The Market Structure Disneyland Company Marketing Essay

For more than nine decennaries, the name Walt Disney has been preeminent in the field of household amusement, from low beginnings as a sketch studio in the 1920s to today ‘s planetary corporation.

The Walt Disney Company concern theoretical account includes studio amusement, media webs, Parkss and resorts, and consumer merchandises, this immense concern variegation started in mid-1980s when Disney set up a powerful centralised strategic be aftering group to steer the company ‘s way and growing, but the freshly transformed company proved hard to pull off and performed unevenly, and the larger, more complex Disney has struggled for consistent, profitableness and growing.

For Disney, bigger is n’t needfully break, and making the right blend of concern is ever the right expression for success.

Disney thaumaturgy still in its subject Parkss, each twelvemonth more than 43 million people visit it, doing it the universe ‘s figure one tourer attractive force, holding a Telematch games in Disney Land will be a good thought that will increase figure of visitants, making a bombilation, and is merely a new invention in Disney Land concern theoretical account that will contract its focal point and acquire back to the rudimentss of functioning a section that they know best, in add-on Disney Telematch games is consistent with its mission of “ make people happy ” , we all still retrieve the enjoyment we feel while watching the Telematch games, I can conceive of merely when I am composing this how much enjoyment will be created when take parting in Disney Land Telematch games, the Telematch made you laugh no affair in what sort of temper you may hold been, that was the heritage of the games, and Disney Land will be animating it once more.

Disney Land Telematch gamesA will be a globalA sportingA competition in which the participants as an international squads or persons stand foring their states compete for the rubric of Disney Land universe title-holder.

In the coming parts of this article I will seek to demo that Disney Land Telematch games will be a originative thought for Disney Land that is merely perfect.

Target Sections:

TelematchA was the name of aA German televisionA show broadcast during the 1970s boulder clay 1979 Known as Knockout in Britain and Frontier in Europe, Telematch games attracted many people and more than 20 states participated in it is version in 1970, all household members can take part in the Disney Land Telematch games competition, therefore mark section will include all visitants that are willing to play, the section will besides include telecasting spectators who will watch the recorded competition that can be broadcast in Disney Land media webs such as ABC.

Walt Disney subject Parkss claimed the top eight musca volitanss worldwide in theA 2011, the figures shows that a amount of 82 million visitant have visited the eight subject Parkss, the figure is expected to increase led by Telematch games and figure of in-house coverage could make to 246 million people.


Disney Telematch games can make a Buzz and adds more to the life experience that Disney subject Parkss creates, the felicity and joy that Telematch games generate and the household bond it creates is in consistent with the company mission of “ make people happy ” .

Market Share:

The Company ‘s subject Parkss and resorts compete with other signifiers of amusement, touristry and recreational activities. The profitableness of the leisure-time industry may be influenced by assorted factors that are non straight governable, such as economic conditions including concern rhythm and exchange rate fluctuations, travel industry tendencies, sum of available leisure clip, oil and transit monetary values, and conditions forms and natural catastrophes.

Disney would fall under the “ Entertainment – Diversified ” industry class as a service

Sector. News Corp. , Time Warner Inc. , Liberty Media Interactive, Liberty Capital Group, and

Liberty Starz Group is the Walt Disney Company ‘s chief rivals within this industry.

Eventhough the Walt Disney Company is a market leader, those other rivals can present

unequivocal troubles because they are all diversified houses with a solid presence within

the planetary market.

Walt Disney company has a strong market place and market portion in subject Parkss and resorts is about 75 % , the concern is affected by factors that can be divided as governable and non controllable, some of these factors are related to seasonal rhythm as subject Parkss and resorts concern experiences fluctuations in subject park attending and resort tenancy ensuing from the seasonal nature of holiday travel. Peak attending and resort tenancy by and large occur during the summer months when school holidaies occur and during early-winter and spring-holiday periods.

