The Fight To Coexist History Essay

Since the 1700 ‘s, African Americans have fought for freedom and rights to be and for equality in the United States. With this being Black History Month, there is no better manner to observe their independency so to speak about their battle for it. The late 1800 ‘s and the early to mid 1900 ‘s were where the biggest battles came, but first we must travel back and briefly go over some black history with a talk about bondage.

Blacks were forced into bondage largely in the South. Due to the slave codifications there were rigorous Torahs for slaves. If person wished to make concern with a slave they must foremost travel through the slave ‘s proprietor. Slaves were treated similar money as they could be used in a raffle drawing, as a bet in chancing, as collateral for a loan or used as gifts from one individual to another. Slaves were non allowed to hold guns, nor were they allowed to be used as oculus informants in instances against Whites. They were non allowed to have any type of instruction. They besides were non allowed to vote or acquire together without a white superintendent. Marriages between slaves were non legal, therefore households could be split up. It was non uncommon for slaves to be separated from their households and some were ne’er able to happen their household members once more. If a slave committed incendiarism, colza of a white adult female or confederacy to arise they were put to decease. However, any white adult male who raped a female slave was merely found guilty of intruding their maestro ‘s belongings.

Different types of farms and plantations required different types of labour. Slaves on plantations lived in little hovels on their maestro ‘s belongings that had dirt floors with really small furniture if any at all. They frequently worked from Sun up to sun down and if they worked for a little husbandman who was non making good, it could intend they would non eat at all. Larger plantations frequently needed domestic slaves. They lived in quarters in their Masterss places sometimes and were able to eat garbages off the tabular array one time dinner was complete. They even had the chance at times to go with their slaves to assist them with their household while off.

In 1865 and early 1866, after the civil war province legislative assemblies enacted Torahs in the south known as the Black Codes. The codifications allowed the constabulary to grok unemployed African Americans, ticket them for vagrancy and engage them out to private employers to cover their mulcts. Certain codifications prohibited inkinesss from having or renting farms or taking a occupation other than a plantation worker or domestic retainer. This is dry sing they were merely freed of this purportedly. Finally, the Fourteenth Amendment was passed on July 9, 1868 and it stated that everyone born in and naturalized in the US was automatically a citizen and entitled to all rights and privileges of a citizen.

From there the persecution of the inkinesss merely became worse. In 1866, the Ku Klux Clan was formed and led by Nathan Bedford Forrest. They would sit around midnight dressed in white sheets and masks and would drape white screens over their Equus caballuss. They frequently burned crosses in black household ‘s paces and sometimes they went every bit far as to terrorise and endanger to kill as they did with Elias Hill. He was a black sermonizer whom preached against the Ku Klux Klan and threatened to kill him if he did n’t halt speaking to the newspaper or prophesying about the Klan. ( Johnson, 18-21 )

The Jim Crow Torahs were put into topographic point in 1876, which forbid inkinesss from: equitation in the same rail autos with Whites, waiting in the same waiting room, utilizing the same washrooms, sitting in the same theatres. They were n’t permitted to eat together, but if they did, white work forces were to be served foremost, so black work forces and a divider had to be placed between them. They were n’t allowed to utilize the same washrooms, nor could they agitate custodies with white work forces because it implied societal equality. A black adult male was non allowed to offer to illume a white adult female ‘s coffin nail. Blacks were n’t allowed to demo fondness in public. Blacks were to be introduced to Whites foremost, non the other manner around. Blacks were non allowed to sit in the same railway autos together. Blacks were to sit in the back place or the bed of a truck if a white individual was in the vehicle. White automobilists ever had the right of manner on the roads. They were n’t even allowed to go to the same school as white kids ( Ferris ) .

In 1895, Booker T. Washington listed a program of adjustment for advancement among racial equality in the Atlanta Exposition Address. In the reference he stated that a race can non thrive until they learn that tilling a field has every bit much self-respect in it as composing a verse form, that no occupation is any great than any other. Washington stated that we all start at the underside in life which means that no individual is any great than any other. Washington went on to state that if you cast out your pail, intending if you reach out to those that help you will happen the most patient, faithful, jurisprudence staying people in the universe and that they ‘ve already proved their trueness to the white people in the past with nursing their kids, caring for ill female parents and male parents, and frequently being at that place as they passed. Washington stated that they are the most devoted people who are ready to put their lives down to support yours in an effort to do both races as one. ( Johnson, 116-117 )

