The nakshatra watch

The nakshatra ticker

Executive Summary

The chief aim of this study is that Nakshatra has to establish a ticker merchandise which is Black Dice, to understand consumer trueness and what is go oning in the market to keep their place in the market. In this study we will happen consumer penchant, for the company of our squad pick is Black Dice merchandise from Nakshatra. We will make the state of affairs analysis which includes industry analysis, company analysis and rival analysis. In industry analysis our squad came to cognize that Watch market is turning and the consumer pick is altering twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.

Major participants in this sector are Titan, HMT, and Fasttrack. Then we will make SWOT analysis. After SWOT analysis we proceed to cleavage and placement of the merchandise, company targeted the full section to sell its merchandises. After cleavage and placement for the merchandise. Further we will make market blend for the merchandise, market mix analysis will assist to cognize the market incursion of the merchandise. After making all this analysis we will make selling program for the merchandise.

The undertaking is to happen appropriate client base to launch and set up new Watch. So the assorted stairss involved are to be covered in the study. The assorted facets to be covered include a scheme constructing for market research, to happen appropriate client base and location from where we will be able to capture maximal country and seek our demands: adult male power, natural stuff, land, equipment, future variegation demands, etc, and besides stairss like pricing, merchandise design, supply concatenation choice etc.

I am developing a selling program for the debut of a new Watch for full section in the Indian market.

1. So, I am supplying information on successful selling schemes which are used by me to establish the merchandise in the market.

2. I am besides supplying inside informations about industry growing tendencies, cardinal rivals, cleavage schemes, distribution strategies/channels.


NAKSHATRA is one of India ‘s most reputed diamond trade names, accomplishing an iconic position within three old ages of its launch in 2000. Today, it is a taking diamond jewelry trade name, patronized by adult females of manner in about all sections of society. Its entreaty rests non merely on its seeable excellence of inventive design and workmanship but besides on the Gitanjali ‘s Group ‘s invention in the really manner of dealing. In going from traditional jewelry concern pattern, the Group began to supply certifications of genuineness of metal and rock – therefore replacing the old localised trust on personal trust between jewelry purchaser and marketer with mensurable cogent evidence verifiable anyplace, appropriate for a globally nomadic existence. The Nakshatra Collection has alone flowered designs with multiple diamonds encircling a individual big diamond to mean the configuration consequence. Particular Packaging and its ain warrant certification assuring the pureness and twinkle of Diamond. It ‘s available in three aggregations Nakshatra aggregation, Eternity Collection & A ; Solitaire Collection. The trade name is available in 18 Kt BIS Hallmarked Gold. It ‘s offered in superior quality diamonds of 4 Different Grades certified by the most reputed International Gemmological Institute.

Nakshatra has emerged, as one of India ‘s prima trade name in Diamond Jewellery Segment. The continued success of Nakshatra is a consequence of its changeless transmutation. In its first twelvemonth, Nakshatra was awarded the Effie ( Silver ) in 2001 and in the undermentioned twelvemonth the Effie ( Bronze ) . The Effie is the most important award in advertisement that recognize effectivity and honours touchable consequences. In 2003, the Nakshatra Utsav was awarded the Best Trade Promotions award at the McDowell ‘s Signature All India Promo Awards. In 2007 Nakshatra was awarded the Retail Jeweller Award for the best Television run of the twelvemonth. The in-house designing squad at Nakshatra is highly advanced and comes up with fresh thoughts and constructs which have received acknowledgment at the JCK- New Delhi Gold Souk design award 2006, the IIGJ Awards 2007 and the Tahitian Pearl Awards 2005 and 2007.

Nakshatra is synonymous with trust and pureness in a class that is fraught with questionable patterns. It epitomizes the look of love and fondness in adult females ‘s life. Nakshatra has established itself as an ethical participant in the market as it comes with its certifications of genuineness and guaranting transparence in the purchasing determination of the consumers. Overt Nakshatra trade name values include beauty, glow, category, elegance and quality. Amongst the symbolic values are feminity, heavenly luster and enigma The Nakshatra Collection has alone Floral designs with multiple diamonds encircling a individual big diamond to mean the configuration consequence Special Packaging and its ain warrant certification assuring the pureness and twinkle of Diamond.

Desire Lifestyle is a diversified merchandise scope that addresses the lifestyle demands to reflect the manner and approaching tendencies among the multitudes. Capitalizing on the strength and flexibleness provided by Italy ‘s industrial territories, universe fame for their excellence in the development of luxury merchandises. The Group ‘s purpose is to go one of the taking participants in the accessible luxury market worldwide by farther developing its merchandise offering, its trade name portfolio, and its planetary distribution web.

