Relationship Between Purchaser And Recipient Of The Jewellery Marketing Essay

The figure of possible purchasers and Sellerss in a distinguishable market of a peculiar industry is called the market size of that industry.

Market tendencies:

A market tendency is a putative prevailing class or inclination of a fiscal market to travel in a peculiar way over clip.[ 2 ]

Jewelry market size and tendencies:

In Bangladesh, of course adult females wear two types of jewellery- traditional jewelry and manner jewelry. But twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours, the stylish and excessive clients are increasing who like to have on more different and exceeding designs of manner jewelry in a inexpensive monetary value than the traditional jewelry, On the other manus, the monetary value of traditional gold jewelry is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours that is non low-cost for all types of clients. So the market tendencies of manner jewelry are increasing and the traditional jewelry market tendencies are diminishing.

Market Cleavage:

It is a selling technique that targets a group of clients with specific features.[ 3 ]

Market cleavage for jewelry:

Age: 13-17. 18-22, 23-30, 31+[ 4 ]

Family size: 1-2, 3-4, 5+ .[ 5 ]

Family life rhythm: Young, individual: immature, married, no kids ; immature, married, with kids ; older, married, with kids ; older, married, no kids under 18 ; older, individual: other.[ 6 ]

Gender: Merely female.[ 7 ]

Income: 0-10,000, 10,000-15,000, 15,000-20,000, 20,000-30,000, 30,000- 40,000 and 0ver.[ 8 ]

Occupation: Students, service holders, homemakers.[ 9 ]

Education: Some college, some university, university alumnus.[ 10 ]

Religion: Muslim, Hindu, other.[ 11 ]

Coevals: Adolescents, immature coevalss, adult females.[ 12 ]

Nationality ; Bangladeshi[ 13 ]

Social category: Working category, in-between category, upper center, upper uppers.[ 14 ]

( B )

Forms of competition:

In the jewelry market, the competitions between traditional and manner jewelry are bing. In this form of competition, the distributers or retail merchants maintain some functions in the market. So retail merchants can place themselves as offering one of four degrees of service:


It is the basis of all price reduction operations. Many clients are willing to transport out their ain locate-compare-select procedure to salvage money.[ 15 ]

Self-selection ;

Customers find their ain goods, although they can inquire for aid.[ 16 ]

Limited service:

These retail merchants carry more shopping goods, and clients need more information and aid. The shops besides offer different types services in this instance.[ 17 ]

Full service:

Salespersons are ready to help in every stage of the locate-compare-select procedure. Customers who like to be waited on prefer this type of shop. The high staffing cost, along with the higher proportion of specially goods and slower-moving points and the many services, consequences in high-cost retailing.[ 18 ]

( C )

Competition parametric quantities:

Difference between traditional and manner jewelry are given below:

Traditional Jewelry:

High Monetary value:

In the market, the monetary value of traditional gold is excessively much high.

High doing cost:

The doing cost of traditional jewelry is besides high more than the manner jewelry.

Design classs:

The traditional jewelry are designed traditionally as about same classs and there is non so uniqueness.

Safety and security:

The in-between category people can non have on traditional gold jewelry ever deficiency of safety and security.


All categories of people are nor low-cost to purchase traditional gold jewelry.

Manner Jewelry:

Low Monetary value:

The monetary value of manner jewelry is inexpensive than the traditional jewelry.


Low doing cost:

The doing cost of manner jewelry is besides low than the traditional jewelry.

Design classs:

The design of manner jewelry is different, alone and attractive.

Safety and security:

The people can have on manner jewelry any clip they wish because it costs non excessively much money if it is lost or hijacked.


All categories of people have an affordability to buy this jewelry.




