Pantaloons Retail India Limited Marketing Essay

Future Group focuses most in the retail section and most of its concerns are built around the same. Future Group ‘s retail web operates 1,000 shops for more than 200 million Indians inA 73 metropoliss and 65 rural locationsA across the state inA 16 million square feetA of retail infinite.

Some of the most popular retail ironss of India like Pantaloons ( concatenation of manner finishs ) , A Big BazaarA ( hypermarket concatenation ) , Food BazaarA ( supermarket concatenation ) andA CentralA ( concatenation of seamless finish promenades ) A Brand Factory, A Planet Sports, A ALL, A Top 10A andA Star and Sitara are managed by Future group. India ‘s most popular online shopping portalA is besides owned by the Future Group.

Home edifice and place betterment merchandises and services are besides led through the group ‘s formats, like the Home Town ( large-format place solutions shop ) , A Collection iA ( formats specialized for place furniture and place trappings ) andA Furniture BazaarA and consumer electronics throughA eZone and Electronics Bazaar.

A Aadhaar, India ‘s prima rural retailing concatenation has a presence in more than 65 rural locations. It acts as a complete solution supplier for the Indian husbandman.

Pantaloon Retail ( India ) Limited is one of the taking retail merchants in India. Mr. Kishore Biyani, is the laminitis and is famously known as India ‘s “ King of Retail ” . Pantaloon has revolutionized the retail fraternity. With it ‘s headquarter in Mumbai, Pantaloons operates multiple retail formats in value and lifestyle section. Pantaloons plans to increase it ‘s retail infinite to 30 million sq. ft. by 2011. PRIL is sub-divided into:


Large bazar

Food Bazaar

Manner Station


Blue sky


Collection 1

Home town

Central Mall

2001 – India ‘s first hypermarket concatenation – Large bazar is launched

2002 – Food bazar, a supermarket concatenation is launched

2006 – Future group ‘s fiscal arm, Future capital retentions launches two existent estate financess


“ High manner ” household section, geared toward Indian center and upper categories. In 2005, Pantaloons rolled out a new ware and trade name communicating run to place itself as manner trendsetter entreaty to India ‘s young person.

Central Mall

It is positioned as a topographic point for shopping, eat and enjoying.

Large Bazaar

Large Bazaar hypermarket construct was started in 2007 by PRIL. It was designed to incorporate elements of an Indian bazar with recent retailing characteristics like parking of vehicles, AC shopping environment and privilege of replacing ware.

Food Bazaar

The first mercantile establishment of Food Bazaar opened in June 2002, within a Large Bazaar shop, six month subsequently the concatenation had grown to 42 mercantile establishments: 18 base entirely.

Future Group ‘s chief concerns are:

E-commerce, Pantaloons web site has changed the e-commerce concern in India. A broad scope of merchandises are made available at low-cost monetary values. Personal computer World has named the web site as the Best Indian Website for 2007 in the Shopping class.


In the nutrient subdivision, a batch of options are available like –

Food Bazaar – Chain of big ace markets

Brew Bar – It ‘s a beer saloon

Cafe Bollywood -It ‘s a restaurants concatenation which is PAN India

Chamosa – Bite counter

Sports Bar – A Bistro which is dedicated to the athleticss universe


Assortments of options are available in this subdivision like Top 10, Central, Blue Sky, Etam, Fashion Station, Gini, Jony, Navaras and ALL.

Home & A ; ElectronicsA

Furniture shop called Collection I

Electronic goods and contraptions shop called Electronicss Bazaar

Electronicss Items shop called e-zone

Home furniture shop called Furniture Bazaar

One finish for all place demands called Home Town

Leisure & A ; Entertainment

A household amusement centre called Bowling Co.

A shop offering bet oning options from bowling, pool, picture games to bumper autos called F 123

Wellness & A ; Beauty

Health Village – It ‘s a yoga centre every bit good a watering place

Star & A ; Sitara: A beauty salon for work forces and adult females

Tulsi – Allopathic, homeopathic and ayurvedic medicative merchandises are provided

Turmeric – Beauty merchandises like coloring material cosmetics, aromas, herb tea and forte tegument points, hair merchandises and bath accoutrements are offered.

