Planning Method Used To Evaluate Strengths Marketing Essay

SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning method used to measure strengths, failings, chances and menaces related to a undertaking or concern venture. This involves finding the endeavor or undertaking aims and identifies the factors within and outside the negative convenient to accomplish this aim. This technique is said to Albert Humphrey, who led a conference at Stanford University in 1960 and 1970 informations by over 500 companies.

SWOT analysis must foremost get down by specifying the province at the terminal or end. SWOT analysis and strategic planning theoretical account will be included. Strategic planning has been capable of much research.

& gt ; Strength: properties of a concern or group to give him an advantage over others in the industry.

& gt ; Weakness: The company features put at a disadvantage compared to others.

& gt ; Opportunity: In add-on to the chance to do gross revenues or net incomes larger environment.

& gt ; Menace: external environmental factors can do jobs for concerns.

SWOT is finding of import that the following phase in the planning procedure to accomplish the intents of the election can hold SWOTs.

First, determination shapers should find the end is achieved, with SWOTs. If the end is to accomplish any other intent must be selected and repeated the procedure.

SWOT analysis is frequently used in academe to foreground and place the strengths, failings, chances and menaces. This is peculiarly utile in turn uping countries for development.

Cafe Coffee Day:

Type: Public

Industry: Restaurants. Retail java and tea. Retail drinks

Founded: 1996

Headquarterss: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Number of locations: 970

Cardinal people: V. G. Siddhartha Hegde, Founder and Director

Servicess: Coffee

Gross: a-? US $ 45 million

Employees: 5000

Subordinates: Coffee Day Fresh ‘n Land

Coffee Day Xpress

Coffee Day Take Away

Coffee Day Exports

Coffee Day Perfect

Web site:

Cafe Coffee Day is a concatenation of java stores in India and is based in Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka. The Coffee Bean is the best portion Co. , Ltd. ( ABCTCL ) , it is known as a java day of the month or CCD. Has opened its first coffeehouse in 1996, Brigade Road, Bangalore, and is now the largest retail java concatenation in India – with 969 coffeehouses in 141 metropoliss.

This is the java concatenation has had great success in the first leg and a local degree, coffeehouse, civilization, waves swept across the Indian capital after a strong economic growing, taking to the outgo energy capacity of young person: Gagik. It besides relates to the universe and a sense of infinite to let the orbiter wireless mike and Wi-Fi coffeehouse, severally. The first coffeehouse opened its Wi-Fi Lavelle Road, Bangalore.

Cafe Coffee Day beginnings java from 10 500 hour angle ( 4,249 hour angle ) of java is the 2nd largest in Asia, which is owned by a sister organisation, and 11,000 little manufacturers. It is a major java exporter in India for clients across the United States, Middle East, Europe and Japan.

His roots in Chikmagalur, place to some of the best coffeehouse in India, java each weekday covering the value concatenation of java ingestion in India. Different parts of this include: ‘n ‘ Coffee Day fresh dirt ( 450 java beans and pulverization belongings gross revenues mercantile establishments ) , Coffee Day Square ( foreground coffeehouse, java at Coffee Day Bangalore Xpress ( which owns 730 shops in the yearss of java ) java. The takeout ( from the peddling machine 9000 ) , exports of java and a perfect twenty-four hours ( coffee consumer packaged java ) division. He attended the European shops opening of the java market both in Austria every bit good as discoveries in Vietnam and Germany have created the coffeehouse around the universe have adopted a scheme to construct a CCD java in all possible topographic points, where some companies may be created.. So, in Bangalore, the centre has six shops in kilometer 2 ( 1 stat mi ) radius and more than 140 coffeehouse in Bangalore entirely.

Another illustration, adapt the school DKK, or inside informations of company formation java or economic theoretical account shows the CCD.

Advanced schemes to guarantee that competition is at bay and ensured the laterality of the CCD in the Indian market, although some of his unit is a loss.