In 1903, W. E. B. Du Bois, who was one of the organisers of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ( NAACP ) , attacked Booker T Washington ‘s Ideas on Racial Equality and proposed new thoughts that he thought made more sense. Du Bois foremost stated that Washington asked black people to give up political power, insisting on civil rights and higher instruction of Negro young person. Du Bois went on to state that these things merely caused the “ disenfranchisement of the Negro, The legal creative activity of a distinguishable position of civil lower status for the Negro and The steady backdown of assistance from establishments for the higher preparation of the Negro. ” ( Johnson, 119 ) He states that Washington ‘s paradox is nonsubjective by two categories of black Americans. The first category had a hatred and misgiving for the white Southerners. The 2nd category is merely inquiring for three things: The right to vote, civic equality and the instruction of young person harmonizing to ability. ( Johnson, 119-120 ) Many old ages went by, with many black Americans known as the minority, segregated and treated as inferiors by everyone else.

On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks got on a segregated coach in Montgomery, Alabama. She took a place on the really first row of the black subdivision of the coach which was in the dorsum of the coach. On one of the Michigans rather a few people got on. One white adult male did non hold a place. So the coach driver asked Rosa Parks and the other 3 people sitting on the row with her to acquire up. The adult male sitting following to her by the window got up foremost. So she let him go through so moved over against the window to let the white adult male to sit. The coach driver proceeded to inquire the other three to acquire up. Finally the other two adult females on the other side of the isle stood up. Rosa Parks said no. The coach driver so got off the coach and waited for the constabulary to get. Two constabulary officers came on the coach and escorted Mrs. Parks to imprison. ( Johnson, 239-243 )

Her hearing was set for December 8th where she was found guilty and was fined $ 10.00, plus a $ 4.00 tribunal fee. On December 5, 1955, African Americans were asked to remain off the metropolis coachs in protest of Rosa Parks apprehension for declining to give up her place. The boycott proved successful so they continued it for months. The black community took legal action against the metropolis and in June of 1956, Alabama ‘s public theodolite segregation Torahs were deemed unconstitutional. Because of the fiscal loss associated with the boycott and the legal allegations against the metropolis, they had no pick but to raise the segregation regulations from the busing system. ( Biography, Rosa Parks )

Amongst the battle in Montgomery over racial segregation was Martin Luther King, Jr. He was the curate of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery when the incident with Rosa Parks occurred. He was portion of the civil rights motion to stop segregation. He became the president of the Montgomery Improvement Association in which a group of militant formed to boycott Montgomery ‘s theodolite system. King so formed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in hopes to make a platform for his mass motion to capitalise the triumph they celebrate in Montgomery in get rid ofing theodolite segregation. In 1963, King was protesting segregation of tiffin tabular arraies and engaging procedures in Birmingham and was arrested. ( Biography, Martin Luther King Jr. )

In the missive King wrote while in gaol, he stated the grounds that he returned to Birmingham, after traveling to Atlanta to Co-pastor Ebenezer Baptist Church with his male parent, was because he felt unfairness was still being served in Birmingham and he could non sit lazily by and watch and non be concerned with what was go oning. He stated that the state of affairss needed to be dramatized to turn out that they could no longer be ignored that action needed to take topographic point to repair the incorrect state of affairss. ( Johnson, 259-260 )

Many marks of resistance for King ‘s civil rights motion began to come up get downing in 1965. The more he marched and brought attending to himself the more he had to cover with unfavorable judgment and hatred. In the concluding months of his life he admitted that he was tired of marching, tired of acquiring arrested and hated life mundane under the menace of decease. Then on April 3, 1968 as he stood on the balcony at his hotel, he was shot with a sniper slug by James Earl Ray. King left behind a immense bequest and after old ages of combat, the King Holiday advocators were able to acquire President Ronald Reagan to subscribe statute law set uping a national vacation in award of Martin Luther King, Jr. It began on January 20, 1986 and has occurred the 3rd Monday of January since so. ( Biography, Martin Luther King Jr. )

The battle against favoritism did n’t stop with the decease of King. It was a long tiring conflict that went on for old ages. Finally, in the twenty-first century, no 1 is allowed to know apart against anyone regardless of race, sex, age or for any other ground. It took the work of Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Du Bois, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr. and many others every bit good. The difficult work of these great leaders and many others should ne’er be forgotten and it was their hope that each and every American would be looked at as peers no affair the race, age, sex or the occupation that each individual has.