Personal Essay

Personal Essay: Sigma Lambda Gamma I’ve never been good at starting essays, I’m not sure why I thought I was going to be able to this time. Anyways, a new chapter has commenced in my life. After desiring for so long to end high school and start my “adult” life, I kinda regret it. Adult life is hard, but hey that’s part of life. Now I’m in college, the beginning to my future has arrived; now what do I mean by that? Well, after taking my general education classes I will have to have decided what I want to major in. You can say I know what I want, but it’s not fully clear. For sure i want to major in the science field, I may sound nerdy but that subject really excites me. Although college is about building the steps for your future, I believe is where we find our lifetime friendships. Not only will the friendships cause an impact in your normal life, they can impact your emotional state. Since i am a very friendly person, I’ve decided to try something new. I would have never thought of going a sorority, honestly. First of all, I didn’t know much about them; all i knew is what the media shows us on tv. Though having parties doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all, that’s not the reason as to why I made up my mind into wanting to join one. I want to become part of a family, a group of girls who are going to be there for you academically and emotionally, and also I’ve always wanted to have a sister and by joining a sorority I will have more then just one. Around two weeks ago when the clubs, sororities and fraternities were outside I thought to myself, “Sonia, why don’t you give it a try? Check it out and see if you’re interested.” So i did. I believe i approached three or four other sororities, they offered great things, they were friendly but I wasn’t quote on quote, impressed. When i was headed back to the student union, I saw the shocking pink and majestic purple colors to

my right. I turn and I see the girls, they approach me very friendly and they asked if I wanted to know about their org. After they were done talking I was excited and positive I wanted to join. Sigma Lambda Gamma seemed like the only right one, where I felt myself and I felt like a bond to were I will find those lifetime friendships. Members of SLG strive to hold up their main principles; academics, community service, cultural awareness, social interaction, morals and ethics. As appealing and great they all sound, the one I’m mostly interested in is morals and ethics. Why? I live in a household where my parents think old schooled. They are always talking about how women should go walking around respecting herself. Sometimes they are extra and they say things that really just will cause a women self esteem drop. Having morals is about learning how to respect your self, your body and show to teach others how to treat you. That is a very important topic to me. Not only will these wonderful girls teach me about their principles but they will help me become a better version of myself, that’s what they all do, and will do. I have a really bad difficulty controlling my attitude, I have ZERO patience. I don’t know what it is, but once that person really gets on my nerves I will snap on them. I don’t what to continue to do that, it has caused me a lot of problems. Another thing that has caused me a lot of problems is my time management. I get distracted very early, I often tend to day dream often and I basically procrastinate. I can’t keep going on like this, i want to learn how to control that. Set aside my cons, here come my pros, my achievements. The biggest achievement in life yet, after getting accepted into college has been playing softball. You will most likely hear me talking about this so much, but I am so very proud of that. I didn’t know the sport, I didn’t understand the game, the positions,

nothing. I tried out and I made the varsity team as a freshman. I am so proud of this accomplishment in my life, now I’m in love with baseball and softball.