Organizational Structure Reporting Lines Their Responsibilities And Authorities Finance Essay

Develop a strategic program to progress the companys mission and aims and to advance gross, profitableness, and growing as an organisation.

Oversee company operations to see production efficiency, quality, service, and cost-efficient direction of resources.

Plan, develop, and implement schemes for bring forthing resources and/or grosss for the company.

Identify acquisition and amalgamation chances and direct execution activities.

Approve company operational processs, policies, and criterions.

Review activity studies and fiscal statements to find advancement and position in achieving aims and revise aims and programs in conformity with current conditions.

Evaluate public presentation of executives for conformity with established policies and aims of the company and parts in achieving aims.

Promote the company through written articles and personal visual aspects at conferences and on wireless and Television.

Represent the company at legislative Sessionss, commission meetings, and at formal maps.

Promote the company to local, regional, national, and international constituencies.

Construct a fundraising web utilizing personal contacts, direct mail, particular events, and foundation support.

Present company study at Annual Stockholder and Board of Director meetings.

Direct company planning and policy-making commissions.

Oversee foreign operations to include measuring operating and fiscal public presentation.


In the corporate hierarchy, the senior frailty president is considered one of the members of upper direction. Often, this is a individual of great influence in an organisation who is stationed at the corporate central offices and normally in charge of an full division or section. The senior frailty president is normally appointed by the caput of the organisation, either a Chief executive officer or president, but could besides be appointed by the board of managers or confirmed by the board of managers.

In most instances, the senior frailty president will frequently hold a long signifier of the rubric, observing his or her country of direct duty. For illustration, this executive could be called the senior frailty president of merchandise development, or the senior frailty president of operations, or any one of a figure of other rubrics, depending on the concern involved. While this will denote the specific country of expertness, this person will besides be responsible for lending thoughts and ideas to meetings of senior direction. The function is a really high profile one and one that tends to acquire the brunt of the incrimination when things go incorrect.

Frequently, in this capacity, a senior frailty president ( SVP ) will hold state outside his or her specific country of expertness. The overall end, during this clip, is to come up with a cohesive and comprehensive scheme that will maintain all sections or divisions traveling in the same general way. Once that way is set, it will so be up to the frailty president to implement a more specific scheme for the section.

For the most portion, the preparation to go a senior frailty president can be really extended. Most will hold some kind of advanced alumnus grade in an country related to the concern, or at least have spent many decennaries working his or her manner up through the company ‘s corporate construction. Often, at this point, public presentation is more of import than instruction. However, in instances where there are two campaigners of about equal experience ; instruction can play a function in who gets the concluding nod.


The Assistant Vice President assists the frailty President in developing programs for the twelvemonth. The Assistant Vice President assumes the responsibilities of the frailty President in his/her absence. He/she should take duty for the inside informations of the plans for meetings, such as procuring talkers and seeing that the agreements for meetings are in topographic point. The Assistant Vice President is frequently placed in charge of all pledge activities. The Assistant Vice President shall execute any other responsibilities that may be delegated to him/her by the vise President.

Branch Directors

Branch directors of fiscal establishments administer and pull off all of the maps of

a subdivision office, which may include engaging forces, loans and lines of recognition, set uping a resonance with the community to pull concern, and helping clients with history jobs. The tendency is for subdivision troughs to go more orientated toward gross revenues and selling. It is of import that they have significant cognition about all types of merchandises that the bank sells. Fiscal directors who work for fiscal establishments must maintain abreast of the quickly turning array of fiscal services and merchandises.


The coverage, planning, and command maps can assist the operations director to make the followers:

Better the efficiency of the operation.

Improve control of service degrees and quality.

Set service degree understandings for end-user applications and for services provided.

Improve relationships with end-user sections.

Increase the return on your IT investing.

Develop staff potency.


Bing the history officer of the subdivision it is the responsibility of the history officer to decently pull off the histories that are deposited in the several subdivision. Account officer keeping proper books of histories including basic accounting controls like day-to-day confirmation of hard currency in manus, day-to-day entry of hard currency & A ; bank verifiers, Bank Reconciliation statements, accounting of Receipts / Payments right and besides supervise and keep the Assets Records of subdivision.


Deposit officer sedimentation the money in a bank from clients. While the value of sedimentations fluctuates based upon the rate environment and the spread between their cost and investment/loan chances, no 1 can deny the critical function of developing a strong sedimentation base, peculiarly today.

At most Bankss, bring forthing sedimentations is a local, grass roots activity. Branchs, little concern bankers, commercial bankers, agents, and investing officers all have the chance to bring forth sedimentations because of their client contact. However, while they have the chance ( and possibly the authorization ) , many lack the cognition, inducements, or attitude to seek to capture sedimentations.


