Selling Your Body For Sexual Satisfaction Is Prostitution History Essay

Selling one ‘s organic structure for sexual satisfaction is non normally an ideal “ calling ” in most North American societies. In fact, the purchasing and merchandising of sexual favours is illegal and classified as a misdemeanour in 49 provinces: Nevada being the exclusion. Prostitution is typically looked down upon and viewed as a disgusting act in the United States. Prostitution in the 1800 ‘s non was viewed much otherwise. However, their ability to infect military personnels with disease and steal information became much more important during the Civil War. The function that prostitutes played in the Civil War was much more of import as they provided a agencies to distributing genital diseases and obtaining tactical information. Prostitutes provided the agencies to stultifying the Union Army in what some would even travel every bit far as to state the earliest signifier of biological warfare in the United States.

Prostitution formed into an full resistance operation. Prostitution was outlawed in the north due to the dangers that they brought. Any Union Soldier caught with a cocotte in Union Occupied South Carolina would be punished in the tribunals.[ 1 ]However, the harlotry ring in the mid 1800 ‘s was non hurt for the fact that many of the Union soldiers were unmindful to the dangers of these adult females. Thomas Lowry notes in his work The Story the Soldiers Would n’t State, this allegedly arose from an inordinate sum of intoxicant. After going inebriated many of the soldiers would get down to chat up and travel on adult females of questionable character. Dr. Lowry writes that the flooring portion of all this was that it occurred in populace.[ 2 ]Interestingly plenty, much of this dirt unfolded straight in populace, which made it obvious who was involved. Thus, many soldiers were charged with this boisterous behavior in the tribunals.

Because of the increasing sum of harlotry and sexual promiscuousness that took topographic point during the Civil War, Colonel William T. Bennett, commanding officer of the Military District of Charleston forced all adult females in the metropolis of Charleston to be examined and licensed as a agency to restrict the sum of harlotry taking topographic point [ see appendix A ] . Womans who passed the scrutiny were given an official papers saying that they were free of contagious venereal diseases and were allowed to go on practising their occupations. The Union ground forces enforced this new system ; because many soldiers were catching venereal diseased that hindered them and made the unfit to contend for the Union.[ 3 ]Many of the ranks were easy deteriorating from conflicts and the Union Army could non afford to lose more military personnels than they already were due to venereal diseases.

Interestingly plenty, medical doctors examined cocottes, and if they were found to be clean of any infections or sexually familial infections, they were given a licence and set on a list that allowed them to go on selling sexual favours to the ground forces.[ 4 ]Prostitution was still allowed every bit long as the cocottes were clean, because the ground forces rationalized that they would be less likely to infect their clients.

For the following few old ages after Nashville ‘s gaining control, 1000s of Union soldiers passed through major railway metropoliss with big measures of money ready to pass on intoxicant, chancing and cocottes. Many did non desire to go through up this chance. A nose count was taken in 1860 of the figure of cocottes in Nashville and they found 207 as active adult females. However, after the gaining control a few old ages subsequently, this figure increased to good over 1,500 prostituted.[ 5 ]This was due to many soldiers ‘ restless behaviour and their impulse to be with adult females. Ironically, in June of 1863, it was said that the new Union commanding officer of the Nashville country, Brigadier General Robert S. Granger, was with cocottes daily and even hourly, exchanging from adult female to adult female as he pleased.[ 6 ]Yet this really same general condemned harlotry as he complained that many of his soldiers were excessively ill for responsibility, as many had been infected with genital disease.

As this job continued to intensify, many soldiers go throughing through the town were non aloud to go forth the site of the commanding officers and were forced to remain with their assigned undertakings of guarding ships and trains with lading at all times. However, this sometimes did non work every bit planned. One incident reported involved Captain John Newcomb. He had merely purchased a new steamboat and proceeded to Nashville with 100 soldiers to protect and sell the ware he brought with him on the boat. Yet, the engraved glass and varnish work he brought along took longer to sell than he originally through. Since he did non hold proper rations for everyone because of the hold in the metropolis, he had to let his soldiers to go forth the steamboat. Therefore, while returning from Nashville, his boat was looted by stealers and his soldiers were infected with genital disease rendering them unfit for conflict.[ 7 ]Prostitution was acquiring out of manus and it needed a solution yet one was ne’er found.