( A )

About Jewelry:

At present is a demand to have on jewellery, particularly for the fashionably witting people.[ 19 ]Manner is the one thing that everyone wants to follow. Staying in manner is even more hyped these yearss with the media coverage and mounting people ‘s involvement. Fashion is n’t completed if it ‘s non complemented with the right sort of jewelry. Be it a simple formal dressing or a wedding frock or a insouciant wear it is matched with matching jewelry to acquire the complete expression. The jewelry is designed as per the tendencies and the colorss and metals are used consequently. The signifiers of the jewelry are a really of import factor in set uping the expression, design and feel to sync with the current tendency.[ 20 ]

About Jewellery Purchase:

The different types of people such as male, female, immature coevalss purchase jewelry in different types of occasions like birthday party, marrying ceremonial, and matrimony twenty-four hours party and so on. In this instance, traditional jewelry is traditionally popular particularly for nuptials and at present for the other occasions, manner jewelry is acquiring popularity. They purchase the jewelry by online or straight jewellery stores.

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Relationship between buyer and receiver of the jewelry:

The relationship between buyer and receiver of the jewelry means the relationship between concluding clients and distributers are given below:

Harmonizing to the understanding, the distributers distribute the merchandises to the different stores and sometimes to the concluding clients. On the other manus, the concluding clients can buy their merchandises sometimes from the distributers. The distributers help the concluding clients by administering their merchandises in a clip. As a consequence the distributers can be benefited by acquiring money from the receiver by the right distribution of merchandises and the receiver can besides be benefited to acquire the right merchandise in a right clip.


( C )

Motivations for purchase:

The function of societal, cultural and peer force per unit areas in the motives for purchase are given below:

Social factors:

It includes the consumer ‘s little groups, household, and societal functions and position, so the motive to buy jewelry will change on these factors.[ 21 ]

Cultural Factors:

Culture is the most basic cause of individual ‘s wants and behaviours. So the motive to buy jewelry will change on the cultural factors.[ 22 ]


In this construct the motive to buy jewelry will change on life style, business, picks, personality etc.[ 23 ]



( A )

Role of direct consumer:

The function of direct clients in traditional jewelry and manner jewelry are given below:

Traditional Jewelry:


For traditional jewelry, advertisement can actuate the clients.


Retailers can non play any function for the traditional jewelry.


Stigmatization can play an of import function for the traditional jewelry because clients consider branding to buy traditional jewelry.

Manner Jewelry:


For manner jewelry, advertisement can besides actuate the clients.


Sometimes the manner jewelry stress a small on retail merchant


The manner jewelry can no stress ob branding as the traditional jewelry.


( B )

The importance of innovatory design in purchase:

The chief importance of innovatory design in purchase is given below:

Business intent:

An exceeding design can actuate the purchasers to purchase the merchandise for his store.

Customer Purpose:

A alone and attractive design besides motivate to the clients to buy that merchandise to utilize it.


( C )

Mechanisms of hazard decrease:

The mechanisms of hazard decrease for traditional jewelry are given below:

It is possible to cut down hazard of traditional jewelry by after selling service. They will guarantee that their jewelry will be mutable in any subdivision of their stores in instance of any mistake. As a consequence, the hazard will be minimized and the client ‘s trust on traditional jewelry will be increased.


Task- 4


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Research Methodology:

A research methodological analysis defines what the activity of research is, how to continue, how to mensurate advancement, and what constitutes success.[ 24 ]

Research Methodologies for Fashion Jewellery:

The appropriate research methodological analysiss for manner jewelry are given below:

Primary informations attacks:

Primary informations are informations newly gathered for a specific intent or for a specific research undertaking.[ 25 ]

Research attacks for garnering primary informations for manner jewelry can be collected through focal point group research and study research.[ 26 ]

Focus Group Research:

In this research, a focal point group is a assemblage of six to ten people who will be carefully selected based on certain demographic, psychographic, or other considerations and brought together to discourse at length assorted subjects of manner jewelry. Participants will usually be paid a little amount of go toing. In this research, a professional research moderator will supply inquiries and investigations based on a treatment usher or a docket of manner jewelry by the responsible selling directors to guarantee that the right stuff gets covered. Moderators will besides try to track down potentially utile penetrations as they will seek to spot the existent motives of consumers and why they will make and state certain things.[ 27 ]

Survey Research:

