Introduction To Marketing And Promotion Marketing Essay

The intent of this study is to explicate and measure selling and the multiple functions publicity in the leisure service sector. It will get down by specifying selling and market orientation. Using British Air passages as the service base administration, their selling techniques and their scheme for accomplishing a competitory advantage will be highlighted and discussed. It will eventually reason by… ..

Harmonizing to Kotler and Armstrong ( 2008:5 ) they said “ selling is the procedure by which companies create value for clients and construct strong client relationship in order to capture value from clients in return ” .

Market orientation on the other manus is the “ ability to hold a sound apprehension of client demands, purchasing behavior and the issues act uponing the buying the pick of clients ” ( Sally Dibb et Al: 6 ) .Both definitions implies the proviso of value to the client. However, the former definition will accommodate the intent of this study because it encourages relationship edifice which is known to fulfill and retain bing clients and hence leads to profitableness for a company ( pick et al 1999 ) . Whilst the latter topographic points more accent on minutess instead than relationship edifice.

Marketing planning procedure

Harmonizing to Wood ( 2007 ) selling planning is the construction procedure that leads to a coordinated set of selling determinations and actions for a specific administration over a specific period. It normally involves a full analyses of the strength and failing of the company its administration and its merchandises ( Westwood 2002 ) .In other words marketing program should foreground the company ‘s concern chance and how they can capture and keep their places in their identified market.

Westwood ( 2002:72 ) list the followers as some of the selling procedure

Transporting out selling research

Looking at the company ‘s strength and failing

Puting selling schemes

Puting budget

Reviewing the consequences and revising the aims, schemes or programmes.

In short the selling planning procedure enables a company to place selling chances and besides enable them to travel toward accomplishing it ‘s cooperate ends.

Mission statement

“ To be the most sole and first pick air hose for all air hose travelers ” ( )

Case survey

“ British Airways is the UK ‘s largest international scheduled air hose, winging more than 36 million riders to more than 200 finishs across the Earth. It has ever been regarded as an industry leader and in recent old ages has sought to develop a broad scope of engineering to do the air hose even easier to cover with from client position including booking on-line and self-service ticketing ” .


Harmonizing to cooper et Al ( 2008 ) they said “ pestle analysis tools is a helpful model attack for placing those marketing activities that may hinder or lend success in the macro ( external ) environment ” .

Political: revenue enhancement, responsibility, touristry politicise, airdrome ordinance: it helps surround control and free motion everyplace. However, states have relationship with each other. For illustration UK in relationship with United State America.

Economic: rising prices, unemployment, fuel cost, exchange rate, mean wages: the recession has made batch of people excess and has batch of cut on employee ‘s hr. However it has besides it has made the rising prices goes higher and there will be less societal security benefits.

Sociable: demographic, cultural difference, linguistic communication barriers, holiday/ leisure clip entitlement, and value: there will be batch of concern about human ecology, offense, wellness and environmental issues.

Technology: invention, new system ( reserve, give direction ) , cyberspace, better transportation of informations direct to client Mobile engineering such as 3G:

Environment: planetary heating and decreasing natural resource, pollution issues: there will be batch of physical menace to the environment and there will be less benefit sustainability.

Legal: ordinance, restraints on companies and governments: free vacation entitlement and batch of advertisement traveling on around companies in the state.

Marketing cleavage

Marketing cleavage can be defined as “ spliting a market into distinguishable groups of purchasers who have distinct demands, characteristic, or behavior and who might necessitate separate merchandises or selling plans ” ( kotler and Armstrong:48 ) . The tabular array below explains into inside informations the administrations client groups and their typical purchaser behavior.

Merchandise or service provided

Types of client the merchandise is aimed at

Customer demands

Different category of travel

First category

Business people: and high income earners.

To do certain all demands and demand are met by going in manner.

Club Europe

Peoples who are going for concern meeting and want to go in the separate cabin.

Business people will hold a Swift and a hassle-free journey and arrive to make their occupation.

World traveler plus

( premium economic system )

Premium economic system: people going on a budget e.g. households and groups

Dainty yourself to trip that is little more particular by going with universe travel plus. Whether you are going for concern or leisure.

World traveler

Economy travelers people from all over the universe going from state to state.

They offer an first-class value of economic system flight to a scope of finishs. Whether you are away on a metropolis interruption, beach or ski vacation. All basic safety demands are met.

Vacation bundle

Aimed at households, twosomes and groups of people.

Making certain all elements of the vacation are booked enabling all clients to get in safety so they can bask their vacation.

Meal petition

Religious groups and particular diets.

To run into dietetic demands when going.

Check in online


Good for clients and hassle free. e.g. concern people, and people going with immature kids

Particular aid

Children, aged people, handicapped and households with immature kids.

This shows that all clients that the administrations attentions and willing to assist run into their demands.

Competitive advantage

A competitory advantage is the accomplishment of superior public presentation through distinction to supply superior client value or by pull offing to accomplish lowest delivered cost ” .

