Introduction To The Largest Modern Restaurants History Essay

Thai Express is the universe ‘s largest concatenation of modern Thai Restaurants. Using the construct of a Thai themed eating house, Thai Express provides clients amidst and relax yet modern-day atmosphere with no rigorous regulations on decorousness, at the same clip leting them to bask reliable Thai culinary art that is of value for money.

Thai Express is owned by Minor international. The laminitis is Ivan Lee. Mr. Ivan Lee and his married woman, Mrs. Grace Goh-Lee, came up with the thought of puting up a Thai eating house during their school yearss in National University of Singapore. Currently, Thai Express has 20 shops in Singapore, with one under redevelopment viz. the Raffles City Shopping Centre. The first Thai Express eating house opened in Holland Village in May 2002. Gradually, more shops were opened in Singapore and now around the universe.

Thai Express is a successful franchise with 40 eating houses in eight states, viz. Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Vietnam. Thai Express has been awarded the “ Thai Select ” Brand by the Royal Thai Government attesting genuineness in both trade name and nutrient. It has besides gained acknowledgment in Singapore by acquiring the Singapore Promising Brand Award and the Excellent Service Award ( Singapore ) . It besides has the ISO 9001 enfranchisement for conformity to nutrient readying and nutrient helping procedures.



Thai Express ‘s reserve has reserve policy that merely allows reserve for a group of at least six or more people. Since the group consists of merely four, doing a reserve at Thai Express is really unacceptable.

The group appointed Shi Yan to do a reserve at the Jurong Point mercantile establishment and the director of the eating house handled the reserve. She elucidated to Shi Yan in a composure and pleasant mode that it was non possible for us to do a reserve based on our little figure of people. But after a consideration by the director, she agreed that she would do an exclusion for the group. The reserve was made for four at 3.30pm on Tuesday, 11 May 2010.

This suggests that the Thai Express ‘s staff is really flexible and can suit to the clients ‘ petitions. Bending the regulations enables the eating house to provide to different client demands. This will do them experience that the staffs are willing to travel an excess stat mi for them. As a consequence, it encourages the invitees to sponsor the eating house once more because they feel that the employees are really capable to accommodate to new, different or altering demands based on their petitions. When the client ‘s personal demands and wants are met, the client will experience most well-thought-of and liked.

When the group arrived at the eating house, we were received by the hostess who was besides the helper director. Jia Yin notified her that we had made a reserve but she seemed baffled and coolly fuzzs. Subsequently, the director came to give us a warm welcome and explained to her colleague that we had made a reserve for four.

It was obvious that the reserve was non decently processed. There was a deficiency of communicating between the eating house employees and teamwork posed a loophole.

Good and effectual communicating is a critical facet in eating house ‘s operations as information demands to invariably be conveyed amongst the eating house employees, directors and kitchen. With the deficiency of communicating, staff may convey incorrect information to the guest go forthing them confused. It besides communicates uncertainness and destroys the possibility of trust the invitee would hold in the staff in carry throughing their petition during the class of the repast.

Effective teamwork is besides major factor in supplying good client service and making a memorable dining experience for the invitees. Working in a eating house involves managing a batch of different undertakings, and the best manner for the eating house to run swimmingly is for all of the employees to work as a squad. If there are employees that are non team participants, the service and quality of the dining experience for the clients will worsen.

First Point of Contact

Moment of truth is the case of contact or interaction between a client and the staff/s that gives the client an chance to organize an feeling about the eating house. It is critical to understand the importance of the minute of truth being the foundation of a invitee ‘s experience. Their perceptual experience towards the other countries of service contact is influenced by the manner the hostess greets them at the front door, to the manner the waiter bade them adieu at the terminal of their repast.

When we arrived at the eating house, the helper director did non recognize us with smiling. She seemed neither amiable nor welcoming. To recognize with a smiling is a normal societal pattern, smilling is besides the best manner to do a good first feeling with the invitee every bit good as to make a relaxed atmosphere at the tabular array that will supply a good experience throughout their repast.

