Levi Strauss And Company Profile Marketing Essay

Levi Strauss and Company ( LSandCO. ) is one of the universe ‘s taking branded dress companies with gross revenues in more than 110 states. Levi Strauss, a Bavarian immigrant, arrive in San Francisco abroad a clipper ship during California ‘s manic gold haste in 1853. He rapidly discovered that prospectors wanted hardy bloomerss that could last the asperities of delving for gold, so he created the universe ‘s first denims. Word of the quality of the bloomerss spread like wild-fire and the Levi ‘s fable was born. Today the Company designs and markets denims, insouciant and dress bloomerss, tops, jackets and accoutrements for adult females, work forces, and kids under the Levi ‘s, Dockers and Signature by Levi Strauss & A ; Co.

Levi Strauss & A ; Company merchandises are sold in more than 60,000 retail locations through multiple channels of distribution worldwide. The Company distributes its Levi ‘s and Dockers merchandises chiefly through section shops, forte retail merchants in the United States, franchised shops abroad and concatenation retail merchants ( eCommerce web sites ) . The distribution of Signature, by Levi Strauss & A ; Co. occurs through mass channel retail merchants in the U.S. and other value-oriented retail merchants and franchised shops abroad.

Today Levi Strauss & A ; Company is a well-established planetary concern. The company is still headquartered in San Francisco, where it was founded. LS & A ; Co. employs about 11,400 people ; 4,700 are located in America, 4,400 in Europe and 2,300 in Asia Pacific.A Levi Strauss & A ; Co. organizes their concern into three regional divisions: Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific and run in 110 companies. Approximately half of the net grosss come from outside the United States. The success in making genuinely planetary distribution of merchandises is due, to their path record of responsible concern patterns. Those patterns, combined with the regard shown to local communities, have helped construct a trade name that people love and trust. The end of the company is, “ ever to run in a truly authenticate manner wherever we beginning our stuffs or industry and sell our apparels. That requires enrolling the most gifted local directors and workers who want to be portion of a planetary trade name that is distinguishable and relevant to every market place ” . ( “ ProBlogService. ” Professional Blog Service. Web. 08 June 2010 ) . It demands an consciousness of planetary tendencies and proved concern patterns that can be easy introduced into new markets. LS & A ; CO. presence in the Japan, Canada, Western Europe, and the United States is good established. In the old ages in front, their end is to spread out the Levi Strauss & A ; Co. trade names in other emerging markets like India, China, Russia, Brazil and.

Target Market

Levi Strauss is non a perfect company. Like every house there are jobs, including the tenable unfavorable judgment of being slow to follow new manner tendencies. The company is fighting with a coevals spread job. The vesture company is trying to pull adolescents without turning off older people. As Levi plodded along, manner shifted to big-pocket lading bloomerss, and Levi Strauss seemed to sit and watch. The loss of the young person market posed jobs for the hereafter of Levi Strauss. The company ‘s directors regrouped and developed schemes and plans to stay in concern. Having antecedently invested entirely in traditional offline advertisement methods to drive consciousness and create gross revenues in Singapore, Levi ‘s was acute to research new ways to prosecute straight with its mark age profile, and reinforce trade name consciousness. In the early 1980s, Levi Strauss tried come ining the high-end suit market, trying to aim work forces who would usually purchase really expensive seamster made suits. The purpose was for the suits to be available with the different pieces in different matchable sizes at mass retail merchants. The undertaking ne’er truly caught on. Work force in the market they were aiming were more interested in seamster made suits and considered Levi ‘s a “ jean merely ” company. The company chose to work with Microsoft entirely online for a figure of grounds. Microsoft fitted good with the run aims which were to make the young person market, which is the nucleus mark audience, through MSN/Windows Live.A

Campaign Objectives:

a?™ Engage with its mark market of 13-24 twelvemonth olds

a?™ Generate ballyhoo for the launch of its Levi ‘s Red Tab run

a?™ Reach out to online audiences

a?™ Position Levi ‘s Red Tab denims as cool, unequivocal and trendsetting

a?™ Leverage its bing ‘On4Life ‘ message

Political campaign Detailss:

Levi ‘s, Mediaedge: Central Intelligence Agency, the first planetary communications planning and execution bureau and OgilvyOne, advertisement and public dealingss bureau, teamed with Microsoft and dLive Media. They created an online run that extended the constructs presented within its bing ‘On4Life ‘ message.A The run included: Windows Live Hotmail expandible ace streamers to showcase the Levi ‘s Red Tab creative, Personal Expressions to enable Windows Live Messenger users to direct Levi ‘s branded emoticons while chew the fating with friends and one-click online advertizements to drive users to the Levi ‘s Red Tab micro-site. This was the first on-line advertisement run completed by Levi ‘s Singapore. ( www.linkedin.com/companies/ogilvyone ) .

