Start Of Screen Golf Industry Marketing Essay

Although the word Screen golf has become a equivalent word for indoor golf, the original nomenclature for screen golf is Golf Simulation System or Golf-simulator. Early simulation systems were developed by American golf nine makers for the intent of analysing flight ( following nine ‘s motion ) of finished goods. Beyond initial use in product-control degree, the simulation system was widely accepted for its effectivity and profitableness ; and it bit by bit spread out, ensuing golf nine makers to concentrate their pin point of R & A ; D to general golf simulation system. Golf simulation system was loosely adopted by golf stores, along with some golf lovers houses and several societal nines to reenforce gross revenues of golf nines.

1.2 Screen golf in Korea

Introduction of GSS ( golf simulation system ) foremost took topographic point in Korea around 1990 and was provided to a little figure of driving scopes, a topographic point where people visit and pattern singing. Two chief factors have been a barrier for golf to be a public athletics: 1 ) widespread perceptual experience in Korea that golf is merely for premium category and 2 ) high monetary value of out-of-door field golf. Although presenting new engineering was dearly-won, it was welcomed due to undermining state of affairss. However, the bound of engineering, particularly for A/S and farther supports, had significantly limited the development of screen golf in Korea.

Screen golf began to boom when the singular development of Korean IT provided solution for such barriers, ensuing in launch of Korean ain GSS in 2002: a system that could replace out-of-door field golf. The system showed more than 90 % truth and less than 2~3 % mistake rate in acknowledging the swing orbits. Physical or climatic issues no were no longer an obstruction and monetary value was significantly cheaper than existent golf. These advantages allowed the GSS industry to turn and finally go a 1 trillion won market. Korean GSS ( Golf Simulation System ) received attending from foreign states, even from states with comparatively high handiness to Fieldss, such as USA, Canada, and China.

Customers can salvage and lade their records and swing forms via cyberspace. Furthermore, Numberss of differentiated and customized services are being introduced to fulfill turning client pool.

2. Company choice: VRNP[ 1 ]

2.1 Npluto

Launched in 2007, Npluto has provided assorted on-line games to market. With its leading-edge engineering and high completeness of on-line game and media contents, Npluto offers clients more joy and diversion.

Two old ages after its first launch, Npluto had exported game & lt ; Drift City & gt ; to North American part, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, and European part, being acknowledged for its capacity to bring forth games and services. Npluto exerts all enterprises in developing 3D engines, R & A ; D on game balance and unreal intelligence along with betterment of quality via internal quality confidence.

2.2 VRspo

A venture company VPRspo was set up and presently has 500 million won in equity and grosss of 3200 million won. VRspo manufactures hardware screen golf systems and golf analysis tools. VRspo ‘s best-selling screen golf hardware, Golf19, possesses 2nd place in screen golf industry. Thankss to the coaction with Npluto ‘s package, Golf19 captures 2nd largest market portion, following the industry ‘s market leader, Golfzon.

2.3 Core merchandise: T-up

Integrating Npluto ‘s experient game engineering and VRspo ‘s screen golf detector hardware, VRNP ( Npluto+VRspo ) had successfully produced new coevals of screen golf platform. Since its early old ages, Npluto has been working on developing existent online golf game ‘T-up ‘ , with the intent of interworking with other screen golf hardware shapers.

T-up requires no extra set up costs. To utilize T-up, users can merely download the plan and put in it to hardware detectors. Since T-up is designed to be adaptable to assorted sorts of detector, this allows it to be played from detectors made even by rival Golfzon. Furthermore, T-up features maps that were traditionally realized merely with on-line games. T-up introduced caddie system which was foremost in screen golf service industry, and provides ‘real-time web competition ‘ enriching amusement and joy of playing screen golf.

3. International Site Choice: Japan

3.1 Scoring






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Evaluation / Mark

United States

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United kingdom

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Per Capita







Size of the golf industry













Environmental Issues






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3.2 Rationale

3.2.1 Golf as a business/relational tool

Traditionally, golf has been associated with concern and despite the rise in popularity in footings of age and gender ; the game is still preponderantly played by concern people. The virtue of golf is that one really merely pass a little part of a four-hour game really hitting the ball and use the clip together to speak about concern. Furthermore, golf in Japan is regarded as a all right trial of character. “ When you do concern with people, you need to cognize more about them. ” And in a closed off civilization like Japan tie ining with each other through a unit of ammunition of golf is a manner to further and heighten your concern and personal relationship to the other individual.