Fortunately, we did non hold to wait to be seated as there were merely a few clients dining in the eating house at that point of clip. The director took over from the helper director and escorted us to our seats. In comparing, the helper director was really gay, friendly and addressed us in a cheerful tone.

When the clients choose to dine out, they look to bask the experience. Service quality may be an attractive factor they would take into consideration. As such a warm and friendly squad of staff at a eating house goes a long manner to heightening the dining experience for clients as it represents the degree of openness practised between staff and invitees. An inhospitable staff may ensue in client ailments and therefore making a negative image of the eating house.

Upon Seating

The group was ushered to a place near to the side station. Initially, we wanted to inquire for a alteration of seats to the interior portion of the eating house where there are cushioned seats. Before anyone initiated the petition, the director courteously notified us of the on-going care plants carried out at that subdivision of the eating house which would do great incommodiousness for the invitees dining in that country.

The enterprise taken by the director shows that she anticipated the clients ‘ demands through their organic structure linguistic communication. When working in a eating house, it is of import to be able to expect client ‘s wants to carry through their petition before they ask for it.

Restaurants thrive on client trueness and service quality is a cardinal factor when clients decide who to give their concern to. It is of import for the staff to read the invitees from the minute they step into the eating house. The service provided will non merely do the clients ‘ dining experience more enjoyable but besides transcending their outlooks.

After First Point of Contact

Chiefly, merely two bill of fares were placed in every tabular array of four. When the group came into the eating house, the other two bill of fares were presented to us. A brace of spoon and a fork was neatly positioned on a napkin with Thai Express logo confronting us. The director pulled out a chair for Shi Yan and told us that she would acquire back to us to take our order after a piece. The group thinks that this is a good measure taken by the director as this allowed us some clip to settle down and do us experience comfy at the eating house. This besides illustrates that the director is really patient and does non hotfoot the clients.

Immediately after the director left, another waitress offered us iced H2O. A show of their prompt and fast service. However, no publicities were made known while telling. We noticed a base on the tabular array advancing the Orange Card, no reference was made about it. The Orange Card is a discount card which offers members to sole privileges and benefits. One of the advantages of holding the Orange Card is free drink and of the client ‘s pick and immediate 10 % price reduction on the twenty-four hours of fall ining. No effort was made to advance the privileges of the Orange Card. The service staff ought to inform the clients of the publicities that the eating house has.

Design of Menu

To keep consistence throughout the eating house, the coloring material strategy used is orangish. As evident in the company ‘s logo and the bill of fare. As orange is a vivacious coloring material and leaves a permanent feeling on the clients. To make complimentary coloring material combination, white is used for font coloring material. This helps to pull the attending of the viewing audiences.

The bill of fare is divided into different subdivisions viz. , Appetizers, Small Bite-Size Food, Soups, Rice, Noodles, Laksa, Veg Delight and Beverages, for easy mention.

The group feels that the bill of fare was well-designed. The bill of fare was sufficient in portraying the assorted dishes, particularly chef recommendations. The illustrations on the nutrient subdivision of the bill of fare did non clutter the bill of fare and right depicted the presentation of nutrient. However the drinks subdivision of the bill of fare displayed the drinks better than they had appeared.

The group besides noticed that each point had a codification. For illustration, the dish Soft Shell Crab Rice will hold a mention codification, 6118. The codification helps to distinguish the orders and increase efficiency in the eating house ‘s system and kitchen. The dishes are presented on the bill of fare in two linguistic communications, English and Thai. This brings out the civilization of the culinary art the eating house is focused on offering.

Overall, the bill of fare is nicely designed and is attractive plenty to the clients.