What went incorrect?

The No. 1 obstruction for Levi-Strauss was that retailing was non one if its nucleus competences. Its expertness was in fabrication, selling and selling. Levi-Strauss planned to ease the on-line purchase of their merchandises by making the best manner to run into the demands of insouciant dress purchasers. ( http: //www.crn.com/it-channel/18806808 ) . The trouble associated with operating under a new concern theoretical account, is consumers have different demands and outlooks, and it ‘s difficult to delight everyone. Levi Strauss recognized their jobs and began to take action. The company realized it would be complex to construct and run a practical shop and it would necessitate to work more closely with the planimeter as it built and supported the engineering. The company besides realized the importance of keeping alliance with multiple sellers and concern stakeholders to win with E-commerce. They needed a really powerful partnership. The company partnered with Macys and J.C. Penney to sell online through Macys.com and JCPenney.com, and late picked up U.S. sweeping clients Dillard ‘s Inc. , J Crew Group Inc. , and Urban Outfitters. The largest U.S. retail merchant and a cardinal Levi Strauss client in recent old ages is Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Wal-Mart Stores has been cutting back on ware due to a new focal point on food market and electronics points alternatively of dress. Levi Strauss, a major provider to section shops and mass-market retail merchants, has seen its gross revenues bead like many other dress shapers as ironss decreased orders due to tight disbursement by consumers. Furthermore, bankruptcies have hammered many of the company ‘s retail clients, including Goody ‘s to Mervyns, aching Levi Strauss consequences. The company will sell online through Macys.com and JCPenney.com, while keeping merchandise characteristics and information, shop finder hunt tools and nucleus merchandise content on its site. “ The partnership is really powerful, but in order to be efficient with your spouses, you must hold a certain apprehension of how you are traveling to back up it on an on-going footing. “ The E-commerce site demands to be executed in a manner that is strategic to the company, and that is non a simple thing to ship upon. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.crn.com/it-channel/18806808 ) . In the terminal, Levi-Strauss learned that IT must spouse with the concern at the get downing phases of strategic planning. “ Our aim is to supply support to online retail spouses and construct trade name equity, ” Henry said. ( http: //www.crn.com/it-channel/18806808 ) . This does non alter our E-commerce aims. Our No. 1 end continues to be consumer familiarity. Levi Strauss & A ; Co. is now Wal-Mart ‘s largest worldwide strategic spouse, conforming to Wal-Mart ‘s concern and labour patterns. ( Free Articles Directory | Submit Articles – ArticlesBase.com. Web. 08 June 2010 ) .

Levi Strauss & A ; Co. Challenge

The bing E-Commerce solution of Levi Strauss was based on a SaaS ( Software as a Service ) theoretical account. The hereafter is a combination of local package and Internet services interacting with one another. Software makes services better and services make package better. And by conveying together the best of both universes, we maximize pick, flexibleness and capablenesss for our clients. We describe this evolutionary way in our industry as Software + Services. By going a SaaS supplier, the cardinal concern can host specialised applications for its franchisees, for concern maps such as stock list control, accounting, publicities, trueness plans, and so on. Applications that franchisees around the universe can entree utilizing merely an ordinary personal computing machine and broadband connexion. ( Software as a Service ( SaaS ) : An Enterprise Perspective, Microsoft Corporation, October 2006, Gianpaolo Carraro and Fred Chong ) . SaaS has the possible to transform the manner information-technology ( IT ) departments relate to and even think about their function as suppliers of calculating services to the remainder of the endeavor. The outgrowth of SaaS as an effectual software-delivery mechanism creates an chance for IT departments to alter their focal point from deploying and back uping applications to pull offing the services that those applications provide. A successful service-centric IT, in bend, straight produces more value for the concern by supplying services that draw from both internal and external beginnings and align closely with concern ends. The selling section had no flexibleness whatsoever. It took the hosting company a long clip to acquire alterations or selling actions to the market. The platform besides had limited on-line selling capablenesss. Another of import issue was to hold a multi-brand scheme, which was non executable within the SaaS-model. The quality of catalogue- and merchandise content was really hapless, as the hosted solution missed out on a PIM ( Product Information Management ) solution. PIM is a collaborative solution to keep merchandise informations with all of its rich item ( properties ) across different concern units and organisational groups within the endeavor, such as technology, gross revenues, selling, operations, e-business or procurance. All merchandise information is sourced from a individual depository and therefore available across the endeavor at the touch of a button. “ A individual beginning of truth ” enables easiness of merchandise informations synchronism across all corporate internal systems, every bit good as out to all clients and spouses.


