Problem Challenge Met By Easygulf Marketing Essay

Easy Gulf is cruising at high heights and continues to turn enormously in the MENA part owing to its exceeding selling and expansive aspirations. Despite of the troubles and challenges in its operating environment, the air hose is adding developments over the class of old ages and is hence be aftering to pin down the market in UAE.

The paper outlines the formalistic and effectual selling program qualifying the realisation of Easy Gulf ‘s overall selling attempts and designation of consumer behaviour. The kernel of the program is that it starts with general to the particular, from specifying background, market cleavage and so moves down to the geographic expedition of external analysis and apprehension of macro environment, particularly of societal, cultural, economical, technological and political factors.

Following to this, the paper seeks to specify determination doing analysis every bit good as researching single factors that influences client behaviour and capable to impact overall demand, supply and the full competition of the company. Furthermore, a precise description of promotional mix schemes has been provided.


The go oning success of air hose industry has raised inquiries that in what ways have the selling schemes and overall strategic selling program every bit good as strategic determinations undertaken contributes to its turning concern. The air hose industry in MENA part is surely cruising at high heights and continues to turn enormously owing to its exceeding selling and expansive aspirations. Despite of the troubles in its operating environment, these companies are adding developments over the class of old ages.

About Easy Gulf:

The easyGulf air hose company is the international air power organisation established in MENA part supplying commercial air transit services across the part of Middle East and North Africa. The air hose characterized by low cost, high efficiency and flexibleness has helped beef up states in Middle East every bit good as North Africa as a premium universe category hub non merely for trade and concern but besides for civilization and athleticss.

The air hose is basically a polar nexus between states, pulling on the extremely advanced civil air power substructure in the part. EasyGulf air hose operates and serves finishs across several states in the part and has driven several parts in acquiring established as a commercial centre and air power hub of the Middle East every bit good as North Africa. The phenomenal growing in its market operations is reflected in 100-plus aircraft in a quickly spread outing fleet, comprising of the latest Airbus and Boeing Aircraft. In the old twelvemonth, the company booked traveling of 15 million riders of different nationalities.

Problem/Challenge Met by EasyGulf:

Easy Gulf air hose is a low cost air hose company ensuing in client satisfaction than its bequest challengers and premium air hose companies. The easyGulf Airlines with its exceeding know-how is good positioned for continued future growing and success doing headway against from a history of leading accomplishments. As it has been determined that air hose charges and ticket monetary values are expensive and even will acquire more expensive would ensue in take downing demand for air hoses finally result in economic lag. Therefore, low cost based air hoses are endeavoring to successfully run into challenges of high air hose ticket pricing ( HUME, Tim, 2012 ) . Besides, the company reported uninterrupted autumn in its market portion every bit good as worsening portion monetary values on Dubai Financial Market owing to the lessening in the figure of riders which can be successfully met by pin downing new markets in UAE.

Elementss of Innovation in EasyGulf:

Wholly with the low cost duty and decreased C emanation component, Easy Gulf through high professional criterions, committedness and a frontward looking vision will go on on the way of excellence and prosperity. And it pays greater accent over the corporate citizenship and societal duty to determine its hereafter. Easy Gulf strives to present universe category in-flight experience with a sense of friendliness, heat, single pride and overall organisational spirit.

Diffusion of Easy Gulf Airline:

The diffusion of low cost Easy Gulf air hose is determined and predicted on the footing of Bass Model.

The ensuing diffusion curve is based on expected cumulative gross revenues on the following parametric quantities such as –

Xt = Gross saless Units P = Innovation Coefficient

Q = Imitation Coefficient M = Market Potential


Target Market for Easy Gulf Airline:

Market Cleavage:

In order to acquire established and expand the range to the UAE, the Easy Gulf will make up one’s mind to split the whole market of UAE in different bomber market refering to the clients of common demands and wants, gustatory sensations and penchants. Chiefly, the market cleavage is done on the footing of cardinal variables such as –

Geographic Cleavage

The geographic cleavage of Easy Gulf helps in reflecting the physical location refering to the mark market along with the associated conditions. For the air hose company, it is geographically aiming to the clients located in the part of UAE.

Demographic Cleavage:

On the footing of demographics, the mark market for air hose includes consumers belonging to –

Age Group: Targets consumers of all age groups for both concern every bit good as leisure traveling.

Gender: Includes both male every bit good as female travellers

Nationality: Citizens of UAE every bit good as other Arabian states and other states.