Atmosphere of Restaurant

The group visited Thai express on a weekday, mid afternoon. There was barely any crowd to talk of, as there was merely one other tabular array of invitee. As such the environment was comparatively quiet. However there was deficiency of audio amusement, no music was being played and the lone occasional noise that hit our ears were that of the reparations and renovating done at one subdivision of the eating house.

Balmy aroma with a shade of lemon grass was apparent through the full eating house. Which follows the Thai tradition and civilization in the heavy usage of herbs and spices ; lemon grass has medicative benefits, consumed and inhaling its aroma has a calming consequence that reduces insomnia every bit good as emphasis.



After a significant sum of clip, the helper director approach the tabular array, non in a mode to press for orders but to clear uncertainties, taking cue from the fact that two of the diners had already closed their transcript of the bill of fare and had diverted their attending to their nomadic phones. This shows that the staffs are really attentive and observant as none of us had called for the waiter. By being more qui vive, it enables the waiter to take a more opportune clip to near the tabular array without being called or doing break to the clients. Making a more pleasant dining experience for the invitees, the waiter has to be able to construe when their presence at a tabular array is welcomed.

When telling, Jia Yin, who does non fancy spicy nutrient, requested for recommendations, the waiter patiently narrowed down her hunt by asking if she was looking for something spicy and if she preferred rice or noodles. The helper director was really prompt to suggest the dishes to Jia Yin without mentioning to the bill of fare. In add-on, she besides remembers all the codification dishes in the bill of fare. When Shi Yan ordered her nutrient, alternatively of adverting the name of entree she told the waiter the codification mention. The group besides asked the helper director about the part of the Crispy Drumlet with lemon sauce and she replied without any vacillation.

This shows that the helper director good versed with the bill of fare and able to explicate the dishes to guest with necessary inside informations related to specific dishes. It is imperative for the waiter to be good equipped with the cognition of the merchandise so as to assist the invitees make a determination. Guest perceptual experience would alter enormously if the waiter referred to the bill of fare in forepart of invitee. In this instance, the helper director had impressed the group by remembering and recognizing dishes by the codification mention. Product cognition is the bare minimum a eating house service staff ought to cognize as these are what guests wage for and shows competence in service.

Although the helper director had unbelievable merchandise cognition, she was declaiming the available options to Jia Yin at a comparatively fast gait. This can be rather inconvenient for the invitees as they may non retrieve everything the waiter had merely said. Not merely that, this state of affairs can besides do the waiter to reiterate herself and doing defeat for both guest and server. The frequenters would acquire the feeling that the waiter is dying and uncomfortable in functioning them.

Since Nini was incognizant that there were six to eight different assortments of Green Thai Laksa, she did non advert any specific type of laksa when telling. The helper director was instead impatient and asked her in a hasten mode. Rushing frequenters would do them to experience uncomfortable and pressurised. They will besides experience that the waiters have no clip for them and handle service as merely a occupation. Therefore, go forthing a negative feeling, at times coming across as rude and diminishing the opportunity of holding repetition frequenters.

After telling, the helper director repeated the orders and proceeded to acquire drinks. Repeating orders is critical in guaranting the waiter did non acquire the orders incorrect which would be unsatisfactory to invitees. One of the things that the group noticed is that she repeated the orders in a really fast gait. This once more, can be confounding for the invitees as some of them may non grok the waiter. The waiter should reiterate orders in a clear tone and moderate gait when seeking to reconfirm all entries.

Actual Meal

Overall, the existent repast was acceptable. All of us were really aroused and looking frontward to dine in the eating house as some of us have non been at that place for an drawn-out period of clip. The waiter ensured that every clip she presented the home bases or bowls, she will put the logo of the eating house confronting the clients. The scene of cutter was unvarying as I believed they had a criterion set up

Everyone in the group was served at different timings. Shi Yan and Nini were served foremost. The nutrient took about 15 proceedingss to get. Grace ‘s order took approximately another 7 proceedingss to get while Jia Yin had to wait for about 25 proceedingss for her nutrient to be served.