Accurate and timely handiness of merchandise information is critical to a company in run intoing its concern public presentation aims. Many companies today face inaccurate, inconsistent and excess merchandise informations spread across a overplus of applications across the endeavor. Companies are besides challenged with important costs for acquiring merchandise information into legion systems that are non integrated. The deficiency of integrating consequences in significant rapprochement, research and rework of merchandise information with providers and clients are presently a traveling mark. Companies today are hard pressed to maintain up with these germinating criterions and altering informations format demands of their trading spouses. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.riversand.com/solutions.aspx. ) .


Softlution AG develops Web-based Customer Relationship Management solutions for eBusiness procedures. Softlution, made a conceptual design of a new E-Commerce solution based on the hybris platform. Connecting everything, hybris provides a complete multichannel commercialism package solution that integrates content, commercialism, and channel to assist retail merchants, makers, and other concerns create a incorporate and seamless cross-channel experience for clients. The execution of the hybris eCommerce SuiteA was done inA an aggressive timeframe of three months. The new web store is available in 10+ states, in 8 different linguistic communications and two strategic concern units ( ‘brands ‘ ) . The web store uses an advanced design with Flash and AJAX and a faceted hunt and pilotage. Adobe ‘s Flash/Flex and vendor-independent Ajax are both used to plan dynamic and synergistic web applications. Both allow for interface life and are platform independent significance content will look the same across platforms. The difference between Ajax and Flash is non simply a trade name naming. There are hardwired differences every bit good. Flash is delivered through Flash Player while Ajax is delivered through a browser. Flash Player requires a plug-in to browsers. A circuit board is a plan that is easy installed to be used with a web browser. Circuit boards allows users to supplement web applications with other plans to execute specified maps. However, Ajax does n’t necessitate the downloading of applications ; instead it accesses those web applications from the Web as they are requested.


The undermentioned integratings were done:

Integration with Fatwire CMS ( Content Management System )

Integration with Global Collect PSP ( a innovator of the e-payment industry )

Integration with fulfillment spouse Arvato ( international supplier of client communicating and logistics services )

The integratedA E-mail faculty isA based on Velocity. Besides, an export of merchandise catalogue is possible to shop bots. The B2C and B2B solution are implemented on one platform.


The undermentioned consequences were achieved by the client:

Flexible and scalable eBusiness solution with short execution clip and future cogent evidence

Flexible and fast hunt based on Lucene & A ; SOLR ( Search Server )

Extensive usage of aspects to voyage through the catalog

Extensive usage of on-line selling functionality, e.g. Coupons, Hot trades, Bundles, Cross-sell ( a marketer tries to sell something else ) and up sells ( exposing the client to other options ) .

Cost nest eggs on hosting and the SaaS theoretical account

Addition in transition rate: Conversion Rate = Number of Goal Accomplishments


The ratio of visitants who convert insouciant content positions or website visits into coveted actions based on subtle or direct petitions from sellers, advertizers and content Godheads. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conversion_rate # Methods_to_Increase_the_Conversion_in_e-Commerce ) .

