Overview Of Uk Home Furnishings Industry Marketing Essay

The UK Home Furnishings Industry is segmented into the undermentioned sub- classs: Window Dressings, Bedding, Bathroom, Kitchen Linen, Cushions and Covers, Table Linen. ( Keynote Report, 2011 ) . The Home Furnishings market was forecasted to hold reached the value of 3.56 billion lbs in 2010, which was a rise of 0.6 % from the figure in 2009. ( Cardinal note Report, 2011 ) . Despite this fact, harmonizing to the Euromonitor Report, 2012, the value for place trappingss sector declined by 2 % in the twelvemonth of 2010. ( Euromonitor Report, 2012 )

Sing this fact, it is estimated that the growing of Home Furnishings Industry is intended to increase by 3 % between the old ages of 2011 and 2015, making the value of 3.68 billion lbs in the coming old ages. ( Keynote Report, 2011 )

Table 1: The Forecast UK Home Furnishings Market by Sector by Value at Current Prices ( & A ; lb ; m at rsp ) , 2011-2015 ( Key note Report, 2011 )

Table 1






Window dressings












Bathroom and kitchen fabrics






Shock absorbers and screens






Table linen












% alteration year-on-year






R sp – retail merchandising monetary values

Table 1 indicates that the place trappingss ever-increasing growing degrees within the family sector are high, particularly in the window coverings sector bespeaking the value of 1,354 million lbs was reached in 2011, and is estimated to make the value of 1,380 million lbs by 2015, followed by bedding market to make from 1,291million lbs in 2011 to 1,318 million lbs by 2015. ( Cardinal note Report, 2011 ) Harmonizing to Key note Market Report, the estimated growing for the place trappingss Industry is likely to lift by 7.2 % within the following 10 old ages. ( Keynote Report, 2011 )

1.3 Overview of UK Curtains and Blinds Industry

The UK Blinds Market is quickly increasing twelvemonth on twelvemonth and there are many grounds for the ever-increasing demand of window blinds in comparing to cyberspaces and drapes. It is suggested that blinds tend to supply a more modern and modern-day new expression in design than drapes, severally by the younger coevals who view blinds to be more ‘fashionable ‘ over the traditional expression of drapes. ( Blinds Guide, 2012 )

There are a figure of blinds available within its merchandise scope, these are as follows:

Vertical Blinds- are the most popular and demanding blinds that are best suited on terrace doors, conservatories and glass extensions.

Venetian Blinds- are besides really popular due to the advantage of commanding privateness and visible radiation. This is due to holding a slatted horizontal solution which prevents any individual to see indoors, and allows the opposite individual to look out.

Roller Blinds- are rather normally used in the kitchen and the bathroom, because they can be washed rather easy if stained compared to a perpendicular or a Venetian blind. They are available in cloths and designs.

Pleated Blinds- comes in more of a sleek and simple manner of expression. They can be used in any suites of the house, but are most normally used in the conservatories, since they are merely 20mm in breadth with a solar protective coating.

Roman Blinds- are made from soft cloths and gives any room a beautiful expression since they are made into panels, with blackout liner and are of high quality which are really expensive. ( Blinds Guide, 2012 )

The UK Domestic drapes and window dressings market falls under four merchandise classs. These are drapes, blinds- including shutters, light-weight drapes and curtain suspension systems. ( AMA Research Report, 2012 ) .

Harmonizing to the AMA Research Report, 2012, Window Blind Shutters have played a nucleus portion in maximizing net incomes of the concern within the window coverings market. The market reached 23 million lbs with a growing border of 44 % between the old ages of 2004 and 2006. Whereas, there has been a steady addition in the gross revenues of drapes in which the value of drapes merely grew by 2 % and accounted for 640 milllion lbs in the same twelvemonth. The addition in the blinds sector exemplifies the gradual tendencies within the lodging industry. ( AMA Research Report, 2012 ) . Furthermore, the window coverings market will go on to turn within the foreseeable hereafter, and is estimated to make the value of 12,500 million lbs by 2013 as shown in figure 2. ( AMA, Research Report, 2012 )

Figure.2 shows the UK Window Coverings Market value 2007-2013 ( & A ; lb ; million at RSP ) ( AMA Research, 2012 )

In taking into history the basicss of the market value within the blinds sector, the popularity of Venetian blinds consists 24 % of gross revenues at the value of 105 million lbs. The value of gross revenues besides consists of soft blinds such as Roman, Austrian and festoon blinds. The perpendicular blinds accounts 98 million lbs of the 22 % portion, roller blinds at 75 million blinds ( 17 % ) of the portion value, and pleated blinds histories for 44 million lbs with a 10 % portion value. ( AMA Research Report, 2012 )

1.4 Company Overview

Barlow Blinds is a private limited company, established in 1887. The company is a household owned concern that has been in operation for over 120 old ages within the blinds Industry based in Leicestershire. The company consists of two premises of which their showroom/office is located on Uppingham Road, shown in the map below ( figure. 3 ) and a mill located on Brighton Road. The company has the largest blind salesroom in Leicester that consists of over 60 blinds on show and 1000 ‘s of cloths to take from. Their merchandise ranges from budget blinds, modern-day perpendicular blinds to traditional wooden Venetian blinds. Their popularity of blinds scopes from perpendicular, Venetian, roller, pleated and Roman Blinds.

As seen in appendix 1 which contains a dislocation of the operating history of the company and their major rivals, the company has over 100 old ages of experience in the gross revenues of blinds to domestic and commercial purchasers. Based in the UK, the company has one UK-based gross revenues mercantile establishment and caput office, a fabrication installation and a web site. Presently 15 % of the company ‘s entire net incomes emanate from their gross revenues to commercial purchasers, with 85 % of their gross revenues being within the domestic market for blinds. The company ‘s chief merchandises are blinds, and an extended scope of cloths, stuffs and assortments of blinds are available.


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Barlow Blinds window blinds and sunshades

54, Uppingham Road



1.5 Undertaking Brief

The intent of the study is to place managerial issues that are being experienced within the Barlow Blinds Ltd administration and carry through the purposes and aims of the concern in footings of fulfilling the undermentioned standards:

Analyse Current macro- blinds and drapes industry environment utilizing PESTLE model

Analyse Barlow Blind ‘s micro- environment utilizing SWOT model.

Analyse Barlow Blind ‘s hazards to the concern from rivals, clients, providers, service/product replacements and new entrants into the market, using the porter ‘s 5 forces model.

To increase their gross revenues over the telephone and within their salesroom to change over assignments into gross revenues

To happen ways on how to spread out on the growing of their concern using selling schemes

Analyzing Barlow Blind ‘s Current Advertising procedure and that of their rivals. ( This taking to a development of their Ad schemes and happening ways for more exposure of the company in a given budget ) .

Analyzing their current client service procedure and criterions and happen ways to better these accomplishments which will take to upselling of their merchandises.

To develop a Staff Training Scheme for Barlow Blinds Ltd employees and reexamine their public presentation by carry oning an employee public presentation reappraisal program on a 3 monthly footing

Develop an action program to react to the above analysis conducted with recommendations on future scheme maps.