Survey research, the most widely used method for primary informations aggregation, is the attack best suited for garnering descriptive information. Surveies are great for supplying an indicant of what clients or chances do and believe.[ 28 ]By utilizing this research, it is possible to cognize the people ‘s cognition, attitudes, penchants, or purchasing behaviours on manner jewelry. This information can besides be collected by inquiring them straight.[ 29 ]

Secondary informations attacks:

Secondary informations are informations were collected for another intent and already be someplace. Secondary information is besides used to derive initial penetration into the research job.[ 30 ]Actually this attack will be used in the post-purchase of manner jewelry. A through research of the secondary informations should be undertaken prior to carry oning primary research of manner jewelry. The secondary information will supply a utile background and will place cardinal inquiries and issues that will necessitate to be addressed by the primary research of manner jewelry.[ 31 ]


( B )


Sampling is that portion of statistical pattern concerned with the choice of single observations intended to give some cognition about a population of concern, particularly for the intents of statistical illation.[ 32 ]It is concerned with collection, analysing and construing market informations. It involves the survey, in considerable item, of comparatively little Numberss of sources taken from big group.[ 33 ]

Sample Frame:

A sample frame is a list that includes every member of the population from which a sample is to be taken. Without some signifier of sample frame, a random sample of a population, other than an highly little population, is impossible.[ 34 ]This refers to name, index, maps, or other records of population for which a sample can be selected.[ 35 ]

Is the manner jewelry excessively much expensive?


Is it available in our market?


Will u hold any exceeding selling scheme for manner jewelry?


Will u hold targeted all types of clients?


Will u hold particular design for this merchandise?


Will u hold any recognition policy?


Is there any sort of footings & A ; conditions for selling this merchandise?


Will a client be satisfied after purchasing his jewelry?


Will it be a demandable merchandise to the clients?


Is it a supply-chain direction type of concern?



( C )

In-depth research techniques:

An in-depth interview is a research technique in which clients are interviewed one at a clip or in a little group. It will be designed to bring out a client ‘s implicit in attitudes and/or motive to manner jewelry through drawn-out and comparatively unstructured interview.[ 36 ]

There are two chief types of this research technique:

The one-on-one interviews are called Individual In-Depth Interview.[ 37 ]

Small group interviews are called Focus Group Interview.[ 38 ]

Individual In-Depth Interview:

It includes the interview of one to two hours ‘ continuance with an person where it is possible to examine inquiry and discuss countries of involvement on manner jewelry.[ 39 ]

Focus Group Interview:

In this interview, focal point Groups will affect a figure of people in a room where they will discourse the countries of involvement on manner jewelry with a moderator.[ 40 ]

Participative Research Techniques:

Participatory of participative research method aims at engagement of the researched people to the research procedure, thereby make fulling some of the power spreads between the research workers and the researched people.[ 41 ]

To utilize this technique for manner jewelry, the researched people will be active research participants instead than inactive object of the research. The research procedure will be included by placing the research inquiries, planning and planing the research, roll uping informations, analysing and construing the information and sharing the consequences. When the research participants will portion their inputs based on their ain experiences, the research will make relevant cognition for them. The engagement, nevertheless, is non mandatory. The research participants will do the determination on when and how to take part and non to take part in the research.[ 42 ]


Task- 5


( A )

Feasible market in Bangladesh:

On the footing of old analysis on jewelry market in Bangladesh, I believe that there is a feasible market of the jewelry of James Porteous aggregation within my state for the undermentioned grounds:

Lower market cost:

The market cost of gilded manner jewelry is of course and significantly cheaper than the existent market cost for existent gilded jewellery. So the market cost of manner jewelry is non so high.[ 43 ]

Easy on-line merchandising:

Selling manner jewellery by online is besides made easier presents. To do a on-line merchandising of manner jewelry, the company can a make a web site where will be a subdivision of shows for manner jewellery including costs so that a client can take the design and purchase the manner jewelry. As a consequence they can easy sell their jewelry to the clients.[ 44 ]

Available market:

In Bangladesh, the available market of manner jewelry is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours for the high client ‘s demand. So the people can buy manner jewelry easy from the nearest and dependable jewellery shop.[ 45 ]

Fashionable clients:

In Bangladesh, there are stylish and excessive people who could non truly afford expensive and premium priced jewelleries ; there would ever be demand for manner jewellery.

