Positioning Strategies Of Ballyshancarragh Pottery Marketing Essay

Cleavage variables are used to place the mark the market for possible clients. The market sections are broken down into variables in order to set up client demands and wants which will in the long tally enhance net income and growing for the company. By making this, it will besides separate selling sections from other sections. These variables need to be related to the client ‘s demand and utilize for the merchandise and besides the benefit the client wants to derive from the merchandise.

This variable is perchance the most utile manner to section the market as it is based on consumers ‘ cognition of, attitude towards, uses for and response to a merchandise. Responses to merchandises are based on occasions, use, trueness and benefits sought. Companies try to section the market into those where loyal clients can be found and retained instead than where clients display no merchandise trueness. Customers ever look for something typical in a merchandise that adds to their benefits of buying. Heavy users will lend towards higher gross revenues.

This variable is a method of spliting markets on the footing of the psychological science and lifestyle wonts, involvements, values, societal category and sentiments of clients. In order to make up one’s mind their selling scheme, sellers and the Sellerss of merchandises and trade goods must utilize this technique. When marketing a merchandise, deep apprehension of the client ‘s psychological science is required, along with their demands, in order for the merchandise to be accepted.

Ballyshancarragh should utilize demographic cleavage, as these variables are easier to obtain and mensurate when compared to other cleavage schemes. Ballyshancarragh should aim the demographics based on the Judy Greene instance survey that shows the domestic market is between 80 % to 90 % . This will assist Ballyshancarragh understand the demands and wants of their clients. Their selling scheme needs to make involvement and consciousness about their trade name to clients. The clients targeted will run from professional adult females runing from 25-45yrs old. They have a discretional income and how their place looks is of import to them. Newly wed twosomes will besides desire to purchase merchandises for their new place. With the US sharing involvements in these merchandises, you would hold to take into history nationalities besides.


From a geographic point of view, it is of import for Ballyshancarragh to see this section when puting up their concern. It would be more good for Ballyshancarragh to concentrate on trading in the Irish market as harmonizing to the instance survey, Judy Greene ‘s largest market section was domestic ( 80-90 % ) . The tourer market will merely lend a little sum of gross revenues ( 4 % -10 % ) . Once holding established themselves with their trade name and merchandises, they could get down to undertake the export market chiefly concentrating on the US, which contributed to 55 % of all export gross revenues for Judy Greene. The tendencies will besides order as to what merchandise scope they decide to present as the tendency now is easy traveling off from clayware and back to china, porcelain and cut glass.

They will hold to take their locations really carefully because if they set up in clayware based countries such as Dublin and the West of Ireland they will confront stiff competition from bing throwers. It would do good concern sense to open their first mercantile establishment in the south E of Ireland as there is a spread in the market for these merchandises, even though the highest gross revenues are in the West of Ireland, this could easy alter. With the recent closing of Waterford Crystal, puting up a retail mercantile establishment in Waterford seems like an ideal location. Former clients who would hold purchased from Waterford Crystal may happen Ballyshancarragh merchandises as a replacement for hand-crafted trades. They should besides seek to stock their merchandises in a figure of mercantile establishments countrywide to avail of the tourer market and besides it will assist them set up their trade name.

Professionals will desire a merchandise that is easy accessible so will non be willing to go long distances to a distant portion of the state to buy clayware merchandises. The same can be said for clients with households, as they will be looking for convenient purchases. Loyal clients might be more willing to go.


Ballyshancarragh should look at the different demographic profiles selected above and set up the lifestyle these possible clients lead. Feverish life styles will look for convenience and practicality such as professionals as stated in the focal point group findings. The female housewifes will look for design and manners that match their gustatory sensations and their vitamin D & A ; eacute ; cor of their place. Social category cleavage is based on the higher your profession the more you will gain. Thus the more flush life style you will take. Psychographic information is used to advance and sell their merchandises based on consumer ‘s life style and wonts.

Good cognition of Ballyshancarragh ‘s mark market will assist them understand their clients ‘ life styles and purchasing wonts. They can so make up one’s mind which mark market they would take to provide to.

