is a criticism of modernity charactarised by

is a criticism of modernity charactarised by reason, laws, individuality, capitalism, and practical sense. Modernist writers revolt against reason as the destruction of the planet and cruelty is based on reason (wars, science-nuclear bombs). They reject materialism, selfishness and pragmatism and base themselves on irrational attitudes. In this way, they encourage responsibility, feelings, sympathy, empathy, intuition and caring for one another as human being is more than reason. According to them, modernity made people fall apart, become suspicious and envious. They create a world of dream, including nightmares and stress the importance of human rights. Modernist writers recycle Romantic ideas or symbols and are against massification and mass-consumption. Cities are considered chaotic and impersonal. ? Innovations: intertextuality (eliot), stream of consciousness (Eliot, Woolf, Joyce), rediscovery of the myths