Wayss to Better its eBusiness

Seeking new ways to speed up its concern and engineering aims, Levi Strauss & A ; Co. worked with SAP, Cisco, EMC, VMware and an integrating squad from Accenture. SAP, System Analysis and Program Development, Cisco, EMC, supplier of informations storage platforms, VMware, supplier of virtualization package and an integrating squad from Accenture. Accenture is a planetary direction consulting, engineering services and outsourcing company assisting clients go high-performance concerns and authoritiess, to research how companies can recognize the possible benefits of running its SAP package in a private cloud environment. “ From both a concern and IT position, the consequences were important and extremely compelling, clearly demoing how a private cloud environment could assist better pull off their SAP landscape and contain costs at the same time. , ” “ We besides saw how we could accomplish greater legerity in our concern applications to quickly run into our internal client concern demands. And all of this was accomplishable through better use of our substructure assets, without giving public presentation, security or handiness — a truly large plus. , ” said Tom Peck, SVP and CIO, Levi Strauss & A ; Co. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.b-eye-network.com/view/13833 ) . Reinforcing its committedness to co-innovate with spouses to assist companies around the Earth reap the cardinal benefits of virtualization and cloud computer science, SAP AG unveiled advancement toward presenting enhanced legerity while cut downing entire cost of ownership ( TCO ) for clients looking to passage to next-generation informations centre architectures. Through the Virtual Computing Environment ( VCE ) alliance and its Vblock Infrastructure Packages, Cisco, EMC and VMware have committed to extensive and ongoing invention with SAP to unleash the benefits of permeant virtualization and rush the journey to “ private cloud computer science. ” The enterprise marks an of import measure toward running SAP package faithfully and firmly on internal and external cloud environments. ( SAP, Cisco, EMC and Vmware Team to Rush the Journey to Cloud Computing. Making E-Business Profitable ( E-Commerce, PIM, CMS, Web Analytics ) | Softlution. Web. 08 June 2010. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www.softlution.com & gt ; .

Levi Strauss is utilizing be aftering package to foretell demand to better its eBusiness activities. The company has signed a trade for be aftering package that it hopes will assist it spread out its web of shops. Levi Strauss has a sum of 2,000 shops world-wide and wants the new engineering to assist it accurately forecast demand and supply so it can sell the right merchandise lines in each location. The execution of the Maple Lake package has started across Europe and will go on across shops in the US and South America, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Maple Lake Software is package that gives forte retail merchants an low-cost, powerful assortment direction attack. It maximises trading by vicinity and identifies possible spreads in merchandise lines and how to do more money by sourcing extra merchandises. It enables retail merchants to make a collaborative planning environment that balances strategic ends, shop programs, ware programs, single point strengths and more. Jeremy Leaf, leader of Levi Strauss & A ; Co ‘s planetary retail operations squad, said, “ Our strategic focal point is to capitalise on our planetary presence and recognize efficiencies across our concerns to give our consumers more of what they love from our trade names. The package will assist to guarantee we are go oning to drive the right mixtures in shop and maximise our stock list investings worldwide. ” ( RebeccaA Thomson, emailFriday, 04 June 2010 12:21 ) .


Before the Internet, business-to-business minutess were referred to merely as trade or the procurement procedure. Today we use the cyberspace and the WEB to transact concern digitally between organisations, persons and other networking engineerings to interchange value across organisational boundaries. The engineering reaches across national boundaries, around the universe. As the Internet continues to impact on both business-to-business and business-to-consumer minutess, it seems likely that the demand for efficiency will increase. In the period 2009-2013, B2B e-commerce is projected to turn from 30 % to 35 % of entire inter-firm trade in the United States. ( Laudon & A ; Traver, 2010, P775 ) . As a consequence of its successful selling and stigmatization runs, Levi Strauss & A ; Co. has turned a universe of inefficient into a planetary, trusted, on-line niche in the spread outing e-commerce industry. The success in making genuinely planetary distribution of merchandises is due, to their path record of responsible concern patterns. By keeping alliance with multiple sellers and concern stakeholders to win with e-commerce, Levi Strauss & A ; Co. was able to utilize robust hunt engine, customized e-mail qui vives to maintain purchasers informed, superior merchandise information, transporting quotation marks to guarantee concluding monetary values for purchasers, and real-time trailing of dealing to make its clients. Strauss learned that IT must spouse with the concern at the get downing phases of strategic planning by supplying support to online retail spouses and construct trade name equity. Those patterns, combined with the regard shown to local communities, have helped construct a trade name that people love and trust. Levi Strauss returned to its roots. The end of the company is, “ ever to run in a truly authenticate manner wherever we beginning our stuffs or industry and sell our apparels ” . ( http: //www.levistrauss.com/about/global-workplaces ) . Regardless of the type of B2B e-commerce, as a whole, Internet-based B2B commercialism promises many strategic benefits to take parting firms-both purchasers and sellers- and impressive additions for the economic system as a whole.

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