The Papa Johns Pizza Plan for India

1. Executive Summary:

Papa John ‘s Pizza is International good know trade name in Pizza Industry and it is 3rd largest in the universe with more than 3500 mercantile establishments. As per the company Marketing manager they said we are non truly viing with dominos we are non in the same class. Domino ‘s is more bringing and take ever, while we offer a complete dining experience in add-on to bringing and take away options. Besides Papa John ‘s pizza is public company which holding its caput quarters at Louisville in USA.

We had planned to open 4 mercantile establishments at the gaps in India as per the mark. Our mark will be to first gaining control the pizza lovers and pull the clients of Domino ‘s and Pizza injury. Give people what they want. The free unfastened market and authorities ordinance to work in INDIA is rather helpful to what we had planned. Mix civilization and good touristry industry had made to make up one’s mind to take Papa John ‘s pizza to India. As it is major tourer attractive force and good known for its hospitability.

At last but non least we had some selling scheme and program to better our concern. We had a Potential growing in two merchandises which has been introduced late Pasta and Seafood Pizzas which has are merely into the market. Once this gets traveling so there wo n’t be any fillet.

2. Business:

2. 1Company Overview

Papa John ‘s International, Inc. is the 3rd largest pizza company in the universe with over 3,500 eating houses. It is a public company and traded in the NASDAQ stock market under the symbol “ PZZA ” . The central office located at Louisville, Kentucky, USA. It operates and franchises pizza bringing and carryout eating houses in United States ( Domestic Market ) include dine-in and restaurant-base bringing services in world-wide international market under the “ Papa John ‘s ” hallmark.

2.2 Products and services

Papa John ‘s operates ( own-restaurants ) and franchises pizza bringing, carryout eating houses in Domestic Market ( US ) and dine-in or restaurant-base bringing services in world-wide international market.

Papa John ‘s provided 4 chief classs merchandises which are:

Pizzas in 8 chief picks: The plants, The meats, Spicy Italian, Garden Fresh, Tuscan Six Cheese, Spinach Alfredo, BBQ Chicken and Bacon and Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

Side points: Breadsticks, Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks, Cheese sticks, Chicken strips, Wingss, Cinnamon pie, Apple pie, Sweet Sticks and Chocolate Pastry Delights

Drinks: Coca-Cola soft drink merchandises

Dunking Source and Seasonings: Garlic, Pizza, Barbeque, Ranch, Cheese, Mustard, Pepperoncini, Anchovies, Jalapeno Peppers, and Banana Peppers.

2.3 Situations and Hazards

Presently, from the 2009 one-year study, the entire sale gross for 2009 was $ 1.11 billion. That was Papa John ‘s Pizza earned 11 % market portion after Pizza Hut ( 27.5 % ) and Domino ( 16.2 % ) which is their chief rivals including the undermentioned Little Caesar ‘s acquiring 8.3 % portion.

Beginning: Annual Meeting of Stockholder, 2010

Beginning: Annual Meeting of Stockholder, 2010

Harmonizing to the 2009 fiscal crisis in United State, Papa John ‘s had closed 11 eating houses in domestic market compared to the old twelvemonth growing at 103 units in 2007 and 32 units in 2008. While new 100 eating houses unfastened in the 2009 international market and international franchise system gross revenues increased24 % .

Beginning: Papa Johns ‘ JP Morgan Gaming, Lodging, Restaurant & A ; Leisure Management Access Forum, 2010.

In twelvemonth 2010, they forecast the sale growing for domestic market will be between -1 % ( diminution ) and +1 % by unfastened around 40-60 new eating houses. And the company will concentrate more in international market and prognosis to turn around 15 % to 20 % by seeking to open 100 – 120 new eating houses worldwide in twelvemonth 2010.

In this study, we ‘ll analyse and aim the program to spread out the market in to INDIA that aligns with Papa John ‘s company program.

3. Selling Plan

3.1 Key Objective:

The cardinal aims of Papa John ‘s pizza are as follows:

Placing the Menu as per the local gustatory sensation and civilization.

Pricing and publicity as per the monetary value scope and the local people capacity to pay.

Brand edifice through advertisement media and local newspaper.

Traveling topographic points literally to advance their trade name and gross revenues.

3.2 Media Coverage:

To bring forth gross revenues and net income for Papa John pizza, the benefits of the company should be communicated to the clients. The international selling run like web page advertisement and online selling is really much needed. Other gross revenues can be achieved through advertizement on Television, local magazines, newspaper, wireless, posting and sponsorship to assorted local events in the metropolis.

3.3 Marketing Descriptions:

INDIA has a big market sector in touristry and information engineering every bit good as the other merchandises to export to other states. A big figure of mills are in INDIA and the environmental issue is a one consideration in INDIA. The bulk of population is HINDU and they have strong Hindu civilization in nutrient production and eating houses in INDIA.