With 170 % growing in value since its origin Nakshatra has retained its place as the most preferable trade name in the Diamond Jewellery Segment. Nakshatra besides manifolds over 11 times growing in footings of volume in the last three old ages, an accomplishment no other diamond jewelry trade name can tout of. Such is the strength of Nakshatra that 70 % of retail mercantile establishments carrying the trade name recognition it for playing a cardinal function in hiking overall diamond jewelry gross revenues and increasing consumer footsteps. The Halo of Nakshatra on flowered gross revenues is 1:4 i.e. for every one Nakshatra sold the retail merchant is able to sell 4 more pieces of flowered jewelry.

Business Mission

  • To develop, bring forth and sell high quality ticker and accoutrements worldwide and assist our clients to acquire the maximal value for money.
  • To make incremental demand for ticker through selling and publicity schemes.
  • To make incremental endeavor and trade name value to increase the net worth of the group
  • To construct in-house resources of unsurpassable accomplishment in design, industry and client response.
  • To protect worker involvement and nurture professional growing.


Integrity, Solidarity, Credibility and Perfection – these are the basicss of Nakshatra working doctrine as it impacts concern and employee dealingss, transparence of operations and quality confidence, on the manner to making a globally valued organisation. These are values fastidiously nurtured and provably proven over 40 old ages. We live and breathe them.

Marketing Aim

The aim is to set up the company as India ‘s best horologist company.

To be the universe ‘s prima maker of ticker and retail merchant of branded ticker, with a strong, globally diversified substructure and incorporate operations expeditiously associating ticker from unsmooth to retail.

Situation Analysis


The ticker consumer has undergone a extremist alteration since the bend of the century. Historically the ticker is used for the basic demand and merely elder people used this. Today ‘s market topographic point, nevertheless, has shifted from the senior people to youth. That means the tickers are used as a demand every bit good as manner. The people are more emphatic in designed tickers with multiple maps.


There are tonss of rival in wrist ticker section which straight or in straight impacting the tickers industry. The major participants ‘ are

  • Colossus
  • HMT
  • Maxima-quartz
  • Fast path
  • Rado
  • Casio

The strength and failing of the companies varies from section to section.


Strength: Brand trueness, Market Leader, Quality of merchandise

Failing: limited in domestic market


Strength: striking difficult at mid-price market.

Failing: lagging behind because of quality compared to Titan.


Strength: turnover is really high because of low monetary value ( mean monetary value for Titan is Rs.1100 while the monetary value for HMT is Rs.550 ) .

Failing: the quality, attraction, assortments are less compared to Titan Industry.

1. State-owned ticker shaper, HMT, compete in the domestic market after about a decennary.

2. International participant like Espirit, Swatch and Citizen compete in the mid-price section and besides seeking to come in in the domestic market.

3. Timex besides doing a religious rejoinder by capturing the mid-price section.

Though the hereafter is unsure, but harmonizing to the present public presentation of all these companies, we can presume that they would be the major hereafter rival of the Titan wrist watch.

Expectation from the rival

As we all know that marketing mix is fundamentally consist of 4 P ‘s i.e. monetary value, merchandise, topographic point and publicity.

Monetary value:

Advantage: rival of mid-price section will capture the whole market.

Disadvantage: rival of premium monetary value section will bask the more market.


Advantage: Increased in the quality will increase the cost which will give benefit to the rival.

Disadvantage: Quality lessening will assist rival to capture the whole market.

Topographic point:

Advantage: more figure of topographic points of operation will do the rival hebdomad.

Disadvantage: less figure of topographic points of operation volitions leads to pass over out from the market.


Advantage: Addition in gross revenues publicity will impact more market portion.

Disadvantage: lessening in gross revenues publicity give benefit to the rival.

Customer Profile

Customer profile is changing in different topographic point, people who lives in urban country or metro metropolis, holding high life manner and per capita income is more than the people who lives in rural country. Basically the consumer thinks these things in head before traveling purchase.

  • Brand name
  • Quality of the merchandises
  • Features, which differentiate from others
  • Attractive theoretical accounts
  • New invention


Changing in engineering ever play a great function in the mark market. Our company has decided to fabricate Crystal, classical, fancy and digital. Our company has start works to fabricate tickers in broad assortment in design and monetary values. We have uses the engineering in that ways which help in enhance the quality and the characteristics to increase purchasers ‘ value. So that we will gets advantages in the mark market through advanced engineering.

As there is excessively much competition, if our company does non accept the alterations in engineering so it ca n’t prolong in the market. In premium section, rival will capture whole market by improve engineering. And in the mid-price section, other companies will give a tough competition to our company.

