Market Plan For Dudu Natural Fruity Soap Product Marketing Essay

AFRICAN BEAUTY is an African herb tea soap which contains African sandalwood, honey and thenar meat extracts both known for its superior dermatologic belongingss. It is really popular in the African part. It is basically manufactured few chemical procedures and is easy gettable in the African sub-region.

The UK selling environment

In order to analyze the UK ‘s selling environment, the undermentioned factors have been considered

Socio-cultural factors

Health concerns

The recent tendency in consumer behavior is be givening towards traveling green and utilizing organic merchandises with more natural ingredient. A merchandise such as African beauty can capitalise on these present consumer inclinations.

Demographic construction

Over the old ages, the figure of immigrants is on the addition. Therefore, there is a alteration in the population construction of the UK. As the alterations persist, there is every bit a turning demand for products/services which complement these emerging groups. Soon, there are about 736,000 black Africans in the United Kingdom to who this merchandise is targeted at.

Environmental issues are besides really prevailing in the UK, which must reflect both in components of the merchandise, its packaging every bit good as elements n the selling mix

Economic construction

With the economic recession in the UK, budget cuts and high unemployment rate, consumer disbursement power is reduced and passing wonts of most consumers is largely cautious. The economic factors can be divided into two. The macroeconomic influences generated by authorities economic policies and trade understandings. Tax reduces the sum of disposable income available therefore impacting consumer ‘s disbursement wont. However, FMCG goods such as soap are improbable to be affected significantly. VAT rates and exchange rates besides determine the concluding monetary value of a merchandise to an extent. Therefore, the proposed addition in the VAT rates will be of concern in the market mix determinations. Microeconomic influences concerned with market constructions which influence the sort of competition nowadays. Based on the figure and size of rivals in the UK FMCG market can be said to be an oligopoly. The major soap trade names are owned by procter and gamble or unilever which possess a immense market portion. These companies are likely to make considerable barriers to entry and go forth really small spread for a new merchandise from a new rival. For this merchandise, a niche market scheme is most appropriate


The role/influence of authorities has a direct influence on the selling mix. The 3 chief forces within the political and legal environment. The local/national authorities and the assorted regulative organic structures. In order to guarantee consumer and for a successful problem free merchandise, Torahs on merchandise liability, privateness rights, unjust concern patterns, fraud and deceit. Equally good as Torahs regulating importing has to be considered. Promotion and advertisement will hold to criterions and policies set by regulative organic structures such as Ad Standards Authority and Ofcom. Fortunately the UK is rather broad and therefore there wo n’t be many restraints to the promotional schemes adopted within the mix


Technology has made cheap and powerful database direction systems available for more efficient direction and analysis of client information. Besides the cyberspace has provided new ways of advancing merchandises every bit good as improved engineering in the production of adverts and promotional stuffs.

Rivals Analysis

Dove, Imperial leather, Dettol soap, Delta soap.

Overview of the selling mix

Using the 4Ps theoretical account

The product- DUDU soap comes in two bars with 2 different aromas, orange & A ; lemon.

Consists chiefly of natural ingredients immensely found in Africa. BEAUTY is an African natural soap which contains African sandalwood, honey and thenar meats extracts known for its superior dermatologic belongingss. It is really popular in the African part. It is basically manufactured few chemical procedures and is easy gettable in the African sub-region. The two bars will incorporate orange and lemon dressed ores in comparatively high but safe measures. Both are tropical ingredients with high vitamin A and C contents, every bit good as ascorbic acid which has bactericide belongingss

General anatomy of merchandise

Core merchandise

Core benefits

Actual merchandise

Tangible benefits

Augmented merchandise

Intangible benefits

Product categorization.