The caput teller is responsible for the supervising of a squad of tellers, supplying preparation, hiring, monitoring, and aid with operational issues. Tellers are responsible for the right computation of the entire bill, based on the combination of goods and services purchased by the client.

Work experience that teaches the accomplishments required in this occupation include cashier, client service, and supervisory places. These places can be either as a voluntary or as an employee. All head cashier places require campaigners to hold basic computing machine and accounting accomplishments to properly run the hard currency registry, accommodate the minutess, and understand how the full stock list direction system works.

There are two primary undertakings required in this function: client service and supervising. There is no formal instruction or preparation plans to go a caput teller. A important sum of a caput teller ‘s clip is spent on the hiring, preparation, and choice of staff. Cashier places tend to hold a high rate of turnover, ensuing in an on-going enlisting procedure.

Teaching is a great accomplishment to utilize in this function, as all new staff must be trained on the hard currency registry, covering with clients, shop policies, and other issues. Reconciliation of the displacement entire and numbering money are tasks the teller completes and is verified by the caput teller. These accomplishments are based on nucleus accounting policies and should be closely managed.

Note: See the Reporting Lines chart of organisation in annexure.


Branch Directors

Branch directors of fiscal establishments administer and pull off all of the maps of

a subdivision office, which may include engaging forces, loans and lines of recognition, set uping a resonance with the community to pull concern, and helping clients with history jobs. The tendency is for subdivision troughs to go more orientated toward gross revenues and selling. It is of import that they have significant cognition about all types of merchandises that the bank sells. Fiscal directors who work for fiscal establishments must maintain abreast of the quickly turning array of fiscal services and merchandises.


The coverage, planning, and command maps can assist the operations director to make the followers:

Better the efficiency of the operation.

Improve control of service degrees and quality.

Set service degree understandings for end-user applications and for services provided.

Improve relationships with end-user sections.

Increase the return on your IT investing.

Develop staff potency.


It looks after the histories, investing in resources and decides where to apportion the excess financess.


Remittance is the monitory transportation from one topographic point to another topographic point or from one state to another state to carry through the demands of the clients by the order of the client.

Remittance Department at UBL Main Branch Lahore can be divided into two subdivisions due to its activities.

Inward Remittance.

Outward Remittance.


The major map of this division is to transport out the review of regulations and policies. It besides inspects the books of histories, whether they are kept justly or non.

The major map of this division is to transport out the review of regulations and policies. It besides inspects the books of histories, whether they are kept justly or non

The Audit Officer is responsible for planning, forming, directing, and commanding fiscal, operational and lending audits for the Bank.A Examines the truth and completeness of records and processs for internal control to safeguard Bank assets and ensures countries of the Bank are in conformity with policies, processs, ordinances and laws.A Reports audit findings and recommendations to extenuate hazard straight to the Bank ‘s Audit Committee.A Performs supervisory responsibilities of section staff, coordinates staff for coverage in all related countries of the section.


It concerns the selling and merchandising of the policies and involvement rates of UBL through advertizements of telecasting or in the documents etc.


The chief map of this division is to do the recognition policies, and besides to make recognition ceiling which means the maximal sum of recognition that can be given to a certain client. This division besides looks for the agricultural and little loans. It besides considers the instances of right off i.e. bad debts.


The chief occupation of this division is to pull off the gap and shutting of subdivisions, Islamization policy, so there is a complete cell where the clients make the ailments if they are non treated good. This division besides accepts Hajj application. This division is really of import as it straight concern the clients who are the 1s to do the sedimentations which the bank invests.


This division has to look after the disposal of UBL, out side Pakistan. It takes attention of all the personal businesss about the progresss given outdoors, the direction of the subdivisions of the bank outside Pakistan, the poster of employees outside Pakistan etc.


This division comes into operation when recovery of progresss given becomes hard or impossible. It is the occupation of this division to make up one’s mind whether to travel tribunal against the client or non.


This division consists of two wings, the forces wing and the constitution wing.

The forces flying concerns with employee public assistance and disposal. It looks after things like regulations associating to the disposal of employees, the medical measures etc. There is besides a disciplinary cell which is for penalties if an employee does something incorrect. The constitution wing has a chief map of commanding the debt stock i.e. furniture, conveyance installation, stationary, athleticss portfolio, security agreements, and staff public assistance.

Note: See the organogram of the subdivision in annexure.




History with the Bank is Customer ‘s understanding to maintain money at that place and take it out when client need it. Customer ‘s history is the sum of money that a client have in the bank at any clip. UBL offer different types of Account to their Customer are as follows.