Demandable Market:

Different and attractive designs of manner jewelry are increasing the client ‘s demand of manner jewelry. So in Bangladesh, it is possible to make a demandable market of manner jewelry.

Potential Market:

There is a strong possible market of manner jewelry in Bangladesh. The market are turning as the figure of manner jewelry stores are increasing and the jewellery demand of people is altering toward the different designs of manner jewelry.[ 46 ]

Budget witting people:

There is a market for manner jewellery. That is because every bit long as there are budget witting people, every bit long as there are wise and stylish consumers, there would ever be purchasers of manner jewelleries.[ 47 ]


A company of manner jewelry can easy do net income by selling the different types of manner jewelry because of the lower devising cost and higher clients demand.


( B )

The feasible market of manner jewelry can offer the undermentioned competitory benefits for the clients:

Relatively low cost:

The first and primary advantage of have oning manner jewellery is its comparative low cost because manner jewelleries are bogus jewelleries ; it is expected and logical that the ticket monetary values are non as important and every bit expensive as the premium and echt expensive jewelleries.[ 48 ]

Attractive and well-designed:

Manner jewelleries are still looking as elegant, as gorgeous and every bit breath-taking as any other expensive jewellery in the market.[ 49 ]

Dangling entreaty and the fancy response:

The another advantages are the swinging entreaty and the fancy response of bystanders and supporters to manner jewellery is at the same magnitude as the worship provided and paid to existent and echt expensive jewelleries.[ 50 ]

Safety and security:

Another advantage of have oning manner jewellery is that a adult female would hold a sense of safety and security. If of all time she would be robbed while have oning the jewellery, she could be certain that she is non standing to lose a important sum of money or plus for the inexpensive monetary value of manner jewelry.[ 51 ]

Corruptible and disposable:

Manner jewelleries are cheap so the adult females could easy purchase 100s of them anytime they desire. And adult females could easy dispose them if they already non useable.[ 52 ]

Easy on-line purchase:

An on-line purchase of manner jewellery is besides made more executable and convenient. To make so, the people have to make is to log on to the web site of an on-line jewelry shop or online auctioneer or shopping shop. They will happen and look for manner jewellery booklets and presto, take the design and manners they want.[ 53 ]

( C )

Target selling for the jewelry:

It involves to interrupt a market of jewelry into sections and so to concentrate the selling attempts on one or a few cardinal sections.[ 54 ]

Promoting to cleavage:

Companies must work harder to guarantee that their selling has the greatest impact possible. Increasing competition makes it hard for a mass selling scheme to win. Customers are going more diversified and houses are invariably distinguishing their merchandises relative to rivals. When the focal point is on metameric markets, the company ‘s selling can break fit the demands of that group. Market cleavage allows houses to concentrate their resources more efficaciously, and with a greater opportunity of success.[ 55 ]So for the jewelry market, to advance the cleavage, it will be divided into demographic cleavage and psychographic cleavage.

Demographic Cleavage:

In this cleavage, the market is divided into groups on the footing of variables such as age, household size, household life rhythm, gender, income, business, instruction, faith, race, coevals, nationality, and societal category.[ 56 ]

Demographic cleavages are given below:

Demographic age: 13-17. 18-22, 23-30, 31+[ 57 ]

Family size: 1-2, 3-4, 5+ .[ 58 ]

Family life rhythm: Young, individual: immature, married, no kids ; immature, married, with kids ; older, married, with kids ; older, married, no kids under 18 ; older, individual: other.[ 59 ]

Gender: Merely female.[ 60 ]

Income: 0-10,000, 10,000-15,000, 15,000-20,000, 20,000-30,000, 30,000- 40,000 and 0ver.[ 61 ]

Occupation: Students, service holders, homemakers.[ 62 ]

Education: Some college, some university, university alumnus.[ 63 ]

Religion: Muslim, Hindu, other.[ 64 ]

Coevals: Adolescents, immature coevalss, adult females.[ 65 ]

Nationality ; Bangladeshi[ 66 ]

Social category: Working category, in-between category, upper center, upper uppers.

