, in Middle East

Company Profile

This concern proposal aims to present an e-commerce shop,, in the Middle East. It will offer Internet services to clients for a broad scope of merchandises. It is committed in giving the highest quality of client service. On the other manus, its merchandises are purchased from sweeping supplier ( s ) who were carefully chosen to vouch a quality service and satisfy demands to clients. Product ranges from Personal computer, Photo & A ; Gaming ; Phones ; Home Electrical ; Sound & A ; Vision ; Furniture & A ; Kitchen ; Home & A ; Bath ; DIY & A ; Car ; Jewellery & A ; Watches ; Sports & A ; Leisure ; Toys & A ; Gifts ; Baby & A ; Toddler ; and Garden. Monetary values are a assortment of 5.00 riyal, 99.97 riyal and 655.97 riyal. Customer services are unfastened between 9:00 am -11:00 autopsy Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 8:00 autopsy on Saturday and 9:00 am – 4:00 autopsy on Sunday. purposes to make out to consumers of all ages in the parts of Middle East. In market place, this concern program is expected to give results of advertisement and selling for the place itself as a GREEN FRIENDLY ( merchandise characteristics ) and FIRST-RATE ( monetary value reasonable ) merchandises in the cyberspace. A client can bask a merchandise portfolio that allows services of Pay As You Go Internet Access, Anytime Internet Access, Daytime Internet Access and Broadband Internet Access. They can purchase merchandises through acquiring clasp of a Cadmium in shop or through utilizing the varied online characteristics of functionary web site for telling

S.W.O.T Analysis

The purposes to offer different packed merchandises from telling online in the international market. Here are some of issues faced by the Team Customer Services Team in their online concern minutess:

  • Connection: No dial tome or intermittent connexion jobs, velocity issues, and alteration of broadband connexions due to altering places
  • History: necessary alterations made to account, altering or updating the payment inside informations, and omission of history
  • Electronic mail: fillet unwanted electronic mails and electronic mail issues
  • Other concerns: re-installing the package and decently utilizing the web infinite

Aims and Strategy

First and first, a client or provider, before telling merchandises or providing merchandises, opening a personal history is foremost. Upon making so, they can bask the characteristics of constructing ain web site, alteration bundle, alteration watchword, electronic mail references, payment inside informations and personal inside informations. Second, they have to download the package. Third, a client can take from the broad array of merchandises offered online like Personal computer, Photo & A ; Gaming ; Phones ; Home Electrical ; Sound & A ; Vision ; Furniture & A ; Kitchen ; Home & A ; Bath ; DIY & A ; Car ; Jewellery & A ; Watches ; Sports & A ; Leisure ; Toys & A ; Gifts ; Baby & A ; Toddler ; and Garden with their ain monetary values. Together with the online shop price reduction promos, a client can bask the different types of Clubcard nines like Food, Wine, healthy life, babe and yearling, Christmas rescuers, and greener life. All of these merchandises are capable to handiness. While, the other merchandises are merely sold in selected shops. On the other manus, providers besides have to make the same to derive cognition of the current merchandises sold and compare to their desired merchandises to provide. Following to, they should reach the hotlines or see the chief office at Jedah, Saudi Arabia.

Marketing-Financial Aims ( terminal of 12 months )

This selling program has been written in order to convene the elect proposition of It is expected to implement the instructions and the schemes defined in this concern study together with fiscal aims as computed. Approximately the overall cost is predicted to be 100,000 riyal. Net net income of 30,812,000 riyal should be gained after 12 months upon opening with a return of investing ( ROI ) of 14005 % .

Recommended Mission Statement

“Offer the hottest cyberspace merchandises with the possible sterling trades can be sold in Middle East.”