Individual Account.

Joint Account.

Minor Account.

Partnership Account.

Non Resident Rupee Account.

Staff Histories.


Histories of persons who are occupant of Pakistan are to be opened under this class.


For single history following paperss & A ; certification of original transcripts are required.

Attested photocopy of computerized National Identity Card ( CNIC ) .

A photocopy of passport of the person ( for non occupant clients ) .

Specimens signature card.

Account opening signifier.

Cheque book requisition faux pas.

Acknowledgement reception of Cheque book.

Authority missive ( in instance when client personally non present ) .


Joint history is an history in names of two or more individuals ( other than spouses or legal guardians ) .in this regards it to be ensured that Instructions for operation of history should clearly province and filled in authorization.

In instance of decease, Cheque signed by asleep history holder presented for payment is non be entertained and hence must be returned. Cheque is signed harmonizing to authorization. No joint history holder is allowed to depute the “ authorization to run ” the history to any 3rd party even if the history is operated singly.

Documentation TO BE OBTAINED

For joint history following paperss and certification are to be required.

Attested photocopy of CINC of all history holders.

Specimens signature card.

Account opening signifier.

Cheque book requisition faux pas.

Acknowledgement reception of Cheque book.


As we know that a individual who has non attained age of 18 old ages is minor. However in instance tribunal has appointed a defender for the belongings of child, so the period of his / her bulk extends to age of 21.

Documentation TO BE OBTAINED

While opening a minor history following paperss are required. Account for child are to be opened on behalf of child in name of parent / guardian i.e. x.y.z ( guardian ) on behalf of a.b.c. who will subscribe the history opening signifier and run the history on behalf of a child. Because this will rid of the legal complications originating from covering straight with a child. It is one of the chief characteristics while opening a minor history that No current history will be opened for them.

For minor histories following paperss and certification of original transcripts of parent are to be required.

Attested photocopy of CNIC of parent.

If guardian is appointed by tribunal an authenticated photocopy of “ guardian ” certification will be obtained.

Transcript of birth certification of child.

Pass of parent if required.

Specimens signature card.

Account opening signifier.

Cheque book requisition faux pas.

Acknowledgement reception of Cheque book.


Partnership is an association of two or more individuals who have agreed to portion net incomes of a concern carried on by all or by any one of them moving for all. The term and status are to be spelled out in “ Partnership Deed ” officially agreed upon among spouses by integrating the same in title.

While opening such history, the undermentioned features must be kept in head

The history opening signifier has to be signed by all the spouses in their capacity as persons & A ; non as member of partnership because members can be responsible for each other. The sign language and deputation of powers of those authorized to run the histories should be clearly stated on history opening form certification in conformity with the partnership title.

Documentation TO BE OBTAINED

For partnership history following paperss and certification of original transcripts where applicable are required.

A petition missive for gap of a new history on missive caput.

Attested photocopy of CNIC of all spouses.

Attested photocopies of registered “ Partnership Deed ” duly signed by all spouses and “ Business Registration certification ” with the registrar of houses in instance of registered house.

Original authorization missive, in favour of forces authorized to run the histories of house.

The title clearly puting out the extent and authorization of each of spouses to stand for the partnership. The position of the partnership should any of spouses withdraw from the partnership either as a consequence of retirement, decease or bankruptcy. This is of import since an event such as decease of spouse will ensue in disintegration of partnership.

Specimens signature card.

Account opening signifier.

Cheque book requisition faux pas.

Acknowledgement reception of Cheque book.


Histories of persons, houses or companies who are resident in states outside Pakistan and all subjects of Pakistan and individuals domiciled in Pakistan who visit abroad for the intent of employment, survey and concern etc, are treated as non occupants every bit long as they remain outside Pakistan. Histories of all foreign subjects who are resident in Pakistan may be treated as Resident Accounts. All minutess in non occupant histories are restricted to certain specific intent enumerated in foreign exchange.

Documentation TO BE OBTAINED:

The history holders who are resident in Pakistan have to subscribe FORM QA-22 in extra and send on a transcript to the SBP for their records, nevertheless form QA-22 will non be required in instance of non-residents.

Furthermore following paperss should besides be obtained.

Attested transcript of first four ( 4 ) pages of the passport and the page on which work permit/resident visa is endorsed for the review of SBP INSPECTION TEAM.

All other paperss as needed harmonizing to the type of RESIDENT ACCOUNTS.


Following are the histories that UBL Bank presently offers.

Pak Rupee Current Deposit.

Pak Rupee Khazana Account ( K ) .

Basic Banking Account ( BBA ) .

