The Pros to Lowering the Drinking Age

The pros of lowering the drinking age The pros : According to the NHTSA, the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration, in 2010 the drunk driving fatalities accounted for 32% of all traffic deaths. That means on average someone is killed in an alcohol-impaired driving crash about every 50 minutes in the U. S. United States law recognizes the legal drinking age as being 21 years of age. It is awfully contradictory in my eyes and probably those of others.

Look at it from this point of view, at 18 years old; the law recognizes you as an adult. You are allowed to vote, participates in rallies and demonstration. You are allowed to risk your life to serve your country by joining the military. If proper documents are signed, you can join the military as young as 16 years of age. You are allowed to smoke cigarettes and even get married, but you cannot have any alcohol until you are 21. What if the soldiers who serve in the military do not make it to 21, heaven forbid?

Our judicial system is such a wreck. Just think about how much money our taxpayers will save. Instead of sentencing teenagers to jail time or worse, and spending money filing papers, we could lower the drinking age and save a lot of resources best suited in other areas. Lowering the drinking age would surely make drinking less tempting for teenagers. We know what teenagers are like. Teenagers sometimes rebel. By lowering the age, the temptation to rebel would decrease.