Books & A ; Music

Depot – It offers stationary, CD ‘s and booksA

Major Accomplishments of Pantaloon Retail

2007 – International Retailer of the Year

2007 – Emerging market Retailer of the Year

2007 – Harmonizing to Hewitt Best Employers Survey – Best Employers in India ( Rank 14th )

2006 – Best Managed Company in India ( Mid-cap ) for the twelvemonth

2006 – Image Retail Awards for Best Value Retail Store, Best Retail Destination, and Best Food & A ; Grocery Store.

Retail Black Hole Model

The Black hole theoretical account is besides known as The Retail EST Model. It was developed by J.C Williams Group. Harmonizing to this theoretical account a retail merchant can win if he is the best in one of the several retail offerings i.e to state that the company is clearly positioned in one or more preferable locations to win and therefore they are the strategic discriminators. The also-rans gravitate to cardinal place, are non best at anything and are sucked into the black hole of retailing

“ We have a shop gap virtually every two weeks ; I have lost count now of how many I have opened ”

Kishore Biyani

Large Bazaar – A paradigm displacement to the Modern Retail

Large Bazaar is a unit of Pantaloon Retail ( India ) Ltd and caters to the Great Indian Middle Class. It is like an Indian bazar or mandi or mela, the environment created by bargainers to give shoppers a sense of minute. The personality of large bazar is one of an entity being genuinely “ no-frills ” . The personality of the trade name is self expressed by its tagline –

‘Is Se sasta aur accha kahin nahi ‘

It sells a assortment of ware at low-cost rates, the monetary values of which it claims are lowest in the metropolis. Normally the points are clubbed together for offers as on the lines of Wal-Mart and Carrefour, offer weekend price reductions and works on the same economic system theoretical account as Wal-Mart and has considerable success in many Indian metropoliss and little towns.

Food Bazaar format was added as Shop-In-Shop within Big Bazaar in the twelvemonth 2002. Large Bazaar and Food Bazaar blend the expression, feel and touch of Indian Bazaar with modern retail constructs of pick, convenience and quality.



Television sets

Washing Machines


Personal Care



Small Appliances


Computer Accessories

Kitchen Appliances


Footwear Bazaar

Beauty Care


Star Parivar

Meena Bindre


Populating Room

Bed Room


Booming Suites

Childs Room

Been Bags


Cosmetic Items


Childs Wear

Toy Bazaar


Child Care


Mr. right


Loot Mart


Future Money

Future Generally


Higher and upper in-between category clients are the mark section of Big bazar.

Another preferable client section is the immature and turning population of the state.

Large bazars chiefly targets the adult females common people and place shapers who they feel are the primary determination shapers.


Merchandise scope dwelling of more than 20,000 merchandises.

Has a strong supply concatenation crossing one thousand five 100 metropoliss and towns in India.

Large bazar has tie ups with universe leaders in logistical services.

Large bazar has created a helpline for work outing the questions of clients.

Offers maker ‘s warrant as opposed to seller ‘s warrant.

Good quality at sensible cost.


Minimize retailing cost.

Minimize operating disbursals by using fewer floor staff -single individual for every 500 sq foot.

Keep furniture cost to minimum.

Cut down disbursals related to sourcing by about 25-30 % .

Increasing the overall efficiency of logistics by making mother-hubs all across India for the intent of sourcing merchandises from regional/local sellers.

Slashing channel cost by up to 25 % .

Conserving Shelf Space

Covering with unsold stock in an effectual mode.

Guaranting adequate pull to snap away clients from the vicinity.

Introducing the construct of ‘today ‘s monetary value ‘ wherein a merchandises is chosen on a day-to-day footing and sold at lower than usual monetary value.

Big Bazaar ‘s New Marketing Strategy: A new selling scheme, based on guerilla selling has been launched by large bazar. The guerilla force is divided into little groups to selectively assail the mark at its weak points. As a portion of this scheme Future group has come up with three catchy and cocky advertizement runs.