Some clients may merely buy clayware merchandises for gifts whereas others may be loyal clients and will buy them on a regular footing so it would be worthwhile aiming clients in this market.


From the research conducted by Judy Greene, the chief mark clients will be professionals ( 30-40 old ages old ) . This group of clients will by and large hold a higher income to let them to buy Balllyshancarragh ‘s merchandises. They besides are householders who will be purchasing points for their places.

In peculiar, markets can be efficaciously segmented on the footing of benefits sought. After all, selling is about happening out what people need and want and so developing a merchandise that satisfies those demands.

Occasional purchases are made for events such as nuptialss, christenings, Christmas, house-warming gifts, etc. This is segmented on the footing of when and why people buy. Ballyshancarragh can offer a scope of merchandises that will accommodate occasional purchases such as a set of dinner home bases for a housewarming gift. Besides cooking utensil will be really practical and functional for housewifes so they should decidedly see establishing a scope in this country.

Explanation of Positioning Strategy to Adopt

After Ballyshancarragh have segmented the market and targeted their clients, they need to place it right and efficaciously in order to set up an effectual image of their trade name and merchandises. Positioning refers to how Ballyshancarragh wants possible clients to comprehend their merchandise. The placement of Ballyshancarragh in the market is important to their selling scheme.

The purchasers demands are the most of import factor when making a placement scheme. To make a differential advantage Ballyshancarragh must look at the benefits of their merchandises and place what are of import purchasing factors for clients with respects to single gustatory sensations, purpose/functionality of merchandise, merchandise quality and value for money.

The standards Ballyshancarragh have to look at are the merchandise benefits, use, type of user, singularity and the competitory placement. All these combined will take towards making a strong trade name image in the heads of the clients. To set up a hallmark, the merchandises must hold a distinguishable design characteristic that stands out from its rivals, while besides making trade name acknowledgment.

The singularity is the design of the merchandise with an attraction non seen anyplace else which will develop into their distinguishable trade name individuality. The quality of the merchandise should ever stay high no affair what monetary value scope the merchandise falls into. Regardless of a client ‘s mentality on merchandise monetary value, quality is ever traveling to be of import. A client buying value for money is truly merely determined by the terminal user and the benefits and use they get from the merchandise.

Ballyshancarragh should put monetary values from ˆ8-ˆ15 for the economic system market. These merchandises would include mugs, little vases and oil burners. They should take their chief merchandise ranges to fall in the monetary value scope of & A ; lb ; 20.00 – & A ; lb ; 40.00 as this monetary value scope contributes to the largest volume of gross revenues as it entreaties to the mass market. This monetary value scope will cover merchandises including dinner home bases, teapots, salt and pepper crewets, jugs and kitchen utensil holders. Premium and giftware scope will retail signifier ˆ40 – ˆ70. Products in this monetary value scope will include wall redstem storksbills, wine holder and goblets, fruit bowls and platter home bases. They should besides bring forth luxury merchandises with a higher monetary value runing from ˆ70-ˆ200, as clients will appreciate that the industry of these points is labour intensive and the monetary value is justified. Products retailing in this scope will include lamps, big vases and cosmetic works pots and H2O characteristics for the garden.

When placement by the type of user, Ballyshancarragh need to set up whom they are seeking to sell to. Ballyshancarragh will take their merchandises at the professionals who are 30-40 old ages of age positioned in the premium market, chiefly as they are householders and have a higher disposable income. They will besides aim housewifes who are 45-65 old ages of age positioned in the mass market/premium market who represent the mature client who will hold purchased many points for their places and will go on to make so. These possible clients may over clip become loyal clients of Ballyshancarragh.

Ballyshancarragh will develop a scope of trendy, bold, coloured and artistic pieces of clayware for the immature alumnuss who are 20-25 old ages of age positioned in the economic system market. The ground this market will non be the chief mark is for a assortment of grounds, chiefly being that they do non hold a great trade of money to pass on luxury points. For this ground, Ballyshancarragh will establish the scope of little pieces of artistic clayware at a monetary value runing from ˆ10 – ˆ20 as a chief standard for this market is monetary value low-cost.

