Preventing Mother To Child Transmission Of Hiv Health Essay

The purpose of this study is to discourse the effectivity of bing preventive methods in mother-to-child-transmission ( MTCT ) of the HIV disease ( Human Immunodeficiency disease ) ,

MTCT transmittal is defined as the transmittal of the HIV virus from the septic female parent to the babe, normally during gestation, labor and bringing or via suckling 2, 3. In appraisal, 590,000 babies are infected with the HIV virus through MTCT, in which, 90 % of the MTCT infections occurred in African states or other ill developed states. This is chiefly due to the inability of 3rd universe states to implement preventive intercessions that could forestall MTCT 3, 4, 5. In the absence of intervention and preventive steps, 15-30 % of babies will go septic during gestation and labor, and an excess 5-20 % will go septic via suckling 2, 3. Therefore, infant HIV infections can be prevented if effectual and efficient preventive schemes are put into pattern ( figure 1 ) 6.

Figure 16: This is the procedure required for effectual bar of MTCT ( PMTCT ) . The procedure of PMTCT is a treble procedure which includes: effectual testing in pregnant adult females, supplying and administrating antiretroviral drugs and eventually giving counsel to female parents on safer baby eating schemes 1, 6.

PMTCT steps can efficaciously find which adult females require aid. The UN interagency Task Team has devised a four-component scheme in MTCT: ( 1 ) prevent HIV infection in all people, particularly prospective parents ; ( 2 ) Decreasing the figure of unwilled gestations in HIV septic adult females ; ( 3 ) prevent MTCT through gestation, safer method of bringing and breastfeeding ; and ( 4 ) provide attention and support for HIV positive adult females and their immediate relations 2, 7.

HIV Testing in HIV Positive Pregnant Women

HIV proving involves taking blood from the person, and testing the specific blood sample for the HIV virus ( and sometimes other infections ) 8, 9. Implementing HIV proving in wellness clinics has proven to be cheap and cost-efficient, hence leting more and more adult females to detect their HIV position, in which PMTCT steps can be taken10. Everyday HIV is available in two different types: opt-out and opt-in. The opt-out everyday trial involves proving of HIV in all pregnant adult females, in which they can specifically worsen a HIV trial. On the footing of a positive consequence, the person will have guidance, in which appropriate advice and intervention will be given 8, 9.

On the contrary, in the opt-in everyday trial, information of the handiness of a HIV trial is provided to adult females, and will be given if requested for one. This manner of a everyday trial has shown to be less effectual compared to opt-out due to adult females experiencing fright for illustration 9, 11. However, surveies have shown that the per centum of credence of everyday trials is significantly higher if offered to pregnant adult females with reding 6, 9, 12. Compulsory testing is an alternate manner of testing, which involves the remotion of informed consent from the pregnant adult females and leaves them with no pick, but to hold the HIV trial as they are bound to the jurisprudence. This manner of proving can favourably advance pregnant adult females from accessing wellness attention services, and hence lead to increased rates of MTCT 9.

The deficit of clinic resources such as: HIV proving kits and healthcare staff that could potentially supply guidance. A likely solution for this is to form more dependable paths to supply proving kits 6. Accessibility to wellness clinics can put as a farther barrier to many adult females, particularly in 3rd universe states where far distances are required to be travelled by adult females who live in rural countries, which, in bend, there are limited entree to transport and the cost of conveyance can be unaffordable. Opening clinics for longer hours and supplying free conveyance can get the better of these barriers 13. Furthermore, many adult females fear that if their HIV position is revealed so this will follow onto favoritism by members of their community 6.

Antiretroviral drugs in PMTCT

Antiretroviral drugs need to be taken daily by adult females who have reached the advanced phases of HIV infection, non merely for their ain wellness, but for PMTCT, as the hazard of MTCT is significantly higher at this phase 13, 15. It is really common for newborn babes to besides be given antiretroviral intervention in order to cut down the hazard of MTCT even farther by administrating the drugs within the first few hebdomads of life. MTCT can besides be efficaciously reduced if pregnant adult females, who do n’t yet necessitate drugs, are provided with a short class of medicine 13, 15.

Nevirapine is given in the signifier of a individual dosage to both the female parent ( in the oncoming of labor ) and the kid ( post bringing ) , doing it the most simplest, easiest and cheapest signifier of antiretroviral drug to administrate 6. This is apparent in a survey carried out in Uganda, which besides found this drug to cut down transmittal by about 50 % 13, 16. Since such a simple process is required to administrate Nevirapine, staff can be easy trained to supply the drug, and in bend, will cut down the load of health care professionals, which can turn out to be really utile in developing states due to the deficiency of resources, particularly trained staff. On the contrary, Nevirapine intervention can promote opposition to other drugs ( e.g. efavirenz ) in both female parent and baby, as seen in about a 3rd of adult females who take the individual dosage of Nevirapine 17, 18. This later will expose both female parent and baby to other infective diseases, which are more complex to handle 18. Furthermore, the provision of a drug that is merely 50 % effectual still leaves the potency of many babes being infected with HIV 6.

