The general design of the proposed framework is portrayed in figure-3

The general design of the proposed framework is portrayed in figure-3.1. This proposed framework is essentially partitioned into two modules specifically, equipment and programming module. In equipment module, the mouthpieces and the sensors specifically the camera sensors and the sound sensors are utilized and in programming module, the distributed computing strategies are utilized which helps in the exchange of information or flag starting with one gadget then onto the next. In this engineering the sound sensor and the camera sensor assumes a noteworthy part.

The camera sensor that is utilized as a part of this engineering is CMOS sensor and the sound sensor that is utilized is Grove sensor. The CMOS camera sensor is introduced at each flag with a specific end goal to screen the vehicles in the street, for the most part in the pinnacle territories. On the off chance that the vehicles are stuck to a separation of around 30 meters ,it shows the nearness of movement in that specific territory by creating a flag with the assistance of CMOS camera sensor and exchange this flag to the Area Traffic Control System with the assistance of distributed computing. This flag is thusly gotten by the Area Traffic Control System (ATCS) and thusly it cautions the police of the activity and because of this activity, the movement would be cleared.