And here the chance occurs as Telematch games can be scheduled in low season period so that we can increase tenancy and grosss rates.

Exhibit F show the gross per centum of each concern sector in Walt Disney Company, as illustrated subject Parkss and resorts comes 2nd by 30 % part after media and web concern, this is besides a good indicant for us that we are bettering the sector of concern that can positively impact the overall image of the company and increase its market portion.

Market Structure:

Walt Disney company operates in oligobily market construction, characterized by competition among a little figure of big houses that have market power, that must take their challengers ‘ actions into history when developing their ain competitory schemes.

The rivals must distinguish their merchandises in order to derive more market power, my thought for Walt Disney is on line with market construction it operates in, Telematch games can creat a immense distinction between Disney Land and it ‘s rivals and can assist to increase grosss through increasing market portion, though company is demoing strong finincial place in market it ‘s expected that market portion can be increased by at least 10 % due to Telematch games.

Gross addition will be generated through tickets, media concern and hotels.

Brand Equity:

Telematch games will increase trade name equity of Disney Land as a trade name name selling experience, the competitory advantages for the company will increase taking into consideration the in-house coverage over media webs owned by the company.

Strategy Recommendations:

The merchandise /market enlargement grid ( Exhibit A ) shows that we are in variegation scheme, since we will present a new merchandise for new markets represented by in-house Television spectators whom ca n’t afford sing Disney land subject Parkss but still can bask watching the competition, Internal and external factor analysis and SWOT analysis ( Exhibit B ) , ( Exhibit C ) and ( Exhibit A ) supports the thought.

Competitive Factor Analysis:

Rivals for Disney land worldwide are Universal Studios Japan, Universal ‘s Islands of Adventure, and Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea since these locations came straight after Disney land subject Parkss for the figure of one-year visitants, the company competitory advantage is already high as Disney claims top 8 musca volitanss in 2011 planetary subject park industry attending study, the company are stronger than all rivals and has all the demands to do the Telematch games a narrative of success, the results utilizing competitory profile matrix ( Exhibit E ) supports our new Telematch games thought.

Brand Name Selection:

The new activity will transport the name of Disney land in add-on to the celebrated name of Telematch ; both trade names have a heritage and will add to each other, the victor of the competition will be announced as “ Disney Land universe Telematch title-holder ”

Marketing Scheme:

The market construction Disneyland company operates in is Oligopoly, where a little figure

of houses are runing, services are uniform and some are differentiated, there is many barriers for new houses to come in the market and the company has some control over monetary value, selling scheme will concentrate on advertisement and go on to present the message of “ doing people happy ” , the connexion between household members while playing the Telematch games and remind people of the heritage of the game that many of us still retrieve.

Ad and Promotion:

The Disneyland Telematch games will necessitate a good advertisement run in order to pull many squads from different states, the good advertisement run is a must in the first unit of ammunition of the games and later on once it will be shown on company owned Television channels this will be the perfect advertisement for it.

Merchandise Experience:

Disney Land is all about experience, people who visited it one time will ever retrieve the life experience they went through, adding Telematch games to the bing services and games in the subject Parkss will be the merely perfect top up, the experience of playing the games as a household will be something to prize for life.


We conclude that the new Telematch games competition will be a good attention deficit disorder for Disneyland to reinvent itself in the market of household amusement, it will convey back the focal point to theme Parkss that Disney land is so good in, and will make the Buzz once more around Disneyland and will give the company better place in the amusement market and adds up to its heritage and life experience it used to supply to visitants, the SWOT analysis ( Exhibit B ) , internal and external factors rating ( Exhibit C & A ; D ) are promoting and shows a high potency for success.

Disney Land Telematch games competition will besides be watched through the company owned media webs and will pull more people and will give the opportunity for many people whom ca n’t afford sing the subject Parkss to watch it from their places all over the universe, this will be consistent with the company mission of “ make people happy ” .