Relationship Management An Analysis Of Customer Relationship Approach Marketing Essay

This proposal is intended to take a important subject for future research work. As my acute involvement on Customer Relationship Management, I have chosen my subject as -‘A RESEARCH OF CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP APPROACH AT “ O2 UK LTD ” . In the first portion, there is a brief background of ‘O2 ‘ nomadic company in UK. Then, there is a treatment on the purposes & A ; aims, several hypothesis of the chosen subject. After that, we will happen some theoretical analysis, different methodological analysis, which will be used to make the chief research. In this research, we will happen the clip program and restrictions of the survey every bit good.


O2 is one of the universe ‘s Largest and most recognized trade names. Over five old ages it has aimed to be the first for service, quality, modernisation and assortment.

O2 was the first company to present per 2nd charge for the clients and to develop a videophone. Furthermore, it is besides invariably developing advanced wire free engineering and services, so we can utilize at place, work or wherever we are.

In April 1994, O2 launched into the UK telecommunications market with a simple visual image. With a vision for brighter chance, where people can pass on whenever and wherever they wish. The Orange trade name now operates non merely in UK, but besides in France, Switzerland, Romania, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Thailand, the Ivory Coast, the Dominican Republic, Cameroon, Botswana and Madagascar.

The current success of O2 no uncertainty, is the direct consequence of the significance of the client relationship direction. Which ( CRM ) helps more to retain clients than acquisition.


The undertaking would finally try to set up a relationship between client relationship direction ( CRM ) and its great consequence on client satisfaction.

To happen out that in what level the O2 clients are satisfied.

Discover the major and minor factors, which influence the clients in their determinations either to remain with or go forth O2.

To happen out the degree of trueness of the client of O2.

Discover the different ways to better the service quality for highest client satisfaction.


Good client relationship direction ( CRM ) is link to client satisfaction.

Customer trueness can be ensured by bettering the quality of client relationship direction.

Customer satisfaction positively influences the alterations in gross revenues every bit good as generates market portion and gross for the company.

CRM ( client relationship direction ) can make great value for the administration and can supply relentless competitory advantage.


Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) is one of the latest inventions in client service. Customers are one of their most valuable assets in any concern. CRM helps the company direction and client service staffs trade with client concerns and issues. CRM involves roll uping many informations about the client. Then the information is used to smooth the advancement of client service traffics. This consequences in more satisfied clients, a more commercial concern and more assets available for the support of staff. Furthermore, Customer Relationship Management systems are a great aid to the direction in make up one’s minding on the future path of the company.

Customer trueness based on first-class client relationship direction. Brown ( 2000 ) presents the five pillars theoretical account of client attention to make a CRM theoretical account for organisations. Again, Haden ( 2000 ) considers five dimensions ( scheme, organisation, cleavage, engineering and procedure ) to exert a CRM undertaking expeditiously. Pepper and Roger ( 1999 ) have put light on four stairss ( place, distinguish, custom-make & amp ; interaction ) for 1 to 1 selling. Swift ( 2001 ) once more emphasized on the right client, right offer, right channels and right clip for maintaining clients ‘ trueness. On the other manus, Williams ( 1970 ) focused that if one does non aim the right clients so all other tendencies of scheme are for naught. Therefore, we need to concentrate on the right client at the right clip. Wayland and Cole ( 1997 ) have publicized a value compass theoretical account, which shows the clear nexus between what directors know about their clients and how they can exert that information to make client value in a huge extent. Liedtka et Al ( 1997 ) has emphasized a originative sequence to associate cognition and relationship. Therefore, we can state that it is the proper cognition about client, which can assist to accomplish client trueness and this cognition, are chiefly based on first-class client relationship direction ( CRM ) .