Classified under consumer and non-durable goods, due to its comparatively inexpensiveness and frequent purchase. Besides convenience merchandises as consumers are likely to set small attempt into purchase determinations. This peculiar factor is of great significance in our selling mix. Merchandise must be made easy available to the mark section. Besides, a good trade name communicating scheme must be present to acquire consumers involved every bit much as possible and make a good grade of trade name trueness. Market will be characterized by low borders ; therefore we will seek net income through accomplishing high volume gross revenues.

Merchandise properties.

Design. The ergonomic belongingss, coloring material and attractive packaging have been taken into serious consideration. This is in order to heighten its ocular entreaty and feel of the merchandise, every bit good as communicate the right trade name image. These peculiar factors have a strong influence on consumer ‘s perceptual experiences of the merchandise ‘s quality.

Properties. Merchandise is made from strictly organic ingredients. Ingredients such as African sandalwood, rosemary, thyme, shea butter, honey and tropical fruits infusions. These are easy sourced locally in Africa, have a high vitamin content and are known for their natural dermatologic and healing belongingss. Bing natural organic compounds, they are complementary to about all skin types and wo n’t show skin reactions as most soap produced with artificial/chemical compounds normally do. With this merchandise, consumers need non worry about their tegument types when buying, and this is the trade name image we shall seek to advance. The UK conditions is rough, hence this will be a welcome merchandise particularly for newer immigrants

Features. Semens in an soft ellipse form reenforcing the perceptual experience of clemency to clamber. Besides comes in 2 bars ; dudu lemon and dudu orange. These are presented in their corresponding natural fruity aromas still reenforcing the perceptual experience of naturalness and freshness


In establishing this merchandise in the UK, the following have been taken into history ;

Brand name choice. Dudu is an African word chapeau connotes freshness/naturalness. It was seleted because it is

Distinctive from the competitory offerings, suits the merchandise ‘s character and will appeal to the mark market.

Recognizable, pronounceable and memorisable. Therefore, it will most probably be acceptable

It is an already registered trade name and is familiar amongst some consumers within the mark section.

Brand scheme

This merchandise wil follow a line extension scheme whereby an bing trade name name is passed on to new signifiers of an bing merchandise class. The dudu trade name is rather popular in Africa and is associated with a known and trusted product- dudu osun- an established soap merchandise in Africa. Therefore, we will leverage on the trade name equity that already exist with dudu peculiarly amongst the mark section.


The packaging chosen will function both functional and promotional intents. It plays a important function being the first point of contact between the consumer and the merchandise. Proper packaging can even ensue in increased gross revenues.

After sing the packaging demands of the UK, the pick of stuff is a light, lasting and biodegradable stuff made from wood mush. It is somewhat porous leting some aroma to sip through. This will farther function to pull attending as wellas streghten perceptual experience of fresness.

Shape. Oval shaped battalion, which evokes a sense of tenderness/coolness

Graphics/colour. Simple but attractive images and besides different sunglassess of merely two basic colours- orange and lemon. This besides helps to pass on the presence of merely few natural ingredients.

Battalion sizes. Semens in individual battalions for the individual user, larger family-sized battalions and clearly labelled trial- sized battalions that encourage low hazard merchandise tests. The inclusion of different battalion sizes will advance pick and besides appeal to different consumers within the mark section.


Includes information required by jurisprudence and best pattern. These include weight/volume of merchandise, barcode, name and reference of the maker. Besides consumer demands require information such as ingredients every bit good as its environmental friendliness. The labelling will be done in such a manner as to teach and educate consumers on the value and quality of the merchandise whilst besides advancing the merchandise

Product life rhythm.

