The British Monarchy System History Essay

London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. It is considered to be one of the largest metropolitan country and largest urban zone in the United Kingdom. As known London is celebrated for its economic growing i.e it is one of the largest finance Centre along with New York. It is one of the planetary prima economic systems with its growing in about every sector right from art, amusement, instruction and manner to touristry and transit.

However touristry has been one of the hallmarks for London. It earns its maximal gross through touristry which adds on to increasing the GDP of the state. Coming to accomplishments, London has the universe ‘s largest airdrome system and it has been successfully hosted Olympics thrice in comparing to other prima economic systems.

Not merely the geographic and economic factors, what makes London alone the societal and cultural factors. It a hub of assorted civilizations and people with about more than 300 linguistic communications spoken within its boundary.

It has a monarchy system of authorities which is leaded by the King or Queen and his hints manner back from centuries.

British Monarchy System ( History and Background )

The British Monarchy System is besides known as the Constitutional Monarchy System. The term “ Monarch ” fundamentally refers to the male monarch or queen. Queen Elizabeth II became sovereign on 6A February 1952. The function of the sovereign is continued as the members of the household go on to be the sovereign and undertake assorted societal, economic, representative duties.

The generation of constitutional monarchy in Britain can be traced manner long back in centuries. Before the seventeenth century, the British Monarchy could do determinations as they had the right to put to death i.e brand or base on balls statute law. This is when they were besides named as executive sovereign. The monarchy system now is no more executive and has become more lawful where the sovereign has the right to confabulate honours and appoint curates. .

The major function that a sovereign plays is in the British Armed Forces where the sovereign is the sovereign is the commanding officer. There is no uncertainty about the fact that the authorization and rights to govern and regulate the state is still through the sovereign but the powers can be used within the Torahs which have been passed in the Parliament which should keep the integrity of the state and put some criterions.

It is from the Scots Kings and others that the monarchy system traces its generation from. Way back in the tenth Century, the land ofA EnglandA and ScotlandA had urbanized from theA hapless kingdomsA of early medieval Britain.

In the twelvemonth 1603, James I who really was a Scots King James VI, both England and Scotland were ruled by a individual sovereign. The sovereign here was really powerful and could take all the determinations. However, between 1649 to 1660, the pattern of monarchy was broken by the A Commonwealth of EnglandA which was followed by the Second World War.

One of the major determination that was taken was that the Roman Catholics or the 1s who marry the Roman Catholics would non be included in the series of owing the throne. However, it was in 1707 when England and Scotland came together to fall in the United Kingdom which was so referred to a Kingdom of Great Britain. With Ireland connection, it was now named as the United Kingdom of Great Britain in the twelvemonth 1801.

However, post the Second World War, a big bulk of British boundaries became independent, which indicated that the imperium was coming to an terminal. Therefore, it was so that George VIA and his descendent, Elizabeth II, took the titleA Head of the CommonwealthA as a icon of the free brotherhood of its autonomous member provinces.

The Commonwealth does non include the monarchies entirely. It besides considers the democracy. In 2012, the 15 Commonwealth states portion the same individual as their sovereign as the United Kingdom. The British Monarchy is often still engaged in orientation to the individual and establishment shared amongst all 15 of the other Commonwealth states, A and to the distinct monarchies within each of these autonomous states, frequently at discrepancy with the different, specific, and official countrywide titlesA for eachA legal power.

The Role Played by the Monarch in the Development and Growth

The most of import function that a sovereign plays is that it serves as the Head of the Nation.

The Queen undertakes legal and symbolic responsibilities which have developed over one thousand old ages of history as the Head of the State.

There are a series of formal responsibilities that The Queen performs, right from playing an of import function in the States operation and growing to twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities like Open the Parliament, Approve the orders in the council, Sign the several Acts of the Apostless of the Parliament and behavior meetings with the Prime Minster.

However, The Queen acts as a representative of the United Kingdom to the remainder of the universe.

The Queen represents the state as the symbol of integrity.

The Queen meets assorted forces ‘s right from the foreign embassadors to commissioners who come to England besides makes visits to other states where The Queen represents to back up societal and economic dealingss.

The Queen fulfills assorted societal and cultural maps as the Head of the Nation.

The assorted societal functions that have leaded to the growing and prosperity of the state scope right from supplying stableness and continuity to the state by moving as a national individuality, to acknowledging and presenting accomplishments.

With the developed relationships with the devolved assemblies in Scotland and Wales, Queen ‘s consolidative function as a crowned head can be noticed.

The Queen has ever helped the people of the state and encouraged populace and voluntary services.

Impact of British Monarchy System

Permanence and stableness:

The British Monarchy System has been successful in maintain stableness in the economic system. Although there has been a displacement in the political environment from left to compensate but The Queen has ever been there and supported the people and has a safe manus on the wheel of province.


As we know London is a hub of people with diverse cultural and educational background it is really hard to prolong peace among people of the group. The Queen is impersonal on giving any positions on political relations and the changing authorities policy. This makes her an perfect front man to show to the universe.

