The Lightining Theif

Tyler Landerman English 9 Miss J Period 2 Is Percy Jackson A Pawn Of The Gods? In the book The Lightning Thief, there are many people that think that Percy is a pawn of the gods. Then again there also a lot of people that think that he is not a pawn. Percy was just an ordinary kid but then, out of no where, these monsters try to kill him. Now this doesn’t happen to normal people. How would you feel if you found out that your dad was Poseidon? Chiron said “Poseidon, earth shaker, storm bringer, father of heroes, Horses.

Hail Percy Jackson. ” Riordan, pg, 126. That’s why Percy is a pawn of the gods. Percy Jackson is a pawn of the gods because he runs arons for the gods. He finally figures out that he is suspected of stealing Zeus’s master bolt. While Percy, Annabeth. And Grover where on there quest to retrieve the master bolt, Ares comes along and demands that they go and retrieve his shield. Ares said “I left my shield behind. I want you to fetch it for me”, Riordan pg 227. this something that only a pawn of the gods would do, is run arons.

Percy is a pawn of the gods because he is on his quest to find the master bolt and he is getting attacked by these monsters and receiving no help from the gods. One of which is medusa. ” Such a pity to destroy such a handsome young face,” she told me soothingly. “stay with me Percy. All you have to do is look up. ” Riordan pg 179. Medusa is a bad creature because she is trying to turn Percy to stone and keep him forever. That’s what she dose ,is turn people to stone when ever the look into her eyes.

There are some people that think that he is not a pawn of the gods. One reason that they think that they think this is because he actually chose to take on this quest to search for the lightning bolt. And he wants to make it to mount Olympus to figure out more about his father. Well now you understand both sides of the question, Is Percy Jackson a pawn of the gods. Now you have heard both sides of the argument. Hopefully you agree with me. I thank you for your time I hope you know about the book and agree with me. Percy is a pawn of the gods!