Keep West-a-Side. Make a smart pick!

Shoppers! Stop. Make a smart pick!

Change Your Lifestyle. Make a smart pick!



SWOT analysis of Big Bazaar


Plague Analysis

Political and Legal Factors:

A stable authorities at the Centre creates an encouraging investing clime

Problems of acquiring subsidy from Octrai and on different revenue enhancements like land, H2O revenue enhancements

A less complicated revenue enhancement construction ( GST ) on the skyline.

Problems sing taking over belongingss and existent estate.

Easing limitations on FDI by the authorities taking to easier import of foreign consumer goods, thereby conveying assortment to the Indian market topographic point.


India is one of the fastest turning economic systems, following merely to China ( 7-7.5 % GDP growing rate ) .

Retail Industry to turn springs and bounds by 2015 due to the ingestion goaded economic system of the state.

Addition in the per centum part of the service sector to GDP.

Increased accent on infrastructural growing in the current 5 twelvemonth program will assist cut down some of the constrictions in the retail section.

Socio-Cultural Factors:

Addition in Nuclear households

Increase in working adult females ‘s proposition

Life manner alterations

Shift in Product and service penchants

Increase in Young population giving the state a demographic advantage


Technological development for fast charge and the service

Better applications of information engineering in the modern retail industry, like in supply concatenation direction, shop direction, point of sale and client relationship direction

Porter ‘s Five Forces Model


7 P Analysis of Big Bazaar


There is a broad scope of merchandises on offer at Big-bazaar, runing from dresss, nutrient, farm merchandises, furniture, kid attention, toys, etc. Merchandises of all the major trade names are available at Big Bazaar. A batch of in house trade names ( private labels ) are besides promoted by Big Bazaar.

Monetary value

The tag-line of Big Bazaar is “ Is se sasta aur accha aur kahin nahi ” . The theoretical account on which Big bazar works is one of ‘economies of graduated table ‘ . “ Maximal Market Share ” ( market incursion pricing ) is the major aim of pricing at Big bazar.

Topographic point

Big-bazaar has a pan India presence with more than 75 mercantile establishments spread across 50 metropoliss. Big Bazaar has presence in about all the major Indian metropoliss. Kishore Biyani is really aggressive when it comes to enlargement programs of Big bazar. As per Biyani, the cost of existent estate should sooner be less than 5 % of entire gross revenues of shop if one wants to supply maximal benefit to clients. Procuring infinites before other retail merchants join in has been a strategic determination of Big bazar which has resulted in cost-saving.


Many fresh cross sell and upsell schemes have been developed by Big bazar in Indian retail market. Large Bazaar uses assorted promotional techniques such as “ saal ke sabse saste adolescent blare ” , Future card, Shakti card, utilizing M.S.Dhoni as trade name embassador, Exchange offers such as ‘junk barter ‘ offer, POP publicities.

Print media, Television, Radio ( FM ) and road-side bill-boards are some of the many agencies used by Big bazar for advertising and effectual communicating.


Peoples are considered to be one of the cardinal assets in any organisation and their importance is even more profound in the service sector. Big bazar ‘s staff possesses some outstanding characteristics such as: –

The staff is good trained for modern retail.

Advanced thought among the employees is encouraged at Big bazar.

Multiple payment counters, handiness of shop ‘s staff for maintaining luggage and presence of security guard at every gate.


Some of the salient characteristics of despatch and buying country of goods include: –

Streetcars are available for transporting purchased points & A ; sufficient nos of counters for easy check-out are present.

Information hoardings/banners for efficient designation of points at shop

Physical Evidence

It deals with the concluding deliverable or the exhibit of written facts.

The staff has standardized frock codification to better the overall visual aspect of the shop ( statics ) .


PRIL Profit and Loss Statement

Interpretation –

Entire grosss have invariably been on the rise. This is partially due to the increasing gross revenues ensuing from aggressive enlargement programs ( opening up of mercantile establishments ) of PRIL.

