The Internet Serves As A Medium Of Communication Marketing Essay


The cyberspace is playing a important function in how companies carry out their concerns. Many concerns are now known to hold both online and offline presence or purely on-line in presenting merchandises or services to consumers. Following this, we can state e-business now forms a mainstream facet of most organisations ( Jackson & A ; Eckersley 2003 ) .

It becomes necessary for houses to see how much of these advantages and chances offered by the cyberspace or IT will be exploited taking to how value is created for both the house and the consumers. In making so, houses try to develop concern theoretical accounts that non merely assist to make value but most particularly give them a competitory border. This concern theoretical account forms the footing of treatment of this essay with a peculiar focal point on the instance of Yahoo, in other words, Yahoo ‘s concern theoretical account will be analyzed utilizing a comprehensive concern theoretical account model, with the purpose of analyzing how this company creates value for the clients and itself.

This essay is structured as follows: First, a description of the features of the IT to be analyzed. Second, the model will be introduced decently to warrant its suitableness after which the concern theoretical account analysis will be done. Last, a treatment and decision is given.


The cyberspace is known to be a engineering with many features that are capable of altering the competitory landscape in many industries and besides assisting to make an perfectly new industry. These features are said to hold a important impact on the 5Cs viz. commercialism, coordination, community, content and communications, all of which about every activities of a house encompasses ( Afuah & A ; Tucci 2003 ) . Some of these features which are claimed to be noticeable are as follows ( ibid. ) :

Interceding engineering: this belongings of the cyberspace makes it enable interconnectedness among parties that wants to be mutualist, these interconnectednesss could take the signifier of B2B, B2C, C2C, or C2B.

Universality: it has to make with its ability to do merchandises or services available to anyone and anyplace.

Network outwardnesss: ‘a engineering or merchandise exhibits web outwardnesss when it becomes more valuable to users as more people take advantage of it ‘ ( p. 33 ) .

Distribution channel: The cyberspace serves as a medium of communicating about merchandises that take the signifier of information such as package and insurance companies. In a state of affairs whereby the merchandise can non be delivered by agencies of cyberspace, information such as pricing, characteristics can be made available via the cyberspace.

Time moderator: The cyberspace has the ability to either psychiatrist or enlarge clip for an person as the instance may be. For illustration, a user can rapidly seek the web for information needed, by so making, the cyberspace shrinks clip.

Information dissymmetry shrinker: it helps to do as much elaborate and equal sum of information as possible available to two or more parties in any circumstance such as in concern minutess so that one party does non hold more information than the other.

Infinite practical capacity: The cyberspace frequently gives people the feeling that it has ‘infinite practical capacity ‘ to present any service to them.

Low cost criterion: The cyberspace, with its unfastened to all property, makes it easy accessible and usage. Besides, its cost is a batch lower than predating engineerings for communicating such as EDI.

Creative destroyer: The belongingss which the cyberspace possesses make it possible to move as a ‘creative destroyer ‘ in many industries as it could displace many concern countries that are known to be booming and have strong entry barriers, for illustration, the newspaper concern.

Transaction-cost reducing agent: Transaction costs are referred to as costs involved in seeking for purchasers and Sellerss, garnering information on merchandises and other related costs. The cyberspace is known to play a outstanding function in cut downing these costs due to its many capablenesss in footings of catholicity, low cost criterion, distribution channel, and information dissymmetry reducing agent.

Model for IT concern theoretical account analysis

Gao ( 2008 ) introduced the model shown in figure 1.0 below as a comprehensive one which considers all internal and external facets of an IT concern that contributes to value creative activity. In a nutshell, the logic of value creative activity lies internally in ‘the development of the bing capableness and the geographic expedition of the excess capableness of the house by apologizing the house ‘s boundary ‘ ( Afuah & A ; Tucci 2003 cited in Gao 2008:335 ) and taking into consideration the limitation of external elements such as environment in which the concern operates and the IT invention.

Figure 1.0: An IT concern theoretical account model

Beginning: Gao ( 2008:335 )

The comprehensive nature of this model with the underpinning theories gives a good tool for analysis. This is true particularly because it seeks to incorporate all the necessary facets of what contributes to how a house creates value and most significantly, shows that a relationship exists among the constituents unlike what is found in most instances in the literature. A concern theoretical account is defined by Porter ( 2001 ) to be ‘a construct of how a company uses IT to make concern and generate gross ‘ , this makes value the basic component of a concern theoretical account ( chesbrough & A ; Rosenbloom 2002 ; Amit & A ; Zott 2001 ) as evident in the model above demoing that every other facets of the concern theoretical account are taking towards value creative activity.