Occupation and Income: Targets travellers such as services category executives, in-between income group people.

Psychographic Cleavage:

Easy Gulf segments its possible market on the footing of psychographic elements based on the head and the client ‘s penchant to the merchandise is based on their thought or psychological science associated with the merchandise and includes –

Life style: Status Conscious People, Travellers, ultramodern clients who often do leisure traveling.

Social Class: Higher Middle Income Group people every bit good as Middle Income Group consumers.

Cultural Aspect: Consumers of Arabian Culture and other civilizations as good owing to the increased figure of exiles across the state.

Behavioral Segmentation ( Usage and Benefits ) :

The behavioral cleavage considers perceptual experience and motivational demands that drives the usage of consumer every bit good as benefits associated to the consumers.

Use: Includes concern every bit good as leisure traveling.

Benefits: Convenience, economical use, prestigiousness and position, quality service, value for money, low-cost recognition bound.

Appropriateness of Target Segment:

The market cleavage for each of the class is justified as –

For Middle Income Group Consumers, Easy Gulf brings a privilege to take an experience of air going by passing few vaulting horses in comparing to premium air hoses.

Targeting UAE is justified in a sense that the part is surely going a concern hub representing heavy traveling in different parts of UAE every bit good as other parts across Middle East.

Targeting part of UAE where legion workers and exiles are populating to gain their support is sensible and justified as they would surely prefer low cost economic air hoses for going.

Target Market Strategy:

The concern theoretical account of Easy Gulf is chiefly based on the feasible border and that will be achieved through Low Cost Strategy with an purpose to successfully present and offer low cost cheap air hoses to busy the full spectrum for a wide market drama in the UAE.

Following are the cardinal justifications of Low Cost Strategy of Easy Gulf:

The low cost scheme would basically ensue in doing the air hose sustainable in the market place.

The set scheme is driven by rider demands and penchant for better services and lower costs.

The low cost bearer will account for a important part of bringing demand in the part ( Low Cost Carrier Market ) .

Situational Analysis:

Situational Environment Analysis:

Industry and Demand Trend:

The UAE continues to surpass the universe in air travel growing and it is merely part where international traffic has increased and achieved a robust growing of 11.2 % since 2009. Besides the rider traffic turning about 25 % and air fright up to 34 % . In add-on, over half of the population is belonging to the age group of 25 and this section will account for much of the hereafter market. Over the three decennaries, authorities across the Middle East part has well invested $ 48 one million millions of dollars to significantly increase figure of riders able to see Dubai, Abu Dhabi Sharjah and other Emirates ( BUNDHUN, Rebecca, 2011 )

Beginning: ( Current Market Outlook, 2010 – 2029 )

Beginning: ( Current Market Outlook, 2010 – 2029 )

Beginning: ( Current Market Outlook, 2010 – 2029 )

Social and Cultural Environment & A ; Tendencies:

The UAE is a prevailing Muslim Nation and has non been significantly affected by the being of assorted foreign subjects in the state. With the find of oil, the part attracted a big figure of exiles from around the universe, turning the metropoliss of Dubai, Muscat, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait into sprawling cosmopolites with more than half the population being aliens. Although the planetary economic meltdown of 2009 has slowed the leading growing of metropoliss like Dubai, the hereafter looks bright due to the strong basicss of the economic system ( SHIHAB, Mohamed ) .

Demographic Environment & A ; Trend:

In the context of rider statistics, UAE has marked enormous growing in footings of reachings, goings, and theodolite.



Economic Environment & A ; Tendencies:

The economic systems of the Middle East have witnessed a important rise in the past decennaries wherein they have been characterized with equal economic stableness and feasible growing rates which are inclusive of their increased GDP and Fiscal Balance. The UAE and other Middle Eastern parts have benefited from the lifting oil monetary values which have led to increased gross coevals for these economic systems, particularly foreign exchange gross and this has been the cardinal ground behind its immense development as witnessed up boulder clay now ( Travel & A ; Tourism, 2012 ) .

Technological Environment & A ; Tendencies:

The UAE is known for its advanced technological substructure and the presence of high degree proficient support constructions by agencies of which it has been able to keep the highest efficiency degrees on a planetary graduated table. It is besides credited with holding one of the most advanced ICT web and substructure in the UAE which has made the nutriment of assorted organisations in its economic system ( RADHI, Hassan ) .