PAT has besides been on steady rise though it has flattened a spot in recent old ages likely due to higher operating costs, inability to reassign the increased cost to the client etc.

EPS has besides been on a steady rise apart from a individual juncture in 2007 when it went down. The ground could be a rights issue or other similar action taking to equity dilution.

The return on capital employed has been diminishing YoY. This could because of concern for the company.

The debt equity ratio has non been excessively volatile and has ever been below 2 which is an indicant of sound fiscal position of the company.

Aggressive Selling: Promotions


The promotional activity of the company, which says ‘Nobody Sells Cheaper and Better! ‘ has differentiated Big-Bazaar ( as a trade name ) in the heads of the client. The punch-line has made its topographic point in heads of client. As the competition is going stiff in the market the activities conducted by the company are alone, that have brought fruitful consequence to the company. Among them gross revenues Promotions is one of the prima activity or unique among all other activities & A ; has high influence on the client walk-in.

As gross revenues publicities is the major force for Big-Bazaar, Big Bazaar take it really earnestly & amp ; particularly during festivals & A ; particular occasions by concentrating sharply on psychological & amp ; emotional publicity schemes as per the demographic profile of the assorted consumers.

About 60-70 % of shopping for dress, consumer durable goodss, and place trappings, among other things, go on during festivals. At least 40-50 % takes topographic point during the extremum festival season, between September and November.

Harmonizing to Ashni Biyani, 23, a squad is set up six months ago consisting experts on Indian mythology and faith, retail and even an expert on “ yearss ” , “ earnestly targeted ” tierce of the 150 auspicious yearss in the Hindu calendar.

They map all the communities in India on how they shop and how these calendars work. They focus to understand intuitively, their imposts, their rites, adding that this is the portion of a larger scheme to prosecute clients and to pull “ that India which lives in the deep-seated communities ” .

Sabse Saste 3 Din:

The best water parting for trade name Big Bazaar was the debut of the “ Sabse Sasta Din ” in January 2005, when the Indian Republic Day vacation was utilised to do certain that hosts of consumers descended on all Big Bazaars across the state to purchase all sorts of family points – cheap. There were scenes of clients really smartly contending over points in-store & As ; long waiting lines were seen in the shop.

Large Bazaar like old old ages, attracted big crowds during its three twenty-four hours ‘sales ‘ event called ‘Sabse Saste 3 Din ‘ organised to observe the Republic Day. Depending on the consequences, the event is sometimes extended to 5-6 yearss as it happened in 2008.

The promotional event being organised by Big Bazaar every twelvemonth has assumed great significance over the old ages. A big figure of clients look frontward to this event as brawny price reductions on a scope of merchandises are offered to the clients in partnership with the retail concatenation ‘s sellers on this juncture.

This is, possibly, the biggest gross revenues event being organised by any retail merchant in the state. Large Bazaar, which sold ware worth Rs 140 crores in 2007, garnered grosss of over Rs. 280 crores during the twelvemonth 2008 & A ; the growing still continues out of the blue.

As mentioned by Kishore Biyani, the whole focal point is “ low borders & A ; forcing volumes ” sharply during these times which make the Big-Bazaar stick to its core Brand-Personality.

Wednesday and Weekend Bazaar:

One of the most popular events Wednesday Bazaar nowadayss terrific offers and resistless price reductions on bulk of the merchandises.

The Concept was to take at giving the housewifes the power to salvage the most on this twenty-four hours of the hebdomad.

Even on weekends when the footstep is the highest, attention-getting offers and price reductions are promoted. The weekend publicities differentiated from the Wednesday bazar in footings of the offers & A ; cross-selling and non on cut downing the monetary value of a peculiar merchandise.

This manner they were able to distinguish both the constructs & A ; concentrate on avoiding confusion while advancing it to the consumers and besides pull different type of consumers during these continuances.

Particular eventA publicities:

Maha Bachat Sale: Big Bazaar ‘s incorporates such as on Independence twenty-four hours by holding Maha Bachat Sale which did a concern of 1.5 crores in its Bangalore shop entirely. Maha Bachat focuses on farther cut downing the monetary value as compared to the Wednesday Bazaar.

