Of these cases

Of these cases, we have studied that the problem is due to a mistake in employee behaviour. “Employees come number one, customers come number two. If you have a happy workforce, they will look after your customers anyway – Tony Fernandez 2012”, to date Air Asia has about 10,000 employees today and is still growing due to its vast expansion. According to Skytrax, Air Asia employees enjoy great benefit and many look for opportunity in in the organization. Air Asia provides its staff’s which loyalty service award, hospitalization and surgical expenses, travel benefits like yearly free flight coupons exam leave, career progression, food and drink subsidies, paternity leave, compassionate leave, medical benefits mission, vision and mission. The principle of Air Asia is at all times all crew and staff are responsible of the people’s lives in hand and its obliged to safeguard duty while maintaining a quality operation.

With strong moral value, ethics and corporate govermance, Air Asia also have a very solid information system infrastructure to aid their operation. Among them are the Yield Management System (YMS), to manage the revenue by optimizing Seat and Route by adjusting the price and maximizing the seat capacity to the expected revenue per route with optimized cost per available seat kilometre (ASK). Computer Reservation System (CRS) which is equipped with internet call centre and airport departure control functionality is use to track booking, schedule flight activities and real – time to reduce operation cost and increase revenue. Airline Reservation System (ARS) is used to supply chain planning that sense information from Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) which is the total business solution for Air Asia.