3.4Target Group

As the population chart presented below, we will cognize that INDIA has a legion Hindu ethic group of population. We besides use 4s marketing mix to have the right Product, Place, Price, and Promotion in our franchise Papa ‘s pizza in INDIA. The highest figure of population age is between15 to 64 old ages ages that it is represented at 64.3 % of whole figure of population in INDIA ( the World fact book, 2010 ) . Therefore, mark group of our concern will be this ethic group and the population who are aged between 15 to 64 old ages.

3.5 Marketing scheme:

As Papa ‘s franchise is Fast nutrient concern, people can salvage their clip to cook. We provide good bringing service for our clients. They can order online or naming to order. We besides give our voucher price reduction online and clients can download to utilize verifier to buy our pizza. The publicity will be followed the season and event in INDIA. We besides supply the study online to let clients to do remark and necessitate about our merchandises and service. Hence, client ‘s determination will be depended on age ‘s group from each individual to each individual and people who live at that place and see at that place. As the high visitant, it non hard for our Papa ‘s pizza to catch up with the fast nutrient market in INDIA.

4 PEST Analysis:

4.1POLITICAL Analysis:

It includes the ordinances and Acts issued or regularised by Indian authorities.

Some illustrations of them are:

The mills Act 1948: States that to hold an equal and safety steps, besides includes the safety of wellness and wealth for the workers working in mills.

Minimum Wages Act, 1948: To supply a minimal arrested development of rewards to the employees who are applicable to prosecute to any sort of accomplishment, unskilled or clerical work. This act chiefly works for the rights of workers.


Indian Economy is rather Intersting, good state seems to emerging economic system in economic enlargement with the other states like CHINA, Russia, MEXICO, Brazil. Because of its inexpensive labour it is ever benifited for outsourcig of work from deveolped states with strong fabrication and industrial work.

4.3 Social and Environmental issues:

With the Modern growing of economic system and states strong old cultural, India still has some extent of its old Myths and strong spiritual values which slightly affects the concern. Rather say India has strong Hindu spiritual background but there are assorted spiritual groups such as Islam, Christianity, which makes it a complete diverse state. As the 80 % is HINDU by spiritual the helping of Beef or porc is treated an obnoxious in Indian cultural. There are tonss of gay season out of which Diwali is one of the biggest 1. As the British has ruled in India for decennaries they have surely acquired the British manner of making Business. But before British Mughals has ruled in India so the civilization has some assorted values with the architecture related to this. India has about 28 provinces and chief 18 regionally linguistic communications.


Consumer nutrient market is efficient in footings of production as of its national productiveness, investing in research and development, invention. Fiscal status prevail INDIA from fostering the technological spread and capital strength between formal and informal sectors. Productions system through invention, design capableness and merchandise market push in INDIA is non up to the grade to leverage exogenic cognition as to remote growing as per the quality and cost.

5 Porter Five Forces:

Power of purchasers:

Concentration of purchasers: As particularly INDIA is a diverse state and the touristry every bit good as population is most dominant sector as per the concern concern in INDIA. So the chief concentration of purchasers is ever on the tourer every bit good as the people within the state.

Differentiation: Well Papa John pizza is good known for its standardisation in pizza industry. They have standard size, rate and quality so there will be no distinction in their criterions.

Profitableness of purchasers: good, the hotel industry is good known concern in INDIA. So purchasers have really much difficult competition among themselves. Besides purchasers have really broad scope of pick to choose the merchandise.

Power of providers:

Concentration of providers: As we discuss earlier INDIA is a diverse state there are many people of different civilization and faith so there are assorted different providers as per the pick and demand.

Stigmatization: Well the chief industrial and economical benefit of the state is through touristry industry. So particularly from different states is more concern about the trade name image while purchasing a merchandise. Besides, INDIA is major hub for its international market and good known trade names.

Power of entrants:

Economies of graduated table: As per the GDP boulder clay twelvemonth 2010 INDIA 3.57 trillion dollars. “ Manufacturing and services are the duplicate engines of the INDIA economic system and accounted for 28.2 % and 54.9 % , severally, of India gross domestic merchandise in 2009. The electronics and chemicals industries lead INDIA fabrication sector,

Menaces of replacements:

Quality: Quality is a replacement better? Well the industry which gives the better quality and service has longer net income. So there is an ever a menace of replacements in the INDIA particularly in the hotel industry, quality is of import standards in them.

6. SWOT Analysiss:

Strength: Papa John ‘s Pizza holding at that place their strength as the quality of fresh nutrient they used, Customer satisfaction, Delivering pizza on clip to client and most of import thing they do n’t hold call centres to do order on phone. So the direct calls are routed to the pizza store and there are less opportunities of doing error in taking order, like it happens in Pizza hut ever.

Failing: The failing of Papa John ‘s pizza is that they have really limited scope of pizza bill of fare as compared to Pizza hut. Which some clip deviate the client from them because people want alteration and new assortment nutrient.

Opportunities: As per the information of INDIA, it is a multi spiritual state so our chances will be do the traditional nutrient Pizza for the nutrient lover. Besides pizza hut do n’t hold any sort of these pizza as they are already at that place. One more thing we liked to present is Pasta for people.

Menaces: Our lone menaces in future are Pizza hut and other fast nutrient ironss because our chief rivals are hotel industry peculiarly the pizza industry. So we have to vie among them with good strategic planning and service.