Besides on auspicious occasions such as Akshaya Tritiya which once more did a concern of 150Cr on a individual twenty-four hours in Mumbai & A ; Ahmedabad last twelvemonth.

An event offering price reductions, benefits and privileges ‘ to senior citizens were created and promoted on the Senior Citizens Day.

Monthly Bachat Bazaar: Large Bazaar understands clearly the wonts of Indian consumers. In Monthly Bachat Bazaar the monetary values are reduced at the start of every month in order to aim those consumers who bulk buy the merchandises and particularly the trade goods every month.

Price Challenge Campaign:

Reinforcing Big Bazaar ‘s USP of value proposition, “ Is se sasta aur accha kahin nahi ” strategy was launched. The challenges promise to offer twice the monetary value difference, if the cost of any of the point found in the shop is found to be higher than the market monetary value.

This does n’t intend that the consumer really go to other stores in order to compare the monetary values, but due to this challenge of Big-Bazaar, the consumers had more faith & A ; trust on the Big-Bazaar and hence were confident seeing the assurance degree of Big-Bazaar which once more built a strong trade name distinction of Big-Bazaar for low pricing.

Exchange Offers:

This publicity chiefly focused on allowing people disposing off their debris and to derive something out of it in return i.e. “ Bring anything old & A ; take anything new ” . They could interchange their merchandises and store from a immense spectrum of discounted merchandises.

This gave the motive factor to consumers to give their old properties for something deserving & A ; hence their old is non acquiring waste or is unvalued. Since the Indian consumers are really much value witting, this scheme worked out really good. Big-Bazaar besides made it certain that the run is really non gulling the consumers around and is really giving the desired value concentrating on the fact that “ faith thrashed is ne’er recovered ” in India.

In- Store Communications:

To guarantee that no 1 misses out on an chance to derive from particular offers, service male childs ferry around a streetcar with the merchandise indoors, denoting the strategy. Not merely is this entertaining it besides helps clients pick up the merchandise from the streetcar alternatively of walking up to the rack where it is on show.

Language Customization:

To do certain that non-English speech production clients do n’t experience alienated, the communicating is besides conducted in the local linguistic communication. The communicating is ever unambiguous and direct.

The Power of One Political campaign:

This inaugural encourages clients to add One Rupee to their measure towards contribution to a societal cause. Large Bazaar makes an equal part and donates the full returns to an NGO called Save the Children India. This is a selfless organic structure which has been working for the public assistance of kids from marginalized subdivisions of society.

Corporate run:

Large Bazaar has late launched a corporate run which revolves around a household holding a great clip together. The trade name anthem “ Khushiyon Se Bhari Jholi ” connects with the clients at an emotional degree positioning Big Bazaar as portion of the happy minutes.

Future Card games:

Specifically for Big Bazaar outlets these credit-cum-loyalty card which offer clients a batch of price reductions and benefits across Future Group shops are co-branded with ICICI Bank. Customers receive four trueness points for every Rs 100 spent at Future group ‘s retail shops and one trueness point for every Rs 200 spent outside the group ‘s retail shops. This creates a barbarous rhythm for the clients to reiterate their purchases and is particularly done by the consumers during particular occasions.

School Jao Khushi Khushi

Supplying Discounts School related demands & A ; accoutrements like school bags, H2O bottles, lunchboxes, places etc.

Promotions include:

Pencil Case for purchase of above Rs 500.

– Free shopping trip worth Rs 1000/- for Sending 1s experience of the “ Best twenty-four hours that you had in school ” – the most humourous & A ; the best 1 is selected as a victor and to avail the offer.

– Lucky draw for the lucky childs – store for Rs 1,000 & A ; above, bead in your childs name into the bead box – 10 lucky childs were provided with the offer 30 % off on an NIIT class

– Motivational offer for Childs: Shop for Rs 500 or supra, Parents are told to drop in the childs picture, the best picture is sponsored for an art class.

