Internal and External marketing environment of Lego

Introduction- Before the starting this instance survey I want to glimpses on the company history. Its history has been traveling on to last 60 old ages or more than 60 old ages with carpenter called Ole Kirk Christiansen. Ole and his some employees were started a wooden plaything in a little edifice about in 1932. after that he get downing to selling a toys vehicle within the Denmark. It has been grow easy to send on on the way of advancement. Who knew that one twenty-four hours this trade name will go a really celebrated and loved by billion of people. Lego name is came from Danish combined word ‘Leg Godt ‘ which was first usage in 1934. By 1940 they were make a robust and low-cost 150 type of merchandise. Today they have looking to make a modern plaything for kids that people are prefer it. Today the trade name sold these merchandise in the worldwide. Its yet the whole life-time is defined in three phases foremost were started to do wooden playthings than betterment were made in proficient qualities and after than resources were used for running the LEGO System of drama.

Lego external selling environment-

‘External selling environment can be divided into four chief groupings, known by the acronym Measure: sociocultural, technological, economic and competitory, and political and legal environments ‘ . ( Frances Brassington and Stephen Pettitt p.46,2003 ) .

Today if the anyone privation to purchase gift anyplace in the universe they first retrieve the Lego merchandise because they doing a merchandise harmonizing to the kids mind that ‘s why LEGO company explain in their web site they are continuously happening a new thoughts for kids playthings which is assisting to stablish a good repute in the consumer head. Its statement is ‘creativity limitless… merely imagine ‘ . ( ) the company concern most of import portion is doing a drama material merchandise they give four chief merchandise scope to consumer – drama stuff for 0-5,4-9,7-16+ old ages old kid or male childs, household attractive force, lifestyle merchandises and media. Along with it they besides doing a merchandise for educational users for 7-16+ coevals.

Technology is non merely intend, what engineering engaged in it. What new design they give to consumer, what High Tech engineering they used in the fabrication on their merchandise. For 0-5 twelvemonth old kids they create a 37 different type of merchandise which has increased motor accomplishments and sense. Lego ever be interested in the engineering which show in their subject park. The company supply a installations for consumer non internet merely besides with extended information about their merchandise ranges. The company all economic system are depend on their merchandise in malice of the hapless consequence they maintained their domination. They continuously

traveling in front and accomplish their ends. After the crisis they signed a understanding with other plaything companies which is aid to giving a more better service and response to client.

Swot analysis-

Strength- this merchandise is associated with its history along with this besides attached with today coevals. Its USP is ”creativity limitless… merely imagine ” , ”system of drama ” that all things are strength of this celebrated trade name. A merchandise is merely for its subgroups made monolithic consumer base with a successful line extension.

Weakness- In the Lego line merchandise job with the coordination with production along with demand every bit good. And company large failing when merchandise is return due to the deficiency of efficiency.

Opportunities- Lego have more chance on the media and other concern market they do n’t necessitate merely set focal point on the drama stuff market which is really large rivals in amusement market. Becoming involved in a assortment of concerted understandings to provide license merchandise.

Threats- LEGO has menace to other rivals who are besides doing a high technological merchandise such as Sony and apple and besides economic system status of the company to retail bargainer or distributers.

Evaluation of determination devising procedure made by the LEGO and effectual response after the alterations In demand –

There are many influences which is aid to determination devising when consumer purchasing a merchandise. The current tendencies and manner or position of the peculiar trade name in the society besides consequence the consumer determination devising. Sometimes some household choose those type of merchandise for their kids which is really celebrated in the society or may be if child other friends all of have them the same type of playthings. The The Lego company still stand with same beat or gustatory sensation in the turning competition market and be ready to react the new manner and tendencies. Lego gives to consumer four chief mark age scope merchandise which is for 0 old ages child to 18+ male childs. To giving this response to consumers are more affiliated with the LEGO new tendencies largely of the kid. Today if anyone want to purchase a gift everyone foremost think about Lego. They besides make a merchandise for educational learning stuff. Many of the merchandise are designed harmonizing to the male childs and misss think of position. Technology is besides consequence the many of the consumer determination devising. What engineering they applied in their peculiar merchandise and what new engineering they use in the computing machine games. Many of the merchandises are work outing the kid parents jobs. For pull the new coevals or households or kids they make a kid park where they invited to kids utilizing the all type of technological drama toys or bask a assortment of function playing experience such as opportunity to larn electronic auto, H2O drama country, plor caves and Egyptian grave besides constructing are design with kids head. This type of activities besides help to consumer determination devising.

