Strong Brand Marketing Element Marketing Essay

In the heads of consumers, Sony is one of the universes greatest trade names. The trade name has the positive association in the consumer heads. The company was one time once more rated the figure one trade name in the U.S. by the Harris canvass. As celebrated, much of the trade name equity Sony enjoys is rooted in merchandise inventions. The trade name is celebrated for its enhanced voice in the merchandises like cassette recording equipment, cadmium participants, decks and telecastings.

Strong BRAND Selling Component:

Sony has demonstrated an ability to capture the imaginativeness and enhance people ‘s lives. The company has been at the cutting border of engineering for more than 50 old ages, positively impacting the manner we live. Further, few companies are every bit good positioned to drive the digital age into places and concerns around the universe for the following 50 old ages and beyond.


Today, Sony continues to fuel industry growing with the gross revenues of advanced Sony merchandises, every bit good as with the company ‘s convergence scheme. Examples include: VAIO notebooks that raise the saloon in both signifier and map ; digital cameras that gaining control images on a floppy disc, CD-R or Memory Stick ; a handheld device that lets you store and position exposures every bit good as traveling exposure ; Minidisc recording equipments with a digital Personal computer Link to get married high quality digital sound with downloadable music ; DVD/CD multi-disc modifiers that playback both sound and picture ; digital web recording equipments that pause, rewind and fast-forward “ unrecorded ” telecasting utilizing a hard-disc thrust ; and Hi-Scan level screen TVs that deliver near HDTV image quality through Digital Reality Creation ( DRC ) circuitry.


Sony brings invention to the universe every clip as history shows that the trade name was the first one to present portable music participant which was known as ” SONY WALKMAN ” and among many more like digital camera, digital frame, liquid crystal shows and many more.


Sony by presenting its superior value to clients is holding a great value in consumer ‘s bosom. The consumers are attracted by the advertizement and publicities. The consumers are readily convinced to purchase the merchandise which matches their current demands and wants and helps company in edifice trade name equity and trade name trueness. Their promise to present best services even after gross revenues is their core plus for marketing their merchandises.




BRAND Image:

SONY has the ability that makes its consumers able to acknowledge it in footings of a BRAND whenever they recall it in any environment and state of affairs. Whereas Samsung is known for the universe ‘s best taking trade name in place contraptions particularly in telecastings. Both the trade names are holding positive association with their consumers but SONY has an border.


In states like PAKISTAN the consumer are monetary value witting. The consumers want to acquire high characteristics in a low monetary value. Sony delivers its consumer wants by offering them high scope of services in a low monetary value. Furthermore the company establishes a strong relationship span by offering them after gross revenues services at merely one call. SAMSUNG on the other manus is offering even more great services from SONY but the pricing factor makes the consumer to switch to other trade names. Even Samsung is besides offering after gross revenues services at one call but the characteristics offered by Samsung are manner excessively expensive as compared to Sony.


When trade name is able to accomplish sense of unity with its consumer so it can be said that strong trade name has been created. Companies tend to profit a batch, in footings trueness as consumer will lodge to the trade name no affair what monetary value premium they have to blast out. These consumers become kind of trade name embassador and urging use of trade name. There by making consumer based trade name equity. Both SAMSUNG and SONY are able to make the trueness but SONY itself does non necessitate any amalgamation but SAMSUNG to remain in the market has to unify with ORIENT in PAKISTAN which makes a negative feeling over the consumers. Both companies are able to derive good response from their consumers.


The term involves two things. One is past contemplation and the other is investing vs. disbursal. The past contemplation shows the past credibleness of the trade name which leads to future way and stableness of the trade name and for investing and write off the investing should be in a executable way which leads to productiveness and net income. For both the companies constructing trade name equity is really of import to utilize it as a span. The both companies are successful in pull offing trade name equity. For consumers both the trade names are able to present the superior value and quality. But SONY at this phase is less expensive and offered a assortment of superior characteristics as compared to SAMSUNG. SONY is now the first penchant in PAKISTAN in LCD AND LED.


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The above pyramid explains how consumer based trade name equity is built for SONY.

The pyramid of CBBE is used by the organisations in order to supply the route map and counsel in doing a trade name edifice. The theoretical account provides a benchmark by which trade names can measure their advancement in trade name edifice attempts and counsel for marketing research enterprises. The application of the CBBE theoretical account besides provides the quantitative steps in edifice trade name attempts. It besides involves planning, implementing and construing trade name schemes.