The Challenges In Promoting The Product Marketing Essay

I have done a selling publicity and gross revenues on the merchandise, which is Cream de Cheek, that come under the trade name Majolica Majorca. Then, Majolica Majorca is a trade name that come under the Japan cosmetics company I¶ Shiseido Co. Ltd. Majolica Majorca was set up in 2003, it offers a batch of make-up merchandises that chief mark on the immature makeup lovers and taste-maker. Cream de Cheek is a new launch liquid blushing mushroom merchandise, which focus on immature manner adult females as good. The chiefly make-up point of the merchandise is immature and natural looking. Besides, it leaves no gluey feeling, preserves a durable colour and provides intervention consequence to humidify dry-prone cheeks. Two colourss of Cream de Cheek are provided until now, which are “ Coral Cream ” and “ Shell Pink Cream ” . ( Majolica, xxxx )

Selling can be defined as the procedure by the companies to construct value and relationship with clients for the intent of gaining control value from clients in return ( marketing an debut, 2011 ) . Companies can be after and put to death their selling schemes based on five different constructs, which are production, merchandise, merchandising, selling and social selling constructs. In my sentiment, Majolica Majorca used the construct of selling construct, which accomplishes the ends of the company by giving coveted satisfactions to the mark audiences with deliver what they wants and needs. The ground of my sentiment is, Majolica Majorca launched the merchandises that are needed by its mark markets which focus on the manner and immature makeup lovers ; Cream de Cheek is a good illustration.


The Challenges in advancing the merchandise

Base on my gross revenues experience, when I am advancing the merchandise in Watson at Kuala Lumpur City Centre ( KLCC ) , the challenges are there are so many others trade name of blusher merchandise that viing with, besides some of the clients are trade name loyal to the other trade name which made it more hard to advance to them, and some of them non even bother to listen. Besides, some of the clients said that they are more prefer to pulverize blusher alternatively of liquid blushing mushroom, the ground buttocks is even though liquid blushing mushroom is durable, but it takes longer clip to absolutely applied on the cheek. Harmonizing to some of the clients that we had conducted, the pricing of the merchandise is excessively expensive to them compare with the some of the other trade name, although RM5 verifiers are provided ; whereas some of client is more prefer to well-known trade name blushing mushroom which is more expensive. Language is besides one of the challenges, I personally prefer to pass on with Chinese which is the 1 that I most assurance with, nevertheless, most of the clients are utilizing Cantonese, English and Malay as their chief linguistic communication which I can non speak fluently with, and so can non specifically present what I want to state. In add-on, the Majolica Majorca booth in the Watson at KLCC besides non a really topographic point, because the clients normally turn to the other ways before semen to our booth after they finished looking at the first few booths. Toward the terminal, our group merely hardly manages to sell one bottle of the merchandise to a individual client among all of the clients that we conduct with.

Importance of Marketing Promotion

The definition of publicity is publicizing or promotion of a merchandise, thought, or proposal to act upon the populace toward purchasing a merchandise or service ( ward, 2012 ) . Companies can utilize publicity mix which includes of advertisement, gross revenues publicity, personal merchandising, public relation ( PR ) , and direct selling as the tools for the companies to set up client value and relationships. However, because of altering selling communications today, the companies now besides need to carefully incorporate their selling communicating tools.

The importance of the selling publicity to the merchandise is making consciousness of the merchandise and gives the cognition of the merchandise to the clients in order to obtain a favourable sale, every bit good as geting significant promotion and edifice company ‘s good will through making favour relationship with the company ‘s differences populaces.

By the run of the Majolica Majorca, it has foremost created the consciousness of the trade name and merchandise to us, which is besides portion of their mark and possible clients. After that, the run had besides created the consciousness of the merchandise by the consequence of the word-of-mouth which after we have a deeper cognition to the trade name and merchandise through the activities and events that we had done, such as upload posting on the, design and put to death a publicity program for the merchandise, every bit good as the gross revenues and publicity of the merchandise in the Watson shop.

As decision, the activities and events that had been done by us have increased the consciousness every bit good as the cognition of the merchandise to more clients, and make a favour relationship between the clients and the trade name. At the terminal of the run, we have besides generated rather a figure of gross revenues of the merchandise.

Selling Mixs

Marketing mix is a conceptual model that used to find the chief determination devising and do offers that are suited for the consumers ‘ demands. Marketing mix consists of 4 chief things: merchandise, monetary value, topographic point and publicity, which is besides well-known as “ the 4Ps ” ( ) . However, because of the fast changing selling environment which made it became more sophisticated, so farther 3Ps had been added, which are people, procedure and physical grounds.

The importance of selling mixes is to guarantee the prosperity of selling by replying the cardinal issues, which includes what merchandise should the company produce ; how much it need to be charged ; how to present it to the clients ; and how to state clients about it ( ) .

Product merely means the combination of goods and services that a company offers to its mark audiences. First, it must offer value for the clients but it is non necessary to be touchable ( goods ) . Then, the merchandise must be the right merchandise that meets the demands of the clients. Initially, it consists of presenting new merchandises or bettering the bing merchandises. In the instance of Majolica Majorca, it is presenting a new merchandise, the liquid blushing mushroom I¶ Cream de Cheek to its mark audiences.

Monetary value is value of the merchandise that has to be paid so as to acquire the merchandise. Pricing of the merchandise must be sensible and competitory in the market place, so that can capture as more clients as possible. However, this is non needfully the cheapest one, but is the monetary value that clients feel deserving to purchase it. Basically, clients will anticipate there is a positive relationship between the quality of the merchandise and the monetary value that been charged. Use Cream de Cheek as an illustration, based on my experience in advancing this merchandise in Watson, its pricing is non that competitory comparison with the others blusher, as some clients so give such feedback to us.

Place involves of the company channel that allow the merchandise available to the mark audiences ( Armstrong & A ; Kotler, 2011 ) . This can be done by utilizing assorted ways, like retail merchants, jobbers and cyberspace ( Lin ) . The topographic point that the merchandise is available must be equal and convenient for the client. Based on my experience that sells Cream de Cheek at KLCC Watson, it was rather a good topographic point as KLCC is the halfway metropolis, so there got crowd of people that shopping about at that place, and the possibility of purchasing the merchandise will be comparative higher. Furthermore, merely concern about Watson entirely, it is one of the popular topographic point in Malaya when people think off purchasing decorative merchandises.

The significance of publicity is the methods that used to pass oning the strong suit of the merchandise and convert the mark audience to purchase it ( Armstrong & A ; Kotler, 2011 ) . The methods include activities such as advertisement, PR, particular offers and others. A good publicity consists of two-ways communicating which is advancing and besides feedback from the clients. Besides, publicity should convey the advantages that the clients can get from the merchandise, and non merely the features of it ( importance diary ) . When I am advancing the Cream de Cheek in Watson, some of the clients that we conduct with did give us some feedback such as the unsuitable monetary value of the merchandise, and we did win in sold out one bottle of the merchandise by convince one of the client by the benefits that she can acquire from the merchandise.


In decision, selling mix is a really powerful tool for constructing a strong place in the mark market through the 4 chief constituents, merchandise, monetary value, topographic point and publicity in doing selling determinations. Decisions can non be made on one component of the selling mix without sing its impact on other elements ( Low and Kok, 1997 ) . Therefore, the selling mix is a set of tactical selling tools that can non be separated in a selling plan to acquire the right response from the mark market.