Pak Rupee Term Deposit Account.

Foreign Currency Saving Account.

Foreign Currency Current Account.

Pak Rupee Current Deposit

UBL Bank Pak Rupee Current history is the convenient manner to pull off money. Customers can transact through UBL Current Account any clip. UBL Current Account is most suited for the business communities and organisations that do pecuniary dealing on day-to-day footing. Bank does non pay any involvement on current histories.


Minimal sedimentation of Rs. 200.

Introducer must be present while opening an history.

NIC original and transcript.

Sign card must be signed decently.

Customer has to keep a sedimentation of Rs. 5000 in his history otherwise low balance charges of Rs. 50 will be deducted from the clients ‘ history on monthly footing.


Deposit and retreat hard currency any clip.

There is no limitation on minutess.

No Zakat is deducted from the history.

Pak Rupee Khazana Account

UBL Rupee Savings history is the most convenient manner to pull off your nest eggs. Target market for these histories is salaried individuals and people with small salvaging. There is no charge on when client withdraw hard currency.


Minimal sedimentation of Rs. 10000.

Introducer must be present while opening an history.

NIC original and transcript.

Sign card must be signed decently.

Customer has to keep a sedimentation of Rs. 50000 in his history otherwise low balance charges of Rs. 50 will be deducted from the clients ‘ history on monthly footing.


Unlimited free of cost dealing installation at the subdivision.

Zakat is non deducted from the history of the client.

Foreign Currency Current Account

UBL Foreign Currency Current Account offers you the convenience of limitless backdowns i.e. entree to your financess whenever you want without any notice. There is no bound on the figure of minutess you make in a twenty-four hours. Resident and non-resident both can open a UBL Foreign Currency history, which can be opened in following of the four currencies US Dollar, UK Pound, Sterling, and Euro.


NIC original and transcript.

Bank statement.

Minimal sedimentation of $ 500.

Minimal balance requirement $ 500.


The glade section plays an of import function in executing the activities of the bank. The basic map of uncluttering section is to supply services to clients in the aggregation of their Cheque of other Bankss, whether they are in the metropolis or outside the metropolis.


Clearing is the procedure whereby bankers settle their common histories for claims originating on history of assorted instruments presented by one bank drawn on the other in same metropolis. ”

Clearing can besides be defined as ” the transportation of financess from one subdivision of bank to the other subdivision of the same bank or the other bank on which the instrument is drawn, without affecting the hard currency through province bank ‘s glade house. ” In other manner that Cheque which can non be cashed at the hard currency counter of the bank.

The representatives of Bankss collect all instruments drawn on their Bankss for settling their claims and execute the glade map. This assembly of representatives of the member bank is called “ glade house ” .

All drawn instruments on one another are sorted for each bank in order to determine the consequence of in and out glade.

NIFT performs uncluttering map on behalf of commercial Bankss in all major metropoliss thought the state. However in absence of NIFT the glade system is controlled and managed by UBL.

Cheque Receiving Function

One individual receives Cheque from clients. While having checks, following things should be taken into consideration.

Cheque Date.

Account figure.


Deposit faux pas filling.

Outstation check.

Condition of check etc.

Data Entering and Clearing

Data has been entered into registries and computing machines after having the checks. Then these checks are sent for glade. NIFT takes the checks from bank for this intent.

INWARD Clearing

The colony of claims of other Bankss on UBL therefore cheque/ bill of exchanges etc are drawn by UBL client or issued by UBL, deposited with other Bankss and presented by other Bankss to UBL in with in the metropolis glade.

OUTWARD Clearing

The colony of claims of UBL on other bank therefore, cheques/ bill of exchange etc. drawn on other Bankss, deposited by client and presented by UBL in glade.


Inter metropolis glade means that the check is of out stationed bank and NIFT has the agreement for aggregation of that check through glade. It can be used both for inward and outward glade.


“ Money sent to any person/ sending of money ”

In the banking sector, this subdivision plays a critical function as it helps in outward ( outside / interior ) transportation of money/cash of its clients. The basic of such section is to assist its clients in reassigning their funds/ money in and out of their histories and pockets, from one topographic point to another like from one subdivision to another of the same bank or of any other bank.


UBL offers following banking instruments to its client.

Demand Draft ( DD ‘s ) .

Telegraphic /Telex Transfer ( TT ‘s ) .

Wage Orders ( PO ‘s ) .

Rupee Traveler Cheques ( TC ‘s ) .

Foreign Demand Draft ( FDD ) .

Foreign Telegraphic Transfer ( FTT ) .