“ Doston ke saath khushiyon manao ”

Individual are invited with friends – “ more the merrier ” – shopping with 1 friend entitles the person with 10 % price reduction, coming with two friends – acquire 20 % price reduction etc on the entire measure.

Friendship set to every walk-in

A friend so -people were told to drop their best friends name in the drop-box and in lucky draw the victor could win the major award – A Car! !

Particular intervention & A ; emotional connect for the person & A ; his/her friend -free massage, tattoos, horoscope etc were provided for purchases above Rs 500/- & A ; above during the friendship twenty-four hours.

Diwali Dhamaka:

This run particularly remains unfastened for longer continuance

Huge price reductions are seen over the board

If purchase is above Rs 300/- two braces of diya were provided to the clients

Tie up with known mithaiwala: if one purchases above 1000/- people can avail price reductions of 45 % or above on the mithai purchased from that mithaiwala.

Motivating the place made mithai recepies: Buying goods deserving Rs 500 & A ; above, females were pulled to direct the formula of their secret mithai & A ; the best judged formula gets a complete set of Sanjeev Kapoor ‘s cook-books

Diwali Manao Abroad – winning through lucky draw on purchases deserving Rs 1,000 or supra.

Christmas Joy:

Across the board price reductions.

Big Bazaar ‘s particular surprise Christmas gift on purchase of over Rs 1000/- or above.

Christmas-Card Design Contest: Design following twelvemonth ‘s Christmas card for kids and a gift voucher deserving Rs. 500 were given to the best card victor.

Large Bazaar Christmas party concentrating on points & A ; verifiers through festival focussed games.


All the discounts/offers were hiked up in a fixed hour of a twenty-four hours eg: Buy X and acquire Rs 10 off on that twenty-four hours will go Rs 15 off.


Everyday, one individual is tagged as the enigma shopper i.e. a ) 100th individual walking through the door have oning all ruddy B ) 1st individual walking through the door have oning all ruddy – These individual gets the price reduction of 50 % on the entire measure.

“ Apke kismet mein hai khushi ” : Lucky is happy

Based on abrasion card

Get all that you pick in 60 seconds till making the charge counter

Assured gift for the majority takers:

Choose a gift from the listed points if the measure is above 1000/-

This is used particularly to force the non-moving goods which is normally put in the listed free gift points.

“ Banto khushiyan har ek ke American ginseng ” : Social causes

“ Khilone Se khushi bate ”

Toy bead box was set in the big-bazaar shop and the construct was promoted to inquire for the plaything from the households & A ; so the playthings were sent to the societal administrations working for underprivileged kids ‘s.

This has helped the underprivileged, generate good will, and have besides attracted the floor traffic to shop at the big graduated table.

Supporting a charity

Support through charity: Contribution to the charity on the person ‘s name for buying above a specified sum.

Customers were given an decoration with his or her name on it to hang meaning the contribution by the person.


Ad for Big-Bazaar is an indispensable constituent of trade name edifice.

The advertizement concentrating on trade name edifice of Big-Bazaar is done through assorted ways, Some of the techniques applied are: –

Tag Line: One of the cardinal constituents of Big Bazaar is its Tag Lines.

Designed harmonizing to the demographic profile of clients in order to acquire connected easy with simple one-liners. The gimmick liners includes “ Chane ke bhaw kaaju ” , “ Stall ke bhaw balcony ” etc.


Holistic Ad: Promotes the trade name and creates consciousness among people. It is non targeted at advancing each shop but merely creates an image of Big-Bazaar as low-priced shopping option. The shop has advertised through Television, road-shows and besides started world show typed promotional run “ The Big Bazaar Challenge ” Promotions like “ Sabse Sasta Din ” is really successful scheme to acquire footstep.

Print-Ads: Just before the launch of any new strategies Big-Bazaar spends to a great extent on advertizements in print media particularly newspapers.

This is done in order to make a bombilation about the big-bazaar trade name & A ; its approaching strategies.

