The Evaluation Of Starbucks Marketing Essay

They provide by being a responsible company. They besides guarantee a quality merchandise by crunching java beans every clip a new pot is brewed. This will non merely supply clients with fresh quality java but besides fill the caf & A ; eacute ; with the olfactory property of fresh java all twenty-four hours to lure other people to come in and imbibe java.

Evaluate Starbucks atmosphere/physical milieus.

Starbucks is traveling through a revamp in Singapore from what I see from the new mercantile establishments. They have changed to hanker tabular arraies which are good for bigger groups. They besides have saloon seats confronting the streets ( likely to lure the people outside to come in ) . A figure of seats have besides been changed to buffer seats alternatively of the wooden 1s but those still remain for the normal tabular arraies. This makes the full country a nicer topographic point to sit down and loosen up with a book in manus and java on the tabular array.

What are the strengths and failings of this ambiance? What can be done to better the ambiance at Starbucks?



Good topographic point for people to sit down and loosen up, read a book, survey or people watch.

Because it is a good topographic point to be in, people spend a batch of clip there but this does non needfully interpret to more gross revenues. In fact, possible clients may non come in because there are no seats left.

The olfactory property of java and pastries being heated up can convey clients in every bit good as cause clients who are already in the store to pass more.

If the mercantile establishment is non busy, the olfactory property which is one of the chief draws may non be present.

When the mercantile establishment is really busy, tabular arraies may be left with crumbs and dirty cups and home bases which is instead unsightly for clients.

Starbucks could look into offering limitless refills for their drinks during non-peak hours for a higher monetary value ( but they have to implement a no sharing regulation which could be difficult ) . They already have marks in placed to remind clients non to analyze at that place during peak hours but I do non cognize if the service staff enforces it purely.

A pot of fresh java could be brewed every 30 proceedingss during non-peak hours to bring forth the olfactory property of fresh java to lure people to come in and do a purchase ( similar to what Famous Amos does – liberate odors )

Staff hired to specifically maintain the outlet clean alternatively of acquiring tellers or baristas to duplicate up particularly during peak hours will assist maintain the caf & A ; eacute ; clean. Starbucks could educate the clients to be responsible and assist maintain their operating expenses low by uncluttering their ain cups and home bases ( similar to Ikea ) and in bend the nest eggs would be passed on to the consumers.

Part B ( 5 points ) : Determine what gaps in the 5 Gap Model of Service Quality ( Appendix A in your text edition ) that Starbucks is presently confronting. Following, provide suggestions for betterment for each spread that you believe Starbucks is presently confronting.

Quality specifications versus service bringing

Although Starbucks spend a batch of their barista preparation, I do non cognize if every bit much preparation is given to those who work in their accredited shops overseas sing that there are part-timers working as baristas. I personally have had drinks there were non made to the criterion that I have come to anticipate from them and the gustatory sensation of the drink does vary from mercantile establishment to outlet.

Starbucks already has a system in topographic point whereby a client can alter their drink if they are non satisfied but I think proper preparation like in the company-owned shops should be given throughout all mercantile establishments to guarantee consistence in the drinks. This will guarantee that clients do non hold a bad experience to get down with.

Expected service versus perceived service

Based on past experiences, be it in Singapore or overseas at different Starbucks mercantile establishments every bit good as the sum we are paying for a java, we have a high outlook of the life style that we have bought into. If the spread between the quality specifications versus service bringing increases or if other touchable facet such as the cleanliness of the mercantile establishment is bad ( soiled tabular arraies and floors or damaged furniture ) will take to an addition in expected service versus perceived service spread.

To guarantee that the touchable facet of their concern can be enhanced, damaged furniture should be repaired or replaced. This will guarantee that the expressions of the mercantile establishment is maintained and that no client would be put in injury ‘s manner due to defective furniture. The mercantile establishment should be kept clean at all times every bit good, right now during extremum hours, empty cups and soiled home bases are left on the tabular array. Even if clients were encouraged to dispose their ain cups ( presently most do non unclutter their cups ) , the tabular arraies may still be wet or soiled therefore the staff demand to play their portion as good. Possibly direction can look into engaging people specifically to maintain the mercantile establishment in cheque alternatively of trusting on the staff to function clients and maintain the mercantile establishment clean as good.

Part C ( 16 points ) : Developing Marketing Schemes for Starbucks

Conduct a SWOT analysis of Starbucks. This should include 2 points for each constituent of the SWOT ( 2 strengths, 2 failings, 2 chances and 2 menaces ) .


Very strong trade name acknowledgment and equity

A big figure of stables crossing over 50 states


50 % of the shops are in USA ( which may be over penetrated ) , and they have non been able interruption into big emerging markets like India and Vietnam

Their merchandise is priced on a higher scope and may turn off possible clients


They late signed a joint venture understanding with Tata Global Beverages Limited to run Starbucks in India with the first shop set to open in Mumbai in October 2012

They bought a juice company Evolution Fresh in late 2011 to seek and diversify the nucleus concern. This may convey about extra gross for the company


Entrance of high quality easy to utilize place espresso machines such as Nespresso which could promote consumers to do their ain alternatively of purchasing a cup from Starbucks on the manner to school or work

Rising cost of java beans and other trade goods may monetary value out more people from a cup of Starbucks java

What strategic enterprises could Starbucks set about for each component of the Product Expansion Grid ( see Slide 12, Chapter 3 notes ) . Please list 2 enterprises for each component in the grid ( 2 for merchandise development, 2 for market development, etc ) .

Market incursion

Opening more shops in emerging markets such as China and Mexico in their 2nd and 3rd tier metropoliss. Currently they is about 1 shop for every 25,000 people in the USA and 1 shop for every 65,000 people in Singapore. But there is merely 1 shop for every 2.04 million people in China and 1 shop for every 317,000 people in Mexico.

The Starbucks card could be linked worldwide to have points or to roll up drinks ( similar to the Hilton HHonors card ) alternatively of merely being linked to the single states like it presently is.

Market development

They can happen spouses ( similar to what they did in India ) in other developing markets such as Vietnam and South Africa to tap on their market potency before their challengers.

They should get down concentrating on smaller cities/states in the states that they have already broken into such as China, Russia, Australia and the Middle East.

Merchandise development

They can come up with new drinks to review their bill of fare from clip to clip such as the seasonal Christmas drinks or the late introduced salted caramel mocha.

Since they bought over Evolution Fresh, they can get down offering fresh juices and smoothies every bit good alternatively of merely bottled juices. They did the same thing when those bought over Ethos H2O and started selling it at all their shops.


They can look into bring forthing a similar machine to Nespresso to dispute the fastness of Nescafe.

They can look into turning their ain java beans to battle the lifting cost of trade goods by holding economic systems of graduated table. They will besides be able to guarantee a quality bean is grown.