Malcolm X And The Black Panthers History Essay

The Civil Rights motion of the 1950 ‘s and 1960 ‘s brought about the integration of schools, the disintegration of Jim Crow Torahs and accordingly equal citizenship of inkinesss and minorities. This paper centers on the function played by Malcolm X and the Black Panthers in the Civil Rights motion and whether or non their single actions affected the ends of the motion. In analysing the actions of Malcolm X and those of the Black Panthers, decisions can be made on whether they played a momentous function in the publicity of Black Nationalism at the clip and if these actions of recommending Black Nationalism helped the ends of the motion. To find this, the function the Nation of Islam played in developing the ideals and extremist tactics of Malcolm X and how the engagement of the Black Panthers in the Black Power motion affected their tactics and ends will be examined.

In the 1950s the African- American Civil Rights motion began trying to criminalize racial favoritism against African Americans. There were several civil rights leaders that rose to take in the battle to reconstructing right to vote in Southern provinces. Martin Luther King Jr. was giving his celebrated address “ I have a Dream ” and taking the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Rosa Parks refused to give up her place to a white individual and was arrested and W.E.B Du Bois became the caput of the NAACP. Malcolm X, on the other manus, had a different attack to the battle against African American favoritism.

In the mid 1940 ‘s, Malcolm X along with a group of associates in Boston began a series of burglaries aiming the abodes of affluent white households. Malcolm X, along with a white adult females whom he had been associating away and on for old ages and a twosome of other friends, formed an interracial burglary pealing which they operated out of an flat in Harvard Square. Malcolm X was finally caught seeking to retrieve stolen jewellery from a pawn store. The shop proprietor turned grounds over to the province and Malcolm received a 10 twelvemonth sentence at the age of 20. The clip he spent in prison changed him as a adult male when he encountered the State of Islam and joined as one of their members. After his word in 1952, Malcolm X became the State of Islam ‘s leader and main spokesman. The State of Islam believed in a dorsum to Africa attack in which they wanted to expatriate all African Americans form the white adult male because every bit long as they white adult male was in being, the African Americans could non thrive. After tenseness with Elijah Muhammad, the caput of the Nation of Islam, Malcolm left the Nation and became a Sunni Muslim. Malcolm X pushed for a Black Nationalist motion instead than soundless protest or sit Immigration and Naturalization Services.

Although they were both widely know civil rights militants, the positions of Malcolm X and those of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. differed greatly, chiefly in the fact that Dr. King used non-violent protest. One of his most celebrated Acts of the Apostless of nonviolent protests was the Montgomery Bus Boycott in which African Americans and several civil rights leaders including Dr. King refused to utilize the Montgomery coach system because of the favoritism shown by the coachs.

Along with all the civil rights militants, several civil rights groups arouse such as the Black Panther Party.The Black Panther Party was founded by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale in 1966. They aroused four in several people along with hope, misinterpretation, pride, and smear. They wanted to stop robbery by the white adult male of the Black Community and immediate terminal to patrol ferociousness and slaying of black people.. All these civil rights militants and groups show the alteration being brought approximately at the clip and how African Americans were contending to hold equal rights.

For such probe, two beginnings contributed vastly to the research. The first beginning is the book In Search of the Black Panther Party by Jama Lazerow and Yohuru R. Williams. Jama Lazerow is a professor of history with fortes in early American societal and labour history, Afro-american history, and post-World War II America and teaches “ Black Power and the Black Panther Party ” at Brandeis University. Dr. Yohuru R. Williams is an associate professor in African American history at Fairfield University and coeditor of the book In Search of the Black Panther Party. The book In Search of the Black Panther Party gives an in-depth analysis on the Black Panther Party and the events that transpired during the Black Power motion and besides has interviews with former Black Panthers about certain subjects. The intent of this book is to analyse the actions of the Black Panthers during the sixtiess and 1970s and besides analyzes the Black Panther Party itself. Some value this book had was the interviews with former Black Panthers because it helped in understanding what the Black Panthers wanted and made it more dependable than other beginnings. On the other manus, a restriction of In Search of the Black Panther Party was even though the book had some interviews with members of the Black Panther Party, the full book itself was non published by the Black Panther Party.

