Paintball: Promoter of Violence or Healthy Fun?”.

Response of the article” Paintball: Promoter of Violence or Healthy Fun? ”. Paintball is quickly becoming one of the most popular games in our all time; the number of players of paintball is growing everyday and with the different leagues and championships being held, the game has indeed spread far and wide. Currently, paintball is played in 110 countries with 15 millions players; it is bigger than rugby, bigger than snowboarding and even bigger than surfing. Why do so many people like to play paintball?

And why is there criticism of the sport? Ross Taylor’s recent essay answers these questions. Ross Taylor has answered this question by his experience and perspective of an avid paintball in the article “Paintball: Promoter of Violence or Healthy Fun? ”. Ross Taylor supports five different arguments that paintball is a great game. First, he argues that paintball is an athletic activity by supply physical feats and challenging during the game that help building muscles and coordination.

Second, he believes that paintball provides strong mental challenge because there are many positive strategies and methods are used in game. Third, say Taylor, paintball build the teamwork and cooperation. Fourth, Taylor confirms that paintball is not dangerous and violent if players follow the game’s requirement and be cautious. Finally, he thinks that paintball is a fun and healthy game with an idea” killing” each other by guns and release of tension.

Taylor concludes that paintball is “a great way to physical exercise, make friends and have fun”. Although Taylor‘s pathos (an appeal to the audience’s emotion) and logos (an appeal to the audience’s logic) parts are very effective and clear, I think his appeals to ethos (an appeal to the authority or honesty of the writer) are not entirely consistent. The strength of their tone and depth of experience lend credibility. Taylor demonstrates very clearly in logos part throughout his paper.

When Taylor first begins by explaining the reasons of the common belief that paintball is a promoter of violence and dangerous sport, he goes into how he believes it is misunderstood and that the game is fun, mentally challenging, and builds teamwork. He includes this into his paper to clarify his reasons behind promoting paintball. He goes on to explain each aspect he had mentioned by giving proper evidence to support his views. Like when he disguises paintball as an athletic sport he states that “During the game, players execute numerous strategic moves to gain a tactical advantage, often including quick jumps, dives, rolls, and runs. To continue to support his argument, Taylor mentions the article about eye injuries. Paintball can be violent and can cause such injuries if not played with proper safety precautions. He mentions the counter argument about violent injuries in order to justify his thought properly. Finally when Taylor begins to explain how people interpret paintball as a promoter of violence he counter attacks that with the fact that there is nothing proven that this sport influences teenagers into committing violent dangerous acts.

However, Taylor’s appeals to ethos are often strong but not entirely consistent. He holds fun, competition, physical fitness, collaboration and mental challenge as values. He also seeks to address certain criticisms, the two which he claims that opponents of their position commonly site. These are possible gangers and violence of the sport. For the safety issue, Taylor gives strong examples of why paintball can be very safe. However, they stop thinking straight when it comes times to thoughtfully reflect in the violence issue.

That paragraph is a jumbled mess, and it’s most important paragraph for defending the pro-paintball position. Taylor does not mention how paintball is used as a tactical exercise in the American military, which clearly how paintball is used to promote violence. This lack of clarity really disrupts the ethos of Ross Taylor. In addition, Ross Taylor does not really talk much about violent and healthy issue of paintball game that many people mostly care about. There is lack of evidences to support and make people believe in his analysis.

Finally, I think that strength of his article is depth of experience that leads to a personal conclusion. In sum, Taylor’s article is very important and helpful for people understand more about paintball. Along with his experience, Taylor argues and demonstrates clearly that paintball is a fun and athletic game. Paintball is not much more dangerous than any other contact sport that results in bruises. However, the rhetoric comes apart when Taylor defends paintball as aloof and separate from other violent human expressions