Journey Around The World History Essay


During the Age of Exploration there were many European maritime geographic expeditions of Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania. One of the many European adventurers was the Spaniard Ferdinand Magellan ( Fern & A ; atilde ; o de Magalh & A ; atilde ; Es ) . Magellan was born in 1480 northern Portugal, Saborosa in Villa Real, Province of Traz os Montes.


Magellan faced a rough young person ; his parents died when he was merely 10 old ages old. He had acquired a occupation at the age of 12 ; Magellan was appointed as the queen ‘s courier in the royal tribunal. At the tribunal, he obtained information about many celebrated adventurers and the most of import information about voyaging ships. The royal tribunal was most decidedly where he acquired his inspiration for sailing and geographic expedition. Image of Ferdinand Magellan.

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The Initial Expedition

Magellan ‘s initial clip at sea was at the age of 25, in 1505. He was put out to sea with Francisco de Almedia, Portugal ‘s first admiral, and his fleet. In 1511, Magellan went on an expedition to suppress Melaka. After his triumph, a Lusitanian fleet sailed to the Spice Islands ( besides known as the Moluccas Islands ) , Portugal claimed the Moluccas.

Journey around the World

In September of 1519, Magellan and his crew navigated to southern Spain with five ships-the Santiago, the San Antonio, the Conception, the Trinidad, and the Victoria. Magellan ‘s fleet sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and reached South America. They stocked up with goods and sailed down the coastline looking for a path through South America. They did n’t happen a class through South America hence, he sailed further and further south. The conditions got colder, and they were running out of supplies. The crew mutinied against Magellan and the other captains. The work forces who had started the mutiny were hanged and the journey continued. Finally, in October of 1520, Magellan and his fleet found a sound. He named it after himself, naming it the Strait of Magellan. It took 38 yearss to sail through the unsafe sound. They eventually arrived at the ocean that Balboa had discovered several old ages before. However, Magellan named it the Pacific Ocean ( Tepre Pacificum ) because of its unagitated Waterss. They found themselves sailing for hebdomads across the Pacific Ocean with no mark of land. Their imbibing H2O stunk and started to acquire slimed. Fernao magalhaes and his crew had no other option than to eat rats! Many of his crew suffered from scorbutus. One of the other captains deserted Magellan and sailed the San Antonio back to Spain. In March of 1521, Magellan arrived in Guam, a distant island in the Pacific ; afterwards he set canvas for the Moluccas.

Fernao magalhaes decided to captain this ocean trip merely because of pure greed, as there was a batch of money to be made on the completion of the ocean trip. Magellan did non profit in the ocean trip as he died in the Philippines. However, he benefited Spain as it was his difficult attempts that lead the ( 18 ) Portuguese to a glorious triumph, the 18 work forces who were alive brought back a whole ship of spices, and spices back so were in some instances more expensive than gold! Besides, on the manner back to Spain he captured Trinidad and that is why today in Trinidad, a per centum of the population speaks Spanish.

Magellan journey around the universe has impacted how we live today. An illustration of this is that there is a metropolis in Texas, USA called San Antonio, named after Magellan ‘s ship. They besides named Trinidad after their ship: the Trinidad.

Magellan ‘s Last Dayss

Fernao magalhaes did n’t do it to the Moluccas ( Spice Islands ) . He was caught in a war in the Philippine islands. The initial peace with the Filipino indigens proved misdirecting. Magellan made friends with Datu Zula, a head of an autochthonal folk, and agreed to fall in forces with him in a conflict against autochthonal forces led by Lapu-Lapu – this was one of the few ( and his last ) interactions with autochthonal people. On April 27, 1521, at Cebu, Philippines ( Battle of Mactan ) ; he got killed by Lapu-Lapu by a poisoned pointer and a lance ; the toxicant pointer landed in his pes and the lance in his bosom. Lapu-Lapu killed him when he came to cognize of their scheme of change overing indigens to Roman Catholicism. Magellan died at the age of 40-41. After Magellan died, his crew burned his ship. Merely 3 ships remained. Merely two ships really reached the Spice Islands because the Santiago was sunk in a storm. His crew loaded both ships with a rich lading and headed for Spain. On the manner place, the Portuguese who had claimed the Spice Islands captured the Trinidad. The Victoria was the lone ship to do it safely back to Spain. Out of the five ships that began the journey, merely one ship made the ocean trip around the universe. Out of 250 work forces, merely 18 survived, [ that is about, for every 1 individual who survived the full journey, 14 other people died ] – Fernao magalhaes was non one of them.


Magellan ‘s journey brought little in the manner of stuff addition to Spain. The Portuguese were established in the East. Their path to the E, by manner of Africa, had proved to be the lone practical manner of acquiring by sea to India and the Spice Islands. Yet in malice of about eliminating itself in the procedure, the Magellan fleet for the initial clip publicized the full extent of the Earth. As a scientific attempt, it proved to be the furthermost of all the conquerings undertaken by the abroad adventurer of 15th and sixteenth century Europe.