Business excellence chiefly depends on the part of client relationship direction ( CRM ) . CRM helps an organisation to maintain in melody with the demands and outlooks of the clients and in this manner increase client relationships and higher satisfaction. Kanji and Wallace ( 2000 ) are points out that client satisfaction is a important success factor for concern excellence. So, in add-on, we can reason that CRM can make better value for clients, can inform farther quality betterment and increase satisfaction of clients, plays a important function in the pursuit of concern excellence, generate market portion every bit good as addition gross for the company. So, a infinitesimal scrutiny of CRM schemes of a company is truly really important for this ground. In this affair, Peters ( 1988 ) besides points out that being close to client, listening to them and take determinations on that footing are of import for a concern when it would wish to cover with alteration and pursue excellence.

Furthermore, we can besides stress that it is CRM attack, which is the key to increase sale, better service quality and in this manner achieve competitory advantage in the competitory market. Brown ( 2000 ) defines CRM as ” the cardinal competitory scheme we need to remain focused on demands of our clients and to incorporate a customer-facing attack throughout the organisation ” once more, Chatterjee ( 2000 ) points out CRM as a subject which focuses on acquiring better the concern processes related with keeping client relationships in the country of gross revenues, direction, client service and support. Actually, client relationship direction is really important because it is proved that it helps to retain clients. Furthermore, we know that geting client is much more expensive than maintaining them.

Quality is considered as the ability to run into the assured and instated demands of clients instead than chic. CRM besides contribute to quality direction at an advanced degree. The International Organization for Standardization ( IOS ) ( 1994 ) besides defined quality as ‘the entirety of features of an entity that bear on its ability to fulfill stated and implied demands ‘ . Crosby ( 1979 ) once more stated that ‘instead of quality in footings of goodness or acceptableness we are looking at it as a agency of carry throughing the demands ‘ . So, with this understanding a company could acquire a better chance to afford its clients with the best quality service. CRM in an organisation can besides supply uninterrupted quality betterment. Russell ( 1999 ) emphasise that for a concern to understand the external stakeholders such as clients is every bit of import as the position of its internal stakeholder. In this manner, continuously quality can be improved in the visible radiation of better client cognition through CRM.

From the above treatment, we can come to the determination that Customer Relationship Management is the most advanced attack in any concern. However, it is non true that CRM is ever successful. Indeed, analyst Gartner calculates that 65 % of CRM undertakings failed last twelvemonth 2001 ) . Yet, companies remain committed to CRM. The ground is that finding is apparent. Business is acquiring CRM right and accomplishing singular feedback. ( Customer relationship direction, 2003 )


Primary Research:

In primary research, public sentiment ( clients ) would be taken. Their attitudes, outlooks, trueness towards O2 would be investigated.

Questionnaires would be prepared for those who truly matter-the clients of O2, and their motive, attitude towards the administration would be measured through these questionnaires

Secondary Research:

A subdivision of books, articles, diaries, fiscal times, web sites, nomadic web supplier ‘s web sites, intelligence articles, the economic expert, coiner, several studies on service quality would be used for the undertaking in the secondary research.

Data aggregation:

Harmonizing to Yin ( 2003 ) , certification, archival records, interviews direct observation, physical objects, participants ‘ , all can be helpful to transport out a research work. He argues that all of these beginnings have strength and failings every bit good. Harmonizing to Walliman ( 2001 ) , beginnings of informations aggregation can be classified in to two types. Such as:

Primary informations, and

Secondary informations.

Primary informations is a type of informations which is collected and gathered specifically by the research worker from interviews, study, and other observations. ( Zikmund 2000 ) . This natural primary informations will turn out useless if its non justified accurately. Harmonizing to Yin ( 2003 ) , the usage of assorted beginnings by the research worker is more acceptable, because it generates cogency for the survey. For primary informations aggregation, interviews are one of the effectual methods. ( Ritchie and Lewis, 2003 ) . In this survey, sing the research job, the research worker has taken face- to- face interviews of the CRM ( client relationship director ) of O2 LTD UK. To roll up primary informations for this particular study the research worker has been utilizing the methods below:

Questionnaire and

Direct interview.