Introduction stage ( 1st 6 months )

At this phase, although merchandise is new, there is some acquaintance within the mark section. Therefore, leveraging upon the bing trade name equity, good gross revenues volume is expected however with comparatively low net income degrees. Our chief aim at this point is to bring forth widespread consciousness of the merchandise, to excite test and travel the mark section towards buying the merchandise. We shall offer an introductory test monetary value ( which would be clearly stated so as non to raise intuition when the merchandise is tagged at the distinct monetary value )

Growth stage

At this phase, gross revenues and net income degrees should be risin quickly. Rivals response will be of major significance. Objective will be constructing trade name trueness every bit much as possible by promoting repetition purchases. At this stage, merchandise alteration is planned so as to consolidate market portion and open up chances for new sections. This is due to the fact that with clip, experience will foreground unanticipated strengths to construct on every bit good as built-in failings to be all right tuned. Another country of focal point will be edifice and beef uping relationships with distributers.


At this stage, a stable set of repetition purchasers would hold been established. Soap purchasers are mostly emotional, hence loyal clients are improbable to exchange trade names except in really rare fortunes. The aim here would be to farther beef up the client trueness through selling communications to keep trade name trueness while farther beef uping distribution channels. Fierce competition is foreseeable and may drive down net income but the big gross revenues volumes obtained will accomplish acceptable net income degrees.


Although non foreseeable for this merchandise, alterations in consumer tendencies, new technological discovery or competitory force per unit area may do this merchandise progressively inappropriate. In this instance, seeking to widen merchandise life through merchandise remodelling may be a good response. Finally, if this fails so reaping or selling off the merchandise may be the lone solution.


Market/Demand analysis.

The mark section is the black African population in the UK. Figures from the office of national statistics, puts this section at 730,600 occupants in the UK. Besides the largest concentration is the south-eastern portion of London. This is where the selling focal point and attempts will lie. Gross saless mark is to derive 30 % market portion of the mark population within a twelvemonth. This translates to 220,000 consumers. Market research shows soap is purchased on a hebdomadal footing. Therefore, a hebdomadal sale of 200,000 units is the mark gross revenues figure.

Pricing concerns- 4Cs

In order to do pricing determinations, the undermentioned factors have to be considered


Monetary values range from ?2-?5. Largely uniform merchandises in the market topographic point.

Pricing policies include price reductions on majority purchases or BOGOF


Customers are monetary value elastic but tend to do repetition purchases


Cost incurred from the mill to doing the merchandise available to the consumers. This include fixed and variable costs, distribution and handling costs etc. This will assist in puting the unit cost at which net income is made


Selling and Pricing objective

A short-run and long-run approached will be followed. As a new entrant, the chief focal point will be bring forthing client orders and set uping a bridgehead in the market. Low promotional monetary values will be used at the oncoming sacrificing net income border for market portion.

The long-run pricing scheme is chosen to reflect and set up a clearly differentiated niche. This will be consolidated through the other elements of our market mix. This would enable a profit-maximization scheme to be achieved

Merchandise pricing scheme

At the oncoming, we will follow a good-value scheme. Therefore, we shall prosecute a premium scheme. Puting the initial monetary value to accomplish market incursion. Therefore, low promotional monetary values will be used to pull a big figure of purchasers ensuing in a big market portion. This monetary value will be clearly stated so as non to raise intuition in event of increased monetary value or make the perceptual experience of hapless quality in the merchandise. Besides test offers will be available to increase acquaintance with the merchandise while cut downing hazard. Ultimately, a premium scheme set uping the merchandise as clearly differentiated is the long term aim.

Penetration pricing is most appropriate because though clients demand is expected to be monetary value sensitive, it will increase significantly over clip. The emergent economic systems of graduated table will ensue in big lessenings in cost. As the merchandise moves through its life rhythm, pricing aims will be re-examined.

Pricing methods

In order to analyze the cost-volume-profit relationship, a interruption even analysis is used. ( See attached appendix ) Cost based methods will be used to find the unit monetary value of the merchandise. Analysis of production and selling costs will assist find a set monetary value that will bring forth sufficient net income while still sing other elements of the 4Cs. Cost-plus pricing will be the chief method used extensively in puting the merchandise ‘s unit monetary value. This will be the production cost with a certain net income border.

