Salish long isolated: Already the sun, in

Salish Snow
As we slept the snow came flying,
large white flakes falling gently
Silently and continuously settling and lightly lying,
Hushing the harbor; muting, muffling, murmurs failing;
Idly incessantly floating down and down:
Noiselessly scrutinizing and concealing roof and road;
Transformation, slopes and ditches even,
Then slants and clefts softly drifting.
All night it fell, and when the world slept
In its deepness of fluffy lightness,
And all woke prior to sunrise as the brightness
Of the winter dawn, the unusual unheavenly shimmer:
The eye wondered—wondered at the dazzling whiteness;
The ear heeded the stillness of the earnest air;
No wheel resounding nor foot falling,
The busy morn cries came lean and sparse.
Then I heard, children as they went to school, calling,
Assembled upon the crystal fodder freeze
Tongues tasting, balls of snow forming;
‘O look at the trees!’ they cried, ‘O look at the pathways!’
Following along the white abandoned approach,
A consensus company long isolated:
Already the sun, in soft presentation
Standing by rocky dome, spread into view below
A war is waged with snow;
Lines of subdued boys, undaunted by the day,
No cares to encumber, minds diverted;
the daily word silenced, thoughts of school at rest
As the vision of the loveliness greets them, for the allure they have shattered.