Questionnaire design:

When a research worker is fixing and construing research questionnaires, it is of import to see some affairs which are following:

The questionnaire should be simple, sensible, explanatory, easy and short in nature every bit good.

Private and personal inquiries which are Embarrassing should be avoided.

Questions should be organized for replacement options for several replies.

The purpose is to extinguish the possibility and to several groups the inquiry should bespeak diverse things.

Always need to believe about the suited size of the questionnaire in regard of inquiry figure.

This questionnaire study will be carried out between 100 clients and 10 CRM ( client relationship director ) of O2 LTD UK. The questionnaires are prepared and asked in an organized manner to do the research more effectual and important. ( The questionnaires are attached in the appendixaˆ¦ ) .

Direct interview:

Kothari ( 2004 ) defines interview method of roll uping informations as giving oral-verbal stimulation and reply in footings of oral-verbal responses. This method can be exercise through personal interviews or telephone interviews:

In personal interview technique the research worker as the interviewer ask inquiries face to confront that means straight to other individuals. By and large, this method is suited for the comprehensive study. Taking interview of other people is a great accomplishment, so it requires making a friendly ambiance of religion and ego -confidence. As a consequence, the respondents can experience a homely ambiance of simple conversation with the interviewer. The attack of the interviewer should be welcoming, informal, gracious and impartial every bit good. He or she should inquire the inquiries really cleverly and follow the answer really rapidly, accurately and wholly.

Telephone interview technique is non used often. In this method the information is roll uping by reaching the respondent on telephone but it plays an of import function in concern studies. Harmonizing to Kothari ( 2004 ) , the chief colony of this technique are more flexible than get offing attack, quicker and cheaper in contrast with personal interview, callback is simple, call dorsums are effortless and there is no field of forces demands.

In this research, interview of several sorts of people from the society has been taken. Inquiries has been done that they are confronting any jobs to replying the questionnaires. If they face any trouble, the research worker has given them apprehensible construct about those inquiries. By and large, in this study, direct interviews have been taken from both the respondents- the client and the employers/employees. And at last, of import informations about the research job have been collected from them.

Secondary informations:

Secondary informations can be defined as the information which are already collected from others to work out the research job and these informations contain natural and published reappraisals as good. So it can be called ‘second manus ‘ informations. ( Cnossen, 1997 ) . Harmonizing to Saunders et Al,

( 2000 ) , we can roll up secondary informations from the organisations, library, or from cyberspace. Secondary information is really important to understand the research inquiries expeditiously, which is cost effectual every bit good. Furthermore, it helps to happen applicable stuffs to work out the job. ( Saunders et al, 2000 ) . Roll uping information for secondary informations is really fast, easy and cheap every bit good. So it is ever really of import to get down any research work with the aid of secondary informations analysis. It besides helps to plan the primary research and to analyze the consequence of primary informations aggregation. ( Novak, 1996 ) .

In this survey, research worker has collected secondary informations from selling and concern articles and diaries. For roll uping the secondary informations, the research worker has tried to utilize assorted beginnings. Books, magazines, newspaper, library beginnings were besides proved really supportive to roll up the secondary informations. Furthermore, different cyberspace beginnings such as Emerald, SSRN, Ebsco, Jstor etc were besides proved really important to roll up the information. Finally, as research worker is making research on a nomadic company ( O2 ) , has besides collected some secondary informations information from the Telecommunication Research association ( TRA ) of UK.

