Informal Letter( You Are Not Alone)

Dear Maria, The purpose I’m giving this letter for you because someone told me that you was under depression and you was not intend to your class. It is true Maria? I know you will ignore this letter but I’m still your best friend and for sure my duty to accompany you when you are down. I don’t want to lose you. You are the one that I always share my personal problem with you and bare in your mind that you are not alone. Deep in my heart said that you are perfect to me. Each person has their own ability but most of them never used it wisely and certainly didn’t know their own ability at all.

It is crazy to believe that people in this world are not perfect at all. Make sense? I know you were stress because people always called you fat girl; fishy smell, dumb and even your family didn’t care at you. You must bring up your spirit because that entire staff just makes yourself down and start think that you are suppose not in this world. No! You must believe yourself and your own ability. People always see a result, but not your progress. Get what I mean? Human being says that. Think that sentence and try to understand.

I hope you will understand what I was writing to you Maria. If they said that you are dumb, stupid, fat, ugly and so on, just put aside away and try to make yourself better. Have you thought about me, why I’m still here as your best friend? Because you are a truly best friend ever. Even your physical look was not in fully pretty for you, but for me, you have a nice and pretty heart. It is not easy to find a truly honest in any relationship as you. I don’t want to lose you. I miss your smile and our hot gossip story was shared together.

I miss that that part and I don’t want it will be a history. I was here write a letter for realize you are not alone and I will support you in any matter. Believe me. I just want you back to normal and be yourself! Last but not least, I hope you will realize you still have me, friends and your family. Your family love you so much Maria. Wake up! What are you doing right now just make you more in depress. My advice for you, you must boost up your own spirit and never let all the people talk to you again. I surely believe you can do it!