Indonesian cocoa industry analysis

Cocoa is one of Indonesia ‘s primary plantation trade goods and among its top ten non-oil and gas exports, lending significantly to economic development, peculiarly in chocolate bring forthing parts. Indonesia ‘s chocolate beans are grown largely on the island of Sulawesi, although cocoa bean plantations are present on Java and Indonesia ‘s other islands.

Cocoa beans are converted into the three intermediate merchandises of chocolate spirits, chocolate butter and chocolate pulverization through a series of cleansing, roasting, crunching and other processing methods. Cocoa treating takes topographic point chiefly in Europe, U.S and other developed states. Harmonizing to International Cocoa Organization ( ICCO ) , Indonesia was the universe ‘s 3rd largest chocolate bean manufacturer after two African states which are Ivory Coast and Ghana.

Cocoa butter and chocolate pulverization are of import ingredients to supply the spirit, texture and other features to chocolate and chocolate-flavoured nutrients. Cocoa butter is besides used in pharmaceutical and decorative applications. There are 25 % chocolate ingestion in Africa, 14 % chocolate ingestion in Asia and Oceania, 35 % chocolate ingestion in U.S. and 49 % in Europe. This means that U.S and Europe are the major chocolate ingestion of premium cocoa in the universe

Cocoa bean grinding is the procedure of change overing chocolate beans into intermediate chocolate merchandises. After chocolate beans are roasted, the chocolate beans are land to give 80 % all right chocolate spirits and 20 % shells and waste. The chocolate spirits may be used as a confectionery ingredient, or farther processed into chocolate butter and chocolate pulverization.

Cocoa butter and chocolate pulverization are of import ingredients to supply the spirit, texture and other features to chocolate and chocolate-flavoured nutrients. Cocoa butter is besides used in pharmaceutical and decorative applications. Indonesia is presently the universe ‘s 3rd largest manufacturer of chocolate beans ( 14 % ) , after the Ivory Coast ( 38 % ) and Ghana ( 20 % ) in 2008/2009.

In the twelvemonth 2008, the planetary crisis is go oning in U.S. and in twelvemonth 2009 it was happened in Europe. The International Cocoa Organization ( ICCO ) forecasts the universe ‘s chocolate grindings to diminish by about 6.7 % in 2008/09 compared to the old chocolate twelvemonth.

In April 2010, as portion of its attempts to back up the local chocolate processing industry, the Indonesian authorities imposed an export revenue enhancement of between 0 % and 15 % depending on monetary values of chocolate exported to the U.S. market. The move, which is aimed to hike domestic grinding, is expected to cut down the exports of Indonesian beans which are comparatively more expensive now with the infliction of the revenue enhancement.

Based on the Reuters intelligence study there are some bombers which have no pick to halt operations. They can merely restart the activity if the market recovers. Bombers have shifted to selling their ain bean stocks. It ‘s doing money.

Harmonizing from the information from Indonesia Cocoa Association ( ASKINDO ) in a twelvemonth 2009, there were 12 mills crunching chocolate beans which based in Indonesia have stops their production of entire 14 mills in Indonesia, even 4 of it were shuttered. Exports go down because of the low demand while the monetary value of the chocolate beans did non come down.

PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk is Indonesia ‘s prima chocolate bean processor in footings of in-country grinding capacity. The Company was established in 1990 has been listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange since 1994.

In Indonesia, PT. DAvomas Abadi, Tbk does non hold any rivals which were same in their place as local crunching chocolate company. Based on the capacity, PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk is the largest capacity with 141.000 dozenss. PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk client base consists chiefly of international chocolate bargainers in Europe and the U.S. The merchandises are sold at monetary values denominated in US Dollars.All of the Company merchandises are exported and in the company trade name as “ Davomas. ”

In twelvemonth 2008 and 2009 when the planetary crisis is happened in U.S. and Europe, the planetary chocolate beans demands have been decreased. These planetary crisis impacts to PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk gross revenues because there is no order demand from its clients which most were based in U.S. and Europe. PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk ne’er experienced this state of affairs before.


