There are many ways we will go about handling these issues so that all issues will become resolved

There are many ways we will go about handling these issues so that all issues will become resolved. Walking into a situation like this, will always be hard to deal with. When there are wrongdoings by employees and a company there are many steps to figuring out a resolution. The employees in this branch thought they could get away with making unethical decisions trying to get over on all parties. But not only did them getting caught bring problems on them, it brought problems down on everyone else in the company. They made Citibank look poorly represented and a bad company. Citibank was ordered to be shut down four of their branches due to major violations and problems stemming from unethical decisions. They didn’t have any rules in place to stop from the laundering of money, overcharging and giving business to people who shouldn’t have had it. After the regulators found all of this to be true, they stated that any further business operations were to be shut down. In making unethical decisions like this caused the company extreme backlash. So dealing with this, we would fire the employees that made the bad deals. Also bring in new management so there is a new feel and look for the employees. This in turn will give the Japanese branches a new start while they are still open so they could possibly mend their disconnect between them and japan. With the unethical employees gone from the company, there should be a better business attitude present. It was also known that Citibank went out of their business market and went into real estate and art for customers. According to the article that is not allowed under Japanese banking law. Some employees went to the farther point of being unethical by saving some passwords of clientele. “Toshihide Endo, director of the Financial Services Agency’s supervisory bureau, said that employees of the private banking group might have been tempted to take shortcuts when screening clients because ”their salaries and performance evaluations were closely linked to sales targets.” That might be one of the main reasons this kind of misconduct happened at Citibank,” he said.” There needs to be change with how the salary links to performance because that is very well the major reason of why the employees are being very unethical. The employees that went beyond the extreme and branched out to real estate and art should have to pay fines and fee for going beyond their realms of business making, as well as be fired. The ones who saved passwords never got caught but ideally they were doing so because that would let them be able to steal from clients. And to top all of these changes and ways of dealing with this branches unethical decisions, we will place someone here to over watch business activities to make sure they are made exactly how they are supposed to be.