Price accommodation schemes

Measure price reductions and promotional price reductions

Place/distribution scheme

Channel constructions

To acquire the merchandise from the point of production to consumers, mediators will be used. This is because utilizing intermediary consequences in more efficiency in distribution costs. They have the contacts, experience and graduated table of operation which translates into greater gross revenues being achieved. It would be merely wasteful to run a dedicated gross revenues operation.

A individual, indirect channel of distribution will be used in order to minimise the hazard of inter-channel struggle. It besides best reflects the features of the merchandise and market concerned. This is represented by the diagram below



The merchandise will be made available to 2 chief jobbers ( Bestway group and Bellevue ) who break the majority and assemble offers that are tailor made for their retail merchants. This is the most appropriate channel sing that a niche scheme has been. The pick of retail merchants best suits and efficaciously reaches the mark market section while, the chosen jobbers have a strong concern relationship with these retail merchants.

In footings of market coverage, an intensive distribution scheme will be used. Market coverage is about making the terminal client in the most efficient and cost effectual mode possible ( Austere et al. , 1996 ) . This increases the handiness and convenience factor to the possible client. The little disadvantage here is that if unit orders are low, it may force up entire distribution costs. To minimise the hazard of internal competition within the channel, a contractual perpendicular selling system will be agreed upon.


This will be outsourced to a 3rd party. Star transporting international will be managing logistic operations. The company operates in UK through a web of subordinates, partnerships and joint ventures. It has expertise in transportation, port handling, repositing, storage and distribution. It was chosen because though the company is comparatively new, they are known to stand for good value for money. And besides seeking to come in a new market, it will be good utilizing expertness available on land. Shipping is an economic manner of conveyance and will be used sing the nature of the goods to be transported.


Promotional attempts will be concentrated within the specific geographical country of the mark section. In order to set up the balance of the promotional mix, the merchandise and market must be analysed. Consumer markets and consumer merchandises are characterized by a big figure of clients doing comparatively low value, frequent purchases. They are most efficaciously reached through mass media such as advertisement and gross revenues publicities. This can be followed up by public dealingss. Personal merchandising wo n’t be really utile sing the big figure of consumers.

A mix of push and pull schemes will be used. Given that this is a new merchandise, a pull scheme will be used preferentially. This is because we might non be able to exercise much influence within the distribution channel until a demand for the merchandise is seeable. Push schemes will be used though, but will work to make inducements and actuate channel members.

Promotional mix

Product-comparism advertisement will be used and will take the signifier of postings ( to be displayed in retail stores ) , hoardings and vouchers. Print ads, booklets and brochures will besides be used and will be mailed to selected family. Television ads will non be used ab initio, as it is non cost effectual and may non make the niche market efficaciously.

Gross saless publicity

There will be consumer publicities in order to increase short-run gross revenues while constructing long-run market portion. This will be in the signifier of samples, premiums, monetary value battalions and backing wagess. Besides trade publicities such as price reductions, allowances and free goods will be offered to incentivise retail merchants.

Direct selling and public dealingss

Telephone selling and direct mail selling will be used to market straight to families in the targeted parts. Written stuffs which educate consumers on benefits of green merchandises will besides be used for public relational activities.

Market scheme

Two theoretical accounts can be used to find a market scheme. These are the GE matrix and Porter ‘s generic scheme. Analysis of the UK FMCG market identifies it as an oligopoly with a few strong participants. The most appropriate scheme is to following a focal point scheme with the merchandise designed to concentrate and run into client ‘s demands in a few mark section therefore making a niche for pinnacle nutrients.

The merchandise is to be launched into a niche section, with medium market outlooks and pinnacle nutrients has a high SBU strength. This places it in one of the 3 cells in the upper left corner of the GE/Mckinsey matrix. This place indicates a favorable place with comparatively attractive growing chances. Therefore, pinnacle nutrients should put to turn while still prosecuting a focal point scheme.

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