Yokel was established in 1994 by Stanford University alumnus pupils Jerry Yang and David Filo and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. Apart from being widely known as a hunt engine, Yahoo has its major separating factor as a web portal as shown in figure 1.1, whereby it provides users with tonss of information generated by itself as opposed to what is normally found in similar concerns such as Google, purely a hunt engine web site.

Figure 1.1: Portal range of top four webs ( from work )

Beginning: Deoksoon et Al ( 2000 )

The company values the followers: excellence, teamwork, invention, community, client arrested development and merriment. It besides points out what it does non value, negative though, some of which are favoritism, bureaucratism, speedy hole, impossible and tonss more ( Yahoo 2004a ) . Yahoo, with the nature of its concern being done perfectly online is an illustration of what Afuah and Tucci ( 2003 ) refer to as an cyberspace concern and they point out that such concern thoughts take advantage of the cyberspace to do money. Further, they claim that an Internet concern theoretical account helps to spell out how this is achieved and classifies concern theoretical account into seven classs where a house ‘s gross beginnings could lie, they are commission-based concern theoretical account, advertising-based, markup-based, production-based, referral-based, subscription based, and fee-for-service based.

Yahoo ‘s concern theoretical account is business-to-customer ( B2C ) ( Mahadevan 2000 ) and advertising-based ( Canzer 2006 ) whereby a web site proprietor intentionally provides or offers free or subsidised content, services or merchandises to stop users with the purpose of pulling them as visitants. This sort of theoretical account operates and could win in two ways: First, by aiming the largest audience possible merely like advertisement on telecasting, this means the larger the figure or visitants, the more the entreaty to most advertizers. Second, by aiming specialised audience whereby a house ( advertizer ) has specific classs of people as its mark. Advertising-based theoretical accounts are farther classified into generalised portal, personalized portal, specialised portal, attention/incentive selling, free theoretical account, deal discount house, infomediary enrollment theoretical account, recommender system and community supplier. Out of all these, Yahoo ‘s advertising-based concern theoretical account can be associated with the development of generalised portal and besides individualized portal, for case, ( Afuah & A ; Tucci 2003 ) . The undermentioned subdivision analyzes the company ‘s concern theoretical account which helps to truly explicate how it makes money. As mentioned earlier, the IT concern theoretical account model ( figure 1.0 ) along with the underpinning theories would be used as the analytical tool.


As pointed out earlier, Yahoo ‘s concern is to the full internet-based, which is the IT invention being exploited. It started as a mere hunt engine before diversifying into a web portal ( Miller 2000 ) which provides the contents or services that they are known for today. Yahoo ‘s web portal which consists of assorted contents and hunt engine is driven by web 2.0 engineering as the engineering behind its expression and feel after the web 1.0 epoch, the company has besides started researching the freshly introduced web 3.0 to heighten its services the more ( Sramana Mitra 2007 ) . Aisheh ( n.d ) differentiates these engineerings as follows:

Web 1.0: allows for a one-way interaction and non alterable, small design and fundamentally text merely.

Web 2.0: allows bipartisan interaction and dynamic in nature as shown in figure 1.2. It enables societal networking and the engineerings are such as javascript, flash, Ajax, php, and extensile markup linguistic communication ( XML ) ( O’Reilly 2009 ) .

Web 3.0: Jason Calacanis says it enables creative activity of high-quality content and services utilizing web 2.0 engineering as the enabling platform ( cited in Aisheh n.d ) . Its engineerings are Resource Description Framework ( RDF ) , RDF Schema, Web ontology linguistic communication ( OWL ) and SPARQL ( SPARQL protocol and RDF question ) ( ibid ) . Web 3.0 has to make with semantic web ( Deitel & A ; Deitel 2008 ) , personalization, intelligent hunt and behavioral advertisement amongst others ( Agarwal 2009 ) .

Figure 1.2: web 1.0 and 2.0 comparing

Beginning: Aisheh ( n.d )

The hunt engine is besides driven by certain tools with the purpose of giving it an border over others.

An internet hunt engine is said to work by foremost, seeking of import words on the cyberspace, secondly, maintaining an index of these words, thirdly, the indexing helps to easy react to a hunt made by a user as shown in figure 1.3 below ( Curt n.d ) .

Figure 1.3: how internet hunt engine plants

Beginning: Howstuffworks ( 2000 )

Chen and Scullion ( 2009 ) besides describe what most search engines such as Yahoo involve as:

Use of automatons to see or creep web pages in order to deprive out its hypertext markup language content and shop afterwards.

Relevance algorithm: It has an algorithm for the intent of doing information retrieval easy and returning hunt consequences based on what is relevant to the question utilizing certain standards to give weights to its findings.

Page rank: this determines the importance attached to a page ‘s commendation by ciphering the figure of web pages that links to a page and their qualities. Therefore, if a page ranks high, it means it is more relevant to a peculiar question because other pages that are of import nexus to it.

