The new concept for hall and room in Saujana Hotel

The new concept for hall and room in Saujana Hotel, Dungun that our group has chosen is “Relaxing, Refreshing and Motivating” where each of the words has its own meaning. Firstly is relaxing, it means to release or bring relief from the effects of tension, anxiety and others also having the effect of making a person feel calm. We chose paint colour for room like copen blue, warm stone and toque white that symbolize our concept since one of our target markets is for patients’ family so they can feel more relaxing from being too worried.
Next, refreshing which can be defined as an agreeably stimulating because of freshness or newness in appearance, colour and others by a restorative. It is something that is pleasantly different from what are we used to. Since this is our new concept for both hall and room, so we store something new like paint colours, furnitures, fixtures and equipments that suitable and show the freshness. Lastly, is motivating where it came from the root words “motivation’ which means using incentives, persuasion and mental or physical stimulants that have the ability to influence the way people think or behave in a particular way. For example, we choose framed motivation words for both room and hall.
The reason why we choose this concept because we are focusing more to our target market which are patients’ family, students and business traveller. We think that when they come to our hotel they will feel more “relaxing, refreshing and motivating.” By applying this, we hope it can change the perceptions of the people out there towards our Saujana Hotel’s new look enhance their reputation as well.