TV-Ads: assorted channels are utilised decently, besides as per the demographics & A ; cultural channels & A ; the strategies, publicities & A ; particularly the common trade name tag-line is aired in order to make top of the head consciousness

Road side Ads: As a trade name edifice exercising, big-bazaar shows bill-boards in premier locations as per the mark people. Focus is more on the phrases which is targeted to the demands of the clients as per the market & A ; conditions at that peculiar point of clip.

Radio-Ads: The major focal point through wireless ads is in Tier-1 & A ; 2 metropoliss. And the premier accent is given on wireless ads for publicities in order to inform clients for all the new occurrences & A ; strategies at Big-Bazaar.

Fashion-Shows: The latest invention of the Indian iconic trade name is “ FASHION @ BIG BAZAAR – Desh Badla, Bhesh Badlo ” . In order to do an attempt to take the Fashion to the multitudes, a three-day manner show was organized by Big-Bazaar on the streets of Bandra, Mumbai.


Brand Endorsement by Celebrity:

For selling and advertisement its trade name name, value endorsement co-branding is used by Big Bazaar. Earlier Himesh Reshammiya & A ; Sanath Jaisuriya was associated with Big-Bazaar.

Besides, late the current runs are being associated & amp ; promoted with the Indian cricket ODI captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Communication through Media:

Heavy disbursement is carried out for proper place of Large Bazaar through the different mediums. Paper advertizements are released merely before the launch of any new strategy, hoardings are displayed on premier locations, frequent TVCs are aired in premier clip in assorted Indian channels for the mass, advertizements on FM channels about the current occurrences are aired etc.

Below the Line Promotion:

Coupon, price reduction, more of the merchandise at normal monetary value, gift with purchase, competition, and awards, money back offer, exchange offer, particular juncture.

Large Bazaar, in association with Star India Pvt Ltd, has launched a aggregation of interior decorator cultural wear under the trade name “ Star Parivaar ” .

Above the Line Promotion:

Ads in Newspaper, Television, Internet ( ain web site which give online shopping service ) ,

Partnership with Bigfilx, Big FM 92.7.

Aggressive Pricing Strategy

The tag-line is “ Is se Sasta aur accha aur kahin nahi ” do Big-Bazaar to distinguish itself from rivals in footings of merely pricing & A ; the value at that monetary value. Hence it makes it really of import for the Big-Bazaar to ever concentrate on the its pricing schemes to maintain the monetary values ever low compared to the rivals whatever the market, economic system or the external conditions is.

They work on the theoretical account of economic sciences of graduated table. There pricing aim is to acquire “ Maximum Market Share ” .

The assorted pricing techniques used at Big Bazaar are: –

EDLP – Every Day Low Pricing:

Big-Bazaar as a trade name is differentiated through low pricing schemes. Hence it promises & A ; delivers the lowest available monetary value without emphasizing on voucher cutting, price reduction publicities waiting clip, or comparing shopping.


Low involvement rate funding is being offered by Big-Bazaar. Psychological discounting ( Rs. 99, Rs. 49, etc. ) scheme is used as a promotional tool. Particular Event pricing ( Close to Diwali, Gudi Padva, and Durga Pooja ) is besides the premier focal point of big-bazaar for the grounds mentioned in the old subject.


Big-Bazaar sets selling monetary values on the perceived value to the client, instead than on the existent cost of the merchandise, the market monetary value, rivals ‘ monetary values, or the historical monetary value.

Differentiated Pricing:

Besides termed as Time pricing, i.e. difference in rate based on extremum and non-peak hours or yearss of shopping. This once more as a pricing technique is used in Indian retail, & A ; hence sharply used by Big Bazaar.

Psychological Pricing:

In order to pull status-conscious clients and besides to force status-consciousness among the middle-class people, psychological pricing construct was undertaken by Big-Bazaar which provided the best trade in the market for the merchandises which are market-buzz-creators and extremely prosecuting & A ; durable merchandises such as LCD TVs, Washing Machines etc.


In order to add more value & A ; supply more benefits to the clients, combo-packs with heavy price reductions are served to the clients.

In order to advance the pricing distinction & A ; to derive religion from their clients and hence to increase trueness, Price challenge run was established as discussed in the old subject.