The Company ‘s clients are well-established provider web and relationships in a disconnected supply market which have nine clients and it is all international chocolate bargainers, but there are no long-run gross revenues understandings between its clients. The Company ‘s gross revenues are all based on client ‘s order to bring forth the products.A

Previously period, the clients are the 1 who is coming to PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk and asked for the chocolate merchandises but now, the clients did non reaching and did non order or purchased the chocolate merchandises. PT. Davomas ABadi, Tbk must make something to retain, to maintain keep the relationship with their

clients so in the hereafter they will still desire to purchase chocolate merchandises from PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk.

5.2 Decision

For the job statement no. 1, the research worker has the decision that since the relationships between PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk and the clients is based on the relationship. The Company is merely trusting on Personal Selling as their chief or primary selling communicating tools. PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk has been in a long-run relationship with the International Cocoa Traders based in Europe and U.S as the company ‘s chief clients. PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk conducts gross revenues and selling activities with its 22 professionals staff, who maintain close contacts with clients and supervise client ‘s demands. The concern trust has been built with them for more than decennary.

Furthermore in the job statement no. 2, the research worker has the decision that since the economic planetary crisis which was happened in U.S and Europe, PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk can non trusting merely on the Personal Selling as their primary selling communicating tools any longer, because the state of affairs is different and alteration, so it needs more than the Personal Selling method to maintain their clients although they are already holding the relationships based on the trust. Furthermore PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk needs to maintain and keep the trust to spread out and happen the new clients. PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk is besides looking for the other chances to acquire the new mark audience and new mark market so the company have new manner to increase their gross revenues by maintain the recent or current client and besides from the new mark clients.

5.3 Recommendation

Based on the research information, the research worker has made some recommendation for PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk that can be done, such as below:

Davomas need to utilize other selling communicating media to pull new client as the back uping media to back up the Personal Selling method. The other selling communicating mix such as: Direct Selling, Gross saless Promotion and Internet/interactive media.

Bettering the gross revenues individual such as trained them in how to pull and manage the mark and current clients decently. Give them inducements or fillip to promote them to maintain the good relationship with the clients.

Gross saless publicity is defined as short term inducements to promote purchase or sale of a merchandise or service ( e.g Premium and gifts, wagess, trying, trade in allowance, etc. ) Although by and large used to actuate a purchasing determination, gross revenues publicity is besides used to travel people through the purchasing procedure toward a peculiar trade name.

PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk can carry their clients to purchase their merchandises by spring and inducements, gifts, wagess, and others to alter their clients behaviour, become an action or eventually buy their goods or merchandises.

Direct selling is an synergistic, database-driven selling communicating procedure that uses a scope of media to actuate a response from clients and chances. In order to pull, retain and foster a list of extremely profitable clients.

With Direct Marketing, PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk can utilize direct mail, telemarketing or catalogue selling to their specific or possible clients merely, to inform, to pass on the company ‘s message to the clients.

Internet/Interactive media: Change in information and communicating engineering. New media, such as cyberspace, cellular phones and radio computer science, make selling communicating plans of all time more complex. This selling tool helps company to pass on to their clients or mark clients by utilizing cyberspace, a company should better their online attempts by roll uping right information related to their company and doing it “ actionable ” on their web site. A company needs to better their selling communicating activities by utilizing the engineering as the media to make out the mark market or the clients.

PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk needs to settle Personal Selling and Other Marketing communications tools such as Direct Marketing, Interactive Media/ Internet and Gross saless Promotion. PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk needs to supply an synergistic web site to pull their clients and where the clients can happen out or shoping about the new things that happen within the Company.

PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk needs to keep its concern spouse such as holding a gross revenues capacity contract for a twelvemonth or more, it would assist the Company to maintain bring forthing the merchandise based on the contract although there was an economic planetary crisis was happened or non.