The new selling invention can convey a well alterations in the selling activities of the company. The new inventions which can distinguish the company from the rival are

  • Execution of Heart-beat look intoing system in wrist ticker.
  • Execution of Blood force per unit area look intoing system in the wrist watch
  • Watch which help in cognizing the temper of the individual.

SWOT Analysis


  • A portion of Gitanjali ‘s Group
  • Large integrated diamond & A ; jeweler participant and holding an international presence.
  • Pioneers of branded jewelry in India.
  • Strong selling & A ; distribution web. Strong retail presence in India and in U.S. 112 distributers and 1246 mercantile establishments in India and 143 mercantile establishments in U.S.
  • Strong trade name equity and wide merchandise scope Such as, Gili, Asmi, Nakshatra, Sangini, D’damas, Vivaaha, Maya, Giantti, Desire, Samuels etc.
  • Airy leading
  • Expanding fabrication capablenesss in Mumbai and at particular economic zone in Surat to turn to increasing demand.
  • Sight holder position with DTC through a booster group company.
  • Highly skilled, qualified and motivated employee.
  • Integrated, generation operations
  • Skills and engineering
  • Merchandise scope and invention
  • Market entree and trade name support
  • The Group has rapidly secured significant market portion. It has launched a turning shackle of targeted trade names, with powerful communications and trading support.
  • In line with each trade name profile, multilayered distribution right down to the retail degree, has ensured merchandise bringing to each targeted consumer section, whether at up market promenades, section shops or sole retail merchants.


  • New in ticker industry
  • Lot of capital is used in trade name backing via famous person indorsement. Still steps are being taken for rural selling.
  • It ‘s a hit in capital metropoliss but has non been able to pull rural people.
  • As the major natural stuff demands need to be imported, companies usually stock immense measures of stock list ensuing high stock list carrying costs.


  • Huge market
  • Large no. Of population
  • Expanding geographical presence.
  • Searching for new market around the Earth and utilizing resources to sell ticker to village people, as most of the population still resides in small towns. This sector still has to be harnessed.
  • Industry traveling from a stage of consolidation.
  • Expansion possibilities in lifestyle and luxury merchandises in India like tickers because increasing disposable income of people.
  • Seasonality: At the clip of festival, like Diwali because there is demand for the merchandises. Gold tickers and braces are the similar as a nuptials juncture.
  • Endowing construct: We will get down as a trade name this was associated with gifting and relation. The battle construct sells good for people have come to tie in with love attention and makes emotion run high.


  • Rivals like Titan, HMT, Fast path
  • Consumer trade name trueness towards Titan
  • Youth attractive force toward Fast Track
  • Emergence of Low-Cost Brands in the approaching market.
  • Increased Competition in nucleus Markets.
  • Foreign Rival: As we know that tonss of foreign trade names are come ining in our state with their branded tickers. As the remotion of quantitative limitations on import tickers leads to menace to watch industry.
  • Premium section: As in premium section menaces from reputed international trade name such as Espirit, Swatch and Citizen.
  • Mobile: Now a twenty-four hours ‘s people can acquire the clip and the other characteristic in nomadic phone. So, the demand of wrist watch is in diminishing tendency. Peoples can speak and see the clip in a cell phone and some people think that there is no demand of wrist watch.

Selling Scheme

Target Market Strategy

We will fundamentally trades in three sections for our tickers. They were as follow.

v High Income/Elite consumers

In this section chiefly the consumer who buys a wrist ticker as a manner accoutrement.

V Middle group:

In this section chiefly consumers like some manner in their tickers. These consumers would non buy a ticker without comparing assorted offers in the market.

5 Lower-income people:

This section chiefly consisted of lower- income consumers who want ticker chiefly as the clip -keeping device and purchase on the footing of monetary value.

Need Analysis:

Consumers need

The demand and the demand vary one market section to another section on the footing of monetary values & A ; quality.

The current demand can be satisfied by the undermentioned ways in the different section.

v High category: We offer Austin and Royal in gold ticker scope.These are fashionable tickers in all gold and cherished metals.

The monetary value is between Rs.20, 000 -1, 00,000.

V Middle income category: We offer scope in unstained steel. There were 100 different theoretical accounts in the scope. The monetary values scopes are between Rs.500-700.

5 Lower-income group: We offer Low monetary value tickers with different scope.

The monetary values scopes are between Rs.350-500. We offer 200 different theoretical accounts in the scopes.

Marketing Mix

Monetary value:

As achieve our selling our selling aims, we can make some alteration in the pricing.

The chief consideration will be in changing monetary value are followerss.

A. Survival:

We set tickers monetary values harmonizing to the characteristics.The simple steel ticker priced at Rs.600-1,100. Our company besides set monetary value through different pricing policy.

B. Market portion:

As we know that 70 % of gross revenues in tickers come from the lower section, therefore we set monetary value at 350 onwards with warrant.