Army Commanders now had bigger jobs that they had of all time imagined. Lieutenant Colonel George Spalding set up a new system of licensing and handling cocottes.[ 8 ]Within yearss of get downing the new plan, every cocotte in the metropolis was forced to travel into the Chamberss for review. The Chamberss were a disgusting and despicable topographic point. Many cocottes were highly soiled and full of choler. They were being taken off from their places for these reviews, which would take hours to really acquire inspected. They were besides angry as many cocottes that were deemed excessively sick for the populace were shipped off from Nashville to other less populated countries in the Union Occupation.

During the Civil War, cocottes were everyplace. In the oculus of the authorities, they were vile, yet in the oculus of a soldier they were a necessity. Because of this, cocottes were going a portion of soldiers ‘ lives. Due to this close relationship with soldiers, cocottes could besides be really lifelessly in the delving up information from Union soldiers and relaying this dorsum to Confederate functionaries. This signifier of espionage was one of the most unsafe and of import for the Confederate Army at this clip. Espionage could alter the war, and it stated with the cocottes.

One of the most ill-famed undercover agents during the civil war was “ Wild ” Rose O’Neale Greenhow. Her strong motive to contend for the South allowed her to mount to the top in the Confederacy. She went from being a adult females from Washington DC to a undercover agent about nightlong.[ 9 ]Rose was able to obtain information for the Confederacy that would turn out highly harmful for the Union. She was able to direct this information through particular encodings to Confederate General Pierre G.T. Beauregard that some even believe caused the bend of the First Battle at Bull Run. However, this was the minute, which besides got Rose caught by detective Allan Pinkerton.

Rose ‘s first major success was in July of 1861, really shortly after Lincoln ‘s suspension of the writ of Habeas Corpus. She was able to obtain and direct information about the motion of General Irvin McDowell ‘s ground forces towards Manassas Junction.[ 10 ]Even after she was arrested, she was still able to relay messages to General Beauregard through encrypted letters from her Jail in early 1862 to mid 1862. In these letters contained information about the latest programs for the Union as they continued to travel military personnels to the frontline.[ 11 ]She was able to lend tactical information every bit good as place of where they would scupper the Confederacy so they could move consequently. Due to this information, the Confederacy was able to undermine their programs and ended up destructing many of import manoeuvres for the Union.[ 12 ]

Ms. Greenhow was able to carry through this by perpetrating to sexual favours of the Union Army. However, her espionage came to an terminal, as she traveled to Europe in 1864. Her new efforts were to plead the Confederacy ‘s cause at the royal tribunals of England and France in the attempts to side with them and hopefully receive assistance from these possible Alliess. Both her instances were herd throughout France and England, and many Europeans were sympathisers for the Confederacy. However, her efforts were in vain, as nil was done through her attempts. Unfortunately, her life came to a tragic terminal as she was on a ship known as the Condor. A Union Blockader was prosecuting the Condor and while the ship was grounded she attempted to get away via dinghy. However, the boat ended up capsizing and she drowned with good over two thousand dollars worth of gold around her cervix. This dry stoping to her life was viewed upon the universe as an act of God as if she deserved this penalty for her actions.[ 13 ]

Prostitutes were used to deflect soldiers from contending in the war. Some adult females, such as Rose O’Neale, were used as a agency of espionage and treachery to obtain information to utilize against the Union Army. The function that prostitutes played in the Civil War was important because they provided a agencies to distributing genital diseases and obtaining tactical information. Importantly, cocottes were thought of as deathly people in this epoch because they provided a agencies to stultifying the Union Army through agencies of sex and espionage. They were disgraceful and greedy and they finally obtained everything they were looking for. They were in the hunt for money and power, yet this was used against them for the Confederacy. What prostitutes attempted so, would now be considered biological warfare, as they spread infections to soldiers to make anything they could to stultify the ground forces. Now, harlotry is outlawed in most provinces as it is illegal throughout the U.S. for selling sexual favours. However, it was non so different back so, as adult females were carded and numbered through the efforts at criminalizing harlotry. What started as a simple manner of doing money, finally escaladed into a important war maneuver, which was meant to harm the Union, and what they stood for.


The Prostitute Licensing Program issued this papers to acquire cocottes off the streets[ 14 ]