Cafe Coffee Day oppositions, including but non limited

A A A A & gt ; Barista.

A A A A & gt ; Cafe Mocha.

A A A A & gt ; Costa Coffee.

A A A A & gt ; Coffee Bean & A ; Tea Leaf.

Application of SWOT in CCD:


Merchandises of highly good quality and gustatory sensation.

It ‘s a young person oriented trade name, therefore immense potency since 40 % population is below 20.

It produces/grows the java it serves therefore cut downing the cost.

USP i.e. , Unique Selling Proposition, of trade name is it ‘s considered a extremely low-cost trade name.


Weak trade name image

Lacks strength to keep trade name trueness

Poor atmosphere and decor. CCD mercantile establishment served premier infinite for advertisement and publicities

Many of the CCD shops are incurring losingss due to incorrect site choice.

Highly priced merchandises.


Coffee coffeehouse industry is one of the fastest turning industry in Asia.

More people like to see CCD for informal meetings.

CCD has gone international, and is be aftering to pull many new international markets, hence deriving international acknowledgment.


Competition with other java coffeehouses like Barista, Mochas.

Other hukkaA palours like Sheshas, Peshawar, Koylas, and U Turn are besides deriving batch of attending and preferred by immature coevals to hang around which in bend is pulling the market captivated by CCD.

Reappraisal of literature:

The below two articles are taken from the study “ Brewing Success: Cafe Coffee Day is on a Roll ” published on June 26, 2008 in India Knowledge @ Wharton. hypertext transfer protocol: // articleid=4300

Expansion and Experiment:

“ ABC is in private held, and as such does non unwrap its fiscal consequences. Rivals estimate the company ‘s grosss last twelvemonth to be around Rs 600 crore ( $ 140 million ) , of which half, they say, came from a cafe concern that they believe turned profitable a few old ages ago. The remainder of ABC ‘s grosss come from its other concern groups, all of which operate under the Coffee Day trade name. These include Coffee Day Exports, Coffee Day Xpress ( fast nutrient and drink mercantile establishments that are much smaller than the cafes and are franchised ) , Coffee Day Take away ( java peddling machines ) , Coffee Day Fresh ‘n Ground ( land java retail mercantile establishments ) and Coffee Day FMCG ( packaged filter java pulverization ) . ABC has 775 Xpress mercantile establishments, 7,000 peddling machines in diverse locations such as railroad Stationss, infirmaries, gas Stationss and office campuses, and 400 Fresh ‘n Ground mercantile establishments. Operating across this spectrum has allowed Siddhartha to spread out his trade name presence quickly.

Siddhartha is experimenting now with new formats, such as sofa cafes functioning plated repasts in add-on to the sandwiches, pastries and crescent rolls offered in the cafes. The thought is to see whether this format can pull and retain clients who typically go elsewhere during mealtimes. Unlike the cafes, which cater chiefly to the 15 to 30 age group, this format marks consumer who are more than 30 old ages of age? In two airdromes in India — in Mumbai and Bangalore — these sofa cafes serve spirits to provide to those locations ‘ specific audiences. Whether this plays good with consumers or merely confuses the trade name remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Siddhartha is believed to hold raised some $ 100 million for his enlargement programs during the past few months. While much of this seemingly is done debt, around $ 25 million has come from the Darby Asia Mezzanine Fund, a unit of Franklin Templeton Investments. Harmonizing to Richard H. Frank, CEO of Darby Overseas Investments, “ Coffee Day has successfully consolidated its market leader position and is positioned to take farther advantage of the on-going macroeconomic, demographic and lifestyle alterations. We are attracted to ABC because of its leading place within India ‘s quickly spread outing consumer life style section and its strong executing capablenesss. ”

In its early old ages, nevertheless, Coffee Day had neither clear placement nor important presence. In fact, it lost land to Barista Coffee, which was founded in 2000 by Amit Judge of the investing company Turner Morrison. Barista positioned itself as an upmarket, premium java cafe and targeted executives who saw it as a less expensive option to coffee stores in five-star hotels. In 2002, Barista had some 85 cafes around the state, while Coffee Day had merely 35.

