The Innovation Of The Ipod Innovation Assignment Marketing Essay


This study reveals the originative and advanced facets of the iPod. It will state where it originates from, what has influenced it, and where any possible menaces or chances lay with all iPod related affair. The development and upgrading of engineering will be looked at and how the timing of the release of the iPod may hold had a monolithic consequence on its success. The study will besides be observing on the nucleus competences, networking and schemes of Apple when it comes to any important affairs that may travel iPod up to the following degree. All facets that contribute to its successful or non so successful invention will be mentioned and what an hinder it along the manner.


Invention is the successful execution of creativeness and relies on originative and alternate thought. Without creativeness at that place can non be invention and without execution, creativeness can ne’er be more than merely a idea. In simple words, invention can non be without creativeness. ( Appleyard, M. 2009 ) An invention is when you do something in a new manner. To get down with, an invention is valuable merely to the designer except it is presented to the populace, nevertheless niche the market may be. If the creative activity improves a merchandise for the populace, so that mechanism becomes an invention or an ‘innovative merchandise ‘ . An invention can come in all sizes whether it is prodigious or minute. Pristine or merely a small diverse, it does n’t count. An invention can be really complex or externally unsophisticated. Inventions are often considered in footings of technological attainment, but they could besides be something unphysical such as a design. The nature, industry and modishness of invention are beside the point.

One of, if the best most successful invention of our coevals is the Apple IPod. It was launched on the 23rd October 2001 and as of 9th September 2009 more than 220’000’000 IPod ‘s had been sold worldwide. It presently holds the record for the best-selling digital sound participant series in history. It has owned over 70 % of the market for all types of participants since October 2004. In ‘AdWeek ‘ and many other magazines and polls and has been named merchandise of the decennary.

The iPod and its history

Apple had in consequence recognized an gap inside the digital music market. They had acknowledged that there was a bead in gross revenues of digital music participants due to the goods soon on the market being unequal. Apple will hold believed that the so current harvest of music participants were deficient therefore motivating them into planing the phenomenon that is the iPod. Due to the success of the Song Walkman, Apple decided they wanted to come in the music participant market. Therefore the company expanded from the nucleus merchandise of computing machines and package industry into many countries including personal music/media participants ( iPod ) . The Godhead of Apples iTunes was Steve Jobs, an in-house package Godhead. Apple released the first iPod into the market topographic point on 23rd of October 2001. It proved enormously successful due to the package created by Steve Jobs which allows users to download music straight from the cyberspace to the device a first at the clip of launch. Today, over 40 % of the net incomes Apple makes come from iPod gross revenues. ITunes was wholly invented from “ abrasion ” ( new engineering emerges ) by Apple which was a push to bring forth IPods. Apple recognised the alteration in market sentiment and behavior, were other participants persist in alternate accounts ( cadmium, mini phonograph record, etc ) . Apples IPod was a platform invention created by Sony ( The Walkman ) .

The first iPods were produced with an unambiguous construction and a downrightness which proved to hold its advantages against their rivals and proved to be their core competences. Nowadays, nevertheless, the hardware battle has grown to be much stronger, preponderantly within the “ mini ” sector which is turning at a rapid gait. Since the IPod was debuted, non one of the alterations we have seen have been drastic, we have merely seen many polishs, these including: – oilskin designs, coloring material screens, camera ‘s, lesser signifier factors, updated applications, and somewhat modified interfaces. The ‘simpleness ‘ of the iPod is another competency. Anybody no affair how technologically advanced they may be would be able to utilize one.

The ITunes is likely one of the grounds the IPod has been such a hit. It allows clients to buy music and other content on the cyberspace in a downloadable signifier which is legal. It was the first advanced plan that was made specifically for merely the 1 music participant, doing the IPod the merely compatible participant to download onto.

The selling run behind the IPod was another ground why it has been so successful. MP3 participant engineering had already been invented, nevertheless apple took the following measure with presenting immense memory and a new slipperiness design. They are invariably looking at and happening ways to better their merchandise so they are ever in front of rivals by redesigning and set uping themselves as the lone MP3 to purchase. They appeal to a mass audience of all ages, therefore interrupting into all sections of the market. Apple has made certain the IPod is a family name, and due to this it is difficult to happen a adolescent without one. Continual gross revenues figures prove iPod ‘s success at market development as all their gross revenues figures are streets in front of any rival.

The world-wide success of the IPod would propose that they have a really effectual scheme in topographic point. Apple ‘s COO Tim Cook explained Apple ‘s iPod scheme at a Goldman Sachs conference: ‘Sell less, do more. Worldwide iPod unit cargos were up 5 per centum December-to-December – comparatively low growing, thanks to slouching gross revenues of Apple ‘s inexpensive Shuffle. But iPod gross still grew 17 per centum ‘ . “ Shuffle pulled the units down, the iPod Touch pulled the gross up. Frankly, it was much more of import for us to hold a great launch on Touch and to set up that merchandise… than it was on units, ” he said. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

If you were to inquire Apple what the ground behind driving the iPod ‘s success was, the corporation may flash its integrating. Undeniably, fabricating a merchandise with the advantage of house integrating habitually causes you to lose the first-mover benefit. Apple ‘s integrating has seen prodigious net income for the iPod and this has happened at a phase whilst digital music has been perplexing and awkward for many hearers and the concern is more than probably traveling to continually continue an improved lead here than it would in either hardware or package per Se.

SWOT Analysis

Many strengths and failings from inside an administration can find the result of whether a merchandise is to be a success or non. Here are some strengths and failings of Apple and the IPod.