7. Rival Analysis:

List of major rivals and any possible rivals:

Pizza Hut, Dominos


Mc Donald

Other Fast Food Chains in INDIA.

Among this major rival Pizza Hut is our possible rival because it is well-known pizza shaper and it ready set in Pizza concern in INDIA. Pizza hut has built its ain website online to supply both take away and dine-in eating house for clients to do both reserve and order.

Designation and analysis of strategic group

Fast nutrient ironss are chief rivals in our concern. Service industry is good in INDIA. There are many tourist attractive forces. Therefore, our major strategic group will be local eating houses and fast nutrient ironss.

Size, Growth and profitableness

Gross of national merchandise of INDIA is about $ 302.6 billion. Compare with the United States and other western states.

8. Operationss Plan:

Operational program set up the activities and budgets involved for each and every portion of the organisation. Operational program by and large interlink with strategic program with the activities involved and therefore the organisation can able to present all the resources required to present them.

The chief aim of Papa John ‘s pizza company is they are looking to pull new franchise spouses all over the universe. The best illustration is Papa John ‘s Pizza ‘s UK and Ireland enlargement. There are assorted act Hedera helixs involved in order to implement aims. For illustration they have come up with the new construct to present pizza by establishing a bringing vehicles for this they besides branded Smart Car which illustrates the catchs of fresh pizza ingredients on them. Chiefly it includes deep-freeze every bit good as an integrated hot-bad system which ensures that pizzas are delivered decently harmonizing to the client ‘s demands. The chief ground behind this is, if client orders pizza every bit good any drink so while presenting that merchandise it should non be acquire cold or hot visa-versa. They besides researched from different group of people that company ‘s stigmatization was one of the good indicant of the merchandise quality.

Harmonizing to Schnatter these betterments are nil but procedure of polish instead than any alteration that may be black. The factors such as company civilization develop a model which contains the procedures and besides patterning a consistent tidal bore to present better dramas major factors in quality betterment criterions. In one of their airy statements non merely includes concern growing of this company but besides growing of Papa John ‘s employees. Finally whole quality criterions would be implemented by people merely therefore they are besides pulling and maintaining endowment. This company ‘s cardinal based on people. In other words this company is people turning machine where squad edifice is the critical facet in bettering quality criterions.

The expected end products includes now Papa John is already the 3rd largest pizza franchisor in the universe, but they still has sights on making figure 2 place and finally going the figure 1 pizza concatenation in the universe. The factors such as looking in front to the following undertaking challenge and ends give Papa John strength to accomplish expected end products.

9. Financial:

9.1 Assumption and Information:

The cardinal indexs such as stock exchange, exchange rates and involvement rates, assets, import and exports manage the universe economic system. The state this study researches on current Papa John pizza fiscal status in US. They are efficaciously running at that place pizza industry concern in US and need to spread out more as clip grows.

9.2 Fiscal demand from Papa John ‘s:

As per the international franchise development regulation of Papa John pizza the company who want to take franchise has to pay $ 25,000 fees for per eating house. Out of which they have to pay $ 5000 at the clip of understanding and rest $ 20,000 at the gap of the eating house. Besides that if you want to open the bomber subdivisions they have to pay $ 15,000 for extra each shop.

9.3Financial support and Interest rate:

The involvement of bank vary globally due to political stableness, internal policies, authorities ordinances etc, nevertheless the fiscal markets are dependance on interbank involvement rates…

Well besides harmonizing to Franchise Restaurant Development. Papa John provides aid to Papa John ‘s franchisees in choosing sites, developing eating houses and measuring the physical specifications for typical eating houses.

9.4Financial Hazards:

Papa toilet pizza needs to see the undermentioned points before come ining into INDIA such as foreign revenue enhancement Torahs, how much limitation is made on net income which is repatriated to Papa John pizza.

10. Appendixs:

INDIA overview

Demographic Feature:

Area: 3,287,263 sq Km

Population: 1,156,897,766 ( July 2010 EST. )

Capital: Delhi

Nationality: INDIAN.

Language: Hindi and 18 regional linguistic communications.

Racial Groups: eclectic mixture of local faith Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist etc.


Growth rate: 1.5407 % ( 2010 )

Birth rate: 21.72 births/1000population ( 2009 )

Age construction:

0-14 old ages: 30.5 %

15-64 old ages: 64.3 %

65 old ages and over: 5.2 %

Median age: Entire: 25.9 old ages.

male: 25.4 old ages

Female: 26.6 old ages ( 2010 EST. )

Death rate: 7.6 deaths/1,000 population ( July 2010 )

Infant mortality rate: sum: 50.78 deaths/1,000 unrecorded births

male: 49.33 deaths/1,000 unrecorded births

Female: 52.4 deaths/1,000 unrecorded births ( 2009 EST. )

Life anticipation

At birth: entire population: 66.09 old ages

male: 65.13 old ages

Female: 67.17 old ages ( 2009 EST. )

Entire birthrate rate: 2.65 kids born/woman ( 2009 EST. )