Competitive placement should be utilised by Ballyshancarragh. They should seek to persuade/influence their possible clients that their merchandises are superior to or every bit good as their chief rivals such as Stephen Pearce and Nicholas Mosse, which they can accomplish through a strategic advertisement run.

Merchandise characteristics and benefit placement scheme – Ballyshancarragh needs to sketch the benefits of the merchandise that will fulfill the clients demands. The clients should believe that the offer is merely every bit luring as the company ‘s rivals. The company needs to distinguish the trade name from its rivals by its characteristics and benefits offered.

Price/Quality Positioning Strategy – Ballyshancarragh can put selected merchandises at the higher terminal of the monetary value spectrum by warranting that the merchandises are of high quality criterion. In the instance study the focal point group findings province that housewifes and loyal clients do non see monetary value as being of import when they make purchases. For the immature alumnus market they need to supply low-cost merchandises with superior quality, as these are the cardinal elements of import to this market. Besides professionals are appreciative of value for their money so they should aim their more valuable scope at these markets.

Positioning Map for Judy Greene

When Judy Greene ab initio began to fabricate her clayware scope, gustatory sensations and tendencies were really different to what they are now. The Bluebell line was launched in 1988 and during this clip, flowers and landscape designs of Ireland were really popular and therefore Judy launched a different flower line each twelvemonth. In recent times target markets have changed and although some clients will still hold a desire for these types of designs, Judy recognised that she would necessitate to present a more modern scope that would reflect the gustatory sensations of these clients such as the Connemara Line for the immature alumnuss.

Judy is embarking into new markets with her clayware, which can be seen, with her scope of epicure cooking utensil. In add-on to this she is besides encompassing the fact that there is possible for clayware scopes in other sectors such as bathroom and aromatherapy. By making a placement map, it helps the company to place possible spreads in the market and to place its rivals. Put out below are the placement maps for Judy Greene ‘s merchandises ranges:


The Bluebell line was introduced in 1988 and it is what established Judy Greene ‘s trade name individuality. This scope proved to be successful and could be once more. The wild hyacinth scope should be priced above mid scope due to the success and hallmark established by the wild hyacinth scope. The Bluebell scope should be aimed at the premium market, the more mature clients due to the old design back from 1988.

Millennium Scope

Judy introduced her Millennium Line, which was a limited edition scope. This line is targeted to the mature client in the luxury terminal of the market who would appreciate the edification of the scope and besides it would be more appealing as is unavailable after the twelvemonth 2000. This scope is of a really high quality and due to its exclusivity, the high pricing can be justified. This is a cagey attack as it makes the client feel like they are traveling to portion of an sole group of clients who will have these once-off production designs. Besides it will promote them to do their purchases rapidly as they know this aggregation is merely available until a specified day of the month.

Gourmet Cookware

These merchandises will be positioned in the higher terminal of the quality spectrum, as they will hold to be lasting due to their high use. Merchandises include gratin dishes, ramequins, souffl & A ; eacute ; dishes, flan dishes and olive oil dispensers. These merchandises will appeal to consumers with a passion for cooking. These consumers could be professionals, housewifes or loyal clients. Therefore this scope of cooking utensil will fall into the mass market and touch on the premium market.

The epicure line requires no research and development, as it is a basic clayware scope that still incorporates Judy ‘s hallmark. This scope will be successful due to an debut into the domestic or nutrient market section, therefore enabling Judy to widen the merchandise scope and enable farther growing.

Connemara Collection

This scope entreaties to the younger mark audience. Judy was cognizant that she needed to show a line that would be more attractive to the younger coevals. Judy kept her hallmark on this scope by integrating abstract designs with natural and crude colorss, which captures the natural landscapes of Ireland. This scope is will be in the lower priced country of the market as the mark market is the younger coevals who will by and large hold a lower disposable income but the quality will still stay high.

Positioning Map for Judy Greene ‘s Merchandises

Figure 1 below shows the placement for Judy Greene ‘s merchandise ranges.




Mass Market




Monetary value


Gourmet Cookware

Figure 1.