3.2.2 Rising Golf Club Membership Costss

The cost of golf rank at any state nine around the universe is dearly-won. The members and the nines pride themselves of their exclusivity maintained through this high monetary value. However, despite this high cost of achieving a rank there is greater demand than supply of this exclusivity. In Japan, this exclusivity is taken up a notch about to the point of absurdness. In a state where land is scarce and where golf is an compulsion being able to be a member of a state nine is fiscal burdensome.

3.2.3 Increasing Environmental Awareness

Another factor in doing Japan an attractive site is the fact that coupled with a lifting planetary concern for the environment, due to Japan ‘s land scarceness, this environmental consciousness is greatly enhanced in the instance of Japan. Despite the best attempts of golf industry lobbyist, golf classs are still perceived as go forthing a large environmental footmark. Many oppositions to the athletics argue that a holding golf classs in the town pollutes the H2O supply with pesticides and fertilisers, steals the H2O supply for the full town and drives natural wildlife from the country. This presents a alone chance because golf as a athletics is turning in popularity by the twenty-four hours whereas there is turning ordinance for golf in this respect. Furthermore, there have been turning concerns about cutting back on outdoor activities in visible radiation of the Fukushima atomic power workss. This bad luck makes Japan an attractive market to come in as our merchandises minimizes exposure to the environment by playing golf indoors

3.2.4 Population age and Per Capita Income

The age of the population is of import to the game of golf. Unlike more physically strict and high impact athleticss, golf is enjoyed more by people in their late thirties, 40s 50s and 60s. It is an older individual ‘s game that requires forbearance, preciseness and poise. Furthermore, holding merely an older population does n’t finish the image. Golf is an expensive athletics that requires rather a spot of investing from golf garbs to nines and places to rank fees. Having these two factors we can approximately gauge the size of the state ‘s golf industry. In the instance of Japan, the largest golfing population age subset is 55-59, followed by 35-39 and 50-54. The average age in Japan is a reasonably old 45.4 old ages with ages between 15 old ages and 64 old ages taking 62.6 % of the population and 23.9 % for 65 old ages and supra.

3.2.5 Internet Infrastructure

At first glimpse it is non easy to do the intuitive connexion between playing screen golf and holding an extended Internet substructure, nevertheless, there are several degrees to turning a net income in the screen golf market. Among others, our merchandise provides unrecorded amusement over the Internet with other participants playing from a different screen golf location. The game is designed to use web connexions to associate different participants in singles or tournament games and maintain single participant ‘s records. Therefore, holding a strong Internet substructure is a considerable consideration as T-up ‘s web services contributes a ball amount to the bottom line.

4. Nipponese screen golf industry

4.1 Recent Market Trend – Rising Demand for Entertainment Golf Zones

Nipponese golf market is in downswing. A batch of golf classs are closing down because of aggravated profitableness. From the bubble explosion in early 1990s, golf classs could non pull plenty people to do terminals run into and golf population has decreased in the interim. However, there are freshly generated demands where people play golf for ‘time killing ‘ and ‘social assemblages ‘ . The most of import facet of locales for such demand is amusement. Having merriment with other people is every bit of import as playing golf itself. Therefore golf has been altering to include many entertaining factors every bit good.

4.2 Golfzon sum-up

Golfzon is the chief rival as VRNP enters the Nipponese screen golf industry. Golfzon holds about 50 % of Japan ‘s screen golf market and its portion is on the rise. Golfzon has two concern sectors. One is administering golf related goods and the other is selling golf simulators. The company does concern with screen golf site proprietors, supplying golf simulators and at the same clip sells goods to general clients through online. Golfzon does non run based on screen golf franchise but sells its merchandise to private installation proprietors. Simulator gross revenues take up more than half of its gross and they are besides engaged in web service concern and have direct direction shops. Network service is roll uping web committees straight from the users when they play the screen golf game.