Servicess of remittal section are for each and every organic structure without taking into consideration that whether the client coming to them is keeping history with UBL or non. This means that anyone can engage its services sing transportation of their money. UBL renders its services by acquiring committee at the beginning of each dealing and dealing. Therefore it can bring forth its ain “ income ” like any other concern, and in this manner it can go on such services like PO, DD and TT and hence it can gain money easy by supplying such facilitating services.


Transportation of financess from one subdivision to another subdivision of same bank or to another bank under particular agreements for the payment to beneficiary through fax/telex/electricity is called a telegraphic transportation ( TT ) .

Demand DRAFT

DD is a written order, drawn by one subdivision of a bank upon another subdivision of other metropolis of either the same bank or upon other bank under particular agreement, to pay a certain amount of money to or to the order of a specified individual.

Wage Order

Payment order is an instrument issued by a subdivision of a bank to/on behalf of its client with the liability to pay on demand. PO is issued by, drawn upon and collectible by the same Issuing Branch and collectible in same metropolis.

The intent of PO is to reassign financess from one beginning to another within the same metropolis. A PO can non be issued to/on the petition of any MINOR.


Traveler ‘s Cheque ( TC ‘s ) is every bit good as hard currency and are safe to transport for both abroad and domestic intent. Banks have introduced Traveler ‘s Cheque ( TC ‘s ) in order to protect against loss of hard currency.


Customer Services Department is the most of import and busiest section of the subdivision. Customer service officer is the individual who handles clients and solves every question and job. The duties of CSO includes ; To work out the questions of clients, to supply information about new merchandises and services, to steer clients to make full sedimentation faux pass, to supply history information to the history holders, to supply bank statements to the clients, to manage telephone system and to reassign calls, to manage all ATM related issues, to assist people in make fulling history opening signifier etc.


Appointments at General Banking Department

Sr #

Name of Section



















1. ENQUIRY Section

This subdivision performs the most of import occupation of client dealing. The chief occupations performed in enquiry subdivision of the UBL are

Account gap signifiers & A ; process.

Hajj Applications.

Traveler check.

Name Deposits.

At the entryway of the UBL there is enquiry section here I learnt about the history opening process of the bank 4 types of histories are opened in this subdivision

Current Account.

Net income & A ; loss Sharing Account ( PLS ) .

National Income Daily Account ( NIDA ) .

Foreign Currency Account.

Most of the histories are opened with a gap needed sum of 5000 and for NIDA it is above 2 million.

How to Open an Account ( General )

When a individual intend to open history. A card is filled & A ; signed by client. This card contains:

Six boxes for name.

Opening day of the month.

Particular instructions.

Space for first a/c no.

Space for other histories.

Following points are considered by the bank in this respect.

Another history holder of the bank should decently present the new client.

The history holder should subscribe the history opening signifier in the presence of bankA officer and the signature is punctually verified.

A transcript of individuality Card is required by Bank.

Against entry of the Bank ‘s prescribed application signifier, punctually introduced in the mode provided and on providing such papers, as may be required and history may be opened. The Bank militias to itself the right to decline to open and account without delegating any ground.

Each history shall be allotted a distinguishable figure that is to be quoted in all correspondence with the bank relation to the history.

Procedure to Open an History

When a client wants to open an history, the bank officer gives application signifier to him. All information, which is necessary to be known by the bank, is demands of the application signifier. From besides requires the indispensable paperss to be attached by the client.

Persons that can open an history

1 ) -Sole owners.

2 ) -Private histories ( single A/Cs ) .

3 ) -Joint history.

4 ) -Limited Company.

5 ) -Partnership Company.

6 ) -Club, Society & A ; Association.

In formations required



Telephone no.

Currency of history.

Nature of Business.

Residential position.

Particular direction sing the history.

Signature of the applier.

Documents to be attached

A Documents required to be attached are different for different classs.

1 ) – Exclusive Owners Account

They have to subject their concern enrollment certification figure.

2 ) – Private Histories

A For single or private histories following paperss & A ; information has to be given:


Residence reference.

Mail reference.

Foreign reference.

Office reference & A ; office pH. No.

Position to title.

Pass or designation No/ .

Marital position.

Date and topographic point of birth.


Residence visa # .

Name and reference of other Banks in Pakistan.

3 ) – Joint History

A If some one wants to open joint history the undermentioned information is needed:

Full name.


Specimens of signatures of the joint history holders.

4 ) – Joint Company

In this instance following information & A ; paperss are required:

Certified true transcript of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company.

Certified true transcript of the declaration of the board of managers / pull offing commission / regulating organic structure sing behavior of the history.

Certified list incorporating names and signatures of the managers / office carriers.