Furthermore, long-run classs of drugs have shown to be the most effectual at PMTCT, but at the same clip most hard to administrate 19. Reasons for this include: the deficiency of resources in providing the drugs, the demand of frequent visits to the clinic by adult females for aggregation of drugs, lodging to and keeping day-to-day intervention, and geting considerable side effects of drugs 6. An alternate to this, which is still really effectual in cut downing PMTCT even further, is supplying adult females with a combination of drugs, normally three antiretroviral drugs ( AZT and 3TC with Nevirapine ) in different regimens ( Table 1 ) , which, in bend, will besides forestall HIV opposition 2, 6 ; yet although more effectual, can turn out to be a more expensive, hard to administrate and less practical in developing states 2. Therefore, Nevirapine remains as the lone cost-efficient drug, which can be easy implemented with minimal supervising, most appropriate for 3rd universe states.

Point/time of disposal

High Recommend-ation

Alternate Recommend-ation

Low Recommend-ation

Minimal Recommend-ation


AZT after 28 hebdomads

AZT after 28 hebdomads


individual dose Viramune ; AZT+3TC

individual dosage Viramune

individual dose Viramune ; AZT+3TC

individual dosage Viramune

For mother post- Natal

AZT+3TC each for 7 yearss

AZT+3TC each for 7 yearss

For infant post-natal

individual dose Viramune ; AZT for 7 yearss

individual dose Viramune ; AZT for 7 yearss

individual dosage Viramune

individual dosage Viramune

Table 1: Showing four bing regimen guidelines recommended by the World Health Organisation ( WHO ) 19, 20.

Safer Infant Feeding Schemes

The HIV virus has the ability to be transmitted through chest milk, therefore alternate methods of eating is recommended. Studies show, MTCT can be increased by 40 % entirely by HIV positive adult females breast feeding their babies 3. The advice given to HIV positive adult females in developed states is to abstain from suckling as this reduces the hazard of HIV transmittal. However, in 3rd universe states, replacing eating is n’t executable. Reasons for this include: increased costs for feeding expressions, and another factor is the handiness of safe H2O, which when consumed by babies can potentially take to infections or even decease, go forthing some female parents with no pick but to suckle merely, entirely depending on their personal wellness ( HIV ) fortunes 21, 22.

Breastfeeding can besides be entirely administered by HIV-positive adult females to their babies who choose to suckle merely and non give their kid anything else to devour, including H2O 23, 24. This manner the babe will have all the critical vitamins, foods and protective agents that are non present in feeding formulas 21. This is a more practical manner of feeding babies, particularly for female parents in 3rd universe states as it has no cost, and at the same clip reduces the hazard of MTCT 22. However, the tabular arraies can turn if ‘mixed feeding ‘ is introduced. This involves supplying the baby with other nutrients and liquids in combination with chest milk, taking to damaging effects in the babies ‘ digestive system, hence, well increasing HIV transmittal ( MTCT ) from chest milk in come ining bodily tissues 21, 22. Besides, conveying the HIV virus, breastfeeding can besides infect babies with HIV opposition that has been acquired by the female parent through certain antiretroviral drug therapies 6, 25.

Furthermore, as is with other PMTCT schemes, safer infant eating schemes besides cause jobs to some adult females. Certain locations in the universe prehend the norm of breastfeeding, and adult females who do n’t stay by this, by possibly utilizing feeding expressions, as a consequence could uncover their HIV position and, in bend, face favoritism by their environing community 22. In due class, MTCT can be avoided efficaciously by 100 % , if abstention from chest eating is undertaken by HIV-positive female parents 23. Therefore, the absolute determination can merely be made by the female parent and depending on her wellness position ; replacing eating should strictly be used if it is ‘acceptable, executable, low-cost, sustainable, and safe ‘ , which is a recommended usher for which council members should utilize as a footing for appraisal of female parents when offering advice 26.


To reason, the bing PMTCT have proven to be rather valuable and effectual in cut downing MTCT in both developed and developing states. However, developments in certain countries still need to be made in order to prolong, and diminish the figure of MTCT around the universe. MTCT can merely be combated with drastic stairss if the HIV position of adult females is revealed, rapidly and efficaciously through HIV proving. Training and educating of staff on the topic of the importance of confidentiality and utilizing the right drug governments and developing staff so they could get certain accomplishments such as: HIV proving, reding, and communicating. Uniting these accomplishments will assist in increasing trust between the health care supplier and user and do adult females more comfy in giving and having information and doing them more adherent to intervention, particularly long-run intervention. If more support was increased, better antiretroviral intervention ( uniting drugs ) , alternate eating nutrients, conveyance to clinics and HIV proving kits will be available, which will diminish MTCT and drug opposition. Overall, it can be said that abstention from chest eating is still the best manner in PMTCT. However, reding female parents on the evidences of acceptableness, feasibleness, affordability, sustainability and safety can assist them do right and reasonable determinations that can profit their ain and their kid ‘s wellness and wellbeing. Bettering all PMTCT programmes along with the three measure scheme will significantly diminish the figure of MTCT instances in 3rd universe states.