Mergers And Acquisitions Of The Hindalco Company Finance Essay

MA are really of import tools of corporate growing. A house can accomplish growing in several ways. It can turn internally or externally Internal Growth can be achieved if a house expands its bing activities by up scaling capacities or set uping new house with fresh investings in bing merchandise markets. It can turn internally by puting its ain units in to new market or new merchandise. Amalgamations and Acquisitions have been the portion of inorganic growing scheme of corporate worldwide. Post 1991 epoch witnessed turning appetency for coup d’etats by Indian corporate besides across the Earth as a portion of their growing scheme. This series of acquisitions in metal industry was initiated by acquisition of Arcelor by Mittal followed by Corus by Tata ‘s. Indian aluminum giant Hindalco extended this procedure by geting Atlanta based company Novelis Inc, a universe leader in aluminum peal and flat-rolled aluminum merchandises. Hindalco Industries Ltd. , acquired Novelis Inc. to derive sheet Millss that supply can shapers and auto companies.Strategically, the acquisition of Novelis takes Hindalco onto the planetary phase as the leader in downstream aluminum rolled merchandises. The acquisition of Novelis by Hindalco bodes good for both the entities. Novelis, processes primary aluminum to sell downriver high value added merchandises. This is precisely what Hindalco manufactures. This makes the matrimony a perfect tantrum. Currently Hindalco, an integrated participant, focuses mostly on fabricating aluminum oxide and primary aluminum. It has downstream peal, squeeze outing and foil devising capacities as good, but they are far from planetary graduated table. Novelis processes about 3 million metric tons of aluminum a twelvemonth and has gross revenues centres all over the universe. In fact, it commands a 19 % planetary market portion in the level rolled merchandises section, doing it a leader.

Hindalco has completed this acquisition through its wholly-owned subordinate AV Metals Inc and has acquired 75.415 common portions of Novelis, stand foring 100 per centum of the issued and outstanding common portions AV Metals Inc transferred the common portions of Novelis to its wholly-owned subordinate AV Aluminium Inc. The trade made Hindalco the universe ‘s largest

aluminum turn overing company and one of the biggest manufacturers of primary aluminum in Asia, every bit good as being India ‘s prima Cu manufacturer. Hindalco Industries Ltd has completed its

acquisition of Novelis Inc under an understanding in which Novelis will run as a subordinate of Hindalco.


Amalgamation is defined as combination of two or more companies into a individual company where one survives and the others lose their corporate being. The subsister acquires all the assets every bit good as liabilities of the merged company or companies. By and large, the lasting company is the purchaser, which retains its individuality, and the extinguished company is the marketer.

Amalgamation is besides defined as merger. Amalgamation is the merger of two or more existing companies. All assets, liabilities and the stock of one company base transferred to Transferee Company in consideration of payment in the signifier of:

Equity portions in the transferee company,

Unsecured bonds in the transferee company,

Cash, or

A mix of the above manners.

Categorizations Amalgamations and Acquisitions


A amalgamation in which two houses in the same industry combine.

Frequently in an effort to accomplish economic systems of graduated table and/or range.


A amalgamation in which one house acquires a provider or another house that is closer to its bing clients.

Frequently in an effort to command supply or distribution channels.

Pudding stone

A amalgamation in which two houses in unrelated concerns combine.

Purpose is frequently to ‘diversify ‘ the company by uniting uncorrelated assets and income watercourses

Cross-border ( International ) MAs

A amalgamation or acquisition affecting a Canadian and a foreign house an either the geting or aim company.


Acquisition in general sense is geting the ownership in the belongings. In the context of concern combinations, an acquisition is the purchase by one company of a controlling involvement in the portion capital of another bing company.

Methods of Acquisition:

An acquisition may be affected by

understanding with the individuals keeping bulk involvement in the company direction like members of the board or major stockholders commanding bulk of voting power ;

purchase of portions in unfastened market ;

to do coup d’etat offer to the general organic structure of stockholders ;

purchase of new portions by private pact ;

Acquisition of portion capital through the undermentioned signifiers of considerations viz. agencies of hard currency, issue of loan capital, or insurance of portion capital.

Coup d’etat:

A ‘takeover ‘ is acquisition and both the footings are used interchangeably.