We set low monetary values in comparing to Titan, HMT, to derive market portion.

C. Market Skimming: In Indian ticker industry there is no 1 offering pure gold tickers, tickers in brace, jewelry tickers. Here we offer our merchandise with the Indian touch in its design, the merchandise, and the love.


Quality and leading are the two chief footings for our company. As to accomplish the selling objectives this facets should besides be considered.

A. Merchandise line: To increase the gross revenues, the difference in the monetary values of the tickers is justified by the characteristics of the produt.

B. Merchandise pyramid: Portfolio of our merchandise is of 3 distinguishable price-range that can be defined in general, as Popular, Mid, and Premium. At the popular section, the accent is on in volumes but non in borders. At the premium section, the accent is on net incomes and image but non in volumes. Our company gives more accent at the top of the pyramid as net incomes at the top of the pyramid are really high. This pyramid will steer the scheme of our company.

C. Product scheme: We give focal point in every section of the ticker market, as per the merchandise scheme. We give concentrate on sections separately, Premium, Mass. We besides focus on specific sections.

D. Product Quality: Quality and leading are synonymous of our company. To seek to accomplish both through our value for merchandises compared to its monetary values.

Topographic point:

Keeping in head about the immature trendy and stylish consumers, we will administer our merchandise in different part. The consumer ‘s life manner in India, particularly in urban country will be playing more functions in the success of our company.

A. Time Zone: We will convey together the state ‘s prima shops watch trade names to supply the client with assortment in trade names, expressions and monetary value scopes. These will be located across every town.

B. Value Mart: These mercantile establishments sell excess stocks of our tickers at decreased monetary values. By making these it offering fabulous value for money with the same guarantee as a regular full-priced ticker enjoy. However these stores would non be placed in the chief locations and non working as a normal stores. This is to do the client go to the store instead than the store naming the client and therefore the locations are non really suited for shopping.

C. Nakshatra Stores: Nakshatra shops are our ain shops so we will supply ticker in each shop. It will run into the big scale demand for the ticker and besides to pull clients in more. These stores will be provided full stocks of the ticker.


Promotional pricing:

A. Marketing pricing: We will open new stores, client can purchase straight from the trader and therefore the component of jobber is non at that place.

Here the retail merchant in this class buys tickers for lesser than MRP and therefore they are able to acquire the net income border on gross revenues.

We will convert the client through ‘AMAZING WATCH ‘ stashing all around the metropolis, increasing purchaser image, trust worthiness, invention, distinction, value for the merchandise.

Price price reduction and allowances: We will give monetary value price reduction sale on the MRP of the tickers at ab initio. The allowance varies from one section to another.

B. Creative advertisement: We will present a competition on which we invite kids to utilize creativeness and design ticker. We will give scholarship to exceed 100 pupils. The award winning design will establish in summer.

Type of advertisement: Our ads will be clean, good made, touch on emotional chord. As our company will utilize aces Shahrukh khan & A ; Katrina Kaif.

As here we can state that a female actress would be more effectual for the promotional intent. It can be Katrina Kaif, as now she is one of the popular actresses in Bollywood.

C. Promotion on juncture: Our Company will besides advance the merchandise on the celebrated juncture & A ; festival depends upon clip, topographic point and part.

Execution, Evaluation and Control

Selling program fundamentally implemented on the footing of market cleavage.

We have gone through the mark market section which fundamentally include

  • High income category
  • In-between income category
  • Lower income category

The selling mix is the portion of selling schemes, which help our company to fit the demands of the consumer every bit good as the demand of company, because we know that


Execution is an built-in portion of scheme. It make sense when it is implemented into Indian jewelry market it saw an chance for an organized sector. The client was traveling towards branded goods in other sections. Our company did the procedure of making trade names in the heads of client.

Budget and control:

It is really of import to do a control on Budget to cut down the operating cost which we can cut down to certain sum by the undermentioned ways.


Our company has followed the construct of retailing into the ticker market, which will truly assist in doing the direct relation with client. This will assist in cut downing the cost of mediators.

Ads cost:

As for cut downing the cost of companies we can take advertizement into consideration. We can cut down the Television ads cost by cut downing the continuance of advertizement.


Our company will continually supervise with current and possible consumers. Our director will ever lookout for possible market. As per our set sell mark we will compare it from existent sell mark achieved. In add-on, we will besides open our subdivisions in every major metropolis. We ever

End Notes

I would wish thank Mr. Manish sir for delegating me the selling program Nakshatra Watch. I am greatly grateful to Mr. Manish sir for his part to assist me in doing the effectual program.


Marketing book ( Philip kotler )

Selling program ( given by Manish sir )