Certified true copyA of the certification of incorporation or enrollment.

Certified true transcript of the certification of beginning of concern ( in instance of public limited companies ) .

I.D. Card transcript of each manager.

Original is besides enclosed for review and return.

List of individuals authorized to run on the history.

5 ) – Partnership Company Account

Documents required in this instance are as follows:

Full Names.


Specimens of signatures of the spouses.

Certified true transcript of partnership title.

The client comes for the gap of the history the client covering officer aid him in carry throughing the history opening signifier so this signifier is submitted on the counter after 1 hebdomad a missive of thanks is send to the client on his reference the client mark this missive the chief intent of this missive is to thank its client and corroborate his reference after 1 hebdomad from the missive of thanks cheque book is issued to the client.

Account opening form 1 hebdomad Letter of thanks 1 hebdomad Check Book

On mean 6-7 histories are opened in chief subdivision and most of them are PLS.


Jobs at Bills Department


Demand Draft Issued ( D.D ) .

Demand Draft Purchase ( D.D.P ) .

Wage Order ( P.O ) .

Telegraphic Transfer ( T.T ) .

Mail Transfer ( M.T ) .


I start the twenty-four hours with the bill of exchanges sir told me that as the bill of exchange comes into being a D.D bill is issued at the same clip. It is on demand and it contains no sum limit it may be issued with any sum.

If it is on name so it is added to the history of the individual and if it is unfastened an the individual have no history with the bank so the individual can lodge it into the other individual history like his brother by backing it for indorsement it has to compose on the dorsum to add it to his brother history and he besides signed it. His brother besides write on the dorsum to add it into his history and signed it bank besides signed it.

A Good Title Draft Should Have

Signature of the 2 bank officers of the publishing subdivision.

All sums should be same in term of figure, words.

Clearing & A ; Crossing cast on forepart

Drawn on the same subdivision.

Endorsement on the dorsum with signatures.

Duplicate Draft

In instance that original bill of exchange is lost and you are required the extra transcript for this intent an insurance bond is besides required.

Clearing of Draft

Uncluttering City to metropolis through SBP.

Transfer Branch Ac.

Cash through Officer Endorsement.

B-Pay Order

Document which instructs a bank to pay a certain amount to a 3rd party. Such orders are usually acknowledged by the bank which provides a warrant that the payment will be made. It is within the metropolis. It is the best manner of doing payment with in the metropolis.

Publishing Process of Pay Order

A recognition verifier is filled by the client in which he mention the sum, cutomer name and in favour name so a committee verifier and a FED is besides given to the client which he pay on the hard currency counter so he comes to the wage order counter and all the inside informations are punched on the debit verifier which is crossed in favours of the payee history and for non history holder an ID card transcript is required. No committee is charged on wage order and it is a save manner.

Clearing of Pay Order

The undermentioned things are checked

Branch Name.

Uncluttering Stamp.

Payee Account.

Gross Stamp.


Payment against Pay Order

In instance of giving hard currency against wage order you have to look into it from the computing machine and so attach voucher # and come in it into the registry so direct for 2 bank officers signatures in instance of the cross wage order for the staff it may be cashed but with the 2 signatures of the bank officers.

C-Demand Draft ( D.D )

It is a measure drawn either on demand or otherwise by one bank on another in favour of 3rd party or by one subdivision of the same bank or purchase the Head Office on a subdivision or frailty versa. It is from metropolis to metropolis. It is the best manner of doing payment from metropolis to metropolis.

D-Purchase of D.D

Mr Ammir complete the procedure of D.D purchase in chief subdivision and he reassign the cognition of D.D purchase to us with a simple illustration

Example: say Mr. Ali add the D.D in its personal history in HBL Lahore.HBL for uncluttering direct it to the chief subdivision Lahore the chief subdivision wage it to the HBL and make the debit entry and so direct this to UBL chief subdivision Islamabad and Islamabad subdivision recognition the UBL chief subdivision Lahore in this manner debit entry is canceled by recognition entry.

E-Mail Transfer ( MT )

When a client petition the bank to reassign his money from this bank to any other bank of the subdivision of same bank in the metropolis, outside the metropolis of outside the state the first thing he has to make is to make full an application signifier. In which he states that I want to reassign the money from this bank to that bank by mail. If the client is the history holder of this bank, the bank will debit his history and the concerned officer will make full the six different signifiers to do the mail transportation complete. The six signifiers used for this intent are listed below:

Branch Mail Transfer Mail.

Receiving subdivision registered transcript.

Publishing Branch Register Copy.

Debt Voucher.

Beneficiary ‘s Advice.

Advice to Customer.