Coup d’etat differs from amalgamation in attack to concern combinations i.e. the procedure of coup d’etat, dealing involved in coup d’etat, finding of portion exchange or hard currency monetary value and the fulfilment of ends of combination all are different in coup d’etats than in amalgamations. For illustration, procedure of coup d’etat is one-sided and the offerer company decides about the maximal monetary value. Time taken in completion of dealing is less in coup d’etat than in amalgamations, top direction of the offered company being more co-operative.

De-merger or corporate splits or division:

De-merger or split or divisions of a company are the synonymous footings meaning a motion in the company.

What will it take to win?

Fundss are an obvious demand for manque purchasers. Raising them may non be a job for multinationals able to tap resources at place, but for local companies, finance is likely to be the individual biggest obstruction to an acquisition. Fiscal establishment in some Asiatic markets is banned from taking for coup d’etats, and debt markets are little and illiquid, discouraging investors who fear that they might non be able to sell their retentions at a ulterior day of the month. The recognition squeezings and the down province of many Asiatic equity markets have merely made an already hard state of affairs worse. Fundss apart, a successful Mergers Acquisition growing scheme must be supported by three capablenesss: deep local webs, the abilities to pull off uncertainness, and the accomplishment to separate worthwhile marks. Companies that rush in without them are likely to be stumble.

MA Activities in India:

MA Activities in India:

In 2007, there were a sum of 676 MA trades and 405 private equity trades, in 2007, the entire value of MA and PE trades was USD 70 billion, Total MA trade value was close to USD 51 billion, Private equity deals value increased to USD 19 billion

Growth Drivers:

aˆ? Globalization and increased competition

aˆ? Concentration of companies to accomplish economic systems of graduated table

aˆ? Cash Militias with corporate


aˆ? Cross-border trades are turning faster than domestic trades

aˆ? Private Equity ( PE ) houses have funded undertakings every bit good as made a few acquisitions in India

India ‘s Top Amalgamations and Acquisition

1. Tata Steel-Corus: $ 12.2 billion

On January 30, 2007, Tata Steel purchased a 100 % interest in the Corus Group at 608 pence per portion in an all hard currency trade, cumulatively valued at $ 12.2 billion.

The trade is the largest Indian coup d’etat of a foreign company boulder clay day of the month and made Tata Steel the universe ‘s fifth-largest steel group.

2. Vodafone-Hutchison Essar: $ 11.1 billion

On February 11, 2007, Vodafone agreed to purchase out the commanding involvement of 67 % held by Li Ka Shing Holdings in Hutch-Essar for $ 11.1 billion.

This is the second-largest MA trade of all time affecting an Indian company.

Vodafone Essar is owned by Vodafone 52 % , Essar Group 33 % and other Indian subjects 15 % .

3. Hindalco-Novelis: $ 6 billion

Aluminum and Cu major Hindalco Industries, the Kumar Mangalam Birla-led Aditya Birla Group flagship, acquired Canadian company Novelis Inc in a $ 6-billion, all-cash trade in February 2007.

Till day of the month, it is India ‘s third-largest MA trade.

The acquisition would do Hindalco the planetary leader in aluminum rolled merchandises and one of the largest aluminum manufacturers in Asia. With post-acquisition combined grosss in surplus of $ 10 billion, Hindalco would come in the Fortune-500 listing of universe ‘s largest companies by gross revenues grosss.

4. Ranbaxy-Daiichi Sankyo: $ 4.5 billion

Taging the largest-ever trade in the Indian drug company industry, Nipponese drug house Daiichi Sankyo in June 2008 acquired the bulk interest of more than 50 per cent in domestic major Ranbaxy for over Rs 15,000 crore ( $ 4.5 billion ) .

The trade created the 15th biggest drugmaker globally, and is India ‘s 4th largest MA trade to day of the month

5. NTT DoCoMo-Tata Tele: $ 2.7 billion

Nipponese telecom elephantine NTT DoCoMo picked up a 26 per cent equity interest in Tata Teleservices for approximately Rs 13,070 crore ( $ 2.7 billion ) in November 2008.

This is the 6th-largest MA trade affecting an Indian company.

With a subscriber base of 25 million in 20 circles DoCoMo paid Rs 20,107 per endorser to get the interest. DoCoMo picked up the equity through a combination of fresh issue of equity and acquisition of portions from the bing boosters.