British Airways competes with other air hose administrations such as Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines among others. As a consequence of this British Airways is faced with the challenge of guaranting that they satisfy or meet their clients ‘ demands to their extreme advantage. Harmonizing to kotler and Armstrong ( 2008 ) they suggested that to “ the selling construct states that to be successful, a company must supply greater client value and satisfaction that its rivals ” . In other manus, Jobber ( 2007 ) “ may be derived from determination about the 4-ps. In selling there are three ( 3 ) phases or method to be successful in selling or in your administration.

Bing better- superior quality or service

Bing faster- anticipate or respond to client demands faster than the competition

Bing closer-establishing near long-run relationships with clients.

First of all the administration has to understand the clients need of clients because clients play a major function in the selling.

Service selling mix

Harmonizing to Cooper et Al ( 2008 ) “ the selling mix offers direction a set of tools that may be manipulated to run into specific aims and attract predefined mark markets ” . Besides they are dwelling of merchandise, monetary value, publicity and topographic point ( distribution ) .

In footings of merchandises the administration which is seeking to purchase the merchandise or service that you are supplying for the client.

In footings of monetary value the administration is seasonality, rival and analyzing the chosen administration.

In footings of publicity the manner the administration advertised or designs to set across a positive image of the administration or single to pull client.

In footings of the variable topographic point where the administration administer its merchandise and service.

British air passages purpose is to do money as it is a private administration. British Air passages have to vie with different lines or administration with their merchandise and service. For illustration delivery or cut downing their just down in some Sessionss. “ Laker Airlines used monetary value as a competitory advantage to assail British Air passages and TWA in transatlantic by cutting airfares, Laker ‘s fiscal resource were deficient to win the monetary value war ” ( Jobber: 23 ) .

Promotional mix

Harmonizing to shank ( 2004 ) he define promotional mix as is the “ consists of advertisement, personal merchandising, public relation and sells publicity ” . However, British Airways uses the undermentioned promotional mix in marketing its merchandise and services.

Surveies, newssheets, streamer advertising-mail selling, website publicity service, launch Event, merchandise /service, competition, direct mail

Surveys – Surveys provide an effectual avenue through which to garner of import client informations that will assist you to better your concern and program for the hereafter. To promote visitants to finish the study, you can supply an inducement such as an chance to win a award.

Newsletters – As a low cost promotional tool, a newssheet enables you to construct resonance and beef up your relationship with clients.

Banner Advertising – If you want to increase your company ‘s trade name consciousness, implementing a streamer ad run is an effectual advertisement method. Banner ads are an effectual direct selling tool that can increase site traffic if they are originative and include a call-to-action. Advertise on sites that your clients would see, and guarantee you provide the best possible offer you can.

Email Marketing – With people passing so much clip on electronic mail, there is an tremendous chance to market to them and construct solid client relationships. Email selling has emerged to go one of the most profitable and economical ways to pull off client relationships, showing sellers with many chances and benefits. Its benefits include the undermentioned: low cost vehicle ; entree to a targeted and qualified audience ; fast, efficient and effectual ; offers personalized communicating ; easy to track and measure ; additions gross revenues, consciousness, and traffic.

Web Site Promotion Services – There are web site publicity services that will help you in marketing your site. While these types of services can be helpful, they do non vouch consequences and can be rather expensive. It is necessary to make your research before working with a company – look into their reappraisals and contact mentions if necessary.

Launch Events – An event that introduces new merchandises and services is an effectual manner to bring forth exhilaration and develop relationships with possible clients. For case, you can obtain clients ‘ contact information so you can follow-up after the event with publicities or present new merchandises and services. As good, ask foring outstanding invitees to the event as talkers or protagonists will bring forth involvement in the media, which can ensue in free promotion and convey greater exposure to your concern.

Products/Services – The type of merchandises or services you sell can impact the promotional tools or techniques you implement. For case, if you sell extremely complex merchandises, it will be necessary to happen avenues where you can pass on merchandise characteristics briefly and enable clients to walk off with the most utile information. You may supply an on-line circuit of a peculiar merchandise that shows clients its benefits. If you sell packaged goods, you may concentrate on doing gross revenues and supplying on-line vouchers to promote purchases.

Competition – If you want to remain in line with your competition, it is good to place what type of online or offline publicities they are utilizing. How are they acquiring top arrangement in hunt engines? What sort of promotional tools do they utilize on their site? ( ) .

Direct mail

“ Direct mail is material sent through the postal service to the reception ‘s place or concern reference with the intent of advancing a merchandise and / or keeping an on-going relationship ” ( jobber 2007: 608 ) .


Jobber ( 2007 ) suggests that “ advertisement is an of import component in the promotional mix ” . British Airways has batch of different ways and methods of publicizing their merchandise and service in the selling sector this may include includes



Transport, coachs, taxis and resistance.


British Airways web site ( )

Bill board

Word of oral cavity


telephone call