Indexing: this involves storage of information gathered by the automaton for easy retrieval when a user makes a question.

For competition grounds, Yahoo has concealed the information about some or all of these tools though several studies confirm that yokel has been depending on some other rivals such as Google to construct capablenesss in this country as would be farther discussed subsequently, this might supply grounds for non being able to easy follow any hunt engineering to Yahoo ( Beyonder n.d ) . Anyway, merely few old ages ago, some studies confirm that Yahoo released its ain hunt engineering called ‘Yahoo Slurp ‘ which works as a web sycophant ( web spider ) shown in figure 1.3 above, with the purpose of bettering its hunt engine. Slurp works by assisting to turn up sites for indexing so as to do retrieval easier when required by a user. It besides has a page ranking algorithm ( name withheld ) which it uses to rank consequences based on their relevancy to a question made by user, some claim that it uses an algorithm similar to that of Google which is ‘PageRank ‘ ( Hedger 2004 ) .

Capability and Resource

As the IT concern theoretical account model ( fig 1.0 ) depicts, value lies in the bosom of the concern theoretical account. A steadfast exploits its resources in making capablenesss which consequences into value to both the house and consumers. A house ‘s resources are grouped into three facets viz. touchable, intangible and human ( Afuah & A ; Tucci 2003 ) . In order to analyse this facet explicitly, a SWOT analysis will be done to place the strengths, failings, chances and menaces for Yahoo. This helps particularly to expose where Yahoo ‘ internal capablenesss are being exploited and external capablenesss are being explored.


A noteworthy strength which Yahoo has is in footings of strong trade name acknowledgment. Yahoo has ever been known as a maestro of portals therefore it can be said that their capableness truly lies in this country, ‘but they have let their hunt merchandise suffer ‘ ( Drohn et al 2007:7 ) . As a affair of fact, it is reported that Yahoo sees their nucleus concern to be Yahoo intelligence, Yahoo Finance and Mail, this has contributed to more attending being paid to other facets of its services from the oncoming, that is, content coevals for its web portal instead than hunt engine which happens to be the success factor for its rival, Google ( ibid. ) . The capableness that Yahoo has now built for driving its hunt engine after a serious battle in the hunt engine market, with the development of its ain hunt engineering called ‘Yahoo Slurp ‘ in 2004, originated from taking advantage of several acquisitions of companies such as Overture, Inktomi, Alta Vista that possess capablenesss in this country ( Greenwood n.d ) . In add-on, to contend this challenge, Yahoo one time had a partnership with Google at some point in order to profit from its superb hunt engineering while it focused on its nucleus concern ( ibid. ) . Constructing on these capablenesss, Yahoo is able to supply users with many merchandises and services which they categorize as: Front Doors, Search, Communications and Communities, Media, and Connected Life ( Yahoo 2007 ) .

Front Doors include Yahoo front page, My yokel ( Personalized ) and Yahoo toolbar.

Search includes yahoo hunt, Local ( Yahoo yellow pages, yokel maps and yahoo local ) , shopping, travel, personals and yokel replies.

Communicationss include Yahoo mail, Zimbra mail and yokel courier

Communities include yahoo groups, Yahoo 360 and Flickr

Media consists of Information ( Yahoo intelligence, Yahoo Finance, athleticss and ) , Entertainment ( Yahoo Music, Yahoo films and Television, Yahoo games, Yahoo picture and omg! ) and Lifestyles ( Yahoo autos, Yahoo existent estate, Yahoo nutrient, Yahoo tech, Yahoo childs and Yahoo wellness ) .

Connected Life which includes co-branded broadband, yahoo nomadic, yahoo digital place and yahoo desktop.

Creation of all of these merchandises and services is a mere scheme to pull visitants, that is, users to its web site because most are available as free service in order to do advertising-based nature of its concern theoretical account executable, Yahoo is so able to do money straight ( service fees ) or indirectly ( advertisement ) through the users as would be analyzed subsequently.


As respects the hunt engine, Google is still seeking difficult to retain its singular place in its hunt consequences which has been bring forthing twice every bit much as Yahoo ‘s gross. This is apparent in a statement made by Carol Bartz, Yahoo ‘s main executive in New York Times, August 2009 that “ We have ne’er been a hunt company ” , insinuating that they were ne’er in a conflict for the best in hunt ( cited in McGovern 2009:1 ) .

Virtually all of Yahoo ‘s packaged services are besides offered by other beginnings which makes distinction hard for the company.

Yokel is said non to hold ‘a nucleus competence in hardware technology for public presentation and consistence ‘ like its challenger, Google, this consequences into maintaining up with ‘a crazy-quilt of hardware and runing systems ‘ ensuing from acquisition of engineering companies and allowing each to run its engineering in a silo ( Arnold 2005:62 ) .