Political & A ; Legal Environment and Trend:

The UAE with its unfastened skies policy has helped air hose companies to turn and vie in the planetary universe in footings of graduated table non merely through protectionism but besides through intense competition ( The Impact of International Air Service Liberalisation on the United Arab Emirates, 2009 ) .

Airline companies enjoy tremendous benefits owing to the execution of full traffic rights between the states. With the air power deregulatings in topographic point, companies have fostered its growing by developing unfastened path entry, issue for air bearers, competitory menus and service frequence ( Air Transport, Air & A ; Space Law and Regulation, 2009 ) .

Competitive Environment Analysis:

Detailed Competitive Evaluation:

Menace of New Entrants ( Rating: High ) :

The UAE air hose industry has comparatively low barriers to entry because of its demands of low capitalisation, cognition and accomplishments and proficient expertness. Additional moderation of the authorities policies in the part has boosted the entry of new companies in the sector. European and American houses have been peculiarly aggressive in the regional market due to the lag of concern in their domestic markets.

Dickering Power of Buyers ( Rating: High ) :

The recession and the subsequent hard currency crunch in the part have led to many clients going extremely monetary value sensitive and preferring value technology and more economical solutions than premium services. This alteration in the client sensitiveness is apparent from the lower turnovers in 2009-2010 compared to 2008.

Menace of Substitute Products/Service ( Rating: High )

The presence of established railroad and roadway lines with sensible monetary values resulted in a diverse scope of cheaper replacements available in each sub class of the section

Dickering Power of Suppliers ( Rating Moderate )

By perpendicular integrating of the supply concatenation, full industry has a strong and dependable base of providers to prolong its undertakings. By binding up with sole merchandises trades with providers, the power of provider is greater than the company ( Airlines and subsidy: our place ) .

Rivalry among Competitive Firms ( Rating High )

The air hose industry in the UAE is marked by stiff competition between established companies competing to capture more market portion. Easy Gulf considers Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, and Air Dubai as its major rivals ( Airlines in the UAE ) .

Measuring Marketing Mix Strategy:


The unique and exceeding services of Easy Gulf are designed for monetary value sensitive clients in the part of UAE. The services are planned with the position of clients ‘ comfort and enjoyment in a sensible pricing. The client would acquire all in-flight services and amusement services including a H2O bottle for free, a towel and earphone.

Monetary value:

The Easy Gulf aims to utilize a incursion pricing scheme for the scene of monetary values in order to derive a important market portion owing to comparatively low monetary values.

Topographic point:

The company is be aftering to administer and do available tickets to consumers through national and local Bankss across UAE. Easy Gulf appoints figure of agents, distributers, retail merchants to make the clients. Customers can book tickets with the aid of phone and cyberspace besides.


Promotion through exhibitions, sponsorship, publicities, public dealingss, direct mails and media advertizements are likely to drive clients for cabin services being the biggest plus fir the company.

Decision Making Analysis:

Type of Decision Making in Easy Gulf:

In the context of Easy Gulf, determination devising is really the Limited Decision doing procedure in which the company functionaries are limited to do usage of options and options available in the market owing to the subject of low monetary value and economic pricing associated with the air hose in UAE. Besides, the thoroughness with which the procedure is used depends on the clip and sum every bit good as the motive of the buyer.

Marketing Deductions of Limited Decision Making in Easy Gulf

Ways through which consumers search about Easy Gulf

It is imperative to set about aggressive selling scheme while sing costs to put merchandise in the heads of the consumers. Making usage of billboards, print media, and exposure at non corporate events, engagement in international Air -shows etc.

Types of Perceived Risk associated with Easy Gulf

The type of consumer behaviour hazard associated with the Easy Gulf is that whether the determination would take and ensue in extra entree to air hose service as a direct consequence if holding selected the current air hose service of Easy Gulf.

Degree of Involvement in the context of Easy Gulf:

Easy Gulf would typically be associated with low engagement merchandise purchases and in this consumers may non acknowledge their wants until they are in the shop and hence selling directors ought to concentrate on designing of in-flight services in order to do it recognized and oculus catching for consumers.

Evaluation of Easy Gulf Airline services by End Users:

However monetary value is found to be cardinal influential factor/criteria in repetition purchase, even though there may be other cases that lead to behavioural purpose. Some of the cardinal properties are – on clip going and reaching, cleanliness of cabin and public toilets every bit good as comfy sitting during the whole journey.