In 1998 company take a dis-pointing consequence due alterations in demand. Now The company must be focus on increasing the efficiency of the concern. All over the universe company in shortage began to travel off from Europe, Asia, Russia. The stock was reduced by DKK 150-200 million in dip gross revenues. Most of Lego lines began to obstructor of the advancement or troubles in co-ordination. And after that they more betterment in the client focal point activities and their production. At the last they understand and realize that they need to more alterations in consumer demand. The company are alterations inside non to demo in the market. And opening a new trade name shops near to the consumer where they reached easy. And doing a new design in girls playthings.

Role of invention on trade name placement and selling strategy-

Brand placement! ! ! ! !

Due to high engineering invention or economic alterations LEGO company take great consequence to this continuance. By altering of outlook of kids company think autumn into what they want from the plaything. ”They doing a new schemes and ventured in new countries, altering civilization, Innovation & A ; Leverage Technology, doing a new merchandises. ”

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After the immense lose to consumer they make a invention in their Lego line which is more expeditiously, aid in increasing production capacity. The Lego offering a different type of assortment in their merchandise with a new high engineering. The Lego merchandise is universe celebrated trade name harmonizing to the fall study 2003:

‘Every 2-3 old ages, the independent market research institute Young & A ; Rubicam conducts a comprehensive study among households with kids to place the 10 strongest trade names and Lego got a sixth topographic point. ‘

( Autumn study 2003, one-year study of LEGO 2003 )

This research really based on the several states such as Britain, Europe, France, United province etc. Today Lego go a so celebrated and they doing a of import topographic point in the new coevals kids. Day by twenty-four hours Lego hold a monolithic market placement in the toys market. Along with the alterations in high engineering in their merchandises or picture games they are fall ining a new Lucas movie group Ltd to do a older scope star war merchandise with the launched a 25 set of star war toys this is besides a brand a good place in the amusement plaything market. Lego media merchandise is interested in invention and this fact is demoing in their new media film which is show that they are fast frontward with the new coevals and stable a dependable trade name place within this competitory plaything market.

License Product- after the falling down their economic system they are signed a legal understandings which is besides a scheme among with other company to maintained credibleness. They besides impact on the gross revenues.

‘ Licensed merchandises are play subjects based on films or books for which the LEGO Group has acquired the rights. LEGO interior decorators recreate the existence and characters in LEGO bricks so that drama can go on on the floor at place ‘ . ( ) they are utilizing a license merchandise under the star war and harry thrower scope in Lego bricks.

Marketing scheme! ! !

The Lego following a new thoughts along with extend the construct and more focussing on the undiscovered country where they did to excessively much attending on these peculiar country. In other sense it was reasonably premier ( in other words invention is really indispensable for the LEGO company ) .Whatever state of affairs in the hereafter, Lego ever concentrating on kids and their demands or uninterrupted to maintain bid on the toys market and for the kids they made a new planetary establishment where kids play with new creativeness thoughts, encouraged the imaginativeness and it will besides assist larn some more. The best thing is here is supposed to bespeak the Lego altering their schemes conformity to the consumer thinks and this assumes the regained their domination and be ready the company strategies for the lucks menaces. A The interview with The Lego company selling Innovation Director Flemming Ostergaard on harmonizing to the this research talk there are some points are highlited within this treatment

Using descriptive anthropology to understand kids- ”Ethnography is based on elaborate experimental surveies of how kids play and is land interrupting work for a toy maker. It remains cardinal to LEGO ‘s mission of how to capture the kid ‘s imaginativeness. There is a hazard that traditional playthings like LEGO will lose gross revenues in the face of competition from the attractive forces of the cyberspace and console games. Ethnography may supply some replies to this quandary, particularly for the 7-9 age scope. The engineering took topographic point a large function in the plaything market and besides being a major authoritative plaything supplier and thats a challnge. They use cretivite people in their invention of the merchandise to understand better and originative attack to devloping the new material. They think today childs need a privateness and sometimes parents are non like that they regulary invention in their merchandise. ( the lastminute, com )