But after a faltering start, Siddhartha pulled things together. What turned the tabular arraies in Coffee Day ‘s favor was its subsequent strong placement as a “ 3rd topographic point ” off from the place and college or workplace for the immature and the immature at bosom. Siddhartha made people ages 15 to 30 Coffee Day ‘s premier mark. “ With the coming of overseas telegram telecasting and turning consumerism, the urban young person in India were exposed to the life styles of young person across the universe, ” he says. “ They were seeking an experience which was universe category in nature and yet easy accessible — an urban young person ‘hangout locale ‘ that allowed them ‘their civilization ‘ . We fulfilled this latent demand. ”

Having zeroed in on the mark, elements such as pricing, atmosphere, nutrient, music and publicities fell into topographic point. Says CCD ‘s president of selling, Bidisha Nagaraj: “ We have a resolved committedness to the immature in India and everything we do is centred on that. We see our cafes about like a brick and mortar societal community web where people can show themselves in a friendly, clean, non-inhibitive and non-intimidating environment that offers an first-class scope of merchandises at low-cost monetary values. ”


ABC ( Amalgamated Bean Coffee ) is a private house.

Harmonizing to rivals, ABC ‘s net income in 2007 was around 600cr. ( $ 140 million ) .

Some of the gross is believed to be derived from cafe concern and some from other concern groups of ABC, like Coffee Day Exports, Coffee Day Xpress ( fast nutrient and drink mercantile establishments that are much smaller than the cafes and are franchised ) , Coffee Day Take Away ( java peddling machines ) , Coffee Day Fresh ‘n Ground ( land java retail mercantile establishments ) and Coffee Day FMCG.

ABC has 775 Xpress mercantile establishments, 7,000 peddling machines in diverse locations such as railroad Stationss, infirmaries, gas Stationss and office campuses, and 400 Fresh ‘n Ground mercantile establishments.

Company ‘s direction is Diversifying the concern by seeking the new formats now, like sofa cafes functioning plated repasts plus the sandwiches, pastries and crescent rolls offered in the cafes.

It is aiming the consumers of age more than 30 old ages.

Company has started to provide at two airports-Mumbai and Bangalore, through their Lounge Cafe .

Some $ 100 million had been raised for enlargement programs in the merely few months. Much of this seemingly is done debt ; around $ 25 million has come from the Darby Asia Mezzanine Fund, a unit of Franklin Templeton Investments.

The company ‘s success began to worsen after the entry of its new rival Barista in 2000, which drove maximal portion of market and had 85 mercantile establishments in the state, while CCD had merely 35, in 2002. But CCD subsequently by premier aiming the young person of 15-30 started drawing back into the market.

Management of the company besides so introduced MBO into the CCD by implementing the elements as pricing, atmosphere, nutrient, music and publicities.


The decision derived from the above article and its analysis is that the ABC Company has had major reverses to it but the efficient and effectual direction that the company had, has helped it to recover its market even in presence of the powerful rivals, like Barista etc.

The Company has in true agencies expanded its market by experimenting the new ways and methods of hold oning the market. As we can see that the direction of the company introduced the new things and schemes to get the better of the challenges of the turning market and competition.

The company expanded its mercantile establishments all over the state, non merely this but is be aftering to open mercantile establishments in many European States like Germany, excessively.

Strong and Stable Parenthood

“ Harmonizing to ISB ‘s Bijoor, “ Coffee Day has mastered the nucleus competence of opening mercantile establishments, constructing a strong trade name, and doing a strong emotional connexion with its mark group. ” He says that while Coffee Day moved from strength to strength because of its clear placement, Barista lost its initial advantage because of multiple ownership alterations and a attendant alteration in focal point.