Apple is an highly strong company. Gross saless of its iPod music participant are of all time increasing all around the Earth. The positive trade name perceptual experience has besides lead to a gross revenues addition in other goods such as the Apple Macintosh computing machine. Thus the iPod is giving the company entree to a larger figure of sectors that are purchasing into the other countries of Apple ‘s trade name. Gross saless of other merchandises such as the ‘Notebook ‘ are besides turning, and are besides assisting to increase Apple ‘s gross.

An established trade name image is really of import. Apple is up at that place as being one of the most accepted and triumphant IT brands in the universe, and has a really loyal set of booming repetition clients that advocate the trade name. Such great degrees of client trueness means that every bit good as invariably enrolling new clients Apple will besides retain their current 1s i.e. they will utilize Apple ‘s merchandises and services one time once more, and Apple will be able to widen their new or updated merchandises to them, for illustration the iPod.


It has been said that the Apple iPod Nano might envelop a blemished screen. The company has commented that “ a batch of its merchandise has screens that interruption under impact, and the company is replacing all defective points. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) Along with the job with the screens there was besides a reported job with their batteries, whereby Apple presented clients with complimentary battery instances.

The subject of music download has been immense as of late. Businesss are traveling into settlement and sets in the music industry feel something demands to be done as people are n’t purchasing their Cadmium ‘s any longer, alternatively choosing to download them from the cyberspace. Apple is confronting force per unit area from the industry to increase the monetary value of its music downloads. Apple has sold about 22 million iPod digital music participants and more than 500 million vocals though its iTunes music shop. It accounts for 82 % of all lawfully downloaded music in the US. The company is resolute, but if it gives in to the music manufacturers, it may be perceived as a commercial failing. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Equally good as influences from within a company there are besides external factors that affect the departures on, these include chances and menaces. Here are a few.


Apple have opportunity to widen their iTunes and music participant engineering into a nomadic phone format. Mobile phones are now being made with coloring material screens, personal stereo talkers and sophisticated camera systems. A new version of Apple ‘s iTunes has been created for nomadic phones so that the user is able to manage the paths they lay up on it. Innovative engineering and tactical confederations propose chances for Apple to go an even greater force.


One of the premier dangers to engineering based concerns such as Apple is the surging degree of competition within their market. If you are a success you are automatically traveling to pull competition as others will desire to take a piece of your net income and go successful themselves. Therefore Apple must work really steadfastly on research, development, selling and advertisement to keep their competitory location and advantage. The popularity of iPod and Apple Mac are capable to demand, and will be affected if economic systems begin to waver and demand falls for their merchandises.

Within Apple ‘s market there is a exalted merchandise permutation consequence. At this current minute iPod are the swayers, nevertheless it was n’t long since Cadmium ‘s and Vinyl ‘s were. Apple needs to be able to accommodate to alter. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Plague Analysis

Other external factors besides have a monolithic influence on how good a merchandise does.

Political Factors

Apple ‘s are a worldwide concern hence many political factors ill consequence them. War, terrorist act, geopolitical uncertainnesss, public wellness issues may impact the company ‘s concern greatly. All these events are far beyond the company ‘s ability to command therefore version is important.

Apple has outsourced its applications, ware fabrication, transportation and logistics direction to legion intermediary industries to take down their operating expenses. Assorted makers are positioned outside of America. The ware development in these states may acquire interrupted by political proceedings. If this was to go on Apple would be unable to present its merchandises on clip to its client and could potentially lose money. This would harm the image of the company to both consumers and retail merchants.

Economic Factors

By big the planetary economic system is non good at this present clip. With consumers confronting unemployed in the face, they are likely to pass less in buying luxuries goods, such as purchasing a new IPod. This is more than probably to hold a damnatory consequence on Apples gross revenues.

The exchange rate between the British lb and the American dollar has fallen harshly due to the recognition crunch, accordingly they may be more expensive than before which would take to consumers wavering in purchasing new IPod ‘s.

Social Factors

Environmental attention is going more of an issue around the Earth with all companies seeking to maintain an oculus on their C pes print. An array of policies and Torahs including wellness and safety etc, may negatively impact the company ‘s economic province and operating consequences by implying a secure discarding or recycling system of Apple ‘s trade goods. Specific Apple ware is confronting wellness issues due to a design enlistment. Evidence suggests that the improper usage of the iPod may perchance do a hearing hindrance for its users.

Technology Factors

The market for portable music participants has many different rivals and is besides capable to swift technological alteration. The bantam merchandise life, menace of new advanced ware and the relentless sweetening in merchandise presentation, public presentation and image demand Apple to invariably put in research and development in order to remain above the other market leaders. Apple ‘s direction of the whole building processs of the iPod is a comprehendible benefit they have over their challengers. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )


The iPod has likely been the most successful new merchandise of all clip, with its gross revenues degrees since it was launched continually lifting, and it has now gained a market portion of merely over 60 % . This victory can be accredited to a figure of lending causes examined above and summarised below.

Apple had recognized an gap in an emergent market and they have exploited it successfully by contriving a new merchandises and impression that is appreciated by consumers. The new advanced thought of the iPod was fleetly entered into the market, and all of Apples rivals were unable to fit its exceeding design and functionality. New merchandise ‘s demand to be: sole, advanced and differentiated and the clients need to be able to admit that it is good value for what they are paying for. Every facet of this standard is so met by the iPod. Apple have a squad invariably seeking to happen ways in which they are able to do the iPod development turn even more so it is able to protract its market control. It is about certain that the success of the iPod is apt to prevail into the hereafter. ‘Companies achieve competitory advantage through Acts of the Apostless of invention. They approach invention in its broadest sense, including both new engineerings and new ways of making things ‘ . Micheal Porter ( 1990 ) The Competitive Advantage of Nations, MacMillan, London.