One starting motor, four main courses and two drinks were ordered. The starting motor ordered was crispy lily-livered drumlet Tes be shared. The four main courses ordered were Pineapple Rice, Green Chicken Laksa, Soft Shell Crab Glass Noodle and Curry Soft Shell Crab Rice. The drinks ordered were the Avocado Milkshake and Chiangmai Mango Blend.

The Crispy drumlet in lemon sauce was the served the first, the mentality on a whole was pleasant, with the crispy poulet placed in the center and lemon sauce with garlic pieces poured over the poulet. However we did non anticipate for the drumlets to be so little. As such we were anticipating the gustatory sensation to counterbalance for the deficiency of poulet meat on the drumlet. However, before we could get down on the appetiser we were rather defeated, no extra home bases were given to us, merely until we called the waiter to our tabular array did she notice and act consequently. The gustatory sensation was dulcet, with a teasing aftertaste go forthing one desiring for more. The appetiser has merely the right sum of sugariness to get down the repast.

Jia Yin ordered a home base of pineapple rice. She felt that the presentation of nutrient was simple and clever. It was served on a square home base with a Thai Express logo on it. The rice was placed in the center of the home base, in a tight neat heap. To do the nutrient appealing, regular hexahedron of Ananas comosuss were placed at the bottom left of the home base. There was deficiency of colorss on the home base. This is because both the rice and pineapple regular hexahedrons were xanthous in coloring material.

The home base of pineapple rice was presented to Jia Yin with the Thai Express logo confronting her. This is the accurate manner of functioning the nutrient to the invitees as it reinforces the name of the eating house to the clients. Jia Yin felt that the nutrient was tasty and flavorful. There were pieces of fish, calamari and shrimps mixed in the Crocus sativus rice, together with some pineapple regular hexahedrons. The ingredients used were fresh.

However, the Ananas comosus rice was instead dry for Jia Yin, .When she requested for a sauce to travel with the Ananas comosus rice, she was quickly presented with sweet & A ; rancid sauce. The waiter so proceeded to guarantee the sauce was to guest liking by reassuring the guest that if she was non satisfied with the sauce she could bespeak for another type.

The waiter was cautious in urging sauces to clients to congratulate their nutrient. Servers ever have to take excess cautiousness when urging something to congratulate a dish that was non originally planned for as the kitchen would still be responsible for the result of the gustatory sensation. It is besides of import for the waiter to be attentive and look into with the clients sing their meal satisfaction as this will let for speedy rectification of possible jobs that may originate in the class of the repast.

Nini ordered the Green Thai Laksa with Chicken. The nutrient was served with a brace of chopsticks and a spoon. This is really good because appropriate cutter is presented along the dishes. Since Nini is non used to utilizing chopsticks, the helper director did non take the fork and spoon that were originally placed on the tabular array. This shows that they focus on the clients ‘ demand which is indispensable in supplying a quality service.

The presentation of the Laksa was mean. The lone garnish for the dish was the batch leaves. There was non much coloring materials assortment on the home base. This is partially because the coloring material of the poulet and the gravy of the Green Thai Laksa about blend together. The lone contrast to the coloring material of the poulet and the gravy was the ruddy chili Piper nigrum. Even so, the ruddy chili Piper nigrums failed to do the dish expression more attractive.

The nutrient was served shrieking hot. This is really of import because the dish that Nini ordered is soup-based. Therefore, to heighten the spirit of the dishes, the nutrient should be served instantly after readying. The gustatory sensation of the dish was instead delicious and spicy. Most of the spirit of the Laksa came from the coconut milk. There were equal poulet pieces for the dish. The pieces of the poulet were really stamp.

The dish cost $ 9.90. The repast has value for money because the part size of the Thai Laksa was big and more than sufficient. The repast can be shared among two people. For a nice repast with big part size, the repast has value for money.