4.3 Golfzon concern in Japan

Golfzon adopted ‘localization ‘ as it entered the Nipponese market. A batch of practical golf topographic points in Japan have been dually equipped with bars selling intoxicant and the topographic point is used often in societal assemblages. Screen golf in Korea where it originated focal points on the golf play itself whereas it is widely accepted as an amusement or amusement in Japan. Golfzon simulator is installed in such screen golf bars and people who are more tuned in playing golf itself can pattern golfing in two direct direction shops at cheaper monetary value than in screen golf bars. The company is be aftering to open eight more direct direction shops within this twelvemonth.

5. Operationss Strategy

5.1 Entry Mode – Ownership

Ownership looks like the most optimum option for VRNP as it enters the Nipponese market. VRNP is a joint venture of VRSPO ( keeping GOLF 19 ) and NPLUTO ( keeping T-UP ) . Each company has its strength in hardware and package severally. From our apprehension, VRSPO ‘s GOLF 19 simulator is comparable to the quality of the rivals ‘ ( including Golfzon ) . We analyzed Golfzon has enriched demand in Japan market merely because it benefited from the first mover advantage. In add-on, NPUTO ‘s T-up package is appraised as the advanced system in the Korean market where it is first launched and has abundant potency to win in Japan market every bit good. Originating a concern in ownership format specifically by runing direct direction stores, is appealing to Nipponese market with quality hardware ( simulator ) and amusement loaded package ( T-Up ) . For treatment, we will restrict the range of comparing to Golfzon since it is apparent that they have dominant portion in Japan and have similar operating base with VRNP in both hardware and package.

5.2 Core Competence: Comparable quality simulator with amusement oriented package

Hardware is about golf simulator and detector. VRSPO has quality golf simulators that assist users to experience like they are really playing out in the golf class. In footings of golf simulators, there is no important difference between VRSPO and Golfzon. Just like Golfzon has its direct direction stores in Tokyo and Osaka, VRSPO can establish its shops in metropolitan countries where high demand is expected. While holding its ain hardware and shop comparable to the rival, VRSPO has really powerful strength in its package surpassing any other and hearty local demands.

T-up is full of entertaining factors and it is technically advanced than any other rivals. As NPLUTO had initiated the concern in on-line game field, T-up benchmarked the on-line golf game that matches assorted users and even provides self-mission manner. A participant can come by him or herself and bask both golf and game by completing plugged missions in the system and gets touchable award when missions are completed. This is an attractive map in that Nipponese are seeking for amusement in golfing. T-up besides provides countrywide golf tournament every twenty-four hours and dark, which offers significant award. While Golfzon merely matches up to six participants per unit of ammunition, T-Up links people in limitless figure if requested. In add-on, while Golfzon package needs login card to get down the plan, T-Up can easy get down the system utilizing QR codification saved in smart phones. These sorts of flexibleness prove T-Up ‘s proficient advantage over others. Virtual caddie is what makes T-up more particular. There is non much to distinguish in simulator show quality. Alternatively, T-up provides a practical caddie who practically helps users in choosing golf nines and seting waies. Even as a latecomer, VRNP can aim the Nipponese market and establish its shops equipped with quality Golf19 simulators and entertaining T-Up package.

6. Execution Plan -Fast follower scheme

In order to minimise hazard of come ining the foreign market, VRNP will take a fast follower scheme. This is mostly because Golfzon, current market leader, maintains a positive image in the market. Consumers of indoor golf ranges tend to demo high trade name trueness because they prefer to play games in familiar game scenes and go on roll uping their records. Given the timeserving features of this market, it is hence important that VRNP rapidly captures the consumers before the industry enters a full development phase. Consequently, VRNP stands more opportunity in following the market leader ‘s concern schemes.

6.1 Wholly Owned Store ( Ownership )

Given the entry manner of VRNP being ownership, its chief concern operations will be in a entirely owned shop signifier. The VRNP concatenation will hold two differentiated characteristics:

1 ) Entertainment oriented:

VRNP ‘s screen golf simulators provide a game with anon. users countrywide or even worldwide and have assorted golf classs installed in the machine as to do users experience they are really playing out scope. Virtual golf tourney is besides what differentiates the screen golf from the conventional construct.

