Management theories and the role of managers

Self direction refers to methods, schemes or accomplishments by an person who can direct their ain actions towards accomplishment of certain aims. This includes end scene, planning, programming, ego development and uninterrupted acquisition. In general, a director ‘s function is be aftering, forming, taking and commanding. Although directors are different than leaders, the writer argues that a director indirectly maps as a leader. Each director must be functioned as a leader in motivation and promoting his subsidiaries. The director should maneuver members of the unit to continuously work efficaciously in accomplishing the ends of the unit and the organisation apart from deciding jobs and issues. Hence, directors need to be leaders as their workers need vision and counsel. In add-on, the writer besides believed that leaders are self made.

Effective Leadership Style

Leaderships are who get the right undertaking done ethically and who possesses high degree of unity. Leadership is about act uponing people. Enhancing leading accomplishments requires self subject, positive mentality, willingness to take the hazard, forbearance and uninterrupted acquisition. However, the writer argues that leading can be learned but the accomplishments and cognition can be influenced by one ‘s properties such as beliefs, values, moralss and character. Before the writer undergoes any alteration plan, the writer needs to place his strengths and failings foremost. The writer can command, control and take a squad to accomplish the unit ‘s end. Many properties are required for a great leading but the basic measure for accomplishing this would be self consciousness. Leadership is non about accomplishing success and acquiring rewarded for oneself but it is how doing others successful even there is no recognition for it. To take a squad, the writer must take by illustration. If a director can non take himself so it is hard to take others efficaciously. In order to understand what is required for the writer to authorise himself to be an effectual leader for his squad, he needs to cognize his defects.

The first measure towards great leading is to understand what the writer wants to accomplish. To make this the writer has to be honorable and true in his attack. This is besides an act of self leading when the writer knows what he wants and the consequences he wanted to accomplish. For illustration, Mahatma Gandhi had no political office, immense personal wealth or any military place to influence others. The lone thing that he has is a clear lucidity about the battle he had taken to accomplish freedom for all world and the values of truth, non force and humbleness. With his attack, 1000000s were willing to put down their lives for his baronial cause. Basically, Mahatma Gandhi is clear of his vision and ends that he has set upon himself. Hence, as he had found the intent, values and image that obliging plenty, he has rewarded himself with his devoted followership. Similarly the writer must hold a clear vision for himself, chosen the right values and the specificity of the expected consequence. In order to acquire the intrinsic felicity the writer needs to put in self consciousness pursuit.

Base on the managerial grid by Robert Blake and Jane Mouton, the writer found that he is production orientated individual alternatively of people orientated. As in the production line, where the unit is bound to cut off clip and volumes of check glade, the writer at times has to be bossy in his attack where a little error can be fiscal impact to the organisation. On the other manus, the attack may be non people concern, but the advantage is doing the section runs swimmingly in the eyes of direction.

Managerial Grid – Robert Blake & A ; Jane Mouton


Base on ego appraisal, the writer needs to be a squad participant. In order to accomplish that the writer must utilize the followerss leading manner:




Basically, different people may necessitate different manner of leading. For illustration, a new staff the squad requires supervising and counsel compared to experiences employee. Even a individual who lacks motive, requires different attack. Hence, cardinal values is to hold good apprehension of human nature, demands, emotion and motive Hence, in order to be an effectual leader, the writer

.it ‘s the follower who determined whether a leader is successful or not.stands at 9,4. As the writer is in an operation unit director, he is so focussed on the production and betterment needed in concern for people. In order to be an effectual leader for the squad, the writer needs to improvize in his interpersonal accomplishments.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal accomplishments are normally referred to as people or communicating accomplishments. Effective communicating is an of import component in any organisation. It will happen merely if the receiving system understands the information delivered by the transmitter. Most jobs occurred as a consequence of miscommunication in an organisation. It besides involves listening, tone of voice, deputation and leading. Hence, the writer needs to better his communicating manner where the messages are delivered without piquing his subsidiaries.

Active hearing is an of import tool to demo the squad ‘s thoughts are good accepted. The writer should non rule the conversation. The subsidiaries should be allowed to show their positions. There are few traits to be adopted during conversations.

To listen more than speaking

To analyse by measuring all factors before inquiring inquiries.

To be cognizant of prejudices and should be able to command them.

To encompass diverseness.

To praise and compliment staff when they deserve it.

Making a good relationship with equals

Be appreciative and helpful to team members

Cheerful and do others to smile

Number of struggles in the organisation will be reduced with positive interpersonal accomplishments. This will straight lend the degree of productiveness in the organisation. Furthermore, it will make a harmonious and contributing environment to work. With excellence interpersonal accomplishments, the writer can command the feelings that emerge in hard fortunes and should be able to react to it consequently alternatively of being overwhelmed by emotion. For illustration, in Dale Carnigie ‘s book on “ How to Win Friends and Influence Others ” he has mentioned that it is of import to salvage people face if they had done the error. It should be right addressed and guarantee the staff does non reiterate the error once more.

Developing trust

Leader generate and prolong trust ( Bennis 2002 ; DePree, 2002 ) through the behaviour of the leader. Trust is indispensable for group to work efficaciously. The consequence of trust will heighten staff satisfaction and it will increase productiveness. One of the ways to keep trust amongst subsidiaries and equals is to maintain from wounding the trust. Integrity of the leading is critical for the organisation. To derive trust, the truthfulness and transparence of the communicating with staff is critical factor. What is of import to advance trust is consolidative mission and vision. Most employees expect the director to handle them reasonably. Consistent application of flexibleness is of import to derive trust from the staff. With all these in presence, it will positively make a trustful environment in the group.

Furthermore, before a determination is made, the writer needs to supply the reasons, back land and idea procedures to the squad. It will heighten the common apprehension amongst squad members where they feel valued. Furthermore, the writer should cognize the merchandises good and proficient and to be able to develop others in their undertakings. By developing trust in the group, the writer should be able to act upon the squad members in making the undertaking without any presence of force. Leaderships are normally influence staff with the regard alternatively of coercive power. The writer argues that in order to accomplish a high public presentation squad, carrot and stick method is no longer applicable in most organisation. As clip has changed, merely passion and trueness to the organisation and occupation satisfaction will maintain gifted staff remained in the organisation.

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