The Curry Soft Shell Crab Rice was savory, exceeded Shi Yan ‘s outlooks. A shrieking hot green curry was drizzled on the Soft Shell Crab and the rice was placed beside the Curry Soft Shell Crab. To do the dish looked more appealing and appetising ; the Soft Shell Crab was garnished with Petroselinum crispum and pieces of onion. A piece of tomato was besides added to add more colorss to the dish.


Grace ordered the Soft Shell Crab Glass Noodle and the dish was presented in a illumination wok, with the glass noodles placed in a neat heap at the base of the wok and with 2 pieces of FRIED soft shell crab placed on top of the heap of noodles. The gustatory sensation of the soft shell crab was delicious, with the oil drained to flawlessness after frying, displays the attending to item of the kitchen in managing nutrient. However the glass noodles were somewhat dry.

The creativeness of showing the dish in a illumination wok was glorious. However the illumination wok used had no trade name, without a Thai Express logo unlike the remainder of the dishes presented. The illumination wok besides looked a small shabby. The eating house should standardize the type of dishware used and guarantee that it is presentable and matches up to the criterions of the other dishware used for other dishes.

The array of colors in the soft shell crab glass noodle dish had a little more assortment in comparing to the other dishes ordered, with the shade of orange from the soft shell crab, brown from the black Piper nigrum glass noodles and leafy vegetables from the cives that were sprinkled into frying the glass noodles. Over all the color assortment was good but was non adequate to do the dish expression toothsome.


After puting our nutrient orders the helper director paused for a long period of clip without asking if we were meaning to acquire any drinks. Merely until Grace brought the inquiry to the tabular array, if we were meaning to acquire any drinks. As we were unfamiliar with the drinks list as merely Shi Yan had tried the Avocado milk shake, we asked for recommendations. The helper director tried to up sell drinks by urging the most expensive drinks on the bill of fare. Finally settling on the Changmai Mango Blend and an Avocado Milkshake.

Up merchandising is really imperative and a necessity in the nutrient and drink industry as it encourages the clients to buy the more expensive points on the bill of fare. This helps the eating house to increase its gross. In add-on to the addition in gross, the waiter would besides be supplying an of import service to the clients. Often clients appreciate the convenience of acquiring the extra merchandise at the same clip as the purchase. Not merely that, upselling gives the frequenters a opportunity to seek something that they might hold otherwise non hold even glanced at in the bill of fare.

The drinks took about 5 proceedingss to be served. Both milk shake and mango blend were served cold in plastic cups with screens. The presentation of the drinks was neither impressive nor singular. There were no garnish and attempt being put into the presentation of the drinks. It did non make any exhilaration. In add-on, the images of the drink in the bill of fare did non reflect the existent drinks. In the bill of fare, the drinks were served in spectacless with colored straws to do them look more appealing to the clients. It felt similar to what you would acquire from a juice stall at a peddler Centre.

The helper director identified the drink upon functioning. This is the right manner of functioning drinks. The frequenters may non acknowledge the drinks by their visual aspect. Therefore, by presenting the drink upon functioning, the waiter can reaffirm that the order taken is right.


Our waiter, Angela, who attended to bulk of our petitions, was so an efficient worker and passionate about her occupation. The gradualness and shyness she serves her clients and the smiling she ever had on her face, portrayed a pleasant image for the company.

This Thai Express eating house is located at Jurong Point, owing to the design of the shopping promenade ; it was comparatively broad in comparing with assorted other mercantile establishments. This eating house had a ‘no porc no lard ‘ policy, which suited our demands as one of our group mates is Muslim. The construct of this eating house is inspired by the demands of clients who want to dine amidst a relaxed yet modern-day atmosphere with no rigorous regulations on decorousness, still bask fabulously reliable Thai culinary art and at really sensible monetary values. Best of all, the clients can bask their dining experience in a group or entirely, praises to the alone functioning manner of single parts.