Another beginning by writer Michael Eric Dyson titled Making Malcolm: the Myth and Meaning of Malcolm X contributed vastly. Michael Eric Dyson is a professor of sociology at Georgetown University and a widely know bookman. The intent of Making Malcolm: the Myth and Meaning of Malcolm X is to analyse selected Hagiographas by and about Malcolm X, comparison Malcolm to such figures as Martin Luther King and Louis Farrakhan, and discourse his influence on immature African American males. This helped to garner background information on Malcolm X and compare his actions to other civil rights leaders at the clip. The value in the book was that it gave Hagiographas from Malcolm X which helps compare his ain Hagiographas and his ain beliefs about the civil rights motion and other civil rights leaders. The restrictions of the book were the writer limits himself to merely analysing the actions of Malcolm X which made him stand out as a great leader and civil rights militants and does non analyse Malcolm X as a whole including his side that opposes the writer ‘s statement.

The Civil Rights motion of the 1950 ‘s and 1960 ‘s was an epoch in which African Americans stood up for their rights and demanded to be judged non by the colour of their tegument but by the contents of their bosom. Since the early birth of America, racism has been its biggest shadow that has subverted the states fullest possible and destroyed countless dreams every bit good as lives but yet America has failed to admit this lack. Many believe it was Malcolm X who eventually had redefined the discourse of race in America. Malcolm X stressed that the issue was non civil rights but human rights. He believed that Blacks were victims of a system of domination and development that was national, structural, and most significantly knowing. Many position Malcolm X as one of the greatest civil rights leaders of all times because he would “ state it like it is. ” Although many critics praise the actions of Malcolm X and his ability to unify the Black community, others believe otherwise. Some characterize Malcolm as a “ bold, vocal, nescient adult male of no business after he gave up pimping, gaming, and pot merchandising to follow Mr. Muhammad. ” Others view Malcolm X as a treasonist to Blacks and even to America itself.

The Black Panther Party was besides widely known across the State and even in different parts of the Globe. They were made celebrated by their Black Power motion and construct of ego defence. The Black Panthers were non afraid to utilize force when necessary and would easy fend off any assailing adult male of any colour. This ideal made the Black Panthers feared, many believed the Black Panthers was merely a pack of groups who carried around guns and caused mayhem every where they went. Even though the regulations of the party clearly stated to no guns should be used unless it is of critical importance, the Black Panthers ever carried pieces to any meetings or public violences and they were non afraid to utilize them. They believed that Blacks must sequester themselves from the white adult male since it would be the lone manner they could populate in peace. This belief advocated their “ back to Africa ” attack in which they stressed that all inkinesss return to Africa to populate amongst themselves and without the presence of the white adult male. The party saw the white adult male as the Satan and all this contributed to the BPP thought of Black Nationalism. They wanted Blacks to unify to get the better of the white adult male and excessively eventually hold black self-government and no longer rely on white society and along with their vision of Black Nationalism they were able to destablish racial hierarchies.

These two forces in the battle for freedom during the civil rights motion, although some believe otherwise, played a important function in the result of the motion. Both Malcolm Ten and the Black Panther Party united the black adult male and gave them a sense of belonging. They both increased Black Nationalism in the U.S. at the clip, which contributed to Blacks unifying in multitudes to contend for a cause which can merely be won in integrity. Both were good known and although many may oppugn them by impeaching Malcolm Ten of being a fraud, and the Black Panther Party as being a pack, they were still able to allow the white adult male know of their presence and how they were non traveling to halt until they reached their end. The ends of the BPP were simple ; they wanted full employment for Blacks, an terminal to robbery by the white adult male of the Black community and most significantly they wanted freedom. When the civil rights motion was complete the Blacks had achieved their end of freedom every bit good as holding more occupations than earlier. The Black Panthers were able to accomplish several of their ends which histories for their success as a civil right organisation.

It was through the establishment of Black Nationalism, and the advocating of self-defence that Malcolm X and the Black Panther Party were able to act upon the result of the Civil Rights motion. The Black Panther Party used Malcolm X ‘s thoughts to impact the results of the motion and have a permanent consequence. Their impact was much greater than Malcolm X ‘s due to the short span of clip that he was involved in the motion that stemmed from his blackwash in 1968. By utilizing Malcolm X ‘s thoughts of Black Nationalism, and self defence and spread outing upon them, the Black Panther Party was able to beat up up minority groups and battle for the common cause of deriving independency, and equality from the Whites. It was through this newfound integrity, and political orientation that inkinesss were able to lift up and win.