Maria Sharapova

9/8/11 Marketing: Article Summary #1 “Sports” “Tennis Icon Maria Sharapova to Represent Canon” Maria Sharapova is one of the most popular tennis athletes and is a well-known celebrity around the world. She came on the scene is 2000 but it was not until summer 2004 when she captured the attention of business companies when she won Wimbledon defeating Serena Williams We Have Competences To Write Projects In All Topics – go to these guys  . Sharapova’s tennis success and appearance have enabled her to secure commercial endorsements that greatly exceed the value of her tournament winnings (Wikipedia).

Along with receiving commercial endorsements, Maria sealed a multi-year deal with Canon. Debra Epstein, vice president and GM of corporate communications at Canon stated “Her powerful game and approachable personality represent a perfect match for the Canon brand, and we are thrilled about the partnership. “(Emily Raymond) Maria is excited as well because she enjoys being ahead of the latest fashion/technology trends. The two powerhouses plan on promoting global advertising, retail promotions and events.

The use of celebrities as part of marketing communications strategy is a fairly common practice for major companies. In my opinion celebrity endorsements is a key to marketing success. It’s a great idea when companies decide to make endorsements with athletes. Giving a brand a face is more than just a marketing strategy to increase sales or gain market share, it is a decision that can change the future of the brand forever.

The choice of celebrity is based on several factors such as: appeal, look, and popularity. In this case Maria Sharapova was and is a great candidate to represent Canon especially after winning Wimbledon in 2004. Works Cited “Tennis Icon Maria Sharapova to Represent Canon” -Emily Raymond, Nov. 9, 2004 http://www. digitalcamerainfo. com/content/Tennis-Icon-Maria-Sharapova-to-Represent-Canon-. htm “Maria Sharapova” -Endorsements http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Maria_Sharapova