A F- Telegraphic Transfer

An application signifier for TT is provided to the client in which as to stipulate the name of the payee, the topographic point of the transportation and the sum. If the sum is deposited through hard currency or through self cheque a simple hard currency verifier is passed giving a recognition to chief office. The portion 1 and portion 2 are besides applied on the T.T Part 1 for currency and T.T No where as Part 2 for day of the month, sum, metropolis etc. A telegraphic massage is sent to the bank on the bank on which the TT is drawn stipulating the TT figure, day of the month, the name of the party in whose favour it is drawn and the trial figure. The publishing bank sent the verification verifier to the drawn bank which it confirms that the payment is paid to the client.

3. Lodge

A-Presentation of the Cheque

At the start a check is presented at the counter the individual at the counter attach a voucher with the check and look into the day of the month, sum in figures, sum in words and carrier, cross and payee check so he stamped the voucher with voucher cast and check with the item cast, pay hard currency cast and signature confirmation cast.

If the check is presented with a particular instance of backdowns in individual so the individual has to come it self so that its catch should be matched this instance is merely for those individuals who ‘s signatures are really easy.

B-Passing/Cancellation of check

It is the procedure of checking and verifying the signatures if the individual.

Duties of go throughing individual

Check the tenor of check.

Cheque is good for payment and all the specifics are valid.

Cheque is presented with in 180 yearss.

Tax return for Reason

If the presented check contains an mistake so the check is returned to the client with out payment chief grounds are as under

Drawer signature differs.

Cheque is post dated.

Sum in figure and words differ.

Balance insufficient.

Payment stopped by the drawer.

There are many more grounds to return the check.


We can specify glade as the transportation of financess from one subdivision of bank to the other subdivision of the same bank or the other bank on which the instrument is drawn, without affecting hard currency through or we can state in other that checks which can non be cashed at the ash counter of the bank.

Uncluttering Procedure

About all the Bankss provide a broad assortment of services to their depositors. One valuable service provided is that of glade. Clearing section besides plays an of import function in executing the activities of the bank.

The basic map of uncluttering section is to supply services to clients in aggregation of their checks of other Bankss, whether they are in metropolis or outside the metropolis. The client can acquire the money in his history at UBL from the checks drawn on another bank. The bank accepts the check in the glade which it is drawn through the glade house i.e. NIFT ( National Institutional Facilitation Technology ) .

While payment is made by the authorities the authorities will publish the cheque to the company and at the same clip an advice will be issued to the bank so that payment could be made and the procedure should be transparent.

Partss of Advice

Cheque # .



Party Name.

In instance of any difference in bill and check out the check will be bounced and in instance of any misbehavior like check range be fore the advice so the check will be bounced. The check and the advice should incorporate the signatures of the Head of hard currency section and signature of the Finance section and signature of the caput of the company.

Clearing by Bank

These yearss the glade work is over held by the NIFT ( National Institutional Facilitation Technology ) alternatively by the province bank.When the bank is traveling to do the payment so the bank officer will subscribe the check if the sum of the check is greater so Rs50000/- so signature of the officer +signature of the caput of the sedimentation section. This jurisprudence is applied to all companies.

Important Thingss in Uncluttering

Cross Stamp.

Uncluttering Stamp.

Endorsement Stamp.

First two are on the face of the check and 3rd one is one the dorsum of check.

Types of Clearing

There are two types of glade

Inward Clearing.

Outward Clearing.

1-Inward Clearance

Cheque drawn on UBL and presented to other Banks or handed over to UBL agent in uncluttering house. That is inward clearance for UBL. So inward glade consequences in escape of financess to roll uping sets cut downing the balance in the glade history.

2-Outward Clearance

Similarly check, which is drawn on other, bank and presented to NB Main subdivision, Lahore are known as outward clearance for UBL Main Branch. So outward glade consequences in influx of financess from paying bank into the glade history maintained with glade house increasing the balance in the glade history.

Outward uncluttering therefore may be:

Local glade.

Outstation glade.

Excess of outward glade over inward glade produces a net addition in the glade history balance. Excess of inward glade over outward. Clearing produces a net lessening in the glade history balance.


The chief map of the histories section of UBL is to keep general leger histories and after the concern hours the map of the histories officer is to shut books. Jobs Being Performed In Account Department

All payments associating to salary of confirm/contractual and impermanent staff.

Payments of all outgos related to subdivision charges account.

Payment of pensions of ex-employees along with payment of benevolent fund to authorities employees every bit good as to bank employees.

Support of UBL general history verifiers.

Clean hard currency bank.

Currency thorax.

Statements Prepared at Account Department

Net income & A ; Loss Account.

Assetss & A ; Liabilities Account.

Weekly Schedule Program.



There are many other of import maps performed by histories section of UBL.A So I ma traveling to discourse these maps in three stairss:

General Ledger.

Voucher system.

Types of verifier used.

General Ledger

It is the premier record of the subdivision reflecting its assets and liabilities and serves as the maestro control of accounting system of the branch.A It consists of merely those histories, which are authorized by the caput office.

Voucher System

Voucher is a written mandate sued in a dealing for recording and payment. Voucher is a system, which is by and large designed to supply strong internal control over the dealing, which takes topographic point during the concern hours. Whenever a dealing takes topographic point in any section of the bank. On the sheet upon which these verifiers are summarized, dealing wise and consolidated into on figure is called auxiliary.

1-Debit Vouchers

Debit verifiers are used in two instances:

When of all time any disbursal is incurred.

When a depositor withdraws some sum from his history.

Filling of the Debit Voucher

Debit charges account sundries excepting petit larceny disbursals.

To-amount paid to the staff ( officer name or executive name ) of C.I.B.G ( N ) in regard of purchase of misilineous points during the month as per countenances enclosed and detailed excessively.

The format of the debit verifier includes

Name of subdivision.


Branch No.

Account No.

Transaction Code.

Amount and other inside informations ( Narration ) .

2-Credit Vouchers

There are two types of dealing in which recognition verifiers are used.

When a depositor deposits any sum in his history because the liability of bank.

Any income received by the bank e.g. bank bill of exchange.

3-Expense Vouchers

All the disbursal verifiers passed by each section are routed through histories section. These disbursals include:

Wages given to all employees of the bank.



Lease installments.

Insurance – vehicle.

Insurance – hard currency.

Utility Bills.

Medical allowances ( reimbursed ) .

C-Profit & A ; Loss Account

Jobs Performed by Profit & A ; Loss Counter in chief subdivision

Net income & A ; Loss of UBL chief subdivision.

Staff Pensions.

Benevolent Fund.

Ex-Employees Pensions.

Budget Compliance studies.

Weekly Schedule Telegram me.

Balance Sheet of UBL chief subdivision.

Net income & A ; Loss of UBL chief subdivision

It is prepared on Coded sheet Consolidated Data Regarding Income/Expense.

Income Side Item

PLS Income Accounts.

Cash Credit.

Runing Finance.

Commodity operations.


Service Charges.


Expenditure Side Items

Mark up to UBL General Account.

Cost of Deposit.

Interest Payable.

PLS Interest.

Personal Expenses of Employees.

Other Expenses.

Formula of Profit & A ; Loss Account


After fixing net income & A ; Loss history they compare it with old twelvemonth. They besides prepare the ledgers in which all the inside informations are mentioned ( Fix sedimentations, PLS deposits, 3 twelvemonth history etc )

D-Balance Sheet

UBL chief subdivision fix its balance sheet by acquiring informations from different sections.

Assetss Side ( Debit Side )

Entire Progresss.

Credence Histories.

Assorted Histories.

Debt Stock.

Cash Account.

Liabilitiess Side ( Credit Side )

Account Payables.

Assorted Accounts merely recognition balance.

Cash Account borrowing from SBP.


Account section besides deals with the pension colony of EX-Employees of UBL chief subdivision. For pension the age of the employees should be more than 60 old ages so all the paperss of employee are directing to the caput office so after blessing from caput office the pension of the employee start.

Employee ‘s decease

If the employee died while acquiring pension so half of the sum of cumulated sum is paid to his widow.

Benevolent Fund

The maximal sum of benevolent fund is 1620/month in instance of optional retirement for 15 old ages and in instance of retirement at an age of 60 twelvemonth so for 10 old ages. if the employee died during service so to his widow for complete life and if the married woman besides died so to his kids ‘s. The history section fulfils the Performa and the employee mark it and so the history section pay the fund on counter and for bank staff it is send to their histories.

G-Salary Faux pas

The salary faux pas contains name of employee, Designation, Date of connection, basic wage, allowances ( H.R allowance it is 47.5 % of basic wage, Conveyance allowance, Utility allowance 10 % of basic wage, Medical allowance 8.50 % of basic wage, Education of kids allounceRs2000/- hole ) . “ All these allowances + basic wage makes the wage of the employee ” .Bank part ( Pension fund 25 % of basic wage, Benevolent fund Rs100 ) Employees part ( P.F 10 % of basic wage, group insurance Rs325/- ) Loans ( house Building loan, auto loan, computing machine loan ) Miscellaneous ( Income revenue enhancement, canteen fund, public assistance fund ) .