Slogan Wars Coke vs Pepsi Bibliography

Greco Annotated Bibliography Gabriel, Paulo. “Branding Slogan Wars Between Pepsi and Coke” Abduzeedo. com. 18 Feb. 2009 This is an article that discusses the history of Pepsi and Coke on there journey to overcome each others brand awareness. The article gives great substantial information about both rivals through out there history from the beginning. Pepsi and Coke both started out as a pharmaceutical beverage to relieve stress or calm the stomach in there slogans. Eventually both companies were on the rise to give more pop for you buck with there slogans.

The evolution of both rivals in this article proves the point that Coke keeps it classic and Pepsi is always the new generation changing their image. Caudill, Susan. “History of Pepsi Cola” Essortment. com. Oct. 2002 In this article you have the foundation and history of Pepsi Cola. Invented by a pharmacist named Caleb Bradham because of his interest in soda fountain drinks. It also goes into more depth about the making of the product from it locations were it was first produced and popularity. Bradham would never get to see the success of his vision since he sold the company due to bankruptcy and death of a illness.

Newman, Andrew. “Pepsi Fires a Salva to Restart the Cola Wars”. NYtimes. com. 19 July. 2010 This article goes into another war with the two soda companies Coke and Pepsi; but focuses more on Pepsi. Focusing more on a minimal period of history with Pepsi and its direction in advertising. A new product such as Pepsi Max is being a popular item with the new generation and is the main point of the article. Pepsi and Cokes 1995 commercial of rival antics and history is discussed also. Article is good for a quick fact about a time period in Pepsi.