The Queen with her impersonal nature promotes good dealingss with other states whose leaders might be the complete antonym of the current UK authorities.

Gross Generation through Tourism:

One of the major impacts of the British Monarchy today is that it brings in a batch of income from touristry. Thousands of tourers every twelvemonth visit the royal castles and bask the spectacle of the changing of the defender in London.

Cost benefit:

Though this statement is really controversial as to whether the monarchy system is a cost advantage or disadvantage to the state, there are many position back uping it. This is because they pay a heavy sum of revenue enhancement and the Royals have to pay revenue enhancement on their private income.

Controversies/Critics associating to British Monarchy System 2012

Positions Supporting the Monarchy System

Positions Against the Monarchy System

Monarchy represents permanency, soundness and moral values.

The Queen is merely a front man and has really less significance today in the modern society.

There is a sense of prehistoric nexus with the Crown and heritage.

It is a affair of history and should be confined to the yesteryear.

The Queen is the symbol of national integrity with impersonal positions and nonpartisanship.

It is a remnant which should hold been abolished centuries ago.

The Monarch is free from political biasness and influences.

They believe in self- importance and have more than what they really need.

The Queen is such a personality symbol that run intoing her would be an award unlike run intoing a president of the state.

The royal household is over esteemed and does non give chances to others to be a portion of the caput of the state.

It is far better than democracy as, in the monarchy system people are given more attention and support.

It contrasts the significance of democracy. Democracy is what the modern society wants.

However, there can be no decisions drawn as to whether a Monarchy System is good today besides or non. Peoples have their ain positions and sentiments sing the British Monarchy System.

Aims of the Survey:

The chief aim of the survey was to analyse the important importance of the British Monarchy System. The 2nd major aim was to understand the impact of British Monarchy in the development and growing of the state.

Primary aims of the survey:

Primary aims as the name suggests are the chief aims of the survey. This is the focal point of the survey in which the research worker is involved. As a portion of the survey primary aims need to be achieved.

To admit the importance of monarchy system in the development of the state.

To understand the function ( both touchable and intangible ) of monarchy system.

To place the impact of the British Monarchy System.

To understand whether or non it has significance today.

To be able to pull decision to contentions like should the monarchy sustain or non.


John M T Balmer, ( April, 2011 ) . Corporate heritage trade names and the principles of corporate heritage trade name direction: Penetrations from the British Monarchy on the Eve of the royal nuptials of Prince William. Retrieved from & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: // & gt ;

The British Crown is the most powerful of the monarchies that the universe have seen boulder clay day of the month, the history of this monarchy is one the most singular and really impressive, the British sovereigns have the most singular topographic point of beginning that they have been descended from, . Harmonizing to the fundamental law the British monarchy has been considered one of the archetypical monarchies.

Inside the United Kingdom, public gave their full support to the monarchy and has been the same manner from past so long. In Britain major part of the entire population was in favour of state staying as monarchy, and they besides felt satisfied with Queen exerting her function as monarchal.

Peoples still feel that Crown to be of a major significance and act as a mark and sense to the British individuality, In add-on the Honorary Queen Elizabeth the Head of Commonwealth and has an association of immense figure of 54 states which in sum have population of 1000000000 people, In Southern Cross we can state that British Crown was in a kernel of large and most powerful organisation.

David Haigh, ( April 27,2011 ) . Understanding the value of the British Monarchy as a trade name. Brand Finance Journal.

Well it has been identified that the British monarchy created value in 3 different ways, which included: First benefits to the UK touristry industry which included the hotels, air conveyance, eating houses, stores etc, Second came the large UK concern house of the Royal Warrant, which led to the strategies which in bend added higher demands and higher monetary values to massive 850 companies which included trade names like Fortnum and Masons and Berry Brothers were two companies out of 850 who clearly had benefits from the luxury intensions of a Royal Warrant. And Third the reputational benefit to the concerns like to the British Airways and Harrods as they produced concern and besides had benefits of it.

In 2012 the intangible plus of the Monarchy valued about ? 44 billion. The monarchy plays a critical function of subscriber for single and company trade names and besides non to bury about the state trade name which is assisting Britain to acquire out of the recession period

Constitutional Monarchy Association ( December, 2011 ) . Royal Finance. Retrieved from & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: // & gt ;

The major beginnings of funding the queen are – the civil list, Grant-in-aid, the Privy Purse and private income. Out of the four mentioned the civil list and Grant-in-aid they help in covering the functionary disbursals and are non taxed, the Privy Purse is nonexempt income and tax write-offs are to be made for official disbursals occurred and in conclusion the Queen pays revenue enhancement on her personal income and other additions which r capital in nature.

The civil list is been since the clip of King George III in 1760, to fund the cost of authorities by the parliament. The Queen female parent and Prince Philip are the lone members of the Royal household to acquire rentes from Civil List of ? 643,000 and ? 359,000 severally, to the other Royal Family members the Queen herself pays out from the Privy Purse which is been provided to her.