Equally prompt as the service was in go toing to our nutrient and imbibe demands small was done when all the serviettes on the tabular array were used up and one invitee was madly seeking to pass over something from her face with every inch of the last napkin, none of the staff offered serviettes. That aside, on a whole the staff were interested in our demands but non attentive plenty. Although H2O was quickly refilled, we felt that staff ‘s attending was merely paid to evidently seeable undertakings.

Completion of Meal

Home plates were cleared when we were obviously finished with the main course. With 4 staff and merely two tabular arraies to go to to, it was expected that service rendered would either be really attentive or overly relaxed. Fortunately it was tilting to the former ; no 1 would be able to render a perfect service unless they have been in the service industry for a drawn-out period of clip. Although we finished our single repasts at different times, the antiphonal waiter had our home bases cleared the minute she noticed that any of us is done with our nutrient. The waiter was really painstaking when she uncluttering the home bases guaranting no spillage occurs. As the waiter was standing at the side station nearest to our tabular array, this allowed her to go to to our demands rapidly. No effort was made to sell sweets.

After finishing our repast and settling our measure we lingered in the eating house for 45 proceedingss with staff hiting us baneful glimpses to look into if we were up to no good. Merely after 30minutes did one staff approach the tabular array to offer a refill of iced H2O.


Upon signalling for the measure, it was rapidly printed and brought to the tabular array, the waiter was clueless as to who was settling the measure and hovered the measure jacket in the center of the tabular array in adrift confusion. Finally, make up one’s minding to manus it to the invitee who foremost initiated oculus contact with her. The reception clearly showed the different points ordered, clearly saying the sum due to be paid and the dislocation of cost of the assorted main courses. The measure was easy to mention to with a 10 % service charge and 7 % GST. Nothing was said when alteration was returned in measure jacket.


We had to go forth our ain and there was non any waiter to assist draw the place for us. The waiter did non arrant any words of farewell but her ubiquitous vibrant smiling was ever at that place to recognize us in our approachs and departures. This marks an of import point of being a good waiter. The service rendered was greatly appreciated. Trying to throw the waiters off guard, we inquired on inside informations of their trade name logo, inquiring “ why their elephant logo is non facing right but is confronting left ” . The reply was steadfast and clear proving that the waiter so knows their company good. When we stood up to go forth the staff that had served us thanked us and fleetly took to cleaning the tabular array and resetting it up for the following client.


Implicative merchandising is proposing drinks or nutrient points along the class of the invitees ‘ dining experience.A Your occupation is to steer their dining experience and do it every bit gratifying as possible.A Suggesting and depicting points along the manner gives your invitees an thought of what to order, which can salvage you clip and excess effort.A One such illustration would be Proposing which vino will travel nicely with the lamb indicates both professionalism and attention about the customers..

To increase service criterions at Thai Express, the group suggests that the waiter should inquire the invitees whether they would wish to hold iced or warm H2O.

This shows that the waiter understands that different clients have different penchants and he/she does non presume that every client wants warm H2O. Therefore, this can assist to do a more gratifying dining experience for the invitees.


When a eating house offers seamless service, personal attending, efficiency and chumminess among the staff, it is a combination that keeps you coming back once more and once more for the pure pleasance of the experience. On the other manus, when half the staffs seem new and inexperient and the other half seems to hold one pes out the door, the odds of repetition backing are non really assuring. High turnover is more than merely an expensive nuisance ; it has a negative impact on every facet of your eating house: its repute, its service and its bottom line.

In decision, my group felt that the eating house had did a fantastic occupation in rendering service to us. Take for illustration, the waiter, Angela who served us, she truly did a really good occupation by keeping her gleeful smiling throughout even though we repeatedly request for what we want. To add on, she besides did come forward and inquire if the sauce was alright, by making this, she is doing us experience better taken attention of.

Although the eating house was making reasonably good, but still, there are decidedly suites for betterment therefore we have come up with several recommendations based on our treatment. This is to further better the Thai Express Restaurant by adding recommendations that we have suggested.