To get down with, Yahoo has extremely skilled and talented employees, peculiarly internal developers, who help to change over the company ‘s resources ( touchable ) into client value and net incomes.

Yokel has been able to perforate markets that are yet to be touched by rivals ( Drohn et al 2007 ) .

Yahoo ‘s acquisition of Flickr to beef up its cyberspace picture advertisement as this facet is being paid greater attending by advertizers than of all time before, Drohn et Al ( 2007 ) claim that cyberspace picture advertisement disbursement had inclinations to turn by 82 % to $ 410 million in 2006, following the popularity of on-line picture as opposed to Television ( LiveRail 2008 ) .


Attitude of consumers towards online advertisement may go discouraging.

Rivals such as Google are increasing in strength, particularly Google ‘s promotion in grosss and even societal web sites are to the full interrupting into the on-line advertizement industry ( Drohn et al 2007 ) .

Firm Boundary

A house ‘s boundary takes two signifiers which are perpendicular and horizontal. In analysing Yahoo ‘s horizontal boundary, the economic systems of graduated table and range and strategic web theory will be applied in position of value creative activity. The economic systems of graduated table and range are consistent with the footings, range and profusion, known as the market ‘s nucleus features in that making more clients can lend to a house ‘s graduated table, and rich merchandises and services can heighten the range of a house ( Evans & A ; Wurster 1999 ) . The internet-based nature of Yahoo ‘s concern creates an avenue for its handiness and handiness from anyplace, this being one of the outstanding belongingss of the cyberspace as earlier mentioned. Besides, Yahoo has made a immense impact in the market with a assortment of merchandises and services as antecedently mentioned to pull users to its web site in order to do money from its advertising-based concern theoretical account.

The strategic webs which Yahoo has established aid to explicate how external resources are being explored. In this effort, Yahoo claims to hold acquired many companies, some of which are 3721, Kelkoo and Musicmatch, in line with its concern scheme to offer users ‘high quality, advanced services and to supply the most efficient and effectual selling platform for concerns and [ its ] fiscal scheme to make long-run value for [ the ] stockholders ( Yahoo 2004b:9 ) .

In an effort to heighten its advertisement capablenesss for clients, Yahoo acquired companies such as Right Media and BlueLithium Inc and has a figure of confederations in rendering its merchandises and services as follows ( Yahoo 2007 ) :

An advertisement partnership with Vodafone to supply nomadic show advertizements in its Live! Portal and other merchandises.

It has a multi-year hunt and advertisement distribution understanding with WebMD, an understanding for show advertisement with, and Ziff-Davis Media,

A picture and show advertisement understanding with, a multi-year partnership to supply contextual advertisement together with hunt tools for all Viacom ‘s broadband sites.

Yokel has a strategic partnership with eBay to function as a 3rd party supplier of paid hunt and show advertisement in the US.

It has established partnerships with taking nomadic operators such as Apple and Nokia for its Mobile services distribution.

Recently, the company has made an understanding with Microsoft to drive its hunt engine non long after the partnership with Google.

In measuring Yahoo ‘s perpendicular boundary, the focal point will be on its value concatenation. Yahoo ‘s value concatenation is practical in that it fundamentally deals with information as opposed to the physical value concatenation affecting physical merchandises. Making value in this practical value concatenation involves the undermentioned value-adding stairss: information assemblage, forming, choosing, synthesising and distribution ( Rayport & A ; Sviokla 1995 ) . Yahoo ‘s value concatenation begins with content and merchandise ( practical ) creative activity, as a web portal which it is widely known for and hunt engine, most of its package merchandises are being developed internally ( Yahoo 2007 ) . This is followed by distribution through their web site with the purpose of pulling visitants for its advertising-based concern and in conclusion, ingestion by users who merely need to entree these merchandises and services online.

The trade name acknowledgment which Yahoo has ever had contributes mostly to its success but in the past old ages, it has lost the hunt engine competency to Google who has been really successful in this country. As mentioned earlier, Yahoo continues to get companies and organize partnerships to construct more capablenesss in order to better on its merchandises and services including hunt engineering, specifically, Yahoo has considered organizing a hunt confederation with Microsoft which is likely to assist recover and prolong its competitory place in on-line advertisement market, soon being led by Google ( Drohn et al 2007 ) .

The company is being faced with a tough external environment, one of which is the world-wide recession, but holds on to the trade name trueness which its users have claiming that over 500 million users rely on Yahoo each month ( Yahoo 2008 ) . Therefore, in pursuit of value creative activity, the company continues to work its internal capablenesss by apologizing its house boundary and researching external capablenesss for nutriment in the extremely competitory industry with consciousness of its macro environment.