It is estimated that one-year cost of monarchy is approx ? 37 million. The democracies show reluctance in printing the costs incurred by the caput of the province, but is true that the cost of British monarchy compares highly favourably.

Liz Wyse, Delbert ‘s. ( December, 2011 ) . How we valued the Monarchy as a Brand. Brand Finance Journal, Special Jubilee Issue.

The Royal Family, assortment of maps like the Royal Marriage Act 1772, while for others The Queen has a spot narrower definitions. In general the present twenty-four hours mention of the phrase varies, but ever have the hereditary counted in the first cousins bearing royal rubrics like The Dukes of Kent and Gloucester.

The rational belongings, apart from the Crown right of first publication, the other illustration being the Royal coat of weaponries in assorted signifiers and many others still function as chief beginning of individuality for the people, get downing for the passport till the ministerial ruddy boxes you ‘ll happen the corporate ocular individuality, even the portcullis badge of parliament is a Royal Badge and same goes for the Union Jack every bit good.

Clive Cheesman, Richmond Herald, College of Arms. ( April 27, 2011 ) . How we Valued Monarchy as a Brand. Retrieved from & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: // & gt ;

The Royal household being the icon of the United Kingdom as a consequence it has emerged more of as a trade name in itself, they globally stand n represent as the symbol of UK on this Earth. The Queen began in 1952, the celebrated monarchy system did went through ups and downs period of instability so the decease of Princess of Wales Diana, who was the trade name embassador for the Windsors but her determination of divorce turned everyone against her. After Diana decease populace turned against Queen and the Royal household, in past few old ages clip people has started to switch their hatred to esteem for the royal household, foremost the royal nuptials and so the aureate jubilee jubilations, which make people that that it ‘ll assist beef up the bond n Role of Monarch.

The immature coevals of the Royal household taking it earnestly every bit good, Prince Harry ‘s successful circuit to Jamica made the Royal ‘s realize that he can be a trade name embassador for the Monarchy, Prince William being chosen over his pa and grandma to be ranked as best embassador for Britain, and people are convinced that he will better his household ‘s image

The new bride into the Royal household Kate Middleton has given the British economic system the consecutive encouragement of ?1 billion in footings of retail and touristry

Public Opinion, ( April, 2011 ) . How to value about the Monarchy as a Brand: UK trade part. Brand Finance Journal.

The tendency in UK ‘s trade public presentation after Prince Andrew, Duke of York was chosen as United Kingdom Special representative for UK Trade and Investment 2011 boulder clay late was worsening twelvemonth by twelvemonth, in malice of the YK ‘s planetary range and aid from concern expertness Prince attempts as a leader could non better the trade shortage. Monarchy as a trade name attracted grosss from touristry, it besides gives fresh chances for the development of British Business


Harmonizing to the articles, diaries and research documents the undermentioned positions can be drawn: –

Monarchy system has helped to beef up national integrity and stableness.

In the position of the UN, Britain should get rid of its monarchy system.

Peoples consider monarchy to be rearward and bias that has no existent power.

The monarchy ‘s popularity has been worsening in recent decennaries.

Since so British society has undergone a figure of consecutive transmutations and the Royal Family ‘s popularity has mostly eroded away.




The monarchy system has its hints manner back from centuries.

There has been a important part in the development and growing of the state.

It has been deriving a batch of gross for the state.

The monarchy system has a of import function to play in bettering the societal equality.

It has non merely led to the economic sweetening but besides societal growing and development.

There has been contentions sing whether the monarchy system should go on or non but most positions support the monarchy system even today.


From the above analysis and research we can reason assorted things about British Monarchy System. All of them are mentioned below:

The British Monarchy has been seen as a symbol of national integrity.

Plays a important function in back uping and encouraging populace.

Although the monarchy system has led to important parts in the state since centuries, there exists assorted negative positions about the same.

The Queen meets assorted forces ‘s right from the foreign embassadors to commissioners who come to England besides makes visits to other states where The Queen represents to back up societal and economic dealingss.

Controversies have been predominating as to whether the monarchy system should prolong today or non.

Monarchy System is considered to be rearward and should be consigned to the history.

However, The Queen acts as a representative of the United Kingdom to the remainder of the universe.

The Queen fulfills assorted societal and cultural maps as the Head of the Nation.

The assorted societal functions that have leaded to the growing and prosperity of the state scope right from supplying stableness and continuity to the state by moving as a national individuality, to acknowledging and presenting accomplishments.

With the developed relationships with the devolved assemblies in Scotland and Wales, Queen ‘s consolidative function as a crowned head can be noticed.


A few recommendations that I would wish to give through the above survey are:

The Monarchy System is non merely a portion of history of the state but besides the present and would be the hereafter excessively. It should non be abolished.

It has led to the economic, societal and cultural growing of the state through centuries and therefore, should be respected and honored.

The British Monarchy System is a symbol of prosperity and growing, hence should predominate for centuries more to come.