still struggling with making a commitment to purity. 6. Living It Out (10 min. ) Give each student a piece of paper. Point out an assortment of markers, colored chalk, and colored pencils you have available. Lead students to create a reminder of their commitment to remain sexually pure. Suggest that they hang the reminder in their room, in their locker, or placed it in their Bible. Suggest that they might include any of these as part of their reminder: 1. Timothy 4:12 – “No one should despise your youth; instead, you should be an example to the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity. ” 2. Words to the pledge – “Believing that true love waits, I make a commitment to God, myself, my family, my friends, my future mate, and my future children to a lifetime of purity including sexual abstinence from this day until the day I enter a biblical marriage relationship. ” 3. Favorite verses 4. Your accountability partner’s name and phone number or e-mail address 5. Drawings or doodles 6. Other ideas that will remind you of your pledge 10