2 ) Large graduated table shop

VRNP simulator is comparatively low-cost compared with that of Golfzon. Using this substructure cost advantage, VRNP can get down its WOS in much larger graduated table and lower user ‘s fee. Equipped with a figure of golf simulators, WOS can be divided to run into the demands of diverse client pool. For illustration, some portion of the shop can be used for company societal assemblages, where they can utilize the topographic point as an extension of interactions while the remainder of the topographic point is used to suit clients who visit with households or friends for amusement.

Get downing a concern in a larger graduated table than its rival is a executable option sing the cost advantage that VRNP has, as the following cost analysis explains. .

& lt ; Price advantage of VRNP merchandises & gt ;

Golf simulator consists of a Personal computer with package installing, a detector to mensurate the velocity of the golf balls, home base, projector, screen, and a camera that saves users ‘ swings. A swing home base for bring forthing the tilting of existent golf class and auto-caddie device are sold individually as an option.

& lt ; Price comparing with Golfzon & gt ;

We limit the range of comparing to Golfzon as they are the first grade company and have comparable hardware capablenesss. The cost of put ining a standard-size golf installation with Golfzon merchandises ( consists of 4 golf simulators and 2 swing home bases ) is about 144 million one.

Since the cost of put ining simulation golf system is so high, the fee of utilizing the installation normally cost more than 150,000 won in Japan – about the same as the monetary value of playing golf in the existent field.










Home plate





Personal computer















( Currency: Won )

& lt ; Figure 1: Cost analysis of Golfzon, Component Cost Fluctuation & gt ;

On the other manus, VRNP ‘s golf simulator costs much less than that of Golfzon. It costs 20 million won per one golf simulator, and 7 million won per a swing home base. Therefore, the overall cost of put ining simulation golf system would be 50 million won- about 30 % cheaper than Golfzon.

In this sense, it becomes plausible to open up expansive graduated table direct direction stores than other rivals and we can take down the usage fee using comparative strength in footings of cost.

6.2.2 Location

Following the footfalls of Golfzon in Japan, VRNP will straight run its indoor golf ranges in widely distributed countries. Campaigners for new VRNP concatenation locations include Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama where there is a high concentration of population and high demand of amusement installations.

6.3 Future suggestions

The traditional Nipponese golf industry has been dominated single sellers puting up golf musca volitanss for its users. The recent tendency, nevertheless, indicates that pudding stone type of sellers have been taking charge of the concern. Large pudding stone screen golf houses, viz. Golfzon, are offering the minimum capital, site choice, rental and legal issues to any sellers willing to subscribe a contract in start-up signifiers.

VRNP can take advantage of this concern theoretical account and offer sellers both the H/W and S/W characteristics of screen golf, or golf bars. To exemplify, Golf19 can offer physical sites and take attention of site issues including rental of physical equipments such as the detector. T-up can offer the S/W features of start-ups, including changeless feedbacks and A/S of their service.

6.3.1 Hardware Lease to Sellers

After opening a WOS, VRNP may sell its hardware golf simulators to single concern proprietors at a low monetary value. In Korea, for those people who can non afford the high monetary value of golf simulator at one time, VRNP offers 20-year rental plan without involvement. The purchaser merely has to pay 9.9 million won/20 million won per one golf simulator and pay the remainder for the following 20 old ages, depending on the sum of net income they earn. This is different from its rival, Golfzon ‘s rental plan which takes certain sum of money per 1 hole regardless of the purchaser ‘s economic position or net incomes. It is hence recommended that VRNP offers the same rental plan in Japan, non merely to pull more sellers and catch the market portion rapidly, but to give feeling to the Nipponese sellers that VRNP really cares about those persons. Due to the Nipponese people ‘s inclination of seting great accent on repute and relationship, this sort of rental plan would impact the company image positively.

6.3.2 Software Licensing to Golf Bars

Since the Nipponese golf industry is expected to be more amusement oriented, T-up package is expected to win the market with its entertaining characteristics supported by high computing machine artworks engineering. After its initial launch, VRNP can supply package licencing to golf bars or golf amusement zones and have waiter use fees.