Since its launch in 2000, Barista ‘s ownership has changed custodies from Turner Morrison to the Tata Group to the Sterling Group and, last twelvemonth, to Italy ‘s prima roaster, the Lavazza Group. “ Barista tried to be everything to everyone and ended up being nil to anyone, ” Bijoor says. Coffee Day ‘s strong and stable parenthood, he says, has given it a important advantage.

Coffee Day besides was sharper than Barista in happening the right locations, a critical success factor in the cafe concern. Siddhartha himself considers the biggest challenge to be “ ever-fluctuating existent estate monetary values. ”

Taking Coffee Day to the following degree of growing, of class, has its challenges. Competition, for one, is likely to play a larger function. Barista, excessively, has now decided to aim the immature grownup and, like Coffee Day, is siting the affordability board. Rini Dutta, frailty president of selling and merchandise development at Barista, notes: “ Our focal point now is on immature grownups aged between 20 and 35 who have planetary life styles and value a great cup of java in a warm and friendly environment. Our monetary values are more or less on par with cardinal cafe participants. ”

When Lavazza acquired Barista and the Fresh & A ; Honest peddling concern from Chennai-based Sterling Group in March 2007, it put its entire investing for the acquisition and development of the two concerns at a‚¬100 million from 2007 boulder clay 2010. The mark was to take the figure of Barista cafes from 150 so to 400 by 2010. In a imperativeness note, Lavazza Group CEO Alberto Lavazza said, “ The acquisition is portion of our scheme aimed at spread outing our operations in markets with a high development rate and a high growing potency. We are delighted to come in the quickly turning Indian market through Barista and Fresh & A ; Honest. ”

Another important rival in the coming old ages could good be the planetary java giant Starbucks. In June 2007, Starbucks put its India plans on clasp because of foreign direct investing regulative issues. But India is excessively large a market for Starbucks to disregard. In a imperativeness statement, Starbucks said: “ Starbucks is reexamining all options and measuring how we can continue related to our entry into one of the fastest-growing economic systems in the universe. We remain aroused about the great chances that India nowadayss to Starbucks. ”

Other recent planetary participants in India include Britain ‘s Costa Coffee, Australia ‘s Gloria Jeans and Italy ‘s illycaffe. Meanwhile, domestic ironss such as Java Green, from the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, are looking to spread out. Aruna Ramesh, caput of selling at Java Green, notes: “ We started as an in-store cafe for the Reliance World outlets to provide to our in-house clients. While we have no independent cafes yet and are go oning with our store-in-store format, we are now partnering with other ironss and are besides present in corporate campuses. ”

Siddhartha is non unduly disquieted. “ The cafe infinite in India is opening up and newer participants are come ining the market and offering more options for consumers, ” he says. “ This is healthy, as competition will guarantee that each participant delivers his best to be the consumer ‘s first pick. Equally long as one is committed to presenting first quality, there is no demand to alter the regulations of the game merely because of new entrants. ” CCD ‘s Madhav adds, “ We believe that more participants will convey in more consciousness and exhilaration in the infinite. This will merely assist the market to turn. ”


CCD remained under inactive ownership which helped it retain a trade name image in the consumer market, where as Barista could non make so. So, the market holder became CCD.

CCD was strong at taking the location of its mercantile establishments and happening the perfect marks, therefore it could non merely retain its market but besides bit by bit increase and do.

It was sharper than its rivals in choosing the services for its clients.

Very good established participants from the domestic beginning every bit good as foreign, are come ining the into the competition against CCD,

At present the Company has a strong clasp of the market and is good acquainted with the needed tendencies and techniques needed by it to keep steadfastly to the success.


The decision from the above article is that CCD has faced many strong rivals in the recent yesteryear, but none of them boulder clay now has had been able to drive it off the path. It has gained a really strong clasp over the market so far. But the inquiry is that can the company be able to retain its place in the hereafter as we could see that the completion in cafe market is be givening to increase as many new challengers from the domestic and foreign participants are come ining the market.