Psychographic Cleavage:

Psychographics is the scientific discipline of utilizing psychological science and demographics to better understand consumers. In this cleavage, purchasers are divided into different groups on the footing of psychological/personality traits, traits, life style, or values.[ 67 ]

Psychographic cleavages are given below:

Lifestyle: Culture-oriented, sports-oriented, out-of-door oriented.[ 68 ]

Personality: Compulsive, gregarious, autocratic, ambitious.[ 69 ]

Behavior occasions: Regular juncture, particular juncture.[ 70 ]

Benefits: Quality, service, economic system, velocity.[ 71 ]

User Status: Potential user, first-time user, ex-user, regular user.[ 72 ]

Use Rate: Light user, medium user, heavy user.[ 73 ]

Loyalty Status: None, medium, strong, absolute.[ 74 ]

Readiness Phase: Aware, informed, interested, wishful, meaning to purchase.[ 75 ]

Attitude toward merchandise: Enthusiastic, positive, negative, apathetic, hostile.[ 76 ]

( D )

Pricing Scheme:

One of the four major elements of the selling mix is monetary value. Pricing is an of import strategic issue because it is related to merchandise placement. Furthermore, pricing affects other marketing mix elements such as merchandise characteristics, channel determinations, and publicity.[ 77 ]

Manner jewelry pricing scheme:

The four chief pricing schemes for manner jewelry are given below:[ 78 ]

Premium Pricing:

This attack will be used where a significant competitory advantage of fasion jewelry will be.[ 79 ]

Penetration Pricing:

The monetary value will be intentionally set at low degree to derive client ‘s involvement and set uping a foot-hold in the market of manner jewelry.[ 80 ]

Economy Pricing:

This scheme will be used for manner jewelry when there is a no frills low monetary value. Here the cost of selling and industry will be kept at a lower limit.

Monetary value Skimming:

This scheme will be used to bear down a high monetary value because of significant competitory advantage. However, the advantage is non sustainable. The high monetary value tends to pull new rivals into the market, and the monetary value necessarily falls due to increased supply.[ 81 ]

Distribution Scheme:

Distribution ( or topographic point ) is one of the four elements of marketing mix. An organisation or set of organisations ( mediators ) involved in the procedure of doing a merchandise or service available for usage or ingestion by a consumer or concern user.[ 82 ]

Manner jewelry distribution scheme:

The two chief distribution schemes for manner jewelry are given below:

Selective distribution:

This scheme will be used when a manufacturer will utilize a limited figure of mercantile establishments in a geographical country to sell manner jewelry. An advantage of this attack is that the manufacturer can take the most appropriate or best-performing mercantile establishments and concentrate attempt on them. Selective distribution works best when consumers are prepared to “ shop around ” – in other words – they have a penchant for a peculiar trade name or monetary value and will seek out the mercantile establishments that supply.[ 83 ]

Exclusive distribution:

It is an utmost signifier of selective distribution in which merely one jobber, retail merchant or distributer is used in a specific geographical country.[ 84 ]

Promotion Scheme:

Promotion is the activities people use to pass on with others about their merchandise or service and to convert them to utilize it. In touristry, this includes a broad assortment of activities including booklets, hoardings, and newspaper ads.[ 85 ]

Manner jewelry publicity scheme:

Promotion schemes for manner jewelry are given below:


This scheme will be used to actuate clients to buy manner jewelry every bit good as it is besides helpful for the jewelry shops to increase their merchandise merchandising.

Public dealingss:

It involves developing positive relationships with the organisation media public. The art of good public dealingss is non merely to obtain favourable promotion within the media, but it is besides involves being able to manage successfully negative attending.[ 86 ]

Gross saless publicity:

It will normally be used to obtain an addition in gross revenues short term. It could be involved utilizing money off vouchers or particular offers.[ 87 ]

Personal merchandising:

This scheme will be used to sell the merchandise service one to one.[ 88 ]



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