Probability of Cognitive Dissonance with Easy Gulf:

Psychological facets associated with the flight experience are surely influential and may consequences in cognitive disagreement by the terminal user/consumer which may farther impute to non repetition of purchasing of air hose service such as holds in flight, non serving/offering of bites in flight etc.

Pull offing consumers ‘ cognitive disagreement:

It has been determined that clients of low cost air hoses are able to accept the incompatibility of service as they are found more forgiving when they encounter unpleasant service experience as they make up in their heads about happening of some hiccoughs in service bringing. Therefore, Gulf Easy is required to take service and in-flight experience followups and reappraisals sporadically.

Individual Factors Influencing Likelihood/Purchase:

Consumers ‘ Needs and Motivations towards purchase of Easy Gulf Airlines:

As per the Need Hierarchy Theory proposed by Maslow, the key driver that motivates purchase of Easy Gulf Airline services by consumers is “ Esteem Needs ” as esteem demands are chiefly related to the sense of accomplishment and self regard of an person. These demands are the 1s related to the societal position and acknowledgment of an person in the society. Therefore, it has been determined that air hose travel would surely fulfill regard demands of distinguished consumers ( CHERRY, Kendra ) .

Ways through which Consumers addition Penetrations about Airline Servicess:

Easy Gulf with purposes to supply penetrations about of their information pertaining to services and latest launches and imperativeness releases and this information is travelled to the consumer and ulterior consumers obtain larning about the services offered. This can be farther explained through Behavioral Theory of Learning ( Behaviorist Learning Theory ) . Harmonizing to the theory, consumer behaviour is basically shaped through the information released every bit good as actions and activities of the company. Consumer behaviour is likely to acquire influence with any of the alterations looking in actions of Easy Gulf particularly in footings of its services to the consumer and monetary value volatility.

Components of Attitude Relevant to Easy Gulf Airline Services:

The Easy Gulf ought to see and turn to consumers ‘ behavioral forms and besides set about a thorough apprehension of single ‘s head frame. This consequence in profiling of consumers in such a manner that enables the company to acknowledge, acknowledge and trade with the clients in relation to their frame of head.

In order to cognize about the attitudes and behaviours of current and possible clients, Easy Gulf chiefly conducts studies and periodical reappraisals to find travel frequence every bit good as penchants of consumers. Key factors which mattered most when taking an air hose service are the quality of flight attender service every bit good as discrepancy of comfortss and extra services favored to buying determination of the consumer. Besides these cardinal properties and behaviours of consumers decides the lastingness of consumer satisfaction with the trade name.

Promotional Scheme:

Message of Easy Gulf Airlines:

“ Easy Gulf aims to supply consistent and high degree of heat and service to our distinguished clients expect from us besides guaranting seamless connectivity and gratifying travel experience across the UAE web ” .

Scheme to catch Customers ‘ Attention:

Easy Gulf intends to set about aggressive publicity in order to increase the client base dramatically in UAE. In today ‘s competitory, organisations, both big and little utilizing promotional tools to add credibleness every bit good as to increase the attending for more possible clients. Promotions can happen in figure of ways through different channels and mediums as there are tonss of ways through which Easy Gulf can catch the attending of more clients. Furthermore, through cross publicities, Easy Gulf would surely ensue in widening its range to more and more terminal users.

Examples of Promotional Materials

In add-on to the advertisement through print media ; newspapers and magazines, following are some of the tools that would surely take to accomplish a competitory border in the market.

Use of FM wirelesss will supply an instant communicating tool.

Creation of Facebook and Twitter application will supply a great avenue to prosecute consumers and even straight sell ranks.

Road Shows will be used to make mark consumers on a big graduated table with the assistance of fancied choirmaster, ground tackle master of ceremonies etc.

Mall Promotion exercisings can be used to advance to consumers particularly on weekends with the support of any famous person or invitees.


On careful apprehension of the markets, it was wholly validated that the Easy Gulf has the ability to turn and spread out concern in the part of UAE. Dubai has been proved as a planetary air power hub, both strategically and operationally doing a great trade of sense for the Easy Gulf, Owing to the increasing proportion of the traffic across the planetary universe, the Easy Gulf expects the market portion to turn to the maximal competitory advantage in the market of the Middle East based on the docket of low cost and economic priced air hose. Indeed, the company is doing several important inroads in footings of selling schemes, seeks to get major portion in the planetary air power industry. Bearing in head, the Easy Gulf focuses on keeping a healthy balance between marketing constructs and schemes and internal operations and fundss with a mindful of duties.