Trial of Hypothesis:

Summary of the Result of Hypothesis Test:

H0: “ Good client relationship direction ( CRM ) is linked to client satisfaction and trueness every bit good and can make great value for the administration which can supply relentless competitory advantage. ”

H1: “ Good client relationship direction ( CRM ) is non linked to client satisfaction and trueness every bit good and can non make great value for the administration which can supply relentless competitory advantage. ”


At 4.46 % degree of I± or more than that degree we can foretell that, “ Good client relationship direction ( CRM ) is linked to client felicity and trueness every bit good and can make great value for the disposal which can supply relentless competitory advantage. ”

T -test:

Both 5 % and 10 % degree of significance, the O2 ‘s employees will hold with the construct that, “ Good client relationship direction ( CRM ) is linked to client satisfaction and trueness every bit good and can make great value for the administration which can supply relentless competitory advantage. ”

( Appendix- 1: Hypothesis proving )

Justification of the aims:

First, in this survey, we can detect that there is a close relationship between Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) and client satisfaction. In O2 Company, they are seeking their degree best to utilize CRM efficaciously and decently to fulfill their clients. Using CRM engineering, they are offering its clients the best web service. O2 is bettering their service and merchandise quality utilizing CRM. Recently they launched the fastest, most powerful 3G web, and announced nomadic high definition ( HD ) voice for its clients. Therefore, they are developing their service quality and fulfilling their clients at the highest degree. Furthermore, for client satisfaction and long-run relation, they are frequently offering many promotional activities, which are a portion of CRM techniques. When the clients are about completing their contract, they offer them such moneymaking offers that the clients become more satisfied and maintain long clip relation with them. Further, they are giving cost-efficient installation, which is the direct consequence of CRM. Through effectual CRM O2 is supplying best client service and pulling more people to utilize merely its service. Overall, we can state that CRM has a great consequence on client satisfaction of O2.

Second, if we have to measure the 2nd aim of the survey, we need to look over the study questionnaires. In the inquiry figure four, 100 clients were asked that what degree they are satisfied being with O2. And in the study study, we come to cognize that 20 % clients are extremely satisfied, where 67 % are satisfied and merely 13 % said that they are non satisfied. In mean, we can state that 87 % clients of O2 are satisfied of their service though 13 % still have opposite remarks. However, if 87 % clients are happy, so we can state the degree of pleasance of O2 clients is high. But, they need to take proper stairss to happen out the major and minor facts which are responsible for the dissatisfaction. Then seek to develop those issues to increase the satisfaction degree.

Third, to happen out the degree of trueness, we can revise the questionnaire 5 and 6. We can happen in the study consequence that 88 % clients are go oning with O2 two or more than 2/3 old ages. In add-on, when they asked that they are traveling to go on with O2 after completing the contract or not- 81 % clients responded positively. So it is clear that O2 clients ‘ trueness degree is really high. Most of them are maintaining relation with them more than two- three old ages and want to be with them after finishing their contract as good. It shows vividly that clients are

Truly really happy and loyal to them. But, 19 % said that they will go forth it that means they are unhappy. So it should be happen out that what they need more for their satisfaction. In this manner they can better their service every bit good.

Finally, there are assorted facts, which really influence the clients to remain with or go forth O2. We come to cognize from the survey that chiefly, monetary value, client service and client cognition act upon their determinations. We notice that 82 % clients think that O2 has full cognition about their demands and desires. That means the company is planing and supplying their service harmonizing to their desires. So they are happy. Again, 89 % remarks that the monetary value is truly worthy and 90 % clients ‘ position that client service is satisfactory and helpful. So, these major facts make them happy and they want to maintain relation with O2. On the other manus, 18 % clients think that they are non acquiring service harmonizing to their demands and penchant. Where 11 % is non happy with the monetary value and 10 % said the client service is bad. So these clients are dissatisfied any manner and want to go forth Orange. So, the company should give proper attending on these affairs to do them happier and maintain them everlastingly as their loyal clients.

Data dependability and cogency:

Yin ( 2003 ) , describes the research construction as the rational sequence of the research, which unites the experimental informations to its consequence. For this ground it is really of import that these informations should be dependable and valid every bit good.


By and large the construct ‘Reliability ‘ can be frequently used in every sorts of research. But this term is used often and actively to analyze or measure the quantitative research. Harmonizing to Kothari ( 2004 ) , a dependable quantitative scrutiny could assist the research worker to understand the existent state of affairs efficaciously or else it would be confounding or cryptic. Patton ( 2001 ) , furthermore, emphasized the affair stating – when analyzing the design, quality and consequences of a survey, the quantitative research worker must be witting of two major things -reliability and cogency.

In this research, to take the right individuals for interview which is the most important undertaking for the research dependability, a pilot interview was designed foremost and this usher us to the chief issue. First of all the pilot questionnaires were exercised and found that the interviewers are non comfy to reply some information. Then the inquiries were re-designed harmonizing to their suggestions and concluding face-to-face interview was tidy to make the targeted end.


Harmonizing to Creswell and Miller ( 2000 ) , the research workers ‘ cogency review in the

survey and the determination on hypothesis study affects the cogency of the concluding study. Winter ( 2000 ) , once more points out that the thought “ cogency is non a unique, permanent or cosmopolitan perceptual experience, but instead purposes of peculiar research undertakings or methodological analysiss and a contingent physique, evidently stranded in the procedures. ” Conversely, some of the qualitative research worker opposed to the relation between cogency and qualitative research. They think, they do n’t necessitate any cogency for their qualitative research, in malice of that they have recognized the demand of equal cogent evidence and rating for their research.

The intent of the present research work is to happen out the relation that how far CRM is linked to client satisfaction, trueness and derive competitory advantages in O2 LTD UK and to happen out the favoured consequence, the research methodological analysis helped us a batch. During the research clip, the private and confidential regulations of the company have created the most trouble. To work out this job, we have assured the company ‘s employees the full privateness of the information collected from them. After that we have re-arranged the interview procedure.


For research methodological analysis, two types of methods would be adopted.

1.Quantitative Method and

2. Qualitative Method.

Quantitative Method:

In this method, personal interviews would be taken to a sample of clients. This method would take the signifier of a paper- based questionnaire to seek out the degree of service quality, attitudes, outlooks and motive of current clients of O2.

Advantages of quantitative method:

Face to confront respondent as reliable can construe interview.

The respondent ‘s attitude can be resolute towards the interview.

The respondent ‘s eligibility can be ascertained earlier to the interview.

The respondent can be assisted to more multipart inquiries

Qualitative method:

Wide-ranging informations would be used for the undertaking, which would be based on academic cognition. These informations would assist to develop deeper penetration in to the complicated traits of service quality, motive, and attitude to ORANGE Company. It will besides assist to analyze assorted theories linked to the subject country and the undertaking.


Time devouring. There is a restriction for clip. May be if there is some more clip, it would be possible to make some more research and present something more important work.

respondents can be influenced towards the interviewer

Consequences do non stand for the position and sentiments of the entire population.

Quality and feedback can be inconsistent.

Furthermore, cost can besides impact the full procedure.

Undertaking Planning:

Undertaking planning is really of import to pull off a research work. Proper clip agenda will assist to form a disciplined research frame. We are already told that the research programme will take about 4 months to be finished. The most likely clip planning is below:

Research undertaking



Literature Review



Secondary Data Collection



Questioner Design & A ; Approve



Survey & A ; Primary informations aggregation









Correction and Submission




This research provides us the important cognition and information of the research aims and aims, value of the research and different methodological analysis and some restrictions of the research. As the proposal subject is ‘Customer Relationship Management, An Analysis of Customer Relationship Approach at ‘O2 ‘ , at the get downing portion of the proposal there is a brief background of the ‘O2 ‘ company. Again, this proposal analyse the fact that through client relationship direction an organisation can accomplish higher client satisfaction. This consequences in client trueness, greater market portion, and increase gross for the company, uninterrupted quality betterment and concern excellence. The hypothesis of the proposal is that in ‘APPLE ‘ company they achieve the above stated things through the client Relationship attack. The proposal besides mentions that for chief research quantitative and qualitative methods and primary and secondary informations would be used. Furthermore, this proposal explains how the research work will be exercised within the specific timetables to understand the Customer Relationship Approach at ‘O2 UK LTD