Major MA Deals Undertaken Abroad by India Inc.

i‚· Tata steel bargains Corus Plc: 12.1 $ billion

i‚· Hindalco acquired novelis: 6 $ billion

i‚· Tata bargain panther and land wanderer: 2.3 $ billion

i‚· Essar steel bargains Algoma Steel: 1.58 $ billion

i‚· Vodafone buys hutch: 11 $ billion

i‚· POSCO to put in constructing steel fabrication workss and installations in India by 2016

i‚· Goldman Sachs Plans investing in private equity, existent estate, and private wealth direction


Target Company

State targeted

Deal value ( $ milliliter )


Tata Steel

Corus Group plc

United kingdom









Daewoo Electronics Corp.




Dr. Reddy ‘s Labs

Beta injury




Suzlon Energy

Hansen Group





Kenya Petroleum Refinery Ltd.



Oil and Gas

Ranbaxy Labs

Terapia SA




Tata Steel






Thomson SA









In twelvemonth 2008..

aˆ? MA trades in India in 2008 totaled deserving USD 19.8 bn

aˆ? Less compared to last twelvemonth which stood at 33.1 bn $ .

aˆ? Decline of MA activity was in line with the planetary activity.

aˆ? Cross boundary line MA totaled 8.2 ban $ compared to 18.7 ban $ .


The acquisition will expose Hindalco to weaker balance sheet. Besides the company will travel from high border metal concern to low-margin downstream merchandises concern. The acquisition will more than ternary Hindalco ‘s grosss, but will increase the debt and gnaw its profitability.The trade will make value merely after the Hindalco ‘s enlargement completion, and due to its extremely leveraged place, enlargement programs may acquire affected. Some of the clients of Novelis are important to the company ‘s grosss, and that could be adversely affected by

alterations in the concern or fiscal status of these important clients or by the loss of their concern. ( The company ‘s 10 largest clients accounted for about 40 % of entire net gross revenues in 2005, with Rexam Plc and its affiliates stand foring about 12.5 % of company ‘s entire net gross revenues in that twelvemonth ) . Novelis profitableness could be adversely affected by the inability to go through through metal monetary value additions due to metal monetary value ceilings in certain of the company ‘s gross revenues contracts.

Adverse alterations in currency exchange rates could negatively impact the fiscal consequences and the fight of company ‘s aluminum rolled merchandises comparative to other materials.The Company ‘s understanding non to vie with Alcan in certain end-use markets may impede Novelis ability to take advantage of new concern chances. The end-use markets for certain of Novelis merchandises are extremely competitory and clients are willing to accept replacements for the company merchandises. Though the Hindalco-Novelis acquisition had many

synergisms, some analysts raised the issue of rating of the trade as Novelis was non a net income devising company and had a debt of US $ 2.4 billion. They opined that the acquisition trade was over-valued as the rating was done on Novelis ‘ financials for the twelvemonth 2005 and non on the financials of 2006 in which the company had reported losingss.

Amalgamations and Acquisitions in India: The Latest Trends

Till recent yesteryear, the incidence of Indian enterprisers geting foreign endeavors was non so common. The state of affairs has undergone a sea alteration in the last twosome of old ages. Acquisition of foreign companies by the Indian concerns has been the latest tendency in the Indian corporate sector.

There are different factors that played their parts in easing the amalgamations and acquisitions in India. Favorable authorities policies, perkiness in economic system, extra liquidness in the corporate sector, and dynamic attitudes of the Indian enterprisers are the cardinal factors behind the altering tendencies of amalgamations and acquisitions in India.

The Indian IT and ITES sectors have already proved their possible in the planetary market. The other Indian sectors are besides following the same tendency. The increased engagement of the Indian companies in the planetary corporate sector has farther facilitated the amalgamation and acquisition activities in India.

Major Amalgamations and Acquisitions in India

Recently the Indian companies have undertaken some of import acquisitions. Some of those are as follows:

Hindalco acquired Canada based Novelis. The trade involved dealing of $ 5,982 million.

Tata Steel acquired Corus Group plc. The acquisition trade amounted to $ 12,000 million.

Dr. Reddy ‘s Labs acquired Betapharm through a trade worth of $ 597 million.

Ranbaxy Labs acquired Terapia SA. The trade amounted to $ 324 million.

Suzlon Energy acquired Hansen Group through a trade of $ 565 million.

The acquisition of Daewoo Electronics Corp. by Videocon involved dealing of $ 729 million.

HPCL acquired Kenya Petroleum Refinery Ltd. The trade amounted to $ 500 million.

VSNL acquired Teleglobe through a trade of $ 239 million.

When it comes to amalgamations and acquisitions trades in India, the entire figure was 287 from the month of January to May in 2007. It has involved pecuniary dealing of US $ 47.37 billion. Out of these 287 amalgamation and acquisition trades, there have been 102 transverse state trades with a entire rating of US $ 28.19 billion.

Evaluation in a amalgamation: Determination of portion exchange ratio

1. Net Value Asset ( NAV ) Method

NAV is the sum sum of value of asserts ( fixed assets, current assets, investing on the day of the month of Balance sheet less all debts, adoption and liabilities including both current and likely contingent liability and penchant portion capital ) . Deductions will hold to be made for arrears of penchant dividend, arrears of depreciation etc

The three stairss necessary for valuing portion are:

Evaluation of assets

Ascertainment of liabilities

Arrested development of the value of different types of equity portions.

2. Yield Value Method

This method besides called net income earning capacity method is based on the appraisal of future maintainable net incomes of the concern. While the past fiscal public presentation serves as usher, it is the hereafter maintainable net incomes that have to be considered. Net incomes of the company for the following two old ages are projected ( by rating experts ) and simple or leaden norm of these net incomes is computed

3. Market Value Method

This method is applicable merely in instance where portion of companies are listed on a recognized stock exchange. The norm of high or low values and shutting monetary values over a specified old period is taken to be representative value per portion.


It is clear from the findings of the earlier scientific surveies and studies of advisers that MAs fail rather frequently and accordingly, failed to make value or wealth for stockholders of the acquirer company. A definite reply as to why amalgamations fail to bring forth value for geting stockholders can non be provided because amalgamations fail for a host of grounds. Some of the of import grounds for failures of amalgamations are discussed below:

Size Issues: A mismatch in the size between acquirer and mark is one of the grounds found for hapless acquisition public presentation. Many acquisitions fail either because of ‘acquisition dyspepsia ‘ through purchasing excessively large marks or by non giving the smaller acquisitions the clip and attending it required Furthermore, when the size of the acquirer is really big when compared to the mark house, the per centum additions to acquirer will be really low when compared to the higher per centum additions to aim houses. They find that the smaller acquirer companies do more profitable acquisitions while larger acquirer companies do trades that cause their stockholders to lose acquisitions.

Diversification: Very few houses have the ability to successfully pull off the diversified concerns. Lot of surveies found that acquisitions into related industries systematically outperform acquisitions into unrelated around 42 % of the acquisitions that turned sour were conglomerate acquisitions in which the acquirer and acquired companies lacked acquaintance with each other ‘s concerns. Unrelated variegation has been associated with lower fiscal public presentation, lower capital productiveness and a higher grade of discrepancy in public presentation for a assortment of grounds including a deficiency of industry or geographic cognition, a deficiency of focal point every bit good as perceived inability to derive meaningful synergisms. Unrelated acquisitions which may look to be really promising may turn out to be a large letdown in world. For illustration, Datta et Al. happen that the presence of multiple bidders and the pudding stone acquisitions have a negative impact on the wealth of the command stockholders.

Poor Organization Fit: Organizational tantrum is described as “ the lucifer between administrative patterns, cultural patterns and forces features of the mark and acquirer ” provinces that administration construction with similar direction job, cultural system and construction will ease the effectivity of communicating form and better the company ‘s capablenesss to reassign cognition and accomplishments. Need for proper organisation tantrum is stressed by direction. Mismatch of organisation tantrum leads to failure of amalgamations.

Poor Strategic Fit: A Merger will give the coveted consequence merely if there is strategic tantrum between the meeting companies. But one time this is assured, the additions will outweigh the losingss. Amalgamations with strategic tantrum can better profitableness through decrease in operating expenses, effectual use of installations, the ability to raise financess at a lower cost, and deployment of excess hard currency for spread outing concern with higher returns. But many a clip deficiency of strategic tantrum between two unifying companies, particularly deficiency of synergisms consequences in amalgamation failure. Strategic tantrum can besides include the concern doctrines of the two entities ( return on investing versus market portion ) , the clip frame for accomplishing these ends ( short-run versus long term ) and the manner in which assets are utilised high capital investing or an plus denudation outlook

Endeavoring for Bigness: Size is an of import component for success in concern. Therefore, there is a strong inclination among directors whose compensation is significantly influenced by size to construct large imperiums the concern with size may take to acquisitions. Size maximising houses may prosecute in activities which have negative net nowadays value Therefore when measuring an acquisition it is necessary to maintain the attending focused on how it will make value for stockholders and non on how it will increase the size of the company. finds that the consequences of his survey are consistent with the coup d’etats being motivated by maximization of direction public-service corporation grounds, instead than by the maximization of stockholders wealth.

Poor Cultural Fit: The relationship between cultural tantrum and acquisition execution is extremely related. It is hard to undergo a successful execution without adequately turn toing the issues of cultural tantrum. Cultural tantrum between an acquirer and a mark is frequently one of the most ignored countries of analysis prior to the shutting of a trade. However, cultural due diligence is every spot every bit of import as careful fiscal analysis. Lack of cultural tantrum between the meeting houses will amount to misconstruing, confusion and struggle.

Limited Focus: If unifying companies have wholly different merchandises, markets systems and civilizations, the amalgamation is doomed to failure. Added to that as nucleus competences are weakened and the focal point gets blurred the consequence on Bourses can be unsafe. Strictly financially motivated amalgamations such as revenue enhancement driven amalgamations on the advice of comptroller can be hit by inauspicious concern effects. Pudding stones that had built unfocussed concern portfolios were forced to sell non-core concern that could non defy competitory force per unit areas. The Tatas for illustration, sold their soaps concern to Hindustan Lever i.e. amalgamation of Tata Oil Mill Company with Hindustan Lever Limited ( Banerjee [ 7 ] ) .

Failure to Analyze the Financial Position: Examination of the fiscal place of the mark company is rather important before the coup d’etats are concluded. Areas that require thorough scrutiny are stocks, saleability of finished merchandises, value and quality of receivables, inside informations and location of fixed assets, unbarred loans, claims under judicial proceeding, and loans from the boosters. A London Business School survey in 1987 highlighted that an of import influence on the ultimate success of the acquisition is a thorough audit of the mark company before the coup d’etat ( Arnold [ 5 ] ) . When ITC took over the paper board doing unit of BILT near Coimbatore, it arranged for comprehensive audit of fiscal personal businesss of the unit. Many a times the acquirer is mislead by window-dressed histories of the mark

Failure to Take Immediate Control: Control of the new unit should be taken instantly after subscribing of the understanding. ITC did so when they took over the BILT unit even though the consideration was to be paid in 5 annual episodes. ABB puts new direction in topographic point on twenty-four hours one and describing systems in topographic point by three hebdomads

Failure of Top Management to follow Up: After subscribing the MA understanding, the top direction should be really active and should do things go on. Initial few months after the coup d’etat find the velocity with which the procedure of undertaking the jobs can be achieved. It is really seldom that the bought out company is firing on all cylinders and doing a batch of money. Top direction followup is indispensable to travel with a clear route map of actions to be taken and set the gait for implementing one time the control is assumed

Failure of Leadership Role: Some of the functions leading should take earnestly are patterning, quantifying strategic benefits and constructing a instance for MA activity and articulating and set uping high criterion for value creative activity. Walking the talk besides becomes really of import during MAs


Amalgamations and acquisition has become really popular over the old ages particularly during the last two decennaries owing to rapid alterations that have taken topographic point in the concern environment. Business houses now have to confront increased competition non merely from houses within the state but besides from international concern giants thanks to globalisation, liberalisation, technological alterations and other alterations. By and large the aim of MAs is wealth maximization of stockholders by seeking additions in footings of synergism, economic systems of graduated table, better fiscal and selling advantages, variegation and decreased net incomes volatility, improved stock list direction, addition in domestic market portion and besides to capture fast turning international markets abroad. But amazingly, though the figure and value of MAs are turning quickly, the consequences of the surveies on the impact of amalgamations on the public presentation from the acquirers ‘ stockholders perspective have been extremely dissatisfactory. In this paper an effort has been made to pull the consequences of some of the earlier surveies while analysing the causes of failure of bulk of the amalgamations. While doing the amalgamation trades, it is necessary non merely to look into the fiscal facets of the trade but besides to analyze the cultural and people issues of both the concerns for proper post-acquisition integrating and for doing the trade successful. But it is unfortunate that in many trades merely fiscal and economic benefits are considered while pretermiting the cultural and people issues.

Therefore in nut shell we can state that MA have become common in our state ‘s concern set up. There is a enormous demand for people to turn and go planetary participants spread outing their concern domains.

If success is to be achieved in MA cohesive, good incorporate and motivated work force is required who is willing to take on the challenges that arise in